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/mkg/ - Gayming Edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Use the buyer's template
>Group Buys
>Keyboard wiki
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)

Last Thread >>66586690

Geekhack sold to Massdrop:
While many speculated that zeal would be the one to purchase this community, the large vendor massdrop has placed a higher bid. It is unknown what plans they have in store, or how they plan to integrate the sites group buys with their online e-commerce site. But with well over $40 million Geekhack won't be going anywhere soon.

Cherry teasing new switches:
Chad Vendette, the director of marketing at Cherry America teased in an interview with keychatter that Cherry is indeed working on new (possibly low profile) switches. With the sudden explosion of mechanical keyboards and the new pressure from chines companies it's no surprise that cherry is responding to the market in order to remain on top.

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First for infrared, Analog detection gimmick keyboard, or useful innovation? Wooting Two https://kck.st/2tWmJlG

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Where can I a backlight-able "Menu" key compatible with Cherry MX. The one that's supposed to be to the right of the fucking worthless right windows, except people keep replacing it with a non ISO Fn. WHO NEEDS TWO FUCKING WINDOWS KEYS? Programmers actually use the, unique, fucking menu key.

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How bad did I fuck up? Pic related.


6.25 space bar hopefully for my ducky

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looks like shit

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why did you post a picture of a piece of poo on a mechanical keyboard thread?

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is it stupid to not be using my IBM model M because i dont want to ruin/damage it?

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Yes. Just don't spill shit on it like a retard. Otherwise a model m is basically indestructible.

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Yes that's retarded.

The switch design of the model m is extremely versatile, the only thing you're gonna break (after 10 years maybe) would be a spring, which takes 0 effort to replace.

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the membrane would fail before any of the serious parts. and you could always replace it after you bolt mod it

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>tfw keyboard stuck at JFK customs

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Mine's just left Richmond customs

Feels good, man

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numpad stuff came in today. Has royals with a jade on the escape key, and this thing is pretty hefty already even with the case alone

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What's the obsession with replacing the Esc key? When the fuck does anyone use that apart from very ocassionally in video games?

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The Anne Pro's stabilizers make me want to rip open my eardrums. Even after lubing the stabilizers' stems and basic lubing the wire (i.e. lubed what you can before de-soldering) it's still terrible.

That's the point, it's not often used so it's perfect for a novelty key or an artisan to add flair.

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Oh I get it, it's a delusional thing for kids that dye their hair and wannaexpressthemself. The fact that it's used or not makes no difference even to your wiggle room for expression.

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>The fact that it's used or not makes no difference even to your wiggle room for expression
what did he mean by this

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Can I just skip out on stabilizers if I'm using BOX switches?

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Oh, okay. I'd heard they're more sturdy, wasn't sure how much so.

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The stems are less wobbly, but you'd still need stabilizers obviously. Might just be my experience with SA caps, but I find box switches are slightly less forgiving of off center presses as a result.

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what is /mkg/'s opinion on cherry mx black switches?

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>tfw typing on cherry mx switches

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they arent bad

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Does anyone possibly wanna buy a Filco Majestouch 2 pretty cheap? Or know a good place to sell mkb?

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>Or know a good place to sell mkb?
Geekhack ads, deskthority, or /r/mechmarket.

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>signing up to forums and shit

can someone just squarecash me like 40 bucks and ill ship it to you

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Why Aren't 75% Keyboards More Popular?

WTF! I bought mine for $150 back in the day...
Shitty ABS keycaps
Pinging noises

It's just a barebones board, why was it so expensive and why did I fall for the meme...

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pinging noises? keycaps are shitty, they're shiny. no leds is a good thing.

eventually stopped using it because the spacebar brutalized my thumb, a problem i never had in like 30 years of typing before

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Are unicomps still good? There are so many of them, how do I know which one i want!?

Have you tried flipping the spacebar upside down? That's what I do with mine!

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They're still good.
> how do I know which one i want
They're functionally the same. They only differ in bottom row layout, keycap legends, and layout.
> flipping the spacebar upside down

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Holy crackers! That's an expensive shipping fee...

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Would probably be more economical to see if anyone is selling some model Ms more locally.

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got one of these for my first. Cherry blues, jap layout. Did I do good?

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these seem to be legit cherry blues and for just $40
worth trying out for my first mechanical?
build quality doesn't matter as much since it's just $40

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Cherry is terrible and scratchy, but if you've tried blues and like them, then of course you should get it, the reviews seem positive.

Not by /g/'s standards l, but if you like it then yeah, that's kind of the point.

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How the fuck do you guys choose a keyboard, seriously? It's giving me such a hard time.
Do I want a 100% or a Ten key less? Do I need arrow keys and if not should I get a 60%? What switches do I get if I cant try them out? How do I know if I should get Cherrys or Topres? (both of which get memed on here) What about Alps or Kailh? I don't know because I've never typed on any of them. Should I get LEDs in them? Could help in the dark but the screen would illuminate it if I need it to for some reason. I play some games but mostly browse around talking and typing on the computer, so what the fuck do I choose?

Jesus Christ this is fucking over whelming. Was thinking of Unicomp Ultra Classic, but also thinking about Vortex Vibe, but I have absolutely no idea.

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MX BLACKS with 104 keys, you ALWAYS need a numpad despite what the memers say.

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Why do you say those in particular?

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Anyone tried Matias keyboards?

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what do you mean with scratchy?

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Heavy enough to simulate buckling springs or fake the "tactile" feeling by being hard to press
Linear which is different from rubber domes

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I've briefly had a kbp v60 with quiet clicks, but not any of matias' own boards. The switches themselves are pretty quiet, but because alps stems are more wobbly than MX you instead get keycap rattle as the loudest part of the boards sound.

