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closest program to terminal on windows?

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A linux distribution...

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OP here, i'd rather still have a slight possibility of getting a girlfriend

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>he doesn't know how to install a linux subsystem

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What do you mean by "terminal"? You want a Unix shell like Bash? Not happening. You can use that half assed WSL thing or Cygwin. You want a full system shell native to Windows? That's called PowerShell.

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conemu and cygwin's bash

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you're so dumb you don't even know what you're asking

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So you think your less likely to get a g2g because you don't know what you are talking about and don't want to learn? This is the kinda autism that has destroyed 4chan.

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ahahaha fuck.

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To get a gf* phone auto corrected to g2g

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i have a girlfriend and i use lubuntu

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>have legal loli gf
>linux, win 10, and macOS
>open headphones, dac/amp
>phone has aux and microsd expansion (200GB in total rn)
what are you doing with your life anon, you cant blame genes for everything

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Well that's good but having a girl friend doesn't justify stupidity

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>>have legal loli gf
he fell for the tpg maymay
>>linux, win 10, and macOS
Hello fencesitter. Can you tell how I know you're a NEET?
>>open headphones, dac/amp
amp is the ONLY gud thing here
>>phone has aux and microsd expansion (200GB in total rn)
m8. Really. Storing ALL your cp on your phone?

>t. married 20 yrs with a couple of kids. Self employed, win10 at work , debian+xfce at home.

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>he thinks he can be productive without knowing what he's talking about
>AND get a gf

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you can have bash on Windows


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I need atleast 70GB for my music library, the rest is just breathing room
legal loli just means shes petite m8, she's actually 3 months older than me
and you don't have to be a neet to install OS's, especially when you have multiple HDD's

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The fact that you answered me probably says more about you and how accurate I was than you'd like to admit to yourself.

>you don't have to be a neet to install OS's, especially when you have multiple HDD's
was what gave the whole NEET thing away.
Protip - those of us who work, and moreso in ICT don't fuck around with extraneous OS's and software.
If it's not for work then it's probably time wasted.
A mechanic doesn't learn how to repair model T's if all he's doing at work is plugging the car into an engine management system and running diagnoses tools does he?
Unless he's a hobbyist. Which is what your statement marks you as.

But gudonya for scoring a root m8. It puts you slightly higher on the rungs than a lot of other blokes here.

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At my last job and my current one, everyone develops on GNU/Linux. The vast majority of servers are running GNU/Linux. Heck, the majority of super computers are as well. Also, anyone in software who's worth a shit has let their skills leak into their own life. You aren't some sad faggot who thinks having a Linkedin is as good as their own website, are you?

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Is she 40kg?

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a+ answer i use it at work and its basically like being on unix

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>he thinks because I use win at work I don't know about servers...

Fuck m8. How naive are you about this sort of stuff?

Here's a hint...
>debian+xfce at home.

Most of the work I do at home is rcon to clients infrastructure on debian. Since that's the server os I've installed on them.
I have windows workstations at work for compatibility and so my employees don't have to sperg out like idiots like you.

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>As of March 2018Debian GNU/Linux is available for Windows users through the Windows store as an app for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

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cmder is heavenly
so good in fact im shocked they haven't thrown money their way and made it the default

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>his gf doesn't use linux

installed linux mint on her shitbox after she kept ruining it with malware and other stupid shit and she's happy. if your girl actually gives a shit about what os your using than she's an angry bitch, probably overweight and ugly and you're stuck in an abusive relationship

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So you don't want to use GNU/Linux because you think it'll keep you from getting a girlfriend despite the fact that you already use GNU/Linux? And you're asking /g/ for help with getting Terminal (which apparently is OSX's terminal emulator with the same 'bash' shell as Linux) on Windows?

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>>t. married 20 yrs with a couple of kids. Self employed, win10 at work , debian+xfce at home.

I guess this is where ID's would come in handy.

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I am also this guy >>66584673
which is what I use at work.

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how dare i reply to your post and how dare i have a life outside work
im sorry you're a drone, life isnt just about work
have fun sometime anon
>where ID's would come in handy
figures you'd be from one of those boards

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Save yourself the trouble and pick this up.

