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wow.... apple officially wins....


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she really likes corporations

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None of this was scripted at all

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Her back should be really fucked.
Also her music is horrible.

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Why can't she just go back to normal and be a qt

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>a teenage girl behind a mac
Color me non shocked.

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>teenage girl

grimes is 30 years old

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Why does she dress/look like a teenager?
Thats weird.

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>that back arch, ouch!

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Are you fucking autistic or something?

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yeah, I forgot she's in the music industry so that explains the youthful look. Bunch of pederasts out there.

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So fucking cringe

oh god

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>muh artsy garbage
macOS is unusable for any actual productivity

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and yet every tiem you see one of these dev or hacker talks on yt they're standing behind a mac

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What's the problem with someone expressing themselves the way they want to when they're free to do so?

Her job doesn't require her to dress in business attire, so she's taking advantage of that freedom.

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>Most people prefer older crustier looking women.

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just to look more trendy

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i am suddenly starting to dislike grimes

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This also adds to her immature look.

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I don't know what to think. I've always regarded them with derision, but, who knows, maybe we're the baddies?

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>that shot of her picking up a pile of dongles

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Against who? Win-durrs?
Let's see an Apple computer compete with a Linux computer. Guarantee the Linux computer will win every time.

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Window management is fucking atrocious.

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>Apple runs it slowly
>GNU/LInux ....it won't install.

Apple wins.

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apple has god-tier marketeers on their team

why are they shilling the MacBook so hard, whats wrong with the iMac?

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>GNU/Linux ....it won't install.
"I'm too retarded to install GNU/Linux" != "GNU/Linux won't install"

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Windows is way superior on desktop.

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so for all the millions of macs that are sold, some are actually used by talented people.

i guess statistically it is bound to happen.

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>I don't know the difference between an OS and software applications
Either that or you're grasping at straws.

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I was going grocery shopping earlier and on the way into the store I saw a couple who seemed to be in their early thirties clearly dressed in emo/punk style. It was interesting to see, but I wasn't in any position to judge. Life doesn't have a dress code.

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>we were talking about software applications, as opposed to OSes, at any point in this conversation
Either YOU'RE grasping at straws, or I'm very confused.

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Tss, everyone so mad here.
You can smell the fat and anger.

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Fuck you, it's not my fault I'm fat, my dad raped me in the ass and I became bulimic.

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>I only use the OS because I'm smelly NEET that likes to distro hop.
Just like every other GNU/Linux user.
If you actually use a computer as a tool you rarely touch the OS directly, you interface with the applications instead.

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Yeah, I do interface with the applications instead, what of it?
Fact of the matter is, you seem to be suggesting we were talking about a specific application here (which I now assume is what you meant by "it" in "GNU/Linux... 'it' won't install").
When, in fact, we were not talking about any such application. Was the stipulation "wow, Apple officially wins IN REGARD TO RUNNING SOME SPECIFIC APPLICATION WHICH I WILL NOW PROCEED TO NAME?" No, the stipulation was simply "wow, Apple officially wins."

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That's a nonsequitur.

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The applications is any Professional software used today.

There are none for Linux.
If you want pro Unix you use macOs, if you're a fat, NEET neckbeard you use GNU/Linux.

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Many studios are using either ancient Macs or Windows 7, I have to agree. If you believe she is talented, you definitely need to listen to more music.

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>The applications is any Professional software used today.
>There are none for Linux.
GIMP and LibreOffice are professional software.
Oh but that's right, you don't mean professional software, you mean Adobe software. Which is really only "better" or "more" professional because it's Adobe and for no other reason.
Also: GCC, Clang, and Java are all professional software as well. To name a few out of many.

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>first 10 seconds of the video is her struggling with dongles

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I agree.

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>GIMP is better than Adobe

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Well I mean it is.
Slight correction: GIMP and Inkscape together are better than Adobe.

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don't provoke the fat smelly teenager.

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missing a sticker there, you fucking retard.