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Reasonable. Ive only ever typed on rubber domes. I was only considering the Unicomps because I hear buckling springs/model Ms are GOAT from these threads.

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Just spilled water on my keyboard and fried it cause I didn't unplug it fast enough so I'm in the market for a new one.

I was using cherry blues, I like the action but they are louder than I would like. I wouldn't mind lessening or even removing the click/force needed to click. My friend kept telling topres are super sick, how are they actually? Reading about actuation force and looking at charts and stuff doesn't really mean anything to me, it's hard to get a good idea in my head of what they're like so best I can do is get your guys' opinions.

Also want something without the numpad, last one I was using (das keyboard) was way too big. You guys got any suggestions? Preferably about $100, i could go higher maybe up to $150 if its really worth it but would prefer not to. I'm not really into the flashing LEDs and gamer lights a lot of kbs have nowadays.

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Ducky one TKL with mx clears.

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are there any affordable kbs with topres? they all seem like $200+. I really like the size and look/style of the Leopold FC660C do you know of anything like that but cheaper?

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There are the chink clones, and the type-heavens. The latter doesn't have the nice PBT keycaps that normally come with realforce boards though.

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>the chink clones
which one are those? Realforce? I don't know what PBT keycaps are either

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Noppoo makes some topre clones, there are probably others that I'm not remembering as well. Realforce boards are probably what you're seeing when you look at the ~$200 topres (aside from leopold). PBT is just a different type of plastic which is much more wear resistant than ABS. The latter is what a lot of (cheap) boards use.

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File: 3.09 MB, 5184x3456, 97gwSc7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahh I see. Cheap clone switches sound sketchy, I really want to try topres but I dunno if I'm willing to shell out $200+ especially when I can't be sure I'll like them. Guess I will just get something with cherries. I'd rather spend the money on custom keycaps anyways.

Do you guys know of anything like the pok3r but 65? I really like the look of it. Or something like pic related. Minimalist border/padding, just the keys. All the ones I'm finding seem to be pretty expensive or build it yourself kits which I don't want to mess with.

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Look at a tada68.

>> No.66639168

Oh shit, that's perfect. How are the Gaterons? I've never used them, I heard they are like cheap knockoff cherries, is that true or just shitposting?

>> No.66639188

Gaterons are arguably better than cherry switches.

>> No.66639198

Okay cool. Also what is the difference between the saber68 and tada68? They seem identical to me or is one a knockoff of the other?

>> No.66639222

Seems like the saber68 is just originativeco's flavor of tada68, which you can get prebuilt with MOD switches.

>> No.66639229

Aight, thanks for all the help man. Think I'm gonna go with the tada68.

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No probs m8.

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>Geekhack sold to Massdrop
>Geekhack sold to Massdrop
>Geekhack sold to Massdrop

I still don't know how I feel about this. Massdrop benefits from Geekhack being an independent site. Massdrop's blog post says that they plan to keep Geekhack at arm's length. But.. but? Does it feel wrong?

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>Anyone tried Matias keyboards?
Yep. I have one of their older full-size keyboards. Mechanically? Nice. Electrically? Not so good. I found the controller would take a vacation every few hours to every few weeks. It just stopped responding to keypresses. Sadly, there are no replacement parts from Matias. I already asked.

>> No.66640032

you guys seen this site?


GeekHack refugees started it and it's community owned and run. Just signed up..

apparently, GH was sold :(

>> No.66640184

>GeekHack refugees
Nah, it was Input Club, who are just still salty over the Halo switches thing so they made their own forum as soon as they heard Massdrop was buying Geekhack.

tl;dr: petty drama

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whats this called, looks decent

>> No.66640745

Ducky Mini

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Logitech keyboard user here, so I have access to their keypress/macro stuff.

I want to my macro button to do G when I press it down, and then G again when I let go of the key.
Like the shift key for writing, but G.

>> No.66641750


What this anon >>66640184 said, it's just Input Club, that pretentious fag from TopClack that spews "philosophical" bullshit during a fucking keyboard review, and that fag that makes ridiculously overpriced keyboard cases for retail boards, not even custom kits.

It's just a couple of butthurt faggots that'll whine about Massdrop for a while, and then everyone will forget their dumb little site. And their "feature rich, and high performance mobile-friendly site" layout is fucking shit.

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It's my favorite board so far. I have 2.

>> No.66642253

i ruined my ducky mx silver fullsize and can't get the switches to feel the same way again...
what should i replace it with? to be honest, the QC wasn't that good on it in the first place, the board would sink down in the bottom right corner

would like a fullsize mx silver again, looking for "blank" aesthetics (not the keycaps, i've got my own custom set) around the edge of the board, maybe sharp edge instead of just bezels, if that exists?
i've done some searching myself but I can't really find anything other than ducky so i'm getting frustrated, do you guys know? will I have to go completely self-constructed?

>> No.66642373

Not many companies offer silvers besides the usual crap companies. You could always grab a custom kit, or look for a board with Kailh Speed Silver switches.

I wouldn't recommend it, but I heard WASD and CODE keyboards are *decent*.

Just make a Tada68 or KBD75 with silvers or something.

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i guess ill just make it myself, WASD keyboard shipping is too pricy to justify

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Post dirty keebs

>> No.66642722

still better than giving it to the ZealPC faggot

>> No.66643064

I really like my Vibe I recommend it. It's a good board to modify also. I'm going to swap the switches and add LED's on mine.

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Does anyone know what type of switch this is? It's from a Sony keyboard.

>> No.66644225

TKL is an absolute meme.
Full keyboard or bust.

