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What does /g/ think of Rossman? Is he competent?

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He's excellent in both the technical side and general life rants.

Does get a bit keen to paint Apple as cackling evil scheming McEviltons though. They're arseholes, but things like third party displays on iPhones - I honestly don't think they purposefully broke them in that update (that they later patched) purely out of spite. They'd have known there'd have been an outcry and loss of goodwill (which there was) so why bother. But nooo they do these things just to screw you!

Other than the excessive cynicism he's very good.

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someone gifted him a plush pepe and he hugged it so he's okay in my book

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Too arrogant for me. Watched some of his videos but he thinks too much of himself and constantly goes on about how hes a bigshot and established his company at such a young age.

Yes we get it little guy but you're still a tiny ant compared to the people and ceos you criticize and rag on. He's too arrogant for his own good.

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>Watched some of his videos but he thinks too much of himself and constantly goes on about how hes a bigshot and established his company at such a young age.
That's called self-respect. That's something that people on /g/ knows nothing about.

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>Is he competent?
More than most fa/g/gots.

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Fuck off Jew. It's not self respect it's egotitistical horn tooting.

Self respect involves being humble to at least some point. Not professing yourself some god of business who knows all because you own a repair shop in New York.

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I do believe he's competent and knows what he's talking about, sure.
But I find him to be an insufferable arrogant jackass.

kys for making an e-celeb thread.

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>He may be successful businessman and know more about tech then i ever will while i'm shitposting on /g/ from my grandmothers basement, but i know that i'm better then him!

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>egotitistical horn tooting
He often says how he's not the best at most of the stuff he does, but that he's driven and that's his source of success.
He also talks about hi failed businesses.

He screwed the Jew long ago, and you're just jealous.

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Can you repeat the question?

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>I don't have an argument

You do realize he frequently criticizes corporations and lead people who are literally worth so much more than him that it defies comprehension right? Or is he smarter than all of those people as well you little fanboy e celeb faggot?

Yes he makes a passing remark how he's not the best right after or before bragging for 10 minutes about his business, or how he shakes but can still solder and anyone who can't is a little bitch, and wow look at me and all I have I'm so successful everyone should just be exactly like me.

Again ignoring how he lambasts and slings verbal spew on people far more successful, and most would say, smarter than him.

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He doesn't know how to pronounce solder.

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Hes a funny part of our community. Never worked with him so I can't speak to his tech prowess.

Leave work to work,
and entertainment to entertainment...

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didn't he fail college twice?

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More. He said he cant keep track of how many colleges he's failed and dropped out of. Around 4 if memory serves.

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yikes. if undergraduate coursework was too difficult for him, i would hardly call him competent.

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grad is easier than undergrad desu.

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Still richer than most people at g

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Not an argument.

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>our community

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well duh, grad should be "chill". students apply for that sort of stuff after realizing academia is cognitively feasible

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He's competent at doing what he does. Being competent doesn't mean doing well in academia, which doesn't require too much competence.

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I'd like to see him fix something without a CAD scheme.
He's no understanding of how components work.

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>Being this retarded

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moreover, students are incompetent by definition.

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>Responding to a well reasoned post containing multiple points with "hurr retarded Durr"

Brainlet posting

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It will be fun to see his score at apple when he finally snap due some incredibly horrid design flaw and people still giving trillions for dollars that company.

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>he thinks his post was well reasoned and had a point

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I wish he’d stop making so many threads about himself.

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He's not painting, he's just putting it on display.

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>You do realize he frequently criticizes corporations and lead people who are literally worth so much more than him
The economists who crashed the globe in 2008 were also professional experts worth far more than any critic, this doesn't change the fact that they fucked up and that their statuses or worth don't invalidate their propensity towards fucking up and being legitimately criticized by those under who have to face the consequences.
Your argument is as narrow-minded as your brain.
You just engaged in basic Argumentum Ad Verecundiam you turdbrain.

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He is /ourguy/, for sure.

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His channel would be more interesting if he fixed a wider variety of hardware.

He constantly shits on Apple for not providing board diagrams (although he gets them), but if someone walked into his store with a non-Apple product would be a. have access to the diagram and b. be able to fix it?

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>i would hardly call him competent.
I have seen "prepared" people like you sucking their toes in front of real problems, because a diploma means nothing

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literally who?

