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kek. They should have said the real word.

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Holy shit LMAO

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I did. AMA.

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You got a higher quality cap of this dude?

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>it was real

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puush / ANEiy/3e40ad96f0.png

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See >>66534720

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The madman did it:

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Install TempleOS
>inb4 Terry did it

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I hate you all

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wtf why do you have so many tabs open

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>install gentoo
>its the most secure!
>cant even protected their repo password
/g/ btfo forever, no more install gentoo meme

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the repo is just a mirror
the main infrastructure is still secure

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That's not mine, someone posted it on #gentoo on Freenode.

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install gentoo

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I heard it was the hacker known as 4chan

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troo funny.

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>Microsoft buys GitHub
>Accounts and orgs of Linux distros start being hacked
Can't make this shit up

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>neckbeard furious about MS buying GitHub starts shitting the place up
False flag.

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>/g/tard hacks Gentoo's GitHub account
>instead of injecting malware into it, modifying the source in any way doing something clever all he does is change the logo and title
>"le niggers trololol XDDD"
I am disappoint. This has got to be the lamest and most pointless hack ever.

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Probably because he knew that no one uses the Gentoo github and he'd just be wasting his time doing anything more involved.

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lol nice try my man

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Obviously it will never be you.

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>Microsoft obtains GitHub
>Microsoft hates open source projects
>Microsoft hates Linux even more
>Microsoft is claiming to be extremely "tolerant" (Remember when GitHub switched their logo on Twitter to a rainbow few days after Micro$oft claimed them? (if I recall correctly))
>Weeks later, Gentoo's GitHub repo gets hacked
>Gentoo = Linux distributon
>Nothing much has changed other than blatant racism in the profile
>It is screaming political incorrectness and racism to the point where you'd think it belongs on /pol/
>By the looks of it, this would be marked as racist and it would most likely get removed off GitHub

Take a wild fucking guess who's behind this.

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Are you trying to imply something? If you are trying to allude to this being a Jewish issue somehow you are anti-semitic and should look at getting some help before you seriously offend someone

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Some retarded anon who thought it was funny and epic to change Gentoo's logo and name.
>muh conspiracy
Except they haven't nor will they remove Gentoos from GitHub. Not to mention Microsoft has no reason to remove or be against Gentoo.

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He'd be unable to do shit without the GPG key of one of the devs anyway without warning fucking everybody. And even then people would catch on pretty quick that the main git repo and that mirror are out of sync.

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Yeah dude, changing the name and logo will not be catched fast at all. Even a rm -rf monkey would've done a better job.

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>doing something malicious instead of just highlighting insecurity
Truly you were the nigger all along.

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yes i'm sure it was microbenis

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>According to Gentoo developer Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera, after gaining control of the Gentoo Github organization, the attackers "replaced the portage and musl-dev trees with malicious versions of the ebuilds intended to try removing all of your files."
It was BSD false flag all along

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Top kek

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What a glorious day. Gentoofags BTFO.

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Friendship with Gentoo is over
Illumos is new best friend

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I can't tell if you're acting stupid for (You)s, or you genuinely think it's some ridiculous conspiracy even when it resulted in nothing.

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All these new fag threads. This one still the best

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