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File: 1.97 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not, because left hand numpad is far better.

>> No.66644446

>currently have white keeb
>want a black one as well
>also want to get a numpad at some point
How would you handle this? What color numpad would you get? My desk is black (subject to change, current ikea shit is kind of falling apart), and my monitors and mouse is black, while my mousepad is silver metal.

>> No.66644540

Bit the bullet on a Ducky One 2 TKL and I already love it in comparison to my shitty "faux mechanical keyboard" that I had before.

Is there anything you guys do when you get a new keyboard?

>> No.66644656

What's the official keyboard layout of /mkg/? I'm thinking about my 1st mech being an excuse to switch to Colemak

>> No.66644811

Get Topre 87UB and 23UB. Like >>66644303 but black.

>> No.66644813

Stop being a retarded memelord and use Qwerty like any normal human.

>> No.66644823

pick it up, feel the weight, give it a slight twist to see if it creaks, test every key individually, turn the status lights on and off for a few minutes, test the different cable trough exits and feet heights if applicable, place it side by side with a few other keyboards to compare the typing feel and sound, waggle the keys to see if they're firmly in place, test pressing the far sides of long keys to see if they register well

>> No.66645004

Don't listen to >>66644813
Use Workman

>> No.66645085

Where can I find space cadet style caps like >>66644303 ?

>> No.66645119

on mechmarket where you'll pay an arm and a leg for them because they're from an old and disastrous group buy

>> No.66645144

Not counting massdrop of course

Don't want to buy overpriced sa caps that take a year to ship ffs, I just can't find normal oem pbt SC caps for some reason.

>> No.66645187

>they're from an old and disastrous group buy
The ones in my pic are SP Symbiosis, not the GB.

>> No.66645218

Its steno

>> No.66645219

Did you pay $96 for them? That's how much they're going for now

That's twice the price if my keyboard ffs

>> No.66645334

I don't remember how much they were. I bought them straight from the source. Got the core alphanumeric set and the alternate caps locks set.

>> No.66645405

Anybody who spends more than $100 on a keyboard is not a normal human by any stretch of the imagination to begin with.

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>tfw you spent $420 on a keyboard

>> No.66645484

A year ago, I'd have laughed at that being ridiculous
Today, I'm jealous and would consider doing the same thing if I had an extra $500

>> No.66646256

>tfw you spent $20 on a keyboard while other people pay $2K for the same board

Git gud

>> No.66646303

I've always dreamed of finding a beamspring for 20. but 420 for one is a lot better then what they're selling for now days.

>> No.66646497

I got mine for $20. Cherry shape too. People have really gone nuts with them lately. $420 is a good deal these days.

>> No.66646749

I honestly don't know much about keyboards. I would appreciate someone helping me find something good. Don't play games, I just do a ton of typing and would like a proper keyboard. It's going to be a birthday gift to myself.

$150, slightly higher if there's something particularly good just out of range. Lower is also fine if you don't think I need something that expensive.
>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
Never had the opportunity to use a mechanical keyboard but I *think* I would prefer something clicky with a bit of resistance.
I suppose ANSI for availability if the template is correct.
>Form factor
100% preferred, TKL might be acceptable.
Not necessary. Wouldn't mind it but I don't need it.
>Previous/current keyboards
Literally thrift store keyboards. I'm a university student and I've not had a job or anything til recently.

>> No.66646787

get this chink shit first, that way you'll know if you like clicky switches

>> No.66646868


Or just a buy a switch tester, which is much cheaper.

>> No.66646883

you'd really need a keyboard to try out a switch. I find that switch testers don't help all that much. I got one and didn't like blacks at all, but when I tried my friends keyboard with them they felt nice

>> No.66646898

I wonder if it might be more useful for someone like me since I have no point of reference in the first place.

>> No.66646921

if that's the case then just walk into staples or best buy and type one some mech keyboards

>> No.66646992

I live in the middle of nowhere. It's not worth the drive to the nearest Best Buy or Staples. About an hour drive for both. I think I'll just get a switch tester. Cheap and it will show up at my house without me having to do anything.

>> No.66647016

get a good one then. novelkeys sells some that you can put whatever switch you want

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File: 166 KB, 2048x756, wethebest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 262 KB, 457x380, dsag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>membrane keyboard
get a proper mech

>> No.66647617

>remain on top
This is 2018, they got booped from their throne by kailh/gateron a while ago.

You guys were right, the mechkeys discord is full of retarded autists.
They were literally defending that most of the community is not a virgin/isn't that smooth with the ladies.

>> No.66647666

Their site seems to be more usable than geekhack.
It feels a lot smoother.

Maybe we should embrace it as there aren't a lot of geekwhack autists there.

>> No.66647695

>biggest community on that site is artisans
nice try satan, deskthority is still better then both

>> No.66647817

You might as well just get a TEAMWOLF ZhuQue. Mine is shipped, maybe I'll let you know what I think of it.

>uni student
you getting cucked boy


no, Zealjew would be better for GH

>100% or TKL
TKL, I barely use the numpad.

>what switches
Get a GMMK or TEAMWOLF ZhuQue, if you dislike the stock switches you just change them out for other switches.

>Do I need LEDs?
Probably not.

do you like it?

>> No.66647832

I don't disagree with this statement.

>> No.66647922

>you getting cucked boy
Education is costing me personally less than 4k so it's not that bad

>> No.66647946

In total?
Well I still think you're getting cucked, but if what you say is true at least you don't get cucked that hard.

>> No.66647974

Yes. Financial aid + not great school, but I'm just doing it for the piece of paper. I do a lot of work on mine own to try to become employable and not shit.

