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Linux is Free Software produced at a Free university in a Socialist country.

Without Free education, Linux wouldn't exist.

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Why not?

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Yeah, it's also dogshit.

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Yet Americucks are still too dumb to realize that free education is the way to go.
>muh big government
>muh statism
>muh socialism
Enjoy repaying you student debt for 10 years.

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>Enjoy repaying you student debt for 10 years.
>people who actually have jobs and contribute to society should pay for my degree in lesbian dance theory
wew lad

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Oh, now you're worried about the people who have jobs and contribute to society? Most of the time you only care about corporations and CEOs...

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I was born and raised in the US. I'm currently working on my PhD in physics, but as soon as I'm done I'm getting the fuck out.
I think most educated Americans recognize that the US sucks at pretty much everything other than being loud and shooting people.

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Finland is not a socialist country. Its a capitalist country with more intense state intervention.

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>>people who actually have jobs and contribute to society should pay for my degree in lesbian dance theory
Degrees like this are a very small portion of the degrees overall, it's a non-issue. Do you enjoy those funds being spent on Wall Street and your military more?

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Linux is nonfree software and includes proprietary blobs. OP is a faggot.

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Gender studies and other meme degrees are almost nonexistent outside the United States.

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The only country that comes to my mind that has meme degrees is the netherlands, they somehow seem to enjoy to follow the US in nearly everything

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>wall street
do you even know what wall street does, retard?
we spend less as a percentage of our GDP than our allies and yet they're all shit compared to us

the US doesn't have free education and yet it still controls 40% of the world's total wealth and it's still the only place where anything is ever invented. if free education is better than why are europeans so worthless when it comes to inventing or researching anything new? linux is just a shitty rip-off of an american invention, unix.

i wish europe would just get enriched to death already. it's such a waste of good land.

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You can't teach autism

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>PhD in physics
Have fun being trapped in America forever, unless you have EU ancestry or something.

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Those meme degrees are a pure product of private education, e.g. the only reason they have them is because the university can get away with charging a high price for it.

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Well, my fianceé has Norwegian ancestry (grandparents).
Why would a PhD in (experimental) physics make it hard to get into the EU?

I suppose I should have added that I have no desire to stay in physics and will probably move to the tech sector

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If you don't have years of experience in the field you're looking at, you're fucked.

If your field is oversaturated with desperate foreigners (hint: just about anything but IT and engineering these days), you're fucked.

In your case, if your fiancee doesn't have (or can't get) Norwegian citizenship herself, you're both fucked.

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dumb linus poster

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t. WinCuck

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nice strawman faggot

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t. WinSlave

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If he gets a PhD with good marks from a legit Uni I don't see why he couldn't work at CERN and live in based Switzerland

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my thoughts exactly sick clusters to cherry pick from

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>finland is socialist
fuck off retard
t. commie

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state intervention = socialism
my friend

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>Finland is socialist

Amerimutt education, ladies and genlemen

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Yeah, they bring over all the retarded shit that are called "Amerikaanse Toestanden". For some reason they blindly import every dumb thing going on.

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Because those educated people have a mind capable of seeing through a metric fuckton of indoctrination.

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If you seriously believe that then you need to go back to school
Wish that was true

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>If you seriously believe that then you need to go back to school
That's what they teach there, you retard. Sounds like you need to go back yourself.

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External immigration to Switzerland is basically 0. Only realistic way in is through other EU countries

But physics isn't in demand, not even with a Ph.D.

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It's not free. Muhammad's children have to pay for it. Also modern education doesn't produce programmers that are good enough to make something as good as Linux. Any American can learn to program as well as Linus for free.

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>Socialist country.
Fuck off you retarded american shitskinned mutt

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People would use then temple OS

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i think you are seriously wrong sir.
state intervention exists in every capitalist state, since there are 0 states in the world with libertatian economy.

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So many dumb burgers in this thread think Socialism is when the government does stuff. Everyone in this fucking thread needs to read book about Socialism before they start quoting Steven Crowder or David Pakman.

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>socialism is when the government does things; the more things out does, the socialister it is

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Glad we're on the same page.

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>in a Socialist country
Finland isn't Socialist, you don't know what that word means.

>Without Free education, Linux wouldn't exist.
Pure speculation.
Linux might also not exist if a Tiger had eaten young Linus when visiting the zoo, what conclusion do you draw from that? Ban all Tigers?

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>paying for ethnic studies
>paying for liberal arts
>paying for other bullshit
We've got generous STEM grants and scholarships galore. If you can't get one you're undeserving of the degree. Other degrees deserve no funding at all, they are a net drain on society.

