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Hey guys, I just bought this bad boy from eBay to upgrade the graphics card in my DAW. The card came with a 6-pin PCIe to dual Molex 3-pin power cable, but my tower doesn't have Molex connectors, it has mini 6-pin connectors. Am I right in thinking I can just get a 6-pin PCIe to 6-pin mini-PCIe cable and it'll work?

Here's my concern:

If you look at the 6-pin to 6-pin cable, you can see that all six holes have a metal piece in them. However, on the 6-pin to molex Y cable, only 5 of the 6-pin cables actually have a metal piece in them; one of the middle pinholes is empty, and two of the wires are connected to one pin.

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Here's the PCIe to PCIe

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And here's the PCIe to Molex.

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Found your problem.

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stop being poor

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Yes, it would work. with the 6 pin to 6 pin mini-PCIe.
Just remember to flash your card to get the boot screen.

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the red wire in a molex plus is for 5 volts you moron, there's no need for it to be connected.

typical mac user.

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>gtx 960
>192 SPs
>vga port

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What's wrong with that?
He doesn't want to do "muh gaymen" with it.

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>Am I right in thinking I can just get a 6-pin PCIe to 6-pin mini-PCIe cable and it'll work?
You could try, but statistically 3.5 out of 4 times it doesn't work.

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>doesnt want to do gay men

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>the absolute state of /g/

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>apple haters attacking themselves
The current state of /g/

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>graphics card for a digital audio workstation

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I fail to see the issue with that, lad.

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>uses shitty early 2000's gui DAWs

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What the fuck are you talking about, retard?

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Use a real DAW or go home brainlet

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Mini-PCIe 6Pin to PCIe 6-Pin is your best bet.
I would find a cheap seller and grab 2. just in case you upgrade in the future.

I went to ebay and grabbed a fried GPU from a macpro, just to take the cables, since the fried card was so cheap.
Use my old 1.1 as a game server.

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I guess he might have got a 960 to support 3-4 monitors or some thing and newer plug support.

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>comic sans

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I got lucky then. I can use a Radeon 5770 on a MacPro 1,1 with one of those cables (currently on Windows 10 with a GTX1050Ti)

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