>> No.66648067

Yeah you getting cucked boy.

AI will replace human workers in the foreseeable future.

>> No.66648179

If you have a viable alternative I'd love to hear it but typically no one has anything that's actually better.

>> No.66648195

Hello, mkg. I just got my first mechanical keyboard (Vortex Race 3 w/ Cherry Clears) and it seems to be defective. My penis has not grown several inches like you led me to believe it would be. Please advise. Do I need to update the firmware?

>> No.66648206

I think entrepreneurship + financial education + marketing skills is the way to go.

That's what I'm trying to do right now.

The guys walking in Dolce&Gabbana don't work hard, they work smart.

b-ok xyz

b-ok xyz

>> No.66648258

Does not suit me well, I don't think. I work well with information but my flat affect means I can't really kiss ass or otherwise schmooze well, which takes any particularly social career of the table, and what you're talking about definitely requires a lot of that. Anyways, we have gotten really off-topic so we should probably end this conversation. I will check out the links even though I doubt it will work for me.

>> No.66648286

Oh fuck off

>> No.66648640

Cherry clears are okay

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File: 2.08 MB, 3024x4032, modelf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been cleaning out closets at work and have found two Model M's and a Model F. Do I keep or sell em?

>> No.66648920


>> No.66648927

Keep (and restore) the F, sell the M.

>> No.66649266

doesn't work for everyone indeed

>> No.66649569

I'm wondering how much it would cost to make a custom keyboard like this guy has?


>> No.66649636

has anyone got a vortex core? i really wanna program the left space bar to be a backspace. got used to an NMB right touch keyboard years ago and can't get over that feature. also love the form factor

>> No.66649877

like 50 bucks

>> No.66650345

His keyboard doesn't seem that special to me, I think it's just a pre-assembled chinese board where he replaced the keycaps with clear ones.

>> No.66650351

To add to that, I think it's the HCMAN or TEAMWOLF ZhuQue.

Screw near escape key, blue switches, metal body.

>> No.66650371

Lighting is also equal to the ZhuQue or the HCMAN.

High probability he bought one of those. The ZhuQue is being shipped to me right now from China.

>> No.66650405

Oh damn, thank you very much bro.

>> No.66650568
File: 888 KB, 4057x1606, IMG_20180523_082507~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have an HCman, I fucking love the thing.

Are the switches just rebranded outemus? I've never been able to figure it out, but I like them.

>> No.66650672

Not sure about the HCMAN but the ZhuQue uses outemu blues (the other options aren't available anymore)

HCMAN and the ZhuQue clearly use the same OEM

There's a difference between the ZhuQue and the HCMAN though, the ZhuQue has hotswappable switches whereas the HCMAN does not.

>oversized text on keycaps
I get that it's personal preference, and it actually goes decently well with your board but why do people like these oversized, modern, spacecraft keysets?

>> No.66650697



I don't want to clean the link rn but here you have the setup

Cost: ~ €50/$70

>> No.66650711
File: 3.02 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20180621_231333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like them because I knew it'd go well with my board lol

Also I like the contrast of the red and blue. And the \ key is colored like a mod rather than white, which I love.

This is my Lindontech with Outemu browns. The caps are from two separate blank sets.

>> No.66650759

all of a sudden all my keycap stems started breaking. I did take them all of by hand like a month ago but i was pretty careful. Is this common? Whats the easiest way to fix them?

>> No.66650792

This looks way nicer in my opinion.

Your keycap stems?

I would just order a new cheap PBT set and an actual keycap puller.
It's not worth getting to the bottom of this mystery, just use a keycap puller in the future and you'll probably be fine.

>> No.66650802

where can i buy a set cheaply?
I cant find anything below 40$ and this is how much i payed for the whole keyboard

>> No.66650839

AliExpress and Amazon have them for like $30 cad, idk where you're looking.

>> No.66650868

Thanks so much, I'm glad someone likes it.

>> No.66651971

i'd buy the model f. wikr?

>> No.66652014
File: 70 KB, 1132x464, ibm_model_m_silver_1390120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just burned $133 on this. figured i may never get the chance to get another in my lifetime in this condition at this price yadayada.
i hope it brings me joy for many a year, just as my last lexmark model m did that my parents threw out after i went to college years back.

>> No.66652091
File: 410 KB, 1200x952, large_2446_Race3_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there something like this but with backlighting?

>> No.66652173 [DELETED] 
File: 93 KB, 1318x517, ibm_model_m_silver_1390131_rainbow_backplate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the gorgeous insides

>> No.66652194
File: 93 KB, 1318x517, ibm_model_m_silver_1390131_rainbow_backplate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres the beautiful insides. can't wait to start scrubbing with tlc.

>> No.66653106

So you are not only stupid and change your mind easily because your convictions are shit. You are also poor.

And this is representative of the bunch of sad posers that live their collective misery here.

>> No.66653268

can someone tell me what is so appealing about keyboards to non-autistic people, or is everyone here autistic

>> No.66653301

What do you want for it?

>> No.66653312

What kind of switches?

>> No.66653333

Imagine being such a weak faggot that this is true for you and you have to remind everyone in every thread.

>> No.66653481

> or is everyone here autistic
Dude, do you realise what website you're on

>> No.66653564

Looks really slick, nice cop

>> No.66654550

Vortex Race 3 with clears
Worth my money?

>> No.66655042 [DELETED] 

Ta-daa! Friendship ended with gateron blues, now box jade will soon be my best friend.