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>US sucks at pretty much everything other than being loud and shooting people.
Racist piece of shit. African Americans commit the majority of violent crimes, including gun crimes and it's all because of your white privilege. Drop out now and let a qualified black Physicist have your job instead of being a bigot.

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>African Americans commit the majority of violent crimes

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>Muhammad's children have to pay for it

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By American standard Finland is Communist so Socialist is pretty fair.

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>By American standard
But not by any normal definition of the word.

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I dunno abut Pakman but Crowder always tells people that the scandinavian countries are not Socialist countries but instead Free market countries with a large social safety net.

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Linus once ate Mustamakkara
Without Mustamakkara, Linux Wouldn't exist!

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>state intervention exists in every capitalist state, since there are 0 states in the world with libertarian economy.
But that is the problem. Countries that claim to be capitalist are actually socialist.

Actual capitalism = no state intervention

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As a reference.

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>Any American can learn to program as well as Linus for free.
Of the tiny percentage with high-enough IQs, that is.

And of course they'll lack the theoretical underpinnings and end up creating a buggy/unstable piece of shit, but that's neither here nor there I suppose.

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Please try next time...

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To be fair, most Americans have little or no exposure to other countries, so the most they know about socialism comes from Canada - which is a basket case.

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>Without Mustamakkara, Linux Wouldn't exist!

Blood sausage for the proletariat!

Class war now!

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>thinking that "free" is the same as government-funded

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Finland is Socialist because they we strong unions and taxes benefit everyone in society and the rich don't get special breaks like in USA.

Finland also has the best educated Black population of any country on earth because there's no racial discrimination in schools you can go to and areas where you live like in USA.

In Finland private schools are banned. You can't make profit off education. Everyone is forced to attend government run schools and the schools are always free.

You get free education after high school as well if you wan to do vocational training like become a car mechanic or chef or if you want to go to university to become a doctor.

You are given free housing while studying.

If you are unemployed you are given free money to live from and a free apartment and free education to get you a new job.

If you are sick you pay almost nothing to go to a doctor or hospital or get any tests done. Maximum is €30 and per year the maximum you can be charged for being in hospital is €700.

Nobody needs to buy any health insurance. Your taxes are your health insurance.

You get taxed according to your income and nobody gets taxed for the first €15000 a year they make.

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Linux is a clone of 'merican ideas.
Old ass ideas that were obsolete at the time Linux was created (monolithic kernels were 30 years old at that time)
Fuck of gommie!

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Stop talking shit.

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Okay but nobody cares that Americans don't understand words.

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This. Linux was the "cool clock, ahmed" of the 90's.

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finnish workers don't own the means of production, and, by definition, finland isn't socialist.

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>world is now socialist
>society still divided by classes
Why must everyone be that stupid

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For fuck's sake. I hope you don't vote, but something tells me you do. No wonder America's such a shithole.

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>Linux Torvalds
>ethnic Swede
Literally an example for Germanic superiority

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Why, because he actually knows what he's talking about? Why the disdain for actual knowledge?

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>implying flipping vaginal studies is a thing outside the US.

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We have a lot of merit-based scholarships here. You earn your free schooling here, and those who are too stupid or get bad grades either don't go to university or have to pay for it themselves. Unlike you, we don't waste as much money, at least not in this regard.

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>get free education payed by working class taxes
>later pay taxes from your educated job so people get free education
Everything balances out, I love my country, free uni spots get taken away from idiots too

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>Facts belong on /pol/!

Kill yourself stupid subhuman nigger

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By those absolutists definitions, the US isn't capitalist, because it has a socialized police force. Everyone with a cursory knowledge of political theory knows that VERY few nations conform exactly to the socialist/capitalist definitions. North Korea might be the only socialist nation on earth, if you interpret it literally. In common speech we mean socialism/capitalism to describe the general sentiment of the country. You can argue about where the line lays, but at some point, a country becomes socialist enough to be considered a socialist country. Finland is over that line. If they aren't, then no country -- barring outright communist ones -- has ever been socialist. This was clearly that retard's point, but it's nothing but a smear to paint self-identifying socialists as being commies. He wants to continually push the socialism bar closer to communism until there’re no socialists left; only communists, and capitalists. It’s an attempt to delete a political affiliation from existence, rather than argue against it, because there are no functional arguments against democratic socialism.

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>free uni spots get taken away from idiots too
That'll never work here. The elite expert their idiotic children to get a nice sounding degree even if the child is too lazy to cram for exams.

