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I'm learning node.js so i made this site


what do you think about it? need criticism

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use a regular computer m8

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Design for mobile first. Use bootstrap or some shit. Fuck.

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a smartphone is a regular computer right now
desktop browser users are by far and large a minority

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If you want to make a website make it use able from any device. Fucking hell

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inb4 l33t hax0rs ruin it again

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i haven't got the skill yet for it

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There are feminine penises in the chat yo.

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it's easier to make a smartphone page by far, you just haven't tried

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pls stop flooding the server

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was the XSS intentional or are you just a noob?

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ok I stopped :)

u should implement something to prevent that :)

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It's pretty fun desu

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great now i can't get it to start

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cool website niggy *dabs*

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Dudosss is started

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guy how do i make it work again

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take the time to fix your flooding problem

it's not a ddos attack.

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Start over from scratch

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heroku restart

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i don't know how

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it's kill

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"heroku restart" doesn't work?

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got it up again

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are you gonna harden it to prevent it shitting itself?

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It doesn't work without js

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>made with node
>doesnt work without js
wow your smart person you know that

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Screamed the mountain of ants to the mighty human holding a can of Raid...

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>js server side
>js client side
wew your an even smarter person you know that

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if the guy start learing node and made website with it then dont expect no-js side you moron. tell me about projects that you made and let us laugh about them

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man, this shit is funny. thanks for the laughs, OP.

protip: learn about security, then sanitize your fucking inputs...

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bring it back up OP it was quite fun desu

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>if the guy start learing node and made website with it then dont expect no-js
Why? lol

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Literally kys

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