And now that I no longer want to kill myself (mostly after substituting the chink solder sucker for a jap one, which let me work at least four times faster - I timed it), couple of quick questions:
1. Are different switches for modifiers/spacebar a meme? I have about 10 box navies and 10 box royals, as well as some random ass stuff like 80g aliaz, and I could even hold off on rebuilding it if I order something in particular, but I'm sceptical on whether it's worth the hassle.
2. Is it worth either lubing or replacing these stabs? I never did much research on stabilizers so I honestly have no idea which are the best ones. I didn't have any particular complaints about scratchiness or anything, I'm just figuring why not since they're out now

>> No.66655063
File: 3.40 MB, 4032x2268, 1531057098536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ta-daa! Friendship ended with gateron blues, now box jade will soon be my best friend.

And now that I no longer want to kill myself (mostly after substituting the chink solder sucker for a jap one, which let me work at least four times faster - I timed it), couple of quick questions:
1. Are different switches for modifiers/spacebar a meme? I have about 10 box navies and 10 box royals, as well as some random ass stuff like 80g aliaz, and I could even hold off on rebuilding it if I order something in particular, but I'm sceptical on whether it's worth the hassle.
2. Is it worth either lubing or replacing these stabs? I never did much research on stabilizers so I honestly have no idea which are the best ones. I didn't have any particular complaints about scratchiness or anything, I'm just figuring why not since they're out now

>> No.66655437

any reason not to get a kbd75?

>> No.66655455


>> No.66655469

fuck you

>> No.66655513

fuck you

>> No.66655754

Why on earth do you need backlighting?

>> No.66655902

MX speed? Or MX brown? For a K95 platinum.

I have a chinese keyboard with red kaihl, i like them but idk if try brown.

>> No.66655921

Idk. I had work order me the trackpoint one in your pic.

Mostly doing it to keep my hands loclilized in a more ergonomic place. The saved desk space is a side effect.

Also. It gets even harder trying to find a TKL, 80%, or 75% with trackpoint/trackpad without being somewhere retarded.

>> No.66655977

They're both complete shit for typing. If you're only gonna be gaming on them then silver is pretty good - get kailh through, cherry speed switches are kinda trash.

>> No.66656334

So now we got "keyboard artisans"? How much of a faggot do you have to be?

>> No.66656350

Lmao I can give you $5 for that

>> No.66656419


>> No.66657133

Is there any stock to the people saying to clean keycaps with an ultrasonic cleaner or fucking denture tablets, or can I just chuck them in the dishwasher? Dye-sub PBT

>> No.66657152

I found a white set without imprints for like €16, you're looking in the wrong places.

The important thing is whether you personally like it or not.
You shouldn't give a fuck about anyone else's, negative or positive.

probably not

Geekwhack / any keeb discord is way more autistic than this place. But yes, it's damn autistic over here.

>> No.66657162

I have no experience with that, but PBT has a melting point of about 160 degrees Celsius, so you should be fine.

>> No.66657509

>K95 platinum

>> No.66657516

denture tablets work great and are cheap as fuck, i've never tried dishwasher tho

>> No.66657969

For someone who has the basic but nice soft touch Logitech K120, whats a good upgrade of a similar keyboard that meets those requirements, but is "nicer".

>> No.66658268

im gonna get zealio switches and theres nothing you homos can do about it

>> No.66658683


>> No.66659201

Just bought a FC660C. Make me feel bad

>> No.66659216

Great choice, anon.

>> No.66659903

Seriously lads, which stabilisers are the best and is it worth replacing mine while the plate's off?

>> No.66659967

legitimate Cherry PCB mount are the best, preferably screw-in.

>> No.66660103

Why PCB mount specifically

>> No.66660116

because there's no such thing as screw-in plate mount stabs

>> No.66660163

Makes sense. I've got what looks like clip-on plate cherry stabs, I'm assuming having them screw in basically makes things sturdier? Probably not worth bothering for me to be honest.

>> No.66660216

yeah that's basically the only benefit

if you're happy with what it's currently got, save yourself the money and effort

>> No.66660488

Nice, I really want to try one of those. Want my next board to be 65% but I'm not entirely sure which one to get, and which switches.
Are you going to get a Hasu controller.

>> No.66660524
File: 3.01 MB, 4032x2268, 1531085522832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get a tada68 with box jades. It's what I'm building right now.

>> No.66660607

I'm not sure I want to make a keyboard my first soldering project. Though I guess I could open up my pok3r and fix the chattering issue with one particular key and see if I'm up for a full DIY thing.

>> No.66660686

A keyboard is actually a pretty good soldering project, as switches are very easy to solder. You can buy a $2 chink practice board if you want to just try it out first.

The only advice I have is not to buy a prebuilt one with LEDs. Either get one with no backlighting, or buy a kit (like the one on assdrop right now). I just spent two days trying not to kill myself while desoldering leds. Desoldering switches is easy though, just get a decent quality sucker - it would have taken me maybe 30 minutes max to finish the board if it had no leds.

>> No.66660988

thats a nice number u got there

>> No.66661082

but if you need to replace the switch, dont you have to replace the LED as well?

>> No.66661147

Yeah that's what I did

Which is why I said in >>66660686 that if you plan on replacing the switches, don't buy one with backlights

>> No.66661159

Can I post my diy mechanical keyboard project here?

>> No.66661193

What's wrong with having lights already on it?

>> No.66661223

l>ow profile case = floating keys
>high profile case = borders are higher and close the gap between case and key bottoms
Is this correct? Looking for a replacement because after having my board for a year+ the plate is absolutely disgusting and full of shit. No more floating keys for me.

>> No.66661246


>> No.66661260

not fully closed but yes, smaller gap.

Get BOX switches too to protect your switches from your nastiness.

