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Hey /g/ I have a question. Would someone need to be worried about using a pirated copy of windows on project computers you have laying around? (Not for resale ever but connected to the internet and using product keys). Should I look for an alternative? Other than linux what other free OSs are there? (Even the obscure ones)

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You can download MacOS for free from the appstore, and it doesn't require a key. But I guess hackintoshing is illegal anyway.

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fuck off penis muncher

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reactos, haiku os....

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What? No. Pork sausage!

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>ask for a list of free operating systems (even obscure ones)
>get one

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didn't ask, i'm not op, penis muncher

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Use Windows ME, I'm sure microsoft won't mind

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nah, a lot of surprise bsa shit is from tips. there's no magic packet that broadcasts your license information

that said why on earth would you trust random code written by people willing to face legal consequences in your infrastructure?

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I love Emma Stone. Post more reaction images.

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>Certain combinations of 1s and 0s are illegal
>Certain combinations of 1s and 0s will report to their owners when the law is violated

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Microsoft will only target large businesses for software piracy

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OS/2 Warp 4
It's 64-bit
Thank me later

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I’ve never used a genuine windows license on any of my computers or other peoples computers and no one has abducted me yet

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>You can download MacOS for free from the appstore,
How are you supposed to do that from a Windows/Linux system?

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with a VMware MacOS image downloaded from a questionable source, of course

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I tried to find iso like 2 weeks ago, I couldn't find the latest version.

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