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I want to see you kick a ball without feet, it's a tool, dumbass. Apple "certified" service centers (supposedly) have better tools but still do a worse job than him, what's your point?

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>not rossmanlet.png

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He's a competent repair man (a dying occupation of course, but still possible for now). He's a competent youtuber.

The market proves it.

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He mentions that it's not worth it to fix a variety of hardware because a lot of times people aren't willing to pay reasonable prices to have them fixed, and he can't stock the parts for the thousands of different products that may randomly show up on his doorstep.

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If my Dell or Toshiba or whatever blows a random capacitor or some BGA chip breaks partially loose or fries itself, and I went to him, would he accept the work and be able to fix it?

I suspect Apple products have enough volume, are standardized enough, and are premium enough (so people want to fix not just replace), that repair places both find it worthwhile to learn them, and to stock up on parts boards and even loose parts for them.

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>Would he accept the work and be able to fix it
Probably be able to fix it, accept it? Who knows. I think I've seen him do repairs on non apple devices, especially data recovery.

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>>Would he accept the work
Would you milk a stone if you could milk a sheep?

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>buy Macbook
>random capacitor blows
>send to Rossman or one of the other thousands of independent Apple repair specialists
>they snicker at how shit Apple hardware is while repairing my machine
>my machine gets fixed
>buy PC laptop
>random capacitor blows
>nobody will even look at it, let alone fix it
>tell be to buy a new one because it's a cheap disposable PC
>into the trash it goes

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>>buy Macbook
>>random capacitor blows
Daily occurrence from overheating apple pajeet tier engineering.

>buy PC laptop
>random capacitor blows
Things that never happen.

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In my experience, bullshit. Besides the above mentioned advantages of actually supported hardware, Apple also invests a lot more up-front than design and manufacturing than PC manufacturers, who are working with a small fraction of Apple's resources (design and financial).

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Hes a repair boy. He is a competent scammer that is able to sell himself as some sort of tech god for wannabe tech people on /g/. If you want to speak to a competent electronics engineer, speak to one of the thousands of electronics engineers with a PHD.

Ross man does not create anything of value, he spews his opinions and keeps you entertained with inane content.

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>thinking that fundamentally flawed hardware is actually good
enjoy dust under your keyboards

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He is a good guy. I have learned a lot about business from him

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>Macbook keyboard dies because of poor meme design
>buy a replacement part from one of several shenzhen factories pumping out cheap replacements
>have a functional keyboard
>PC keyboard dies because of poor meme design
>PC is now literal garbage

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You can get "PC laptops" repaired as well.
Fairly sure I've seen Rossman fix Thinkpads.

$2000+ "PC laptops" just don't break that often.

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I watched one of his "repair" videos. His job is literally cleaning cum stains from people's computers. He also knows nothing about circuit design apart from reading a schematic. Your time is better spent watching teardowns by electrical engineers.

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...Apple enjoys a big advantage in that its volume-per-sku is massive compared to the nearest competitor (even if they're a minority of the overall market).

What do you think is the highest-volume PC laptop sold today? I bet it's not 10% of any of Apple's products, and I also bet it's such a cheap piece of junk that nobody would ever bother to fix one anyway.

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>watching repair videos

We only watch his rants.
They are top notch.

I genuinely believe Lenovo changed their mouse button design because of his rant on the Tx40 series.

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>Thinkpad keyboard dies
>you don't care because the blast from the nuke killed you too

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Post a video of anyone fixing any non-Apple laptop/computer/phone/tablet. For every one I'm sure I could post 1000 videos of Apple products being repaired.

So, which brand should you buy with repairability in mind?

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>So, which brand should you buy with repairability in mind?

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>not a meme

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...same is true of phones.

If you have an iPhone, you can get it fixed anywhere on earth immediately. Even in developing countries repair shops stock parts boards and screens and the like for all iPhone models since they're so common. If your Android phone breaks BEST CASE you wait days/weeks for parts to be ordered in, and you can forget about replacing any broken parts anywhere remote.

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>Apple refused to fix that one eceleb's mac pro, even for money
>Nobody, not even apple knows how to fix it

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>buy $20 phone
>makes phone calls
>sends text messages
>browses the internet
>if it breaks the repair costs $20 dollars with no wait
>unless you break your phone 50 times you still come out ahead on price versus an iphone

The only downside is it doesn't fulfill your need for conspicuous consumption.