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>buy cheap macbook
>multi millionaire now
>dating billionaire

these computers are paying for themselves

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Isn't macOS an excellent operating system for music production? It would only make sense for her to use it professionally.

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>she claim "i dont be professional for make music"
>editing music in macbook, because that devices not have decent DACs or professional audio cards
>Yoko Ono cosplayer

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Also, much more importantly (since software development is a much more important and respectable job than graphic design), Vim, Emacs, and Geany are all superior to XCode.

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Many studios are opting for Windows 7 and for a reason. As this thread isn't about audio production, it would be fairly easy to find out why.

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Good thing Apple created clang.
Also, any Unix can run vim and emacs.

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>software development is a much more important and respectable job than graphic design),
before this post, i pitied you.
now, i hate you.
this is war. i'm going to find out where you live and slit your throat.

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>wow.... apple officially wins....
Huawei won as well, because they paid supermodels and celebrities to say nice things about them.

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Un-ironically this. I get more out of emacs than VSChode, Sublame or even Wordcucks.

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iToddlers can't grasp the simple concept of marketing or shilling.

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Maya works on gnu/linux lol

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>I get more out of emacs
Because it's not Unix it's a lisp machine.

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>Also, any Unix can run vim and emacs.
Maybe so, but not just any Unix (specifically not Apple) can easily extend these things with packages adhering to a standard toolchain that other people in the software development community primarily cater to. Furthermore, with Linux, you get all the benefits of a Unix based system without being stuck with shit hardware and proprietary restrictions.

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>Maybe so, but not just any Unix (specifically not Apple) can easily extend these things with packages adhering to a standard toolchain that other people in the software development community primarily cater to.

You've gone full retard.

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it doesn't if you're not a mentally stunted adult lmao

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>has no argument
>"y--yeah well y--you're retarded"

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Too white.
Apple must be nazi company

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I just have no idea what that word salad means.
Are you implying the bash shell, makefiles...the myriad of POSIX toolsets are not on a POSIX and SUS certified UNIX?
if you are then yes, i confirm you are in fact retarded.

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I hate all of her dogshit and I hope you do too.

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i only heard about her name a couple of times but i have no fucking clue what her music is like. it's probably shit
of course it's fucking shit. fucking scathead company

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This. They better check their privilege.

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Exactly. Why does she want to dress like a child?

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>why are they shilling the MacBook so hard, whats wrong with the iMac?

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>mactoddler makes shill thread
>gets utterly btfo

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more artistic that way

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Does she try to become a goddess, or does she just happen to be one?

Only them /x/philes can figure this one out, /g/ents.

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I'd dress like that too if I could get away with it like she can. In fact, you know what...

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>doesn't want to ask for permission and is all about freedom
>uses non-free software

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im literally shaking Daniel Johnston would never sell his soul to Apple (tm)!!!

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>it's super important for me to work on the floor.
>not being in a professional studio
>just being able to move my thing around
>anyone can do this
>you have the tools

>disabled comments
>Learn more about making music on Mac at https://apple.co/2JCd4eH
>it's a fucking imac pro. you can't use it on the god damn floor with your god damn thing

Apple is crap because they're a marketing/advertising company and not an innovation company. Morons and the unenlightened think it's an innovation company, but that's only because of their good marketing/advertising.

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>Power to the pro.

>> No.66358489

Elon Musk gets that ass.

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>fat /g/ neckbeards can't distinguish what makes a good ad good

yeah guys all it takes are lord of the rings graphics and some model walking around aimlessly with a voiceover ... you totally got us!!!
itoddlers!!! am i right!!

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Millenialls are trapped in perpetual childhood, though much of it isn't entirely their fault, many can't afford to take the final step in adult maturity and purchase their own property or the costs associated with children.

Just compare those who rent to those who own a home, those who rent are just that bit more immature.

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What are you even talking about? No one is arguing about competence of their marketing managers. This thread is about the effectiveness of the ads. Anyone with a touch of critical thinking isn't their target audience, therefore it can be argued that marketing campaigns were successful.

