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Here we rate C++ IDEs.

God tier:

Good tier:

Mid tier:

Shit tier:
Visual Studio

WTF are you doing tier:

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What is wrong with Visual Studio? It is a solid IDE albeit lacking a few features but it is free (as in beer). With VisualAssistX it is easily god tier.

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t. someone who's never done any actual programming

The actual list:

God tier: Visual Studio
Shit tier: everything else

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vs is a config nightmare. no cmake. only gui crud developers use it.

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Thing about config is, you set it once and you forget about it.

Obviously you're the type of programmer who keeps making projects instead of code.

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What is wrong with CLion?

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Emacs is god tier.
Irony, company, rtags and projectile make editing even huge C++ projects cozy as fuck.
source: Employed C++ programmer.
On another note, lots of my coworkers use c-lion and it's actually not horrible for a fully blown IDE.

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>he doesn't use Vim together with GCC tools

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clion is pretty good

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Not OP, I recently wanted to get into C++ development a bit and tried CLion.

There's just one build system available, which is CMake, and it's a pain in the ass to import any libraries. I couldn't get uWebsockets to work, tons of weird import errors.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but at least for someone getting into C++ it doesn't seem the tool of choice.

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slow, no dogfooding (written not in C++)

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I agree with some points but I wouldn't go that far. It's non-free, bloated as all hell, extremely large for no reason and buggy as hell on less than desirable hardware. Between Shit-to-Mid tier but closer to Mid

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VS itself is great but VS projects can't ve used cross platform and cross platform projects are pain to use with VS

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God tier:

Good tier:

Mid tier:
QtCreator, Visual Studio

Shit tier:
Emacs, VSCode, KDevelop

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This meme of using editors as IDEs has to stop. It's the *nix equivalent of using Excel as a database.
I use elvis to *edit text* and whatever IDE I need to develop software.

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>no Code::Blocks

fucking amateurs

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God tier:
Anything Jetbrains
Okay tier:
VSCode, QtCreator, Kdevelop
It's the only thing that's installed by default so I have to use it, but hey, it has some neat, yet obscure features tier:
Kill me tier:

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you're holding your post upside down

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Emacs isn't an editor though. it's a lisp machine that has the ability to edit text.

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sorry let me fix at for you

>God tier:
>Good tier:
>Mid tier:
>Fucking amateur tier:
>Shit tier:
>Visual Studio
>WTF are you doing tier:

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What about Dev-C++?

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Ok. Let's just ignore extendible text editors for a moment.

God tier:
None, because at the point you can develop a serious IDE someone in the team will fuck up. Unfortunately that is true for anything beyond notepad.exe and they didn't even manage that

Good tier:

OK tier:
KDevelop (if you like cmake)
probably CLion

One redeeming feature tier:
VS (Debugger), it's hilarious how much worse their C++ support is compared to C#
XCode (have a project setting for screensavers)
CodeLite (it's small, I guess)

Shit tier:
Eclipse C++ (correct me if I'm wrong here, I can only tell from other Eclipse editions)
CodeBlocks (I can't think of anything good to say about it)

Far too expensive for me to know tier:
Embarcadero C++ Builder

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>Emacs is god tier.
No, it's shit-tier defaults tier. fuck GNU for their defaults and conventions

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>taking programming 1 class
>professor says to use CLion
I-i like it

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>C++ Builder
It's form editor is a bit like VB6, the class design is actually delphi, and it doesn't have intellisense.
But on the plus side it can automatically generate ActiveX shims.
t. used the student edition

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VS has a good debugger, but the rest is trash

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What tier is Geany?

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Visual Studio isn't that bad honestly. Especially the debugger. I wish it had better refactoring for C++ by default though.

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nothing. It's used by professionals.Ignore these autists.

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Should I use qtcreator or vs with qt?

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>With VisualAssistX it is easily god tier.
Well, that's the point, isn't it?
What good is an IDE that doesn't understand its language itself.

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I see. So, one redeeming feature tier?

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Nobody cares about desktop software being cross platform. All "cross platform" applications are now web based, even desktop ones run a Chrome browser to render the application.