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False equivalency.

Good luck getting your OnePlus, HTC, Xiaomi, whatever fixed anywhere, wereas there are iPhone repair places on every other block the world over.

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I haven't seen any non-POS PC that have no replacement keyboards available. I don't buy POS hardware -> no problem.

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Imagine being an apple cuck.

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>We only watch his rants.
OP asked if he is competent. I think he is competent at basic grunt work but doesn't understand the circuits he works on. He may be entertaining but if I wanted rants and drama I would go watch reality tv. Kim Kardashian has a better ass.
>I genuinely believe Lenovo changed their mouse button design because of his rant on the Tx40 series.
Maybe he is good at UX and maintainability but designers usually just do a representative survey of their customers. I doubt a huge multinational is going to base design decisions with huge product implications on feedback from one person, no matter how many youtube subscribers they have. Maybe it was a feature commonly requested by business customers.

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>an applecuck actually defending his pajeetPhone being a fragile poorly made piece of shit that needs constant maintainance to not fall apart

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>False equivalency.
Unsupported claim. Good luck filling the hole in your soul with consumerism. Imagine being such a good goy that a high price tag is considered a feature.

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>Ross man does not create anything of value
He creates working computers from broken computers, so in the economic sense you are objectively wrong.

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I have a ~2 year old iPhone SE (not even overpriced). The charge port was getting loose (not surprising given hard use), so I went to a small shop in a second tier city in Vietnam. Guy pulled out an SE bad-board, swapped the charge port section, and I was good to go. Cost me like $20. I'd have the same easy, fast, and cheap experience if I need a new battery or screen.

Do you think I'd get the charge port of any non-Apple phone replaced anywhere in the world? Let alone in 5 minutes while I waited.

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Gets me every time.
I'm amazed Appletoddlers still show their face around here after being cucked this hard.

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>so I went to a small shop in a second tier city in Vietnam.
Enjoy having your cuckPhone bricked by Apple's next killswitch update.

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Yes. Rossmann even sells charge ports for various devices on his site. Unfortunately they did not work for my purposes of trying to repair a speaker.

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>He screwed the Jew long ago
Dude, he's a New Yorker named Rossmann.

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...I also replaced the battery ~6 months ago when I was in Canada. Cost literally fuck all (like $20 including the tools) and did it myself in a couple minutes. Again, good luck with any Android phone with an internal battery.

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Two "N's is German.

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...and for those saying something as exotic and unrepairable-seeming as the iPhone X is unfixable, it's been the best selling phone in the world since it launched, so suppliers and repair places will make it their business to figure out how to fix them, and cheaply.

>> No.66054611 [DELETED] 

>Do you think I'd get the charge port of any non-Apple phone replaced anywhere in the world?
Unlike your proprietary iToy piece of shit, the rest of the world uses universal open standards like USB whose specifications and pinouts are standardized across all devices on the planet. Why are you even on /g/ you tech-illiterate piece of shit?

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I figured he was Italian from his looks. Never thought about his name.

>> No.66054621

He thinks everyone from /g/ who watches him is a dumb asshole and hates them.

He's a pretty cool guy.

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>so I went to a small shop in a second tier city in Vietnam
Warranty voided.

>...I also replaced the battery ~6 months ago when I was in Canada
Warranty voided.

>...and for those saying something as exotic and unrepairable-seeming as the iPhone X is unfixable
Buy a banner ad you street shitting shill.

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You're not going to be a computer repair person after watching rossman videos. You probably don't even understand half the things he says. In one interview he even admitted that he became a computer repair person because it allowed him to sit in front of a camera and tell tall tales.

>> No.66054660

>>You're not going to be a computer repair person after watching rossman videos.
I never wanted to be...

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>do you think i could get a globally standardized 4-pin USB port replaced anywhere in the world?

What has to happen for an Appletoddler troglodyte to become this deluded?

>> No.66054690

>In one interview he even admitted

>> No.66054693 [DELETED] 

iKiddies don't care about technology, just jerking it to their fruity toys.