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>that pic
big if true

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socialism is when the workers own the means of production, not when the government does stuff. even google knows that

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We are not socialist

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Yanks, everyone

>> No.66343516

we care about everyone. most of the time it's defending CEOs because they make the biggest splashes in the water so to speak, so people naturally speak about them more, but they have rights just as much as your burger flipping ass.

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b-b-but Bernie said...

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We are not socialist. Private schools aren't banned. Black population comment is really weird because there's so few of them, I think your US-centrism is showing. You don't get free housing as a student.

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Yanks are fucking morons about socialism. The people who moan about it and the people who say they love it both have a twisted and completely erroreous idea of what socialism is. And Finland isn't nor has ever been socialist, though for a short time during the civil war (1918) the radical communists and socialists attempted to set up a socialist state in parts or Finland they controlled, but they were defeated. Finland has been heavily influenced by the social democratic party and ideas, but we were never socialist. It's like "democracy" and "liberalism", Americans use those really weirdly. "Democracy" to them seems to mean direct democracy, which is wrong, and they might say stuff like "the US is not a democracy but a republic", which is also wrong. And weird because the two are not in any kind of conflict. And "liberalism" is basically anything "left-wing" and some extra stuff, or left-wing by American standars at least.

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Switzerland isn't in the EU

>> No.66343705

Not ethnic Swedes, Finnish-Swedes which is a Swedish speaking minority in Finland but they aren't Swedish in any sensible way.

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Bernie is a socialdemocrat and was only inspired by socialdemocracies.
Under a socialist state, he would be labelled a 'dirty reformist' or some shit like that and imprisoned/shot.

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You could also have some standards on who you let in. Money probably isn't the best qualifier for who should get higher education.

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Finland isn't socialist by any sensible definition of the word you fuckin mong. Fucking Yanks, Jesus Christ

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Finland has the strongest unions in the world. Workers own the means of production.

Workers fought for well paying salaries, unemployment benefits and high taxes to benefit the entire society.

>> No.66344861

business owners still exist. having benefits != owning the means of production
dirty social democrap

>> No.66344912


Protip: Finnish government and Unions own large percentages of all companies in Finland

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Who else /getting paid for studying/ here?

>> No.66345365

you're fiancee is also being fucked by tyrone and jamal as you shitpost on /g/ you redditor faggot

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But it is easier to immigrate to Switzerland from countries who joined the EU before 1991.

>> No.66345801

Don't listen to this faggots. If you try hard enough, you will get a job in Europe. These guys have no idea, possibly a limited education, but most of all, they are bitter about making bad choices in their life. Good luck with everything anon.

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Sure, I just mentioned it because the comment talked about Switzerland and "other EU countries", which can be very misleading.

>> No.66346852

In Finland workers don't own the means of production. You can have strong unions outside of socialism.

>> No.66346872

Me, getting paid to study and I get to live in a cheap apartment. Though I'd be better off being officially unemployed and getting those benefits instead of getting student benefits.

>> No.66346911

>Linux is Free Software produced at a Free university in a Socialist country.
>Without Free education, Linux wouldn't exist.

Listen goys! This free bootleg stapled together OS wouldnt exist without commies! Just ignore the companies in the US that developed Unix! Just IGNORE THAT.

>> No.66346916

Nice bait

>> No.66346919

Define blob

>> No.66346951

Kur studijuoji?

>> No.66347033

Get good grades, get free education. If you fuck up in highschool go to community college and get good grades then free education. Why pay for stupifld fucks who won't be useful with a degree?

One issue we do have is that our colleges are filled with asians. Why are we educating so many people outside our workforce at public universities? Surely we should accept some but they are a majority at many colleges.

>US is terrible at everything
>actually believing this
Goodbye anon :) Have fun in your smug, anti-american, pinky out hate circles you naive cunt.

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>> No.66347071

Or commit the crime of being born into a family living in a shit area and be at huge disadvantage compared to others. And paying for stupid fucks, what, in here we have tests to select people for universities, maybe money shouldn't be your only qualifier.

>> No.66347094

That's funny. All the phd grads in Austfailure fuck off to the United States at the nearest opportunity

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>Just a worse clone of BSD, which is a worse clone of Unix, which is a worse clone of Multics, which were toy projects at Bell labs, which exists only because the Bell monopoly got so much money they could blow it on such random garbage.
clearly AnCap is the way to go

>> No.66347099

The US gives free community college education to anybody low income. If you do well the you will get a free university education as well. How many ways do I have to say this? You are just wrong sorry.