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>You can do way weirder things if you're alone in a room and you're not worried about people judging you
Coming from a person who makes synth pop. I'll definitely go buy the latest Mac now and make an avant-garde masterpiece by sitting on the floor with it.

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How does using a professional studio, or even just a fucking desk and chair, translate to judgement from others? And why does she care so much about being judged when she's such a strong independent womyn?

>> No.66358956

Wow, way to prove a fucking point and have my argument go way over your head.
Dubs pretty much nailed it

>> No.66358981

Ehm, sweaty that's not a strong independent trans black womyn. Where's all the courage?

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they have nosferatu?

>> No.66359030

>take a step bro
>get cucked by divorce bro
>fucking millenials i swear
t. boomer

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Who's this girl again?

>> No.66359070

This is true. I'm 32 now and I still wear carpenter pants, skate shoes and hoodies everyday. At 32 I'm like a more reinforced and improved version of myself at 22 that isn't a virgin.

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Im a security guard and all of our systems are Linux VMs
Cameras work fine, everyone can connect to the network and see security feed on site. The offices run off the same systems.

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But the question is, can shooting a commercial kill a macbook?

>> No.66359279

>I saw a couple who seemed to be in their early thirties clearly dressed in emo/punk style
Friendly reminder that they were the target demographics for the early emoscene in the early- to mid 2000s.

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Talking on in-breath to sound edgy, jesus fucking christ

>> No.66359480

It would be extremely painful.

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You're a big boy.

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Love the part where she is struggling with a hundred adapters connected to her single port computer

>> No.66359590

God that keyboard is depressing, like tapping your fingers on a slab of concrete, what the fuck were they thinking.

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Wtf? I hate Grimes now!

>> No.66359975

>comments disabled
Jee, I wonder why...

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truly wasted quads

>> No.66360104

Wins what?
Artists have liked apple machines for some time, this isn't new.

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>chair and desk in the background
>uses a blanket on the floor instead

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Good lord what horrible posture.

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That was some grade A cringe shit right there

>> No.66361866

Wow, she's really ugly

>> No.66361869

>video starts
>massive mess of dongles on floor
>one sec folks just gotta set up mah just werks dongles

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They create jobs and drive tech progress forward, anon. Learn some economics 101.

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Not all companies. Especially not the one manufacturing the laptop she's using.

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>some disgusting degenerate reading a script in exchange for money
>a bunch of usb cables, adapters and usb hubs on the floor just to connect charger and a couple of pen drives
jesus fucking christ, truly not damaging for the brand, not at all

>> No.66361922

She looks very uncomfortable. She puts on that entire getup just so she can rock autistically on the floor by herself? What's wrong with just jeans and a tshirt?

>> No.66361933

Wrong. They wouldn't be making a profit if they weren't, stupid. You lack the most basic common sense.

>> No.66361948

Wow, she's a walking cliche. This whole thing feels artificial as fuck. The premise, the setting, even her actions.

Just do normal advertisements for fucks sake stop trying to be edgy

>> No.66361961

they did a whole set of these. here's a normal one, here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPv9jFWhzGE&list=PLHFlHpPjgk72DwgjW0TB3QOSeAjLmPaRM

>> No.66361972

>if it sold a lot and made the company a lot of money it must be the greatest product ever conceived
This would be funny if it wasn't an actual mindset.

>> No.66362019

what is target audience?

>> No.66362336

nah, we're the fucking tech nazis; we're right but the world is fucked beyond repair

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daughter of some goldman sachs dude, i lost the image

>> No.66362767

she's talking about her fetishes

>> No.66362792

As good as windows

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>> No.66363708

there's nothing edgy about good hygiene

>> No.66363723

(well, the one I want is, anyway )

>> No.66363739

> Life doesn't have a dress code.

