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Gnu/Linux sucks

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4 years ago, why?
nobody on /g/ even uses windows, so you asked a dumb question

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But i want freedom, the freedom to use windows because it runs my gaymes + my adobe memes and it just werks (at least my ltsb version does, don't know about mainline w10 and i don't care either)

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Linux doesn't have any software worth using that isn't already on other operating systems with much more software

Want my advice? Just make a fucking hackintosh. It's secure like linux, it runs the entire adobe suite, and the kernel and userland tools are open source

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wow i've been off /g/ for a while. Is this board really this apathetic about the botnet these days?

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GNU/Linux*. Linux is just a kernel, also used in Android.

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I can't play fortnite on linux

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Yes, last Windows I used was Vista. Installed Ubuntu, later Debian. Still running, still comfy. Much communityand love. No botnets.

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>le communist fist
Why are freetards so dumb?

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I mainly use Windows at desktop even though i'm a Linux sysadmin at work.
GNU/Linux is great on servers for desktops it's not that good if ypu want to play games.

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GNU/Linux is pretty much anti communist.

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There's a fuckton of linux distros that don't use the GNU coreutils, instead opting for something like busybox. Linux is a much more accurate term because it serves as a constant between most of these systems. It's also more concise and sounds less stupid

By the way, android's version of the linux kernel is very different from the mainline kernel


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>nobody on /g/ even uses windows
Desktop threads say otherwise. 2014 was a mistake.

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Desktop thread
Battlestation thread

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