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Sup, /g/aywads, /k/ommando here. Came over for a friendly warning that Tumblr is planning a raid on July 4th. You know what to do.

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is this a 4d chess move to tell us to raid tumblr without breaking the rules about raiding


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I doubt tumbler users have the required IQ to create a thread on 4chan.

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>attack anyone you disagree with
>don't bother debating them
So it'll be just another day on 4chan.

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Do tumblrinas even grasp the concept of the hurtbox? We spend most of our time here psychologically beating the shit out of each other for lulz.

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>tumblr raid on 4chan
pissing in an ocean of piss m8

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Replay any post with show the true about jews

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We already know 4chan will win again like last time.

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fucking plebs, scroll to bottom to get the catalog. Are they blind?

Why the fuck would u attack sports and /g/

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>/g/ is "the second most anti-Semitic board"

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how sad is this shit
>post about le social juicetits and le resistance on boards on which this shit won't even blend in and your shitty threads will be easy to avoid and ignore
>attack everyone you disagree with without even attempting to demonstrate intelligence or actual valid arguments
what's even the purpose of this shit other than causing quality threads to fall off the boards
too bad most of the boards they're planning on raiding, /g/ included, are full of redditors who will no doubt fall for the EBIN POLITICS and start "debating" and bumping their shit

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for once with 4chin come together and not fight against each other

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I'm getting goosebumps, I wonder how many suidides they'll be.

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oh shit, I'm dying

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Instead of responding to tumblr posters, why not just ignore them completely, so that their threads fall of the catalog?

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-> >>66498456

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The truth is we can't behave ourselves

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>this entire post

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Dis gon be gud

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Why would they attack lit?

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I already want to kill myself, what do these shits think they would accomplish. fuck them for trying to ruin my day.

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actually, what we should do is to inform them that the most cancerous and retarded board is /pol/, that they should go there and simply try to annoy the users, because they won't care about arguments even if they are given many good ones, so convincing them of anything would be a waste of time

should also tell them that racism started as jokes and parodies, but the place was raided by stormfront and overtaken by retards

we should actually help them destroy /pol/

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Fuck off niggerlover I hate Trump and pol as much as you but these fucks have no right to judge them, they are even worst themselves.

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Would raiding 4chan actually do anything at this point? We already assume everyone is a cancerous newfag, so it'd be us telling people to go back home like always, but this time it'll be to people who actually come from a different site.

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/g/ is already loaded with faggots, so this should be right up our alley.

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And 4chan is basically irrelevant these days anyway

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something smells reddit about his

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It's beautiful. But ur still a faggot

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>tumblr gives 4chinz shit for having boards that are
>based towards pornography

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Were's the "Like" button?

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>we should actually help them destroy /pol/
Shalom m8.

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I'm guessing /lit/ just happened to have Mein Kampf in the catalog. Whoever picked the boards to "raid" didn't check any deeper than that, that's for sure.

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Moar meme wars plz.

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>You know what to do.
Report all off topic threads, as usual.

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was wondering about that myself.

Also: /fit/ is so full of hate for women it's ridiculous.
I love that board, but it is filled with buthurt autists who got friendzoned and rejected while they were younger and have gotten /fit/ since with the sole aim to psychologically destroy sluts.

Or, you know, are fit, but still to autistic to date women and go full blown mesogyny

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Report any and all post that looks like it's radical leftist oriented.

Everything containing faggots, so᠌yboys, niggers, BBC, traps, feminists etc

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>faggots, so᠌yboys, niggers, traps
I can't report the whole board.

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And jews, shit/mudslims

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I hope /b/ falls for this shit again and gives us something to laugh at. EVERYONE STAY OUT OF #SUPERWHOLOCK

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Why is this thread on /g/ when it should be on /b/ or /s4s/?

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>mfw even /v/ figured out this was a false flag already
came here for robot related inspiration, saw this thread, leaving now, so long nu-/g/.

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I'll probably go to /k/ on july 4th and make sjw threads to piss you off

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>Attacking /r9k/

Jesus christ poor guys give them a fucking break :(

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Blue Rust standing by.

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They deserve it
Good luck. The Weltmeisterschaft is on, /sp/ might be the most visited board of the fourth channel now and will be even more on July. Any irrelevant thread will die instantly.

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/csg/ is triggering people

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>Do tumblrinas even grasp the concept of the hurtbox?
the chans are constantly in internal turmoil, external influence and raids has historically had limited success with little traces left 24 hours later. Shareblue realized during the election that it's pointless to actually debate and worse that you risk getting infected by engaging the community.

>"The reason the American Army does so well in wartime, is that war is chaos, and the American Army practices it on a daily basis."
>- from a post-war debriefing of a German General
this applies so well here

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Just remember, sage goes to all fields

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Also remember to charge the LOIC and aim it on Tumblr

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Fuck that's an old meme

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I've been here for over a decade, my sweet summer child

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>but it is filled with buthurt autists who got friendzoned and rejected while they were younger and have gotten /fit/ since with the sole aim to psychologically destroy sluts by making /r9k-tier posts about how all wimmin r sl00tz

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truer words have never been spoken

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They technically have an advantage there because the last matches of the round of 16 are held on July 3rd, while quarter finals begin on July 6th. Don't worry, it still will be filled with banter and dick pics from the day prior.

The best we can expect from this is a site-wide spam filter on Tumblr links, not just in /b/.

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THIS. Didn't expect /g/ to be ever more retarded than /v/.

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Imagine them clicking on a cp webm by mistake.

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>all these boards of peace that did absolutely nothing wrong
Are cuckblers brain damaged?

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>report post
>get removed immediately

god bless mods

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