If you're selling high dollar shit or handling food is sure the hell does

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She's using a Macbook Pro you dumb nigger

>> No.66363817

>get a millionaire dating a billionaire to shill your product

I'm sure Apple's really worried about Grimes damaging their brand

>> No.66363835

teenage girls deciding which art college to piss Daddy's money away on

>> No.66363871

>throttles your path

>> No.66363931

shes a meme because autists keep spamming her or something. I have the image of her and her dad walking around in an art gallery except someone photoshopped all of the exhibitions to be porn starring her, but I didn't name it so it's lost in the depths of my folder

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but that's wrong, anon. As much as I like to shitpost about apple, they do provide a great deal of jobs. You have the millions hired around the world to run the shops, tens of thousands in offices and many more scattered around the heirarchy. Apple is one of the large factors as to why there are a whole bunch of companies trying to sell you products. All of these companies competing against each other help drive progress in smartphone technology (not all good, but what can we do?) Apple's an absolute economic powerhouse.

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i found it lol

>> No.66364082

blue board :/

>> No.66364098 [DELETED] 

https://i.warosu.org/data/biz/img/0088/00/1523151050646.jpg then

>> No.66364099

What exactly can you do on a mac that you can't do on a windows or linux machine? I may get a cheap one just to tinker, but not if there is no real purpose.

>> No.66364142

>dressing like you're in an anime at any age
I saw a kid at the library wearing a cape and leotard once. Is this autism or am I autistic for not allowing his fantasy world interfere with my reality?

>> No.66364160

Easily attract numale homosexuals.

>> No.66364183

I know for a fact that there are dev teams that won't even let you in the door without a mac

>> No.66364190

No one cares about fart app makers.

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Sorry, but a notebook don't her or anyone a good musician. Lo-fi nonsense and garbage live performance all she have.

>> No.66364233

*make her

>> No.66364244

>they do provide a great deal of jobs
No one is arguing about this.
>Apple's an absolute economic powerhouse
Again, no one is denying this. Take a look:

>> No.66364274

Here's something else for you:
The company in question is hardly dominated by saints.

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>someone makes valid criticism of applel
>"b-b-b-but look how much MONEY they make!!! look how much PROFIT they make off me!!! look how hard i can take it up my ass paying premium prices for foxconn trash!!!!1111"
Every time.

>> No.66364413

Literally who

>> No.66364423

Has there ever been another artist that sold out as fast as grimes? LOL

>> No.66364428

She has less than a handful of good songs and she's nasty as fuck. I'll still never get why autists on /mu/ are obsessed with her

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fuck off ancap

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no u

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no u

>> No.66364530

El goblino

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no u

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no u

>> No.66364689

Yes she is. Applel linked an iMac. That's what I was pointing out.
I might be dumb but at least I'm not retarded ayy?

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no u

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no u

>> No.66364726

Didn’t Jessica Alba sell out to Microsoft a while back? I’m sure she did it only for the money. Grimes however has a real passion.

>> No.66364727
File: 75 KB, 493x957, papa_johns_is_ancap__by_majorasaiyan-dax39c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no u

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no u

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no u

>> No.66364748

such is a neoliberal feminist icon

>> No.66364755

the more important question is, What is a computer?

>> No.66364788

I don't get why do people do this, I know someone irl who does this and it blows my mind
slouching on the ground is so uncomfy

>> No.66364832

whore bitch

>> No.66364839

says the fag on 4chan

>> No.66364868

>making music

yeah shes listening to spotify while on facebook sitting on the floor because she cant afford furniture because she spent all her money on a mac

>> No.66364876

She likes to work on the floor because she can't afford a table and chair after spending all her money on the macbook
typical macfag r-right guys?

>> No.66364878

Jessica has only ever done things for money.
Grimes was on a real ideological kick a while back

>> No.66364908

Keep going

>> No.66364960

cute goblina face

>> No.66364983

sadly this, keep the men/women as children and they are easy to manipulate. Millenials are ruined, we have to look at GenZ to make he world great again.

>> No.66364984
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>she reposted huawei promo stuff on twitter from an iphone
>tech nigger calls her out
>she blocks him

>> No.66364985

ok apple fags you won >>66364761

>> No.66365004


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File: 111 KB, 650x720, 1479222180963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could go to image limit with these, but it's not really technology, so I won't.