>> No.66054732 [DELETED] 

>Do you think I'd get the charge port of any non-Apple phone replaced anywhere in the world?
Literally fuck off back to plebbit and don't come back you moron.
You don't even understand how fucking stupid what you just typed was, and that's why you will never belong here.

>> No.66054737

You really think you're going to stick any old USB port on your RandoCorp phone?

That's even more impossible when it comes to batteries and screens.

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>when an iToddler gets BTFO and he doubles down on trying to bullshit his way through

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>I listen to a computer repair boy in my free time
stop embarrassing yourself

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no, just look at this where he begs like 4 year for mac pro schematic because "he couldn't repair it" and wasted good 45 minutes, he could've spent replacing iphone 6 displays.

i think this jessa whatever is actually better, despite order of magnitude worse production quality.

>You probably don't even understand half the things he says
neither does himself

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Educate my senpai.

Just look at the teardowns of Androind phones; they're every bit as delicate and bespoke as an iPhone, the difference being people will learn how to fix those iPhones, and will acquire parts, even to the point of businesses setting up to refurbish parts, or of cloning parts where they aren't available from the OEM.

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Absolutely, the content is refreshing, interesting, at the same time one learns about the practices that apple uses to scam their already demented consumers.

>> No.66054828

Explain yourself; you think all micro USB or USB-C ports are the same and swappable?

Most of these modern Android phones will have unique-to-the-phone ports mounted to flex cables; without a specific replacement part you're SOL.

>> No.66054835 [DELETED] 

>even to the point of businesses setting up to refurbish parts, or of cloning parts where they aren't available from the OEM.

>iCuck ACTUALLY defending apple literally building in cuck technology to prevent 3rd party parts to be used in cuckPhones or else they get bricked
>meanwhile all android phones use standardized protocols and interfaces and accept any 3rd party part without and problems and don't get bricked by lagOS malware

>> No.66054837

What the fuck is wrong with some people?

>> No.66054839

I applaud his effort to keep technology from being throw-away. If my phone breaks, throw it away. If an electronic component on my laptop breaks, throw it away. Same on my video card, stereo receiver, etc. The whole movement toward throwing away anything that doesn't work is bullshit.

It wasn't always this way. Your furnace has an electronic control board inside. If an IC breaks you don't throw away the entire furnace. In most cases you replace the board. Getting people to throw shit away is nothing more than greed. Back to the furnace example, companies found that they were lasting too long with regular maintenance. So they ended up cheaping out on the heat exchangers, making them out of thin cheap metal. It's common for heat exchangers to develop a crack right after the warranty period ends. Guess what, it's a $800-1200 part. Then you add labor, which is high because replacing that part takes an extensive amount of work. You're better off throwing the furnace away and buying a new one.

>> No.66054981 [DELETED] 

>unique-to-the-phone ports mounted to flex cables
Pumped out by the thousands by the original factory to 3rd party distributors specifically for the purpose of serving the repair community. Those literally take 10 seconds to replace, and unlike iShit, it won't brick your phone. Stay cucked moron.

>> No.66054992

I think his point is that he argues like this.

>I'm great, you know this because of how successful I am.

> you just need to try hard to and you can be successful too!

"What about these companies then. Aren't these guys great because they are successful and try hard?"

>n-no! There assholes! They are successful because they are assholes!

"Couldn't you just be successful because your an awesome too then?"

> nah! I'm great! Look at how successful I am!

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>Do you think I'd get the charge port of any non-Apple phone replaced anywhere in the world?

Anywhere soldering irons exist yeah. Meanwhile I could could throw my phone in a shredder and repair it for the price of your charging port repair.

>Let alone in 5 minutes while I waited.
Things that never happened. It takes that long to open a phone. However that's about how long it takes me to check out with my new phone that cost as much as your iphone repair with the used replacement parts discount.

>(not even overpriced)
So you got an iphone with a removable battery, headphone jack, and sd card slot for less than $60? That's a sweet deal.

>> No.66055041

This exactly.

>> No.66055068

I've bought sub-$100 chinkphones. It's amazing what they can do for the price, but they're undeniably shit compared to anything from a first-world manufacturer carrying a first-world price tag.

