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>Oh look it's another this-shit-will-wreck-Youtube thread


there are already some running instance :

what do you think of this shit /g/ ?

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Blender made his own too : https://video.blender.org/

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Probably a reaction to being banned from youtube.

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This is the only reason I've heard of it

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>javascript required
no thanks

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You use youtube without javascript?

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I've seen Framasoft before, they seem pretty cool from what little I've seen of them. Importantly, they're an established free software advocate group, and not a bunch of either basement neets or silicon valley code artisans who one day decided "hey let's make a free alternative to youtube". So they're likely pretty serious, and I'd trust their management. If they have the backing of Blender - another pretty big foss organisation - then even better.

I'm unironically considering donating. The biggest problem with these kind of things is adoption, but with decently well established organisations backing it and with a real budget for promotion and outreach (10% of the campaign's funding) I think this has good potential to take off.

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Is the P2P thing at least encrypted?
The legal problems this would cause for users is insane

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>peer based streaming
>overtime people will stop watching certain videos
>then when someone in the future wants it, if there's no peers in the swarm for said video, it'll basically be dead content or take literally fucking forever to watch it

What a bright idea; into the trash it goes. On paper this sounds great, in practice, its ass. Its like trying to download some show, software, game, from 10 years ago with 1 seed, that's tens of gigs in size, and getting to 99% and stopping because the only guy uploading doesn't have the last piece. So you're just as fucked as him, and now there's two of you that are just as fucked.

Fuck that. Youtube is an evil, but a necessary evil, because centralized CDNs for video content is a better implementation than a peer based CDN where the delivery method would be abandoned over time due to lack of interest.

I tried the blender videos, at 720p it loaded up pretty quickly, but at 1080p, it sat there and streamed in content and behaved like I had a dialup while in reality having a gigabit connection. Youtube comparatively scales up to compressed 4K with fucking ease. Sure, this is a protoype vs matured platform, but the point still stands.

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First off, that's better than videos getting removed randomly or because some dickwad studio decided it's theirs.
Second, if you care about your uploads then you either seed forever or pay for seeding. If literally nobody cares enough about a video to pin it then it probably deserves to be deleted.

As for bandwidth issues, p2p is more efficient on the whole, but as a leecher sometimes the rate sucks. A solution would be RSS and precache. Just have your subscriptions autopin so they're ready locally when you watch them.

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I foresee much captain planet false flagging to shut this down.

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no one will use that. the end

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I wonder how this compares to just using ipfs.

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Nonsense. Bandwidth is the expensive part of video hosting. Storage space costs almost nothing in comparison. Videos that aren't currently viral will get few views so require very little bandwidth.

People will happily donate some of their bandwidth/storage space to channels they care about. I know obscure youtube channels with sub 5k viewers that literally make a living from just donations from their fans. Only a fraction of that cost would be necessary for hosting. And it's way more convenient to donate some bandwidth on their PC than donate real money.

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Ipfs is basically built to host shit like this, but ipfs has scaling issues right now. Luckily it's implementation, not theory, so it'll get sorted. But right now if you pin a few thousand files totalling more than a few dozen GB the memory requirements to maintain the storage is astronomical.

That might seem like a lot, but it really hurts in practice.

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