>> No.66365055

w2c those stickers

>> No.66365069

>why are they shilling the MacBook so hard, whats wrong with the iMac?

That's they're secret. They are not a technology company, but a marketing company. Whatever they stole from Xerox or microsoft, or motorollo, they just marketed it better.

If you want specs, the best linux hardware support, full freedom and flexibility, the last thing you'd get is a mac.

>> No.66365097

>disgusting person has some money, so they are alright
you will never procreate

>> No.66365108

>hipsters doing retarded things

>> No.66365705

>girls are icky

>> No.66365931

girls dont know shit about technology

unless that isnt a girl... but im attracted to it... so it has to be a girl!

im not gay. shut up.

>> No.66366110

I still remember the campaign against coca cola.

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>tfw Elon mind broke Grimes and turned her into a capitalist

>> No.66366302

I wonder how much she got paid for this I'm guessing 2-3million?

>> No.66366316

So her music would actually be listenable if it were made on a PC? Got it.

>> No.66366344

don't want to be harsh on grimes but her whole "I do 100% of things" thing I think is totally a lie.

it started after visions she started saying that but visions was mastered thru tape by her boyfriend she was braking up with that literally worked for sony music in japan and was considered one of the best DAW operators in the world. he got the rights to the funds from most of that album I think and then album4 (one after visions) he only got Canadian sales. now she is saying A4D is ripping her off and wants no label.

pretty sure she just said she did 100% of every thing to piss that guy off. she openly talks about the video clips for that ablum being directed by her friends and on album 1/2 she is extreamly open about her music being a collaboration with dudes because they are literally split albums.

don't want to be harsh on her but imo she gets alot of help and always has and the fight with her ex just made her say the I do every thing line and its become her brand.

>> No.66366377

/g/ is sure filled with dumbasses

>> No.66366457

>Why do you dress like that? That's strange

o k

>> No.66366484

>t. millennial

>> No.66367011
File: 32 KB, 497x164, 1529074307274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good job, Apple.

>> No.66367081

Reminder Grimes music is pedestrian. Reminder her use of recitative is amateurish at best. Reminder her harmonies are sung in allegro and thus not relevant.

Reminder she is attention whoring now by tweeting back and forth with a capitalist pig who survives on government contracts to increase her fame and distract from her "music".

Reminder Grimes is 30 and blown out

Reminder Grimes said in an interview she has herpes, she got herpes from dressing like a thot, tempting a rapist and complaining about the consequences (girl you know you gotta watch your health!) !!

Reminder grimes has had two abortions !!

Reminder musk is old enough to be her father and getting every scumbag she’s fucked in the last decade sloppy seconds!!

>> No.66367133

>>first 10 seconds of the video is her struggling with dongles
holy shit kek

>> No.66367213

when she says "you have the tools" what does she mean?

What editing software does a MacBook come with, what audio inputs?

>> No.66367236

She's kind of just... butt plain, really. She looks boring.

>> No.66367676

>audio inputs
well it's a laptop so fuck all
as for software stuff like logic

>> No.66368592
File: 27 KB, 600x418, 1519853915621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's they're secret.

>> No.66368609
File: 4 KB, 236x226, 1520075085660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reminder grimes has had two abortions !!


>> No.66368621

Clang and llvm are SJWshit
Not to mention the main developer made the abomination known as swiftlang

>> No.66368647
File: 22 KB, 545x250, rms-FSF-is a poltical cause.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All GNU is SJWshit.

