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What browser and search engine does /g/ use?

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Google Chrome

I used Firefox before for a long time but it got too slow, buggy and bloated so I ditched it. Safari is nice but I can't find a good adblock for it. There are no good search engines. Sometimes I try bing if google is being dumb.

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Netscape Navigator and Altavista.

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Firefox and Qwant

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Mosaic and searches on Gopher Indexes.

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firefox dev edition

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That has been confirmed as a botnet

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pic related

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Vivaldi and SearX.

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>trusting search engines
what is it this time

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Anything but Google is unusable for me. I tried DDG but it was missing a shit ton of search results that Google had in the top 3 results.

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>Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo, used to run the Names Database.[1] This was a website that aimed to connect people who had lost contact by gathering lots and lots of e-mail addresses. Getting access could be done by either paying money, or submitting lots of e-mail addresses of other people. Since the service revolved around gathering personal information, it is very suspicious for Gabriel Weinberg to start a business that is privacy-oriented. [2]
>DuckDuckGo used to set a tracking cookie, even though they claimed they didn't. This was done by a third party they cooperate with, which means that it wasn't necessarily intentional, but if it's unintentional, it shows a worrying lack of care.[3]
>DuckDuckGo is based in the US. This makes it really easy for the NSA to compromise it. If it were based in the EU, for example, the NSA wouldn't have the legal power to force them to log everything without telling anyone. This wouldn't guarantee privacy, but it would make it a lot more plausible. Instead, they're based in the US, which means that the NSA can do whatever they want with them. There are secure search engines that are not based in the US.
Obviously "confirmed as a botnet" was tongue in cheek, but there are legit concerns with DDG.

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same but reversed. I love the !bang-syntax too much. And if there is ever something I don't find I just !iq or !sp it

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It's just little shit that pisses me off. For example I was trying to go to the Crites site which is a parts side for old Klipsch speakers. The URL is critesspeakers.com (didn't know this when I was searching). Search "crites speakers" on DuckDuckGo and get a bunch of results talking about the site, but not the actual site. Search "crites speakers" on Google and first result is the actual site.

I also like when you search a current topic on Google it aggregates news stories.

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Firefox esr

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I see your point, especially the last one. I myself am waiting for a less US-centric future of the internet and hope to see engines like DDG to make it to Europe. But until then I'll just check every few years

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firefox stable
startpage and google for general searches, occasionally duckduckgo for piracy

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Yeah you really notice the lack of such things with ddg. On the other hand it has gotten very good at tech shit like stackoverflow articles wikis and cheat sheets often even displaying the top stackoverflow answer.

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look here you mongo

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This. Nightly version because nicer logo...

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Man let's be honest. Most DDG users use it for the bangs. Need to make a bangs extension for other search engines.

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searX and Qwant are cool

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>Need to make a bangs extension
wtf am i reading
keyword search (or as you call it, """bangs""") has been built into firefox and chrome for ages.
the only one getting banged her is you, by routing all your requests through a search engine that has its servers in the united states.

inb4 it's too hard to configure it myself :(((
get the fuck out

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their slogan should be "duckduckgo -- shit's bangin' yo"

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SearX supports bangs.

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I remember this. I expected them to take it out before '16, because it is only used by """power users""" and gets replaced by yet another opt-out integrated cloud service

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Is there a non-leftist version of Firefox?

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Qutebrowser and duckduckgo/qwant

Firefox + qwant if other people need to borrow my laptop to do anything

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yes. Firefox.

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I didn't know about that. Your inb4 isn't accurate. Maybe this should be shown to more in the DDG community and it may become a more used and therefor easier feature.

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Neat thanks. I'll give it a go

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firefox, ddg

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Opera and DuckDuckGo.
The asians can't do shit with my info, it doesn't matter.

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>he fell for the identity politics meme

lol idiot

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Meh no support for it in mobile browsers. It seems Firefox for Android has keywords, but they don't appear to work

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I which Chrome erased the hisrory on exit like Firefox.

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firefox, and startpage

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Sorry I don't look at weird shit like you neckbeards do.

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This, startpage is goat

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Dude, stop.

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Microsoft Edge

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Firefox and Startpage. Can't say other search engines have impressed me enough to use them. If anyone uses Google, it's best to at least use Startpage as the search engine with good extensions.

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I still prefer that normie alternative over chrome/google.

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Google has always given me the most relevant and precise search results.

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They both work surprisingly well. I wish qutebrowser had a few more privacy options but otherwise it's great.