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Fuckin this

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The best for begginers in windows. Can compile, execute and even debug single file cpp programs, something so simple yet most IDE miss.

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>wx based IDEs
Nothing good, i fear.

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that's because intellij was the original one and they simply ported it to other languages
dogfooding has nothing to do with that, considering intellij was written in java

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it understand it just fine, you don't need VAX it just adds more features is all.

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>it understand it just fine

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Elder God tier:

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God tier:
emacs/vim/nvim/kakoune/*insert your favorite vim fork/modal editor*
Shit tier:
everything else

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Elder god tier:
Dev C++

Rest of the list is irrelevant

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>laughing muslim girl
boy do i have news for you

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>There's just one build system available, which is CMake, and it's a pain in the ass to import any libraries.

Visual Studio also operates through CMake. Just a FYI.

CLion's problem really lies with the fact it's a Java IDE first and foremost. It gets the job done pretty well all in all, but it's not a gift from God for C++ developers like it is for Java developers.

Visual Studio, on the other hand, lives off of C++ support. Essentially, they want people to use C#, F# and all the other nonsense they made for .NET, but to get there, they need to have a solid IDE for a good language and that is C++ in their case (and C#, after years of unfucking it).

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> not recognising those kosher milkers

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Call me autistic but I like Netbeans or at least qt creator. I already use Netbeans for Java and PHP.
>inb4 pajeet

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It's intellishit

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There's no point in wasting your time, these people don't know anything at all and are just whining (and will continue to) because Microsoft. They are larpers, that's it.

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>Microsoft Word™ 2003

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I live netbeans too

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God Tier:

Good tier:
Vim, emacs, visual studio code

Mid tier:

Shit tier:
code blocks

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Segger Embedded Studio is really nice, pretty lightweight, reasonable features and good ui.
Wish they made a win32/linux desktop target.

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> God Tier:
> Kate

My nigga, best notepad++ equivalent for linux

Now, if only there was something akin to paint.net, I would never launch windows again

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>No magic wand selection tool
>No layers
>Can't set paint bucket sensitivity
>Can't set brush/pen size
Plenty of very basic features are missing
At least you can resize the selected area, unlike Pinta

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So fork it and add them, or if you're too lazy open an issue here: https://github.com/KDE/kolourpaint
>the power of FOSS

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Actually my bad, they have the feature requests here instead. Still only took me 5 seconds to figure out tho

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>Well do it yourself then !
How about no
If it was trivial to do this, I would not look for an image editor
>Make a request then
This thing exists since 2004, and you still must choose from some preselected sizes for the brush tool. I seriously doubt a request would change anything

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You're lazy as fuck. It would take you 2 minutes to write up a request. Jeez dude stop being so fucking pathetic.

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but for uWS with cmake its just -luWS and maybe some additional crypto/thread link flags. It's not no different than any other way of doing it.

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VS2017 supports CMAKE natively. Go out and discover the new tools and stop shitting on old problems from your cave.

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yeah, but i tried to use it and it didn't work, because i have a diacritics and space in my user name folder, so it always crashed with some cannot find path error.

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>it shit because it looks old
that's what one of my mates said

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Defaults that you can change.
Vim has fucked defaults as well, vs has trash defaults if you want to compile anything cross platform ever.
There's a reason shit like doom, spacemacs and prelude exist. To provide a functional base to build on with sane defaults.
If you want a "Just Werks" editor go back to VS or Sublime.

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If you only used software that worked out of the box you'd be using a bloated piece of trash. It boils down to this - if you can't be bothered to fix it, then maybe technology isn't for you.

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so im supposed to be fixing bugs in the windows cmake version? Because anything else is not fixing, but avoiding the problem

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>I have some insufferably-autistic environment concerns
>I want to develop using a build tool that requires pristine environment to function correctly

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No I don't use VS or Windows, but the point remains, except for Windows. Windows is trash.

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Have you ever considered moving your fucking build path out of your user profile path? No professional developer keeps their local repositories in their fucking user profile. Put that shit on c:\code or similar.