>> No.66368858

Corporations are so punk

>> No.66368966

He was some schizophrenic fat dude that died and his music got really popular afterwards. This was his most popular song. https://youtu.be/Ma7lyfYzIw8

>> No.66369028

she talks like she's tweaked out on stimulants
fucking junky

>> No.66369047

>wow.... apple officially wins....
...the hearts of incels with bad taste that shitpost on /mu/

>> No.66369084

Pretty much this, anyone with half a brain will notice how ridiculously cumbersome it's to do music on that Mac
Guess that's why they linked the iMac in the description
It's an ad, under normal circumstances she looks more comfy, even on stage

>> No.66369096

This would had been much better with the iPad Pro, if it had any sort of decent software

>> No.66369097

JEJ at that pictograph

>> No.66369104


>> No.66369123

Probably more since she's dating Musk nowadays

>> No.66369139


>> No.66369167

quintessentially millenial post

>> No.66369304
File: 13 KB, 317x464, boomer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66369354

top kek m8 i work with audio in many studios and never saw a single windows machine. windows is literally for kids playing around fruit loops and if they get serious with music they'll def change for a mac soon or later

>> No.66369393

and hates pipelines

>> No.66369479
File: 565 KB, 1200x675, u82Rrsd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's the truth about grimes:
>Full name: Claire Elise Boucher
>Born: 17 March 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
>Origin: Québécois, Ukrainian, Russian and Italian descent
>Instruments: vocals, synthesizer, sampler, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, violin, ukulele, ehru

- singer
- songwriter
- producer
- sound engineer
- live performer
- visual artist
- music video director
- dancer
- model
- writer

>Main interests:
Music, visual arts, dancing, books, films, modeling, video games, internet, and others

>Music taste:

- Grimes does everything in her music, from singing and songwriting to artwork and production
- nice personality, beautiful look, cares about environment issues and saving animals
- took her name from grime music after discovering the existence of the genre on Myspace
- studied ballet for 11 years
- was a goth outcast in high school
- studed neuroscience, philosophy, and Russian literature and McGill University before being dropped out for missing classes
- started making music when she was around the age of 22 or 23
- big Lord of the Rings, Dune, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Abbess Hildegard von Bingen and Russian literature fan

>> No.66369544
File: 385 KB, 553x598, 15170047780260.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uggggghhhh... liiiikkeeee... :rollseyes: the science is literally settled. Macs are better. What's there to discuss?

>> No.66369737


>> No.66369770

>if they get serious with music they'll def change for a mac soon or later
Thorough and nuanced answer, can't argue with that.

>> No.66369771
File: 113 KB, 980x625, tumblr_o47rreXo1N1qbvkmso1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mediocre in everything at best.

>> No.66369778

This is one of many reasons anyone sane left /mu/.

>> No.66369865
File: 60 KB, 700x700, enough.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>vergüenza ajena
>shame or embarrassment felt as a result of the actions of others

>> No.66370073

Shut the fuck up Boomer. Get off of 4chan and hop into your PT cruiser so you can get a reverse mortgage on your mcmansion so you can buy that t-bird you can try to relive your youth.

>> No.66370127
File: 427 KB, 978x478, 1522401832617.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually gen z

>> No.66370396

Grimes is important

>> No.66370439
File: 384 KB, 1280x1774, 1502404857217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66370491
File: 3 KB, 300x168, Feels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hearing Daniel Johnston to an apple commercial, why do they have to ruin everything?

>> No.66371049

i hope our grimey is sleeping well

>> No.66371067

> its super important for me to work on the floor a lot.
>Just be able to kind of move my thing around

The absolute state of society

>> No.66371310

i tried recording audio with a Focusrite device on a same machine with a hackintosh and a win7 and win7 had lower latency while processing guitar effects.

>> No.66371371

Never heard of this bitch.

>> No.66371665


>> No.66371705
File: 43 KB, 750x636, 1517395955123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I supposed to care about some random retard, who has no influence on my life, being behind a fucking throttling piece of shit computing oven?

>> No.66371732

you sound like low IQ

>> No.66371743

You are hearing an echo of your own condition probably m8, might want to check that out.

>> No.66371757

I want to be her so badly

>> No.66371761

still struggling to give a shit desu

>> No.66371764
File: 473 KB, 600x564, 1505068190388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Comments are disabled for this video.