>> No.66055234

kill all bugs

>> No.66055236

Thats not a fair comaprison. You're comparing phones with 10-15x price differences. Have you tried comparing 500 or 600 dollar chinese branded phones to apple and samsung flagship products? They are quite often better with more innovative features. Before you say there is a quality difference these phones are manufactuerd in the same factories and use brand name components. The only difference is branding and advertising.

>> No.66055293
File: 49 KB, 800x702, patrick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>first-world manufacturer
>cell phones
The Iphone is a chinkphone. So is my $20 android. It has a headphone jack, sd card slot, and a removable battery.

>> No.66056213

He once said his grandma was italian

>> No.66056233

No, you don't understand. They DESIGNED the iphone in california. That makes it an American phone! Never mind the chinese boy assembling it in a factory, don't pay attention to him.

>> No.66056252

He's a funny guy.

>> No.66056253

>muh college

>> No.66056866

I came back and saw this fucking drivel here. Luckily another anon responded as well as I could.

>> No.66058919

I wish he did more DYI/Fix it youtube stuff. Get into building stuff like nixie clocks/radios or other widgets.
Also being a "refugee" from queens he reminds way too much of the reasons I left NYC.

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>> No.66059374

>>you cant criticize someone if they are "worth" more than you
>basically saying since tim cook is worth millions no one can find faults with him and his company/ he cant do wrong.
fuck off autist.

>> No.66059395

>Too autistic to understand that my post was literally pointing out how the e celeb kike uses this as justification and the point being how you can easily turn his argument against him

God imagine being a brainwashed e celeb fanboy brainlet. I'm surprised you fuckwits can function.

>> No.66059436

>speweing out a sentence this incoherent.
nu /g/reddit everyone

>> No.66059451

How is that incoherent newfag? The only redditors here are you eceleb worshipping fucks.

>> No.66059477

op here, dont actually like rossman because he is liberal, but has valid points often.

>> No.66059481

he seems competent
but he seems like an ass to be honest. I don't think I'd want to be his friend because he seems full of it.

Maybe he's not too bad for a New Yorker but compared to the people here in the pacific northwest, he would be considered an ass and a half

>> No.66059483

All this dude does is shit on apple.
So yes

>> No.66059485

Too bad his valid points are ruined by his constant arrogant nature, annoying shit talking, and long winded rants that take forever to come to conclusions. He's the tech equivelent of nutnfancy.

>> No.66059504

been watching for years. not really sure how you can call his rare mentions of how he came up in the world being arrogant. This likely is your opinion as you have never had self confidence and or anything accomplishments in life worth mentioning. Either 16 year old or absolute neet.

>> No.66059524

the last video I saw of him he literally shit talked everybody who uses dry toilet paper, in a video about staples tekdry, for like whole minutes.

It was pretty arrogant

>> No.66059529

>Rare mentions

Literally ever single video I've seen of this prick.

You might be a Jew Yorker too where I come from this guy is one hundred percent unfiltered arrogant asshole. You pointing out how this is "self confidence" when you don't understand the difference between retarded tier hubris and modest confidence shows me you're an underage eceleb fanboy just like the rest.

>> No.66059538

Rossman is /ourguy/ to an extent in that he supports the right to repair when most tech companies make devices that need to be ripped to shreds to be taken apart.

>> No.66059560

Why does he look like tyler1?

>> No.66059566

thats not what arrogant means...
>16 year old confirmed
again incorrect usage of arrogant, samefag.
The only thing i can agree with is he is a bit rude occasionally, but when you are around the spick and nigger trash that is ny, it changes you in that regard, trust me.

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Based Louis.

>> No.66059588

Ah so you are an Jew York kike. No wonder you have zero concept of the difference between being an arrogant and blind prick versus having self respect.

Bragging about your tiny singular repair shop 24/7 and how it somehow puts you head and shoulders up of people you're criticizing constantly who are far more excessive is not only arrogance but it is hypocritical and filled with irony as well.

The people who do the things Rossmann constantly criticizes are more successful than he and could just as easily use the same logic he does constantly to disregard and belittle him as well.

>> No.66059619

living in ny currently for work, not born and raised.
also you are fuckong retarded, it is so fucking rare that he even mentions his success. If people bring it up in chat, he will mention his story.
all americans have a.d.d. i fucking swear

>> No.66059637

He has mentioned in it in nearly every fucking video I've watched him in and he thinks his one business is somehow qualification for him to make videos stroking himself off and telling others how to be "so successful" like he is. He is a massive egotistical douche.