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its not the repo. VS has files in the user directory

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Hahahahahahaha. I thought windows and VS is the just werks combo. You have to change everything you do to make sure that shit doesn't crash. Fucking idiot

>> No.66364016

Well, then I agree. It worked in linux no problem.

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Nothing required to build your solution. Stop making shit up.

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You sound like you should not be allowed near a goddamn computer, much less any development tools whatsoever.

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Stop sucking off MS and VS. If it crashes because of a space in the username, then it's garbage. Kill yourself faggot

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I think it generates some cache there at cmakefile change

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Garbage in, garbage out. If you use special characters or names longer than 8 characters, don't be surprised when you run into trouble.

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Any cache should be in the repo-local .vs hidden folder.

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Nice coping

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That she's married? Yeah I saw that ring on her finger

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Look man, some of us can actually get shit done with these tools. If you are having specific issues, maybe post what your issue is and we can have a rational discussion regarding a good way to resolve it. If you expect this shit to immediately work outside of the box, you need to adjust your expectations, especially if you wish to become a professional developer. Nothing worth doing is going to be easy, or some pajeet would have already done it for basically free.

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> giveth us our daily "ms vs is not responding"

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> clion is a java ide first and foremost
a) you confuse it with eclipse
b) you dont know what you are talking about

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> Code::Blocks
more like Shit::Bricks

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Because it's so fast and easy to use. Gotcha.

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>muh opinion is important

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>god tier
Also, no to emacs.
t. emacs user

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>Defaults that you can change.
my problem is that the defaults are retarded, which implies the people developing my editor are retards
>sane defaults

>> No.66364536

more like
>crashes on simple things like trying to reload a file changed outside the editor

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I bought into the CLion jew and couldnt handle the shittiness. I had to go back to VS2017/VSCode.

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C++ IDEs in general are a massive timesink and they never quite work right. QtCreator seems to be the only one which can generally correctly index things without running out of memory and crashing on simple projects, and has decent CMake integration, but it doesn't support CUDA at all and it has pretty rubbish vim-style editing support.

Eclipse CDT definitely has the best vim-style editing support, compared to QtCreator and KDevelop at least, but it's pretty awful at not crashing and running out of memory trying to index small projects, and it also doesn't properly support C++14 and newer. Overall it's the only one which seems just about usable, and it also somewhat works with CUDA with NVIDIA's NSight plugin.

Ultimately it's all a waste of time though and you're better off just sticking to plain old vim, and don't even bother with awful broken plugins like YouCompleteMe. That's even more of a timesink and just slows down vim and pops up annoying messages all the time because the person who made it is dumb and thinks that every C / C++ file is part of a project which you should have configured with compiler flags / compile_commands.json, etc.

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>have to install 60 GB to program in C++

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the closest I’ve found to Paint.NET is Pinta, but it is clearly not as good

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Based poster. The only thing I want is for elisp -> guile transition to happen sooner. It will be rough at first but it's the logical step for the 21st century's emacs.

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>spacemacs defaults aren't a subset of sane
brainlet posers thinking they know what they are talking about are posting again. It's still a set of defaults that need some tweaking for personalization, but to say that spacemacs isn't sane says a lot about you and the type of sanity you think you have.

t. Not even a spacemacs user atm; roll my own config inspired by their use of evil

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>visual studio shills
fucking hate this board

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>insufferable cunts

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what about Visual Studio Code (the 44mb software)

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> God tier:
Vi, Vim, Emacs
> Okay tier:
VSCode, nano, sublime
> Newbie or UX designer tier:
QtCreator Kdevelop
> 1Tb ram, 80Ghz CPU, 30x1080Ti, and still laggy tier:
Anything Jetbrains
> Kill me tier:

At least we agreed on one thing.

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More like 3 or 4

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I'm actually mesmerized by those breasts.

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>no one mentions Source Insight in good tier
Looks like /g/ really is full of faggos

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>If you only used software that worked out of the box you'd be using a bloated piece of trash.
what is this garbage post

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