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AMD is the reason Firefox is slow LMAO and not releasing WebRender



> Basically, this feels like a gift to Nvidia's marketing department.^^ It
> would be a little more neutral if there were a possibility to whitelist a
> very few recent cards from other vendors to avoid headlines/teasers like
> "Firefox' new graphics engine is first exclusively available for Nvidia
> users".
> Perceived reason of the current procedure:
> Ancient Nvidia cards that were not blacklisted during Nightly and Beta would
> lead to late bug reports from Stable users. You would then put them in real
> time on the blacklist. So only one vendor will be left generously activated
> at first in order to minimize further risks such as losing users.


My fucking browser is slow and will remain slow for at least another 3 month (2 Firefox version) because pajeets can't write drivers or work with software developers.

Please if you have any AMD component in your system conciser killing yourself you cheap dumb clueless fucks.

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>if you have a video card from a different vendor you should kys

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Just wait for AMD to become more relevant and they will start optimizing every single app

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This sounds more like Mozilla trying to shift blame

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>AMD graphics becoming relevant anytime soon
Oh sweetie...

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The only reason for going nvidia only at first I can see from the linked thread, and it is not even explicitly stated, is because more people use nvidia and older nvidia cards may generate more problems
So, yeah, obviously amd fault that older nvidia cards are buggy

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Read the reply from Mozilla - it's working perfectly on GTX1000 series and Win 10. But they don't want to hurt pajeet AMD feelings by enabling it for nVidia

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You're right, it's not AMD fault that they are so irrelevant no on is using them and if they do it causes month-long pauses in software development. Fucking nVidia!

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>tfw fell for the "AMD is better on GNU/Linux" meme

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It's good to hope though

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I never participated in vendor/GPU wars before but AMD because so shit "recently" it's shitting all over software I use. WTF. How can someone be a fan of that? This is incomprehensible to a sane person.

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WebRender works fine on my HD4870. Guess it pays off not to be a consumerist.

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Isn't that old enough to be an ATI card? Would explain why it doesn't suffer from AMD fuckup

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>$300 for top-tier GPU with great efficiency
I miss those times.

Anyways, 1/2

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Aren't the Linux drivers by a completely different team? I think Linux has shit video playback on the browser too.

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Not a huge difference in performance but offloading work to GPU will still be nice. How does it compare to Chrome/Chromium?

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Guess my 8400GS isn't up to the task

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Here's with webrender.all instead of webrender.enabled, basically the same except the design score looks fucked. Also, it looks like webrender changes the text rendering a bit.
I just updated Chromium, I'll try it in a sec.
Wow, 6700k and a 680 here.

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You can have all the upboats

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Here's Chromium.

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Everyone knows that AMD is garbage at GPUs. Love the CPUs though.

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HOW WILL (((((((((((((((AMD)))))))))))))) EVER RECOVER???

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>be underage gayming subhuman
>AMD releases 6xxx, 7xxx, r9 2xx series
>clearly superior to what nvidia offers at that time
>still buy nvidia
>complain about AMD not being competitive after they have blown all their Budget for nothing
>complain about AMD not pushing nvidia prices down so a nvidia card can be purchased cheaper
>not kys him self
I would seriously stomp your head in if i would notice you being a complaining double standard nvidia gayming faggot

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(((you))) sound angry :^)

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trips of truth

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isn't it the other way around? baning old nvidia cards means that new cards don't work and amd cards are "left generously activated at first in order to minimize further risks such as losing users"?

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You just gave another reason to buy AMD GPU.

Keep crying nvidia-fag, you are the reason we have such huge prices now, cause you , dumbfag kept buying their shit.

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>GTX1000 series
Works if you pay shitload of money on your setup.

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no idea what this shit means but here's chromium on gtx 970 nvidia

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Hmm since webrender.all gets lower score, maybe it also toggles the webrender.debug values to true? That could generate more useful data for developers at the cost of performance

How does it compare to Firefox with and without WebRender? Just posting benchmarks for one browser doesn't really say anything.

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ill show firefox in a second, im a brainlet and dont know about webrenderer shit tho

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Just use chrome?

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neonazis should be curb-stomped for existing

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AMD and Wait

why does these 2 words always come together

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This is what I get on my machine with Firefox 60.2

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because at best amd doesn't rush broken drivers
in the what, since the 5770 ro 280x I never had an issue with amd drivers outside of battlefield bitching at be to install new betas which I refused to do.

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I assume this 'mark tests a browser's GPU usage capability?

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>incompetent sjw firefuck devs
>blame it on amd

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>mozilla develops a program
>suddenly the program doesnt work on a gpu
>developers dont know why
>decide to blame the third party company despite the company being totally unaware of
>thinks this is somehow amd fault that the devs dont do their job

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Enjoy your crashes and lack of proper Wayland support.

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Amd fangays damage controll squad already arrived

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