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Here is what people think of you.

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Fake news chaina two scoops wall shithole

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what a story

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I bet this person never wrote an interrupt handler

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based and redpilled
fighting communism as intended

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Linux is the free market at work. Microsoft uses the government to maintain a monopoly. Microsoft has no place in a capitalist society.

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Lies and slander.

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>I along with many others tried Linux during college
Was this originally about drugs or something?

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No, this is the reality of Texas.

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this is the world americans want us to live in

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Who the fuck is Mr Stark?
Was she writing an email to iron man about free software?

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linux is only free if you are time is worthless. prove me wrong and change my mind

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Aww what a cute kitty. Would you like a belly rub, cute kitty?

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Funny, but thing is, she is right about everything from that point onwards, lol.

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>teleports behind you
>downloads Ubuntu
Heh, nothing personnel kid.

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I agree but I just can't find an alternative that isn't a botnet

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>prove me wrong
>quote from 1998
Jamie Zawinski has issues with porting, not the usual idiots who can't even load a kernel module.

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California has a lower average IQ than Texas by nearly 5 points.

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If you can't learn how to use Linux, you're worthless.

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