>> No.66372937
File: 8 KB, 251x201, IMG-20180615-WA0013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a retarded degenerate lesbian kid """""""artist"""""" really likes Apple Facebook machines, especially when Apple pays xer 1M $ to publicly show it
Now THAT really made me think

>> No.66373142

i know, her style of music doesnt exactly scream "suit and tie"

>> No.66373209

>surprised that the nazi wannabes are spouting shit on a video who was published in 4chan.

>> No.66373432

Who is she ? Never heard of her before

>> No.66373600 [DELETED] 


>> No.66373667
File: 51 KB, 650x367, grimes333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's an experimental music producer and singer known for her very avant-garde style.




>> No.66373806

Fucking trash
Good musician never dress like a fucking retard

>> No.66373851

>avant garde
Literally, music done 50 years ago, but more consonant

>> No.66373874

>purchase their own property

Not everyone needs a single-family house.

>or the costs associated with children.

Not everyone needs to have children.

>> No.66373909

Karen is not this cute

>> No.66373923

sounds like shit
do people only like her because they want to stick it up her butthole?

>> No.66373927

this, their music and she isn't special anon.

>> No.66373985

>boo hoo they said a mean thing!
fuck you, macfag

>> No.66374076

>She's an experimental music producer and singer known for her very avant-garde style.
The very statements which drew people away from /mu/.

>> No.66374623

why would you work like this?? Use an imac

>> No.66374845


"Artists" who go by one name.

Pretentious old bag, isn't she?

>> No.66374920

convenient for Apple that they're the only company manufacturing laptops nowadays or else what she said wouldn't be unique to them at all.

>> No.66375145

And she looks like she is 18 at 30

>> No.66375240


As if Linux is useful for anything else running as a VM file server tasks.

>> No.66375244

her name is emilia chang. she is a meme because she is a hapa girl that had it all but it wasn't enough for her so she did facial abuse porn.

>> No.66375322

I don't know much about computers, should I trade my dell latitude e6400 for a mac? Help gais, I want to make art!

>> No.66375335

Here's your reply.

>> No.66375403

If you want a mac, get one of the models that came before the touchbar shit. At least those had actual ports.
typing this from my 2012 retina model. I'll be moving away from apple for my next purchase.

>> No.66375632
File: 10 KB, 480x360, 1510177985098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66375673
File: 296 KB, 640x640, 1522985631843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no u

>> No.66375680

>claims to be a musician
>only uses a piece of debris that can't do anything but open Facebook

>> No.66375756

Atleast it doesn't come preloaded with Facebook like your Android device.

>> No.66375883

Some girl in school after I shared a story about something asked me if I have mental problems. I angrily said no but then I remembered her brother was a fag. I smiled and thought I can be perceived as the biggest retard to anyone but at least I'm not a cocksucking faggot

>> No.66375930

>Open video
>Oh just a video of hippies and instrument music what's so bad ab-
>It begins
Holy fuck that is so bad did they only do one take and say oh it's a grindy robot voice it's perfect?
My fucking ears

>> No.66376341

>dont forget you guise, we need a representative for every racial branch of humanity!

>> No.66376762

talented or not she makes money

>> No.66376833
File: 51 KB, 531x550, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watches youtube for 'hackers', sickening, keep your mac anon

>> No.66376875

That's just the way Johnston sounds on tape bruh

>> No.66376947

>Also her music is horrible.

You are wrong.

>> No.66377032

Never heard of her till just now. I googled her and her music is pure shit.

>> No.66377078

Actually, yes. It unironicly includes nukes.

>> No.66377354

never heard of this individual

>> No.66377364

She totally doesn't use an actual professional studio when Apple isn't around.

>> No.66377407

>thinking you need a professional studio these days for music production

You're an idiot.
>t. voice actor

>> No.66377469
File: 151 KB, 700x701, OS_chooser_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.66377486
File: 73 KB, 543x549, 1437848553402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"she makes her art"
>screeching of a 4 yr old child

>> No.66377525
File: 97 KB, 1440x851, reminder, this board is retarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't get it. That's the way its meant to be used. You've got 4 TB3 ports which you can turn into anything you wish.