>> No.66661288

If you want to change the switches but have never soldered before but have LEDs on the prebuilt board then you will die

If you don't plan on changing the switches then obviously doesn't matter

>> No.66661378

why don't you just remove the plate and clean it?
Seems a rather simple fix to me.

>> No.66661430

The plastic that makes up the slider will be rougher than cheaper, Chinese clones. But don't let it get to you. If you ever get to the point where you want to try something new, just desolder the old switches, and solder some different ones in.

>> No.66661438

Thanks friends.

Obviously I will, would just rather not have it get so gross so fast next time. And after looking through some pictures. I prefer non floating keys anyway. I didn't really know much about keyboards when I bought my current one, was kind of just an impulse buy.

>> No.66661568

Not the guy replacing switches, but I have PCBs that have backlighting already but have not had switches on it.
Will I still die for my first time solder?

>> No.66661681

I do a lot of typing so I'm trying to find the switch that puts the least amount of strain and shock on the fingers. Does anyone have any insights into this question?

>> No.66661908

You can't program the two spacebars independently of each other with the on board programming

>> No.66661924

If what you want is less bottoming out, then get hako royal trues.

>> No.66662133

do hako royal true springs not have the force to push the switch back up? similar to the jades problem?

>> No.66662162
File: 109 KB, 1765x1253, Input Club Hako Royal True CPG1511F01S13-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the opposite.

>> No.66662195

alright, ill bite. why should I use these over my Navy?

>> No.66662246

I think you shouldn't do that, or at least sell your current one once you have your new one.

>> No.66662249

In case you want something tactile, not clicky, and discourages bottoming out.

>> No.66662611

This curve makes no fucking sense to me

>> No.66662638

fucked up my hand pretty bad
are there such things as one handed keyboards that arent ass or cost a thousand bucks

i was thinking those one handed gaming keypads would be awesome if it had like an alt key function so you could access the whole alphabet but im not sure if thats even a thing

>> No.66662643 [DELETED] 

And it is fucking DONE! I'm rather flabbergasted that everything works. Except those two leds at the top where I fucking brutalized the pads, but eh it won't be too noticeable.

In case anyone was wondering, dishwasher worked pretty well. I put all the caps in a single compartment of the cutlery basket which may have been a bit much, some ended up having a bit of grime left on them - but it went away with a quick wipe. In the future I'll spread them out more, and it's definitely less hassle than making them soak in the sink or whatever other methods are often recommended.
Didn't put them back on yet because they're not fully dry and I don't want moisture to be trapped forever inside the stem. It's half past one am so I'll finally taste the fruits of my labour tomorrow.

Sorry for blogposting, but this is my first major project and I'm quite happy at how it went.

> have backlighting already but have not had switches on it.
That sounds like it's probably some sort of LED that goes under the switch. Like in my picture in >>66660524, where I was putting in 1.8mm LEDs (because box switches only work with those). In that case you can remove the switches without touching the leds so everything is fine (unless you just wanted to change the leds, in which case you have the same problem again obviously).

The majority of keyboards come with 3mm leds, and those go in through the switches and sit on top of them - so you have to remove them first before removing the switches. If your PCB already has leds attached but no switches, it's clearly not this kind, so you should be fine.

>> No.66662652
File: 2.71 MB, 4032x2268, 1531096731106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And it is fucking DONE! I'm rather flabbergasted that everything works. Except those two leds at the top where I fucking brutalized the pads, but eh it won't be too noticeable.

In case anyone was wondering, dishwasher worked pretty well. I put all the caps in a single compartment of the cutlery basket which may have been a bit much, some ended up having a bit of grime left on them - but it went away with a quick wipe. In the future I'll spread them out more, and it's definitely less hassle than making them soak in the sink or whatever other methods are often recommended.
Didn't put them back on yet because they're not fully dry and I don't want moisture to be trapped forever inside the stem. It's half past one am so I'll finally taste the fruits of my labour tomorrow.

Sorry for blogposting, but this is my first major project and I'm quite happy at how it went.

> have backlighting already but have not had switches on it.
That sounds like it's probably some sort of LED that goes under the switch. Like in my picture in >>66660524, where I was putting in 1.8mm LEDs (because box switches only work with those). In that case you can remove the switches without touching the leds so everything is fine (unless you just wanted to change the leds, in which case you have the same problem again obviously).

The majority of keyboards come with 3mm leds, and those go in through the switches and sit on top of them - so you have to remove them first before removing the switches. If your PCB already has leds attached but no switches, it's clearly not this kind, so you should be fine.

>> No.66662675

Oh you're talking about in the switch itself. I'm talking about backlighting already on the keyboard

>> No.66662688

I'm talking about both actually

>> No.66662732

Matias had something exactly like that except it costs five fucking hundred dollars for no reason whatsoever
The Maltron one-handed boards are made exactly for your kind of situation, but obviously they're also expensive as shit.

I think your best bet is to build your own. The Maltron layout is very nice but if you don't want to 3d print a curved case and hand-wire the switches and all that clusterfuck, you'll want a flat board, which means that you basically need to rely on your alt-key idea. I don't know if there are good cases for that kind of stuff, but maybe half an ergodox would work pretty well, or just cut yourself something out of acrylic.

On further thought yeah get half an ergodox

>> No.66662742
File: 396 KB, 1500x1000, v3nU06Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these LEDs are underneath the board already
will that still kill me?

>> No.66662799

just bought a cherry mx red board after spilling cereal all over my blue keyboard

will i enjoy it?

>> No.66663055

That's underglow you nignog

>leds under switches
Rare (possibly nonexistent on OEM boards?), you can remove the switches without removing the leds (but not vice-versa obviously)
>leds over switches
Most common type, you HAVE to remove the leds if you wanna remove the switches, this is what kills you
>leds under the PCB
No relation whatsoever

Is this a better explanation?