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Just werks

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What the fuck is this picture

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Sometimes Firefox & DDG
Sometimes Edge & Bing
I go back and forth between these 2 setups.

On my ancient windows 98 laptop: Opera (it’s the only one that still works on that old ass OS)

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Edge with Bing™ :^)

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firefox, chromium & searx

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fite me

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tor, looking for a new ddg replacement

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what does /g/ think of ungoogled-chromium

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t. Google employee

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Firefox Quantum ESR

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Firefox nightly
Startpage or google if I can't find something on sp

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Edge with blank page and bing

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It doesn't. Vega56 is great.

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>using a search engine made by a berg
t. Juden Untermensch

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qutebrowser or firefox and startpage

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Would like to use Safari but there is no HTTPS Everywhere and no webm support for 4chan and Youtube, but at least it's getting Favicons in tabs in macOS Mojave which is an improvement.
For a company like Apple that says they care a lot about privacy it's kinda weird not having HTTPS Everywhere built in.

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Firefox, Searx

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I'm trying to switch to waterfox, but for now I'm stuck with vivaldi+startpage

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safari is the worst browser on the market.
It's the internet explorer of browsers

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Which one should one use then? Considering this >>66265618

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Is the duckdcukgo's addon useful if I already got ublock and https everywhere?

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No worse than firefox

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it's neat for whitelisting websites if they refuse to work with privacy connection on. If you have ublock and https-everywhere you likely don't need the full addon. I never really use it

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Firefox (switched from chromium when 57 came out)
fuckfuckno (at least it's not google with its search results replaced with ones that push their agenda)

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Bait/tech illiterate

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Bookmark keywords are one of the killer features of Firefox (and I guess Opera lol) has over shit like Chrome and Safari. I don't want my browser to try to guess what I want, I want it to do what I want immediately.

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Vivaldi and Ecosia.

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firefox with ddg as my search

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And for any Arch memers out there it can actually display AUR search results.

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Firefox Nightly

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Chrome canary, Chrome, or Chromium?

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Pale moon, startpage

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Firefox, Google

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chrome stable, google search

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Google (Sadly. I want to get away from it, but it's the best)

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>let's pretend there isn't a huge SJW/far-left push in Mozilla
Sure, buddy.
We won't even talk about RiseUp

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You're probably the last man still using PaleMeme since the whole AdNauseam censorship thing.

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Is comodo dragon any good?

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I used Firefox when Eich was in power, even though it was getting worse then.
I use it now when SJWs are in power, even though it's getting worse now (although at least it's a bit faster).

I don't care about politics. All other browsers are so much shittier than Firefox. FF 3.6 was the best but current Firefox is the best I have now for browsing current sites with their javascript nonsense.

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all of them

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Firefox, Waterfox, Iridium, Bromite.
Search Engine:
StartPage (favourite), and DDG (occasionally).

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>let's pretend there isn't a huge SJW/far-left
>We won't even talk about RiseUp
lmao they gave that org a donation in the same round that they gave donations to bunch of other organisation to promote (IIRC) online privacy. They (again, IIRC) gave it to RiseUp for their VPN. How "far-left" of them

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Pale moon and duckduckgo

You can unblock it easily

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These. Also, DDG bangs and StartPage.

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I think I just went back in time.

@op: waterfox and startpage.

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Not him, please correct me if i'm wrong, but it looks like a juggalo (insane clown posse fan) mixed with bojack horseman (netflix animated show) - i think it could be just shitty furfag fanart, hence the tumblr filename but who knows.

Anyway i hope no one uses duck duck go.

i am using firefox on my win98se but i also have the modified kernel that adds in a lot of winME functionality, so shit like browsers, flash, java, etc, i can use winME versions and still be okay. most games use directx 9.0 still so i'm good. lol.

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looks like you replied to the wrong thread famalam

pale meme is actually really not that bad
komodo is ok
same firefox 3 is the best one
based vivaldi poster
i have it installed but barely use it
seems like a more "streamlined" opera to me.

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>control+f icecat
>no matches
IceCat and DuckDuckGo

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>i am using firefox on my win98se
Why in God's name?

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chrome and google

all hail our botnet overlords

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>everyone in this thread policing google users
Lmao, I don't know about the rest of you retards but I'd much better listen to a vegan trying to convert me than anyone on fucking /g/

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Using google's shit is even worse than microsoft. They literally track everything you do

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>Not using a search engine with superior duck mascot
>But if you use anything else thats fine becuase its your prefence and no one can tell you what search engine you have to use

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>still not good enough for gentoo portage

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