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I fucking hate this board. There's nothing but shitposting, yet I have nowhere to go

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shoulda bought Stax lol

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I hate the way Americans look.

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This board has become so fucking stupid it's sad.

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>I fucking hate this board. There's nothing but shitposting
Try /tv/.


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Get out of your mum's boyfriend basement once, they come back in and you realize you start going /out/ and other boards.

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Welcome to this website.

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Connect to The Wired

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Australians were a mistake

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>AMD vs. Intel
>AMD vs. Nvidia
>distro wars
>Windows vs. Linux
>Android vs. iOS
>programming language wars
>whining about subjective shit (UI, UX, case design)
>whining about the web
>whining about phones
>bragging about owning cheap shit that no one cares about (chinkshit, thinkpads, $10 headphones, 5 year old phones, prebuilt Dell/HP boxes from 10 years ago.)

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>Hahha BTFO!! My [corporate brand] is winning and yours is literally FINISHED

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Well, that information would've helped me 1,5 years ago.

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There's always /lainchan/, bit slow but better than /g/

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nah the wordfilters are too cancerous. Besides that anime sucks and its faggy fanbase is the worst thing to happen to the internets

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to be honest, seeing Intel so deep in defensive is a refreshing sight after all those years
but I agree that we could see less of the spam

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How about 8ch /tech/?

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I like it, too bad it's almost dead

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Slow to the point of not even worth visiting.

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/tv/ was a good board 8 years ago, shame what happened to it

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go >>>/out/

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learn to use filters

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nowhere to go? try regular forums or reddit. 4chan is designed for shitposting. that's news to you?

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