>> No.66663069

No, sorry

>> No.66663214


>> No.66663909
File: 3.13 MB, 4032x3024, 20180708_192634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else using a 60% I love having to press 3 different buttons to add a question mark

>> No.66663932

>60%s that try to squeeze dedicated arrows in
Literally the worst meme
If you want dedicated arrows so badly, get a fucking 65% which actually works

>> No.66663939

Wow get a better fucking mapping
And a shorter spacebar, what is this 6+u waste of space on a "compact" board

>> No.66664293

should have got a tada, retard

>> No.66664987

hey fuck you anything less than a full sized spacebar is retarded

>> No.66665020
File: 138 KB, 490x490, ISODECLEAR-490x490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats the consensus on the Vortex Vibe? Thinking about getting it.

>> No.66665043

looks fucking retarded. they could have at least put the numpad on the left

>> No.66665136

>numpad on the left
That's fucking retarded, you fucking retard

>> No.66665403


>120 USD
>United States
>100 percent
>LED optional

>> No.66665515

What switch would you guys recommend for extended typing and programming?

>> No.66666626

Mx Reds if you like linear
Clear if you like tactile

>> No.66668166

Buckling spring

>> No.66668268

Any opinions on split spacebars? 2.25u 1.25u 2.75u

>> No.66668280

Never used one but I have a Preonic with a 2u spacebar and literally no issue. Maybe, just maybe having it a bit longer would have made it ever so slightly more comfortable, but eh.

So that's about short spacebars. No idea how an arrangement with more than one of those would feel.

>> No.66668325

what's retarded is getting a "compact" keyboard, then throwing the compact part into the trash and getting the same shitty ergonomics of a TKL

>> No.66668890

Logitech G Pro Tenkeyless any good, I finally have the means to get a mechanical keyboard and I want an 80, Logitech is a brand that I trust, but I wanna be sure I wont be buying a piece of shit.

>> No.66670039

Got one with reds, I love the integrated mouse

>> No.66670068


>> No.66670090

> integrated mouse

>> No.66670244

I recently replaced 3 switches on a Masterkeys Pro L, with leds, the switches were soldered separately to the LEDs so it was super easy.

>> No.66670260

Maybe I just fucking suck at desoldering then.

>> No.66670415

No it's not a case of skill, was just saying I have a board that has LEDs soldered on the PCB beside the switch as opposed to intergrated into the switch.

>> No.66671048
File: 63 KB, 311x443, spicyprice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WTF $115 just for the pcb? That seems outlandishly expensive to me.

>> No.66671153

>outlandishly expensive
No fucking shit

>> No.66671190

B-but it has per-key RGB and gold-plated everything! It even comes with gold-plated screws! GOLD-PLATED SCREWS!!!!

>> No.66671205

Nice, can you do my taxes with it?

>> No.66671208

>LED meme
>shitty thin keycap b/c backlighting


>> No.66671259
File: 131 KB, 1000x1123, 1530992796706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just about to buy a new keyboard, deciding whether I should get the 'Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S RGB MX Brown' or the 'Ducky One DKON1687ST'.

What does /g/ approve?
pic unrelated

>> No.66671915

What switches do I look into if I want clears but different. Just Zealios and Mod-M or are there others?
I'll be keeping my clear board, just would be nice to have a little bit of a change once in a while

>> No.66671938

If you want normal cherry mx-like tactility, then zealios is pretty much your best bet. I have never tried mods.

If you just want good tactility, box royals are the hot new meme, and consider also Alps which are known for excellent tactility - you could start with Matias Quiet Clicks since they're in modern production, but stuff like salmon and amber are definitely worth checking out (if I remember my Alps colours correctly), which you can find either desoldered in places like mechmarket or gh, or just in an old board (preferably from a local charity shop or recycling centre, but ebay and such can also work).

>> No.66671958

Yes, sure anon. I’m actually in property taxes as an internship which is why I built it funnily enough

>> No.66672333

what modern switches are sold today, as opposed to having to scavenge old keyboards?

>> No.66672417

All of them, by definition

>> No.66672908
File: 37 KB, 500x567, 1530545621375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to buy my first mechanical keyboard. It must be mid to high-end because I don't actually live in the US but someone is bringing one over to me. So I plan on having it for a long time. pls help

up to US$170
>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
Never really tried any mechanical keyboards, so I'll assume a neutral one. Maybe the blue?
don't know
>Form factor
100% with media keys and macro keys, ideally.
Simple ones would suffice, don't really care for RGB.
>Previous/current keyboards
Had a G19.

>> No.66672953

Why the hassle with importing from the US? Where do you live?

>> No.66673001

Brazil. Electronics are incredibly expensive here.
I'm not "importing" in the legal sense, my sister is over there and will bring it inside her bag. She'll just say it's hers and not bought in the US, we do that all the time.
The price of these things here is way too high.

>> No.66673107

Do chinks not ship to Brazil?

>> No.66673261

The taxes when anything arrives are prohibitive...

>> No.66673277

just got my red keyboard

not sure how i feel about it yet, making more typos than usual with how soft the key presses are

>> No.66673317

You'll get used to it in like a week.

>> No.66673395

Yeh, Ive jsut been using blues for the past couple years so no tactile or click

>> No.66673547

This might be a n00b question, but what keyboard is this?