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Cygwin + MinTTY

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>immediately puts it down
like a mangy dog

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>im sorry you're a drone, life isnt just about work
>have fun sometime anon
Cheers m8. I do. Coach muh kid's sporting teams shoot bows and arrows and play golf with muh m8s.
I also run a biz doing info/netsec which is why I tend to take muh ict stuff fairly srsly.
Clients tend to like that sort of shit uknow.

>figures you'd be from one of those boards

>he says, not knowing who the fuck he's posting a response to....

Anyhoo, muh timesink shitposting sesh is up so, catch ya later m80!

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Sorry, I'm not a trash collector.

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Using bash doesn't make you a hacker, summer friend.

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>LARPing this hard

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emacs with eshell

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Oooo, he's still going.

>he thinks it's a larp.
Yeah m8. Because I REALLY, RALLY do need validation from a bunch of whiney redneckbeard manchildren on 4chinz.

Srsly. Gotta go m8. kids are up,missus is heading off to work and I've got stuff to do.
Have a tippytop day m8.

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>he keeps replying
your time sure is valuable huh
love when people say they leave yet still reply
>i gotta go
what is your mom about to give you some NEETbucks?

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Just use WSL.
There's a handful of gotchas because ancient DOS-isms in Windows don't really mesh with ancient UNIX-isms in Linux, but it integrates enough that you can navigate to your Windows files and run standard Linux utilities and scripts and shit on 'em.

if you're not on Windows 10, Cygwin exists for this exact purpose as well, and supports running X11 programs

what is this retarded post
at best you're LARPing, and at worst, you're just stupid

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What exactly do you want?
I use FAR manager on Windows.

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>Self employed

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Morning tea. & look at you, still trying to get a rise.

Should i get a pea and ham soup pie floater from the food truck or stick to my pepperoni, cheese and salad wrap I made this morning?

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Using WSL alone is meh, definitely couple that shit with cmder.

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are you the hacker named 4chan?

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No. I'm Dr. Pussyman.

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Went with the wrap. It's healthier and cheaper too! catch you guys around arvo tea time (got a lunch meeting soz.)

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>legal loli
What’s the fun in that?

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>actually uses Linux subsystem on windows

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>uses some cobbled together frankenframework shat out by some pajeet at Redmond last year over something that has literally been developed for decades.

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wsltty for windows 10 is by far the best experience I had with all of them.


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>closest program to terminal on windows?
cygwin terminal
powershell or whatever it's called

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>a+ answer i use it at work and its basically like being on unix
What shell do you use? It doesn't feel unix-like at all to me.

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>This is what winfags unironically believe

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I don't like pegging though

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Afternoon tea....
Kitkat or a tub of yoghurt? Yo's probably got more sugar in it tbqfhphamalamas but it's home-made junk food dinner (pizza) tonight so I don't want to shit up my diet.

Yo it is then chaps. Cheers.

While I'm here - it' probably a /sqt question but..
>since were behind a firewalled file server and our lan *is* hardened, is that secure enough to store our client's tax info on or do we need to secure cloud it?
>if we do go offsite are there rules about levels of security for document storage like there is for hard copies?

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>being this passive aggressive

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Git Bash is the best for being close to unix/bash but cant run a lot of commands that require windows console functionality

Cmder integrates better with windows console functionality but misses some Bash functionality

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>being so invested that you had to come back and post.

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Lmao I use PowerShell on our Ubuntu servers at work

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is that a man?

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what an incredible thread

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lmao op is mad

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It's actually pretty fly

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Don't think so. This *might* be.

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>new IP
kill yourself NEET

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What's for brekky m8?

I'm leaning towards bacon and baked beans on toast - catching the bus into the city with the youngest today, gotta fuel up for those crop dusters on the bus!

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get a trip so i can filter you

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So that's a "No" to the beans?
Guess it's microwaved scrambled eggs on toast then.
Doesn't matter how diligent you are on the timing they always come out rubbery.

Do you add cream/milk or the old trick of sour cream?

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While I've got you, if i *slightly* change muh trip does that affect your filtering or do you use regex?

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La Goblina says "No."

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just install cygwin

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