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this. this is what every keyboard should look like

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tap once. customized symbol keys. tap twice and thrice for the remains symbols.

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swipe right for custom phrases

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swipe left for number pad or custom keys of your choice

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arrow keys. basic functionality many popular keyboards lack

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clipboard. shows a few recent items. delete them or entirely disable the clipboard

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>Input Languages: English (UK), Russian

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I'm not Russian. I need the Russian keyboard for reasons I cannot state here.

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>Posting the digital version

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That's cute OP

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I don't know man I just use whatever the fuck Samsung S8 used by default.

Stuffing around with shit when you could just be a default retard like me.

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Anon chasing young girls is a crime

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So which keyboard is this?

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they still have to add an option to remove the smiley and dictate button

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Hey, this looks just like my blackberry keyb-
oh, it is
Did you get it after I recommended it in a keyboard thread yesterday?

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you can turn it off. I have turned them off

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no no I've been using this keyboard for a while now.

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see pic
how or where?

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Oh, then it's a coincidence
I use pic related, which comes with the blackberry keyboard by default
It also has another tab here >>66526993, which acts as a built-in password manager.
If you want to paste your password in any text field, just click the password manager button, hold your finger on the fingerprint scanner for 0.2 sec and it will paste the password for the app.
Or long-press to select a different password from your list.

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the key one and two. never seen more beautiful phones. I use a s7 edge currently.
that's a neat function. brilliant


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oh so Jannu you have offputting personality, good to know

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Uhm, what?

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You heard me

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Fuck off

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hey guys

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>this. this is what every keyboard should look like

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I can read what you type, but no, I can't hear you through my monitor.

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AnySoftKeyboard also has the navigation keys and it's open source.

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>not being able to move the text cursor just anywhere

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chaging it now to spite you

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this is great wow

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well give us the APK you cunt

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The blackberry keyboard can only be installed using a shady Android app that requires access to your Google account. I don't trust it, especially because they're not fetched directly from the Play Store, but from some Own Cloud server.

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if you actually use that in public with absolute no regard to judgement then I have nothing but respect for you anon.

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everything in your post except the fact that it cannot be installed from the play store is false.

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>not making your own keyboard scheme
>they are still not using the Glorious Chink Multiling O Keyboard

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>Smileys button
Are you a 12 year old girl?

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This is objectively the superior keyboard for mobile devices.

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How about a keyboard that's designed for two fingers and not 10
And you don't have to tap anywhere or swipe or some stupid shit to access symbols

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Where's the link, then? All I could find was a shady app in XDA.

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The only way I've found to install them are either shady download links or the BlackBerry Manager app, which is what that anon was talking about: http://cobalt232.github.io/blackberrymanager/

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why is your task bar red?
theme your keyboard please

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if you think it's shady why don't you check it for yourself and verify instead of crying like a little bitch. typical millennial wants everything spoon fed. if you still think it's shady after running your tests then move the fuck on

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>not binding smileys to keys in your symbol layout
It's a superb keyboard though, I can't find any flaws in it.

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to each their own:)
although the left and right navigational keys don't work with termux. the up and down do. it can be quite a pain sometimes.

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>asks for too many permissions
>apps are downloaded from the dev's repository instead of the PlayStore
>all the dev says is "I'm a very respected dev if you don't trust me reverse-engineer my app"
It is shady. There is no reason to trust this guy and he doesn't even attempt to prove his apps aren't leaking information or installing malware in your phone.
>le millenial le spoonfed
Wew laddie.

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Physical masterrace

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>not using dvorak

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fuck off

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>emoji bar
For what fucking purpose. But arrow keys are godlike.

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why are you so afraid of russians? is it because of the election hacking fiasco?

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Can't even swipe on this piece of shit

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His about this?

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>takes up over 60% of the display

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This. Windows phone was a piece of shit AMD a pain in the ass to use. But daaaaaam the keyboard was amazing

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Based anon

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yes you can

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eat shit

t. phone poster

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holy fuck no, the Windows touch keyboard is easily the worst I've ever used on a touch screen.
Literally worse than Android 2.3.

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