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Help /g/
Wi fi is going incredibly slow
*Took me 24 minutes to write this thread*
Talked to mom about it. Tells me no. Says I spend to much time on my vidya.
How do I steal neighbors wi fi.
Any advice or help would be very much appreciared.

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Get data faggot

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What ISP do you use?

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1. get a job
2. move out
3. pay for your own internet

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To clarify, My neighbors have the best fucking wi fi from here I can see 5 bars on their wi fi and shit. My puny router has one at the best of times with an adaptor...

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Given the fact he doesn't know how to reset a modem or router, I think he's fucked on doing simple tasks.

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Or just be a NEET and pay for Internet? I use it more than my mom so it's fair I pay for it

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You have to be at least 18 to post here

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Use wifi kill on your phone or emulator to stop people from using wifi.

Check activity and get your parents CC number, and buy good wifi with it.

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Between the two of us...
Whats an ISP?

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Im a stupid fucking NEET and I dont even know how to reset a modem or router. I dont even know what a modem is. Please fucking help!

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/g/ in 2018 everyone.

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Then start learning.

It's like complaining about your car being slow and not knowing what gas is.

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i dont even know what to type in response to this thread
what even is this?

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Is this thread a spoof of the threads where people can't figure out recaptcha?

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fucks sake
time to leave this board

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