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>"Don't mind me, I'm just blocking ADs on this website"

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But anon, we don't get the money you lose by blocking your bad choices. Maybe if you had a legitimately sustainable business model, you wouldn't have to rely on ad revenue. Or you know, a real job.

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how does this make you feel?
sage, a thread died for this

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whoops, forgot about my other browser

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There is no such thing as ad blocking. The web is a pull medium, not a push medium. I merely decline to request ads.

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Don't mind me, just strolling around the net with my adblock.

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w-what is this

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keep doing god's work
we nuke ads to hell

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Adnauseam, adblocker that gives fake clicks to ads instead of blocking them. It isn't quite up to my autism-tier privacy standard, but it's a respectable motive nonetheless.

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>"d0nt m1nd m3, 1m jus s3rv1n u s0m3 l33t m4lwar3 thru d1s adv3rt1s3m3nt 2 r0x0r ur b0x0r"

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Exactly OP.

A man with sunglasses = putting on adblock
Like when you are on the streets and you don't look at ads you don't want to.

As kind as putting a lost wallet secretly inside the purse's owner.
Not sure why the picture has to be so explicit.

>Pic related, the cinema theater I paid myself without buying movies.

Get cucked loser

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>fake clicks
You are using you're resources to click those ads and since barely anyone uses that most sites are just going to experience a tiny increase in ad revenue.

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What kind of personal cimema uses a red screen?
t. has never seen one

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There are millions of ways a business might lose revenue. The loss of revenue rarely qualifies as a theft, by any definition of the word.

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it's time to stop, op

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>Not looking at an advertisement = stealing someone's wallet
Sure Schlomo

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Hey how about you stop being a timid faggot and make your site aware of the most common adblock addon functions and have your site unblockable, where they have to turn it off or leave. The ball is in your court, something tells me you're a crybaby faggot who won't take a large risk.

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its actually the equivalent of not putting money in a beggars cup so not stealing

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You do realize you are giving them money, right? There aren't and there will never be enough users to harm them.

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Actually it's the equivalent of not looking at a billboard.

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If you bypass anti-adblocking scripts you ARE a thief.

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Adds are blocked at the edge level.

Which means that no adds get through to the ~6K users on the corporate network.

Because fuck you...

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>don't mind me, I'm just selling your personal info to 1000 different companies

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They aren't real clicks, so it works by obfuscation and making ad-providers lose money by giving them useless clicks and info.

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>"Don't mind me, I'm just blocking AIDS on this website"

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Why is Hank from Breaking Bad robbing that woman, and when did he become a midget?

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>don't mind me, I'm just the EU

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Ads are fine. But they shouldn't track you, and shouldn't be intrusive.

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everybody wins. win win situation.
sites get their ad shekels, and google loses money.

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>"Don't mind me, just making new laws"

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>i am entitled to money just because you somehow ended up on my website

fuck you, make a paywall.

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>don't mind me I'm just blocking the bitcoin miner, IP tracker, malicious scripts on this website!

Reminder retards at /biz/ think putting bitcoin miners on websites is a good idea as an alternative to ads

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If ads had just remained static images and text - no animated gifs, no flash, no popups, no javascript, no browser fingerprinting, no "analytics", no targeting, no anything but an image with a link - not many people would have ever gone to the trouble of blocking them. But that well has been poisoned by the marketers at least a dozen times over. So fuck em, run em out of business. Block all ads, everywhere. Even if they're "non-intrusive", even if they claim not to track you, etc. That's the only way they'll learn.

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How can I steal money that you didn't have in the first place? I'd have your money if that were the case.

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fuck off boomer this isn't tv

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Botnet passive-aggressive trash

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>here's a cookie and a flyer for blah blah blah.
>eat cookie and throw flyer away
Did I steal the cookie?

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>Guy fucks me in the ass
>Use a condom to block the AIDS
Did I rape him?

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>blocking AIDs
More like.

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>*Creates a system to project ads across your entire windshield while you are driving*
>*Sees you taking off the windshield*

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I know you're being sarcastic but all the roads in my town suck ass, full of potholes and haven't been repaved since the 60s/70s so...thanks billboards.

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The joke was the implication that roads would not exist without billboards, which is the same bullshit argument advertisers use about the internet, which existed a long ass time before ad-tech was even a thing.

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>that great feel when billboards and other roadside distractions are illegal in my state

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>"Don't mind us, just infec- buying some ad space on this website"

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>>don't mind me, I'm just selling your personal info to 1000 different companies
Sad reality.

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The ad version: "Don't mind me, I'm just installing malware on this computer"

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Ads on large websites are now worse than old school popups and adware. Fuck em.

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"Before GDPR"

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anon, not taking something that is offered isn't stealing. it's not wanting what's being offered.

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Yes, because no one would want to fuck you in the ass.

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>"don't mind me, I'm just adding an invisible ad wall here so you can't actually click on anything on my site lmao"

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I don't seed
I block ads
I spoof user agent
i downvote all the time on reddit (was banned once for this)
thumb down on youtube
meh 9/10 time on plug.dj (to avoid ban)
I participate in censorship raids

My online life is dedicated to make normies feel bad about themselves, come fight me (if you're a normie).

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hello normalfag

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joke on you, i was trolling.

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I'd block Active Directory too, I'm a proud Linux user

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>dabs respectfully towards you

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>censorship raids
what are these

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You go on some discord channel and you organize report/dislike raids with some other fiery internet warriors

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im blocking ur ads no matter waht
and then im blocking ur anti adblock messages

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Maybe if most ads weren't intrusive malware loaders then I wouldn't block them

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We are pushing innovation by killing of a soon to be obselete way of 'aming revenue
It's called progress and it's beatiful

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Are you fucking deficient, this is pro adblock you absolute autist

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Are you fucking deficient, this is anti skinner you absolute autist

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Yes it is, Skinner is rejecting the truth and blaming other people, in the original case he blames the kids, in my version its an ad poster blaming adblockers, despite his ads being shit clearly being the reason.

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>Don't mind me, I'm just using terrible analogies

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i work in digital marketing in a local agency

you can ask me anything.

also, if you want quality content in a website you must pay for it.

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there are ads on this website?

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>also, if you want quality content in a website you must pay for it.

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there is no prior notice

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It's like saying
>i lube up for the rape and scream but secretly I won't get anal bruises so I won't technically get raped and the rapist will never cause I will trick him, I am the clever one

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it's not about harming the content creator directly, it harms the ad providers which in turn could create an environment where ad providers dont want to serve ads (or they will pay a much smaller amount per click).

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What is wrong with that man's thumbnail?

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It will slow your browsing

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>using jewnauseam
Oh sweet summer child

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ITT: summerfags falling for the most basic of baits

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Fake clicks are probably more damaging in the end, if a lot of people do it.

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they can't even get by with their shitty malaysian botnet ads that some use open hidden tabs to farm monero crypto

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It's true though. The internet (as we know it today) would not exist without intrusive adverts.
Good thing that the EU is making the internet great again.

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