I know it hurts when people criticize your eceleb role model but it doesn't make you right.

>Hurr Americans
>Meanwhile he comes here for work

Kill yourself.

>> No.66059665

stupid americans give me more money than my home country does for my work, you think i am not going to take advantage of that? Oh right, youre an autistic american, that type of logic is beyond your comprehension.

>> No.66059670

They give you more money because we actually allow business here unlike whatever taxed up shithole you came from. Fuck off and kill yourself you stupid shitposting ungrateful cunt.

>> No.66059703

Lol thata retarded americans logic right there. It is actually because your population has an average iq less than 100. So someone like me that was raised in a country where you have to actually work to earn your pay is considered an extremely valuable asset to any company.

>> No.66059712

You sound jealous.

>> No.66059719

Is this what you do? Come somewhere and leech off of them and then spout blatantly false lies about them while they pay your way?

You deserve to be thrown on the fucking streets in whatever shithole you came from, I can already tell it's somewhere real awful judging by your shit English. Ungrateful shitskin faggot.

>> No.66059722

you are pure

>> No.66059727

>Reddit frog cucks like an eceleb


>> No.66059749

>being this butthurt when you are in reality a nigger on welfare, living the niggerneet life.
>acting like you actually even contribute to society.

>> No.66059769

>Have to come to another country to work
>They allow you in
>Make a living because of them
>Shit talk and demean them the entire time

You unironically should be thrown out or killed.

>> No.66059776

>LTT watching /pol/tard fails to understand /g/ meta

>> No.66059789
File: 25 KB, 190x407, pepeplushie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66059807
File: 89 KB, 1080x1055, IMG-20180523-WA0017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BTFO, Apple!


>> No.66059808

if you've watched more than one Rossman video and can't comprehend how people find him to be arrogant, I think you yourself don't even know what it means.

>> No.66059811

not op, am pure american, i just hate your type, nigger type with no work ethic that is. And how you act like you are being american supporting when you really are a neet not benefiting, but hurting your nation. You deserve to be beheaded by muslims for dishonoring such a great nation.

>> No.66059834

Are you fucking retarded? The stupid frog was posted with much less regularity on /b/ longer ago and with different context until the reddit newfags like you took up the banner and started posting it.

Kill yourself. You're literally defending a shitskin leech who came here and works off of the graces of the people here while shitting on them. You're probably a samefag too.

Dont talk Ill about Muslims and blacks your type is far more likely to be supportive and let them in than me shithead.

>> No.66059835

I bet you are one those faggots that think that Linus is arrogant too when he calls out idiots that submit shit code

>> No.66059851

why you got call that "nigger type"
there are plenty of lazy people belonging to all races

If you took a good hard look you'd find that only about 30% of people contribute to society

>> No.66059866

Hahaha the leech foreigner is a nigger too. Can't make this shit up.

It's the nigger type because of averages and statistics shitskin. Niggers are unintelligent criminals more than any other group.

>> No.66059913

lol what statistics are you looking at that draws the conclusion that niggers are unintelligent criminals more than any other group?

you've obviously made up your mind about people and putting other people down clearly makes you feel better about yourself, so I'm not going to try to change your mind.
but that shits racist yo.

>> No.66059969

>Are you fucking retarded? The stupid frog was posted with much less regularity on /b/ longer ago and with different context until the reddit newfags like you took up the banner and started posting it.
This reply would fit surprisingly well as reply to your own post >>66059727.
I'm giving this back to you. Please let me know which part of your "special" brain won the discussion.
Don't try to waste your time one the first question ,,Are you fucking retarded?".

>> No.66059988
File: 520 KB, 1531x841, ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow could be the multitudes of evidence out there that you can find by searching for 5 minutes maybe?

Go figure the Reddit invasion brought so many of your types here too.

>> No.66060261

>mfw louis probably browses 4chinz and is actually a mod here

>> No.66060352

For all his talk of being amazing at what he does he fails at basic soldering techiques and applications, his solutions are often fixes that could be done in ways they don't require him to end up destroying the computer when his fix fails, he uses too much flux, and he rants and raves about how he's amazing while Apple is terrible meaning there's more resentment than "hardware sucks". Good on him for starting a business bad on him to talk as if he's a hood rat doing dad jokes.

