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Whats wrong with Fedora?

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systemd + gnome

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Loosers that can't deal with the fact that linux isn't a hackerman OS, but a corporate product

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>what are spinoffs

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linus used to use fedora

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When did he stop?

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The only three things is that the default (albeit objectively shitty) DE and name bootybothers autsits and that Fedora is maintained by a cooperation.

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hmm i guess he still uses it

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Nothing, unless you mind being a Red Hat software tester for free

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rejecting me in their interview for software engineers.

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RedHat+NSA firewall.

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bloated package manager

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>linus uses the linus operating system
wow what a surprise

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Nothing much since it switched to dnf. Yum was shit, dnf is good.

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RedHat is basically a NSA front.

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>Whats wrong with this foo?
>All extremely weak one word answers that just get circulated around /g/

I thought dis place supposed to be better than reddit?

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only regarding the UX, not regarding the users itself. You should know that if you aint a newfag

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>I thought
good thing you stopped

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Figuring out the rpm equivalents of deb packages when compiling shit with dependencies. Only a few projects list how to install them on rpm based distros.

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So, how does dnf works?
I tried the live image of fedora 28 KDE spin yesterday, and when I tried to 'sudo dnf install simplescreenrecorder' it gave a message saying that it was gonna download 85MB of dependencies, and that installed they would use ~340MB of space. I couldn't even install it because there was no space. Fuck m8's, 340MB for simplescreenrecorder? And I remember seeing people on /g/ shiting on apt because it installed recommended packages by default.

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Not sure if I just have all those dependencies already installed, but that's what I get.

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>SimpleScreenRecorder is a Qt-based....
Thats probably why my dudes. Qt isnt something that usually comes on a Gnome DE live image

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But the other anon used the KDE spin

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Sorry, looks like I can't read. I dare say the same thing applies, a live disc is pretty light with installed libraries.

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Also, neofetch installed like 15MB of dependencies. I was shocked and chagrined.

Read again.
I was trying the KDE spin. I refuse to use that gnome shit.

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no touchpad support

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Yeah, maybe is that.
But neofetch even installed ImageMagick.
And that's clearly not a hard dependency.

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Tell us more. I really want to work at Red Hat. What was the interview like?

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fuck me, i tried to look up package details from fedora but their systems are fucking shit.
deb at least has a nice database of this shit. fucking rpms and dnf

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I would never use Fedora based on it's name alone.

"I found it hard to install" nice click bait retard.

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dnf installs weak dependencies by default. You need to add --setopt=install_weak_deps=False to disable that behaviour.

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I noticed it. As I said, I remember /g/ shilling so hard against the fact that apt installs suggested dependencies by default that I thought it was the only package manager to do that. Dnf install even more stuff than apt.
I like fedora's release schedule, maybe I'll try it more seriously (AKA not only on a live session) on the future.

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NSA fork

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>I would never use Fedora based on it's name alone.
funny I started using Fedora based on it's name alone.

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Its Ubuntu but worse

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it's alright but I prefer OpenSuse Tumbleweed:

Rolling Release
zypper is way faster than dnf
more software in its repos
patterns is good and bad depending in your needs
German Engineering
Pepe mascot
green is best

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It requires a Facebook account.

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>name is what determins your OS of choice
Get off /g/ faggot

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It's "bleeding edge", therefore it's high maintenance, especially when they go and update shit that worked into effective unusefulness.

Still got a fuckload of the same trail to pick up from yum, last time I tried it.

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I used to run Fedora before switching to Arch due to more up-to-date graphics drivers (before amdgpu was a thing). Is stability an issue with Tumbleweed? I've been tempted to give it a try.

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Generic distro focused on being open to newcomers #295

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I have been using Tumbleweed for at least 2 weeks and no problems at all (some minor bug that happened too in Manjaro with compton, but easily solved).

So far, if you google about Tumbleweed most people think is the most stable rolling release distro out there. Even more stable than Manjaro.

Some cons: you will need to install Packman repo for multimedia and you will need to use the opensource drivers for your graphic cards because each kernel update will break them (but I guess you already know that if you are using Arch).

I have to agree that my only experience with a rolling release distro was Manjaro and Solus and I used both no more than one month.

tl;dr: stable as fuck but you will need to add a repo for multimedia. Also I am using it with ext4, so no snapper for me.

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Nothing, some people just hate it because of the name or some fear of redhat.

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I won't try to be exhaustive but in general it plays out like
>it's not a ricer OS
>people don't THINK of it as a ricer OS around here (which is not the same thing by a long shot)
>people are still mad about yum (deprecated)
>people care about systemd
>people complain about GNOME being the default
>people complain about nonfree repos having always played second fiddle
>people complain about RH's decision to make it easier to integrate nonfree repos
>people complain about RH, an American company, being involved. On an American website. Most likely using countless America-hosted services on a daily basis.
>people don't like it's short release cycle

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Right now, I have Kubuntu installed on my laptop, but I do like the short release cycle of Fedora (I don't need all stability in the world for 2 years old programs).
I want to encrypt my HD, I know it's possible with Fedora, but I have two questions:
1) Does it slows my boot time? I'm on a SSD. I ask this because there's no slow down on Kubuntu, but when I tried on Manjaro I could notice that it took quite more time to boot.
2) Does the screen that asks for the encryption password looks good, like on (K)Ubuntu? I know it sounds autistic, but I really want to know (not a deciding factor).

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>It's "bleeding edge", therefore it's high maintenance,
Bullshit, there's really rothing to maintain, it just works.

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not him but I get it to an extent. Just not updating for a month and bam 2-500 packages to update.
It's a curse and a blessing, but everything works before and after that is correct

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just update every day

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impractical, there are times I use that machine barely once or twice a week. It's not like it is a big deal however

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