>> No.66347129

Enjoy paying tax for the rest of your life ;)

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that is saddenly incorrect

>> No.66347180

> be me
> grow up in US
> both my parents unemployed
> fuck up in highschool
> get shit together in communuty college (paid for by grants)
> get into one of best universities in world
> pay off with grants (including housing)
> leave debt free
I know tons of people who have done this as well. I know how this system works very well as I have applied for FASFA, state grants, and other grants for misc things. Are you even from the US? Where did you learn about the US education system? Memes and people complaining on reddit? You have no fucking clue

>> No.66347183

Community college in the US is utter shit

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File: 45 KB, 375x500, 04-gwen-stefani-no-doubt-nineties-lgn-95369911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You haven't been in CC for 20+ years if you think grants cover it.

>> No.66347211

Some are yes but others are great. Most of them are good actually but any country has a few shitty schools. There are still standardizatuons for course materials so students can learn from books if it's the only option.

>> No.66347213

this kind of studies doesn't give you a job in other country so they don't even exist

>> No.66347218

I just graduated university last year. Was in cc 3 years ago. Grant paid for that and more actually. You have no clue what you're talking about dude

>> No.66347243

It's the tax on the wealth generated by the capitalism that feeds this free universities.
If you try to make a pure socialist system, no wealth is generated, thus you can't tax it and make any sort of socialist system work.

>> No.66347249


>> No.66347312

>It's the tax on the wealth generated by the capitalism that feeds this free universities.
>If you try to make a pure socialist system, no wealth is generated, thus you can't tax it and make any sort of socialist system work.
You should probably study up on socialism.

>> No.66347333

In theory socialism can generate wealth, but in practice well.. it didn't every time it was tried.
People need actual selfish incentives to get out and work.

>> No.66347357

In the US if you are black you can get into university with a gpa a full point lower. It will also be paid for if you do well in cc or hs (both paid for)

>> No.66347361

Free university, in a socialist system, isn't really dependent on wealth generation in the same way that it in capitalist system is dependent on taxes.

>> No.66347369

You may be confusing socialism with communism? I am not pro-socialist either but your claims are just false.

>> No.66347384

It needs power, need chairs, chalks, books, bricks, cement.
All this is wealth.
You need people to actually go and work on it, and raw socialism is just not good at that.

>> No.66347387

Europe is shit. I got free education, and will leave soon. You are doing the reverse, which isn't clever.

>> No.66347452

>Socialist country

>> No.66347458

Because a million mutts think like you and there aren't enough positions at CERN for all of them.

>> No.66347543

Yea what a fucking pancake

>> No.66347615

Don't be daft. Americans don't have standards.

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>calling social democracy socialism

>> No.66347651

>He thinks public = free
Go to /pol/

>> No.66347674

>hurr someone pays so it's not free
By that logic nothing ever is free. I could give you a cake, and you could not claim it was free, since I had to make it. It's semantic wankery.

>> No.66347675

New gullible generation who doesn't remember when half the world was North Korea tier.

>> No.66347680

Social democracy has been a thing in the Nordic countries for fucking ages, and they're not exactly struggling for money.

>> No.66347725

Anon is right. The number of women doing useless shit-tier degrees is too damn high.

>> No.66347758

Nobody forced you to make this cake or it give to me either. Fuck if see me starve, by democratic western laws you not forced to give it to me
Taxes, otherwise,if you dont pay, you go to the prision (or pay penalty), simple as that

>> No.66347772

Doesn't matter. If the logic is that something is not free if someone paid for it, then there are no free things. People just want to scream about how taxes ARE THEFT U GUISE without considering the alternative.

>> No.66347966

>socialist country

If a country has private property, it is not socialist.

>state intervention = socialism

That's a GOP red scare propaganda definition of socialism, but that's not actually socialism. The purpose of that definition is to make the middle class afraid of regulations that protect them from the corporate elite screwing them over and instead vote against their interests, like repealing insurance protections for pre-existing conditions.

The actual term you're looking for is social democracy, not socialism.

>> No.66347967

Did you even read my post, or are you incapable?

>> No.66348176

Finland was the last reminiscent of the glorious Russian empire. It was the only part of the empire that didn’t fell for the murderous socialist cultists.

>> No.66348230

Does OP realize that Linus moved to glorious capitalist burger land and develops his kernel from there?

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>implying there's anything wrong with workers owning the means of production

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what the fuck is this thread doing on /g/
go to /pol/ if you want to discuss politics

>> No.66348603

> 100000000 deaths in 100 years.

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>> No.66348826

> 18000000 die each year in socialist cadáver nations and capitalism is to blame
Come on you can do better than to copy paste canned propaganda.

>> No.66348869
File: 48 KB, 700x470, 9988E8A925B7488A967E0154C2142C69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66349873

>Come on you can do better than to copy paste canned propaganda.
>> 100000000 deaths in 100 years.

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