>> No.66673752

The layout is identical to the tada68, I don't know if there are any other 65% boards just like that but it could be a custom "case" for the tada. On the other hand I don't see the PCB under the plate so it's either a retarded camera angle or it could be a completely custom build

>> No.66674566

Do I really need backlight? I'm gonna buy a Plum 84 EC and the RGB version is $30 more and would take a full month to be delivered. Backlight is nice when I need to find special characters. Would I be able to mod the non-RGB to put LEDs on it, or could you build a keyboard with EC switches?

>> No.66674588

>Do I really need backlight?

>> No.66674665

You need backlit leds to go with your epic gamer leds on your case, mouse and headset.

>> No.66674761

> Would I be able to mod the non-RGB to put LEDs on it, or could you build a keyboard with EC switches?
That's actually realistic, unless they use a PCB that doesn't support leds for some reason.

>> No.66674891
File: 144 KB, 619x640, kb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm new to mechanical keyboards and just ordered this (aliexpress.com/item/Keycool-84-mini-mechanical-keyboard-cherry-mx-switch-brown-PBT-keycap-mini84-compact-game-keyboard-detachable/32876634360.html).

To me it looks clean and nice. I got the brown switches. What do you think? I wasn't keen on spending to much money on a keyboard, but is it a bad idea to buy a chinese one?

>> No.66674901

How many WPM do you guys get on 10fastfingers, and what keyboard do you use?

>> No.66674907

Will I be able to use cherry mx keycaps on the new Razer optical keyboards??

>> No.66674917

You did good if you like that layout.

>> No.66674947


Just an old QWERTY terminal board. My WPM doesn't vary with board much unless the switches or key placement are atrocious.

>> No.66674970


You're not disabled though, right?

>> No.66675062
File: 1.44 MB, 1242x2208, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Real happy with my first mech keyboard

>> No.66675080

Pretty good purchase. Browns are eh but gateron browns are tolerable, and if you don't wanna spend too much money or do too much research they'll work just fine. Enjoy your board when it arrives.

>> No.66675099

>pn all the way in the top corner
What on earth is that used for? Normally layer switching keys are meant to be pressed with the thumb, or at least to be easily accessible from home position.

>> No.66675102
File: 1.19 MB, 3026x1656, IMG_20180704_174336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just did 101, though of course that varies.

>> No.66675124

On what keyboard?

>> No.66675132

Pic related m8.

>> No.66675156


>> No.66675169

i thought on vortex keyboards, fn was switch layer and pn was enter programming mode

>> No.66675194
File: 704 KB, 330x247, 1417037344393.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66675204

this thing looks like it's in pain

>> No.66675243

pls help me

>> No.66675441



>> No.66675443

Replaced my box blacks with box dark yellows ask me anything

>> No.66675449

Get an mk typist with box whites.

>> No.66675454

Oh makes sense. I though Pn was like a secondary Fn or something.

>> No.66675507

120 was my highest. b.face x2 with 62g zeals

>> No.66675512

>Browns are eh

No, they're the best switch.

>> No.66675595

90-105, pok3r with clears

>> No.66675919

No switch is the best since everything is subjective (there's probably people who unironically prefer cheap rubber domes to every single other switch out there). Browns just happen to be either disliked or not particularly liked by a lot of people, and most people who do use browns do so not by conscious choice but simply because they're not autistic about keyboards and never tried much else, and don't care to do so.

>> No.66675963


>> No.66676029
File: 137 KB, 1600x1162, 1528526897402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66676218 [DELETED] 

http://kck.st/2tWmJlG >>66635493
Neat. Cherry MX shaped keycaps, too.

>> No.66676286
File: 842 KB, 500x500, 88b8963ca447005a47ca518a29211f95_original.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>66635493 >
Neat. Cherry MX keycap compatibly.
I dont have much time to consider. does it have any glaring flaws? I like weird features.

>> No.66676331

kickstarter is cancer

>> No.66676388

Shit's retarded, just like analog triggers for gaymes.

>> No.66676421

It's a gimmick but it's a cool gimmick. And it's reliable instead of finnicky which you usually see in gimmicks. I like it. Might buy one. Oddball linear tech is my jam. I'm working on an old Cortron right now.

>> No.66676513

You think that's bad, check this out.
>No Switches
>No Keycaps

>> No.66676576

What's the best 75%? Preferably as kit

>> No.66676782

To be fair and balanced ™ © ® They already have an identical product with retail reviews etc. and this is just a refresh with a man-sized keyboard layout. But who would want the old version of something

>> No.66676937

Have you never played a driving game

>> No.66677032

KBD75 or XD84, considering which case you like more. Pick the KBD75 if you want to have an option for USB-C.

>> No.66677274
File: 2.05 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20180709_212903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Motospeed ck61 came in

Box whites, 60%, $60 CAD.

>> No.66677421

Fellow brazilian here, are you really sure you want a keyboard with ANSI layout? As someone who already had the chance do type in Portuguese with ANSI, that shit is fucking unbearable. I suggest you stick with something from here just because you'll have the choice of buying something with the ABNT2 layout, though rather limited. Redragon and Sharkoon have keyboards with Outemu/Kailh switches and ABNT2, while Corsair and Cooler Master use Cherry MX.

>> No.66677428

>do type
to type*, fuck me.

>> No.66677526
File: 54 KB, 402x344, coffee3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what network is the /mkg/ irc on? i don't see the details in the sticky.

>> No.66677602

Any good US or norwegian layout mechanical keyboards for $50 or less? TKL is preferred

>> No.66677987

we use telegram

>> No.66678000

>Any good norwegian layout mechanical keyboards
>for $50 or less?

if you want ANSI there's plenty of chink shit like magicforce or james donkey

>> No.66678099

what's /g/ favorite or most wished keyboard?

>> No.66678109

IBM 3278

>> No.66678153

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