Connect your laptop to 4 4K monitors at once with no docks. You cannot, the MBP can. Connect it to a total of over 30 flash drives at full USB 3 bandwidth. You cannot, the MBP can. Throughput, fucker. Do you have it? No, you don't.

Do you see where this is going? This is what the future of the Pro machine is. When USB-C and daisy-chaining become more mainstream, people here after 5 years will finally understand how fucking dumb they are. Pic related. Everyone here's always wrong and always retarded.

>> No.66377556

Isn't that Elon Musk's cumrag?

>> No.66377577

>talented or not she makes money
Because that's all there is to music, obviously.

>> No.66377583

>implying you aren't swallowing a mouthful of MicroSoft cock if you use Windows

>> No.66377612

Based Grimes

/g/tard neckbeards always find a way to force their mental gymnastics on successful Apple users, it's really pathetic

Do /g/ NEET losers unironically believe they know more about the best tools for music production than a successful artist?

This thread seems to indicate so.

>> No.66377666

>everyone has the tools
>all music production software that isn’t shit costs thousands of dollars

>> No.66377991

he's right tho
this so much

>> No.66378043
File: 2.05 MB, 350x197, 1513805135524.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The more tools you have available, the more idiots it attracts. This is why soundcloud exists, because every retarded dipshit can whip up something in a synthesizer and call themselves an artist bonus points for having an artsy mysterious look like that dumb cunt in the video. But it's not as pathetic as the fact that people actually think that these kinds of people aren't simply monkeys pushing buttons, but some artists and shit.

>> No.66378079

just buy pro tools and logic you fucking mong for your basement armchair punk band you don't need anything more

>> No.66378722

>multi millionaire

wut? i wouldnt believe this for a second.

>> No.66378766

I want to stop listening to her music right now. Fuck.

>> No.66379411
File: 92 KB, 816x488, L_b5iNt8n-xDPaQMaZXLD7rX6fx98cdko-0TzHGjqdY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what went wrong?

>> No.66379452

>The more tools you have available, the more idiots it attracts.
So you run an OS that has no tools, right?
And you're the smart one?

>> No.66379733

>Québécois, Ukrainian, Russian and Italian descent
no wonder she looks like a mutt, she is one

>> No.66380003

wow, a shitbreathing hipster queen makes uninspired music and whores herself to apple, that's seriously surprise me dude

>> No.66380281



>> No.66382530


>> No.66382536

> it's so good, you just need 5000$ worth of dongles anon that you also have to replace each 2 weeks because they constantly break.

>> No.66382538


>good for music and drawing shit


>running the world

>> No.66382737

Lol, she literally works on the floor.

>> No.66383280

Holy shit that chick is fucking ugly

>> No.66383291


>> No.66383325

>running the world
sorry honey but mainframes and servers are using Linux. you and your friends from /v/ aren't running the world

>> No.66383396

>that's seriously surprise me dude


>> No.66383597

good b8

>> No.66383741

but she is anon..

>> No.66383923
File: 120 KB, 445x373, 1515509232500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course it has, but I'm not an idiot who thinks he's something he ain't, like that phoney ass artsy bitch.

>> No.66383944

She's right, everyone has the tools right in front of them and anyone can do it. So she's nothing special at all and you shouldn't value her opinion as she says.
Makes you wonder why all you /v/irgins are here shit posting if you have the tools to not be so stupid...

>> No.66383956

The best audio studios that exist have Linux versions... Same with video rendering

>> No.66383963
File: 586 KB, 1019x763, 2018-05-24-195821_1019x763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the right question.

>> No.66384113

really makes me think
still pleb

>> No.66384293

Come on, the one on the left is the power supply...
But is fucking ridiculous that a "pro" computer needs all of those dongles.

>> No.66384333

They have in all their videos, I think that's a marketing strategy because everyone will say stuff that they don't like in the comments.

>> No.66385682

Oh okay some irrelevant celebrity literally shilled by 5 people including themselves
Why is this on /g/ again?

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