>> No.66060392

>For all his talk of being amazing at what he does he fails at basic soldering techiques and applications
Literally every video I've seen where he repairs something he talks about how he's shit at soldering and that's why he hires other people to do it for him. And at the end of the day, even his sloppy work is miles ahead of the street shitters in charge of fixing Applel's trash, who just toss the entire fucking motherboard into a volcano and call it reflowed.

>> No.66060413

yeah he's good.

>> No.66060782

Planned obsolescence is planned. I agree that they aren't screw you for cause of malice, but they're screwing you for cause of money. To state that they, or any tech company, don't mean to screw the customer is naive, and supporting that statement with the argument:
>if broken update, then outrcry+loss of goodwill
>outcry+loss of goodwill is bad for the company
>rolling out update is insensible
>therefore they didn't mean to screw the customer
is beyond retarded. Limiting your analysis of metabusiness to purely rational stipulations in the modern world will limit the strength of your evaluation. Beyond being a dated aphorism, Hanlon's razor isn't nearly comprehensive enough to sufficiently analyze the moral decisions of anything, except for literal morons.

I would say that he actually isn't a cynical guy, but merely a sensible businessman that knows which business practices disagree with him on a fundamental level. You sound pretty naive, on the other hand. Try to remember that with big companies, it's always about money and how much they can get away with before the backlash surpasses the threshold of no return. Whether they intended to screw you isn't the question. Facebook harvests all data and screws everyone and turns a fat profit while raping the privacy of innocently ignorant people. That these huge tech companies become demons to make a profit without setting out to become demons doesn't mean their actions aren't demonic.

>> No.66060796

>Who just toss the entire
Or they glue a piece of shoe rubber to a chip and call it fixed.

>> No.66060812

I agree with him on topics pertaining to technology but I wish I didn't have to hear him talk about how great libertarianism (read: lolbertarianism) is.

>> No.66060851

People can fail out of college for reasons other than competence. The guy clearly has mental issues and an antagonist social disposition. There's no way he could have cut it at a college in this decade. Some people have that special kind of non-DSM autism where they can't separate the actual environment from what the environment is meant to be. Their brains end up sperging out and render them unable to utilize their mental faculties at the high levels within their capacity when they're in the right environment, i.e., at home, with self-driven learning. Just because people learn differently and can't adjust to the sick environments of modern college campuses doesn't mean that they're incompetent. He clearly knows what he's talking about, and being arrogant or mean spirited is irrelevant.

>> No.66060874

I don't think his parents beat him enough. He's a little dick (a manlet too) with a shit personality. His parents should be ashamed of the angry little hobbit they raised!

>> No.66060877

>buying any laptop ever

>> No.66060903

t. Communist newfag

>> No.66060922

I only found out about this guy last week. Haven't watched enough videos yet to form an opinion about him. Looking through his video list though, I can say he has a hate boner for Apple.

>> No.66060936

Yes, he seems like guy that can into electronics. And he makes good shit and giggles about Appel inc.

>> No.66060938

>Spends his life fixing their retarded designs
I would have a hate boner for them too.

>> No.66060943

He is ourguy, since he uses Thinkpad and hates Apple (for a reason, by the way).
And he is not ourguy because he prefers Windows to GNU/Linux.

>> No.66060951

lmao what is your problem

>> No.66060998

That's cool man.
The right to repair will allow us to get parts and service manuals for everything from phones to dishwashers to freezers to routers.

It'll be great for us /diy/ /g/ents.

>> No.66061001

His arguments are correct though. Apple is built on the exploitation of shitty labor laws in the third world, pandering to fanboys-turned-cultists, cutthroat capitalist practices including corporate espionage, straight up lying to consumers, data harvesting, and shameless planned obsolescence. The success of small business owners from working hard while abiding by decent moral consciences is infinitely more deserving of respect than the success of ethically void megacorps, and the paths to success are worlds apart.

>> No.66061018

He's a bad advocate for the right to repair since he's so aggressive/strident/full of himself.

They should send Jessa around to all the news shows she's fantastic at selling the cause: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9TZAX3IXO0

>> No.66061146
File: 176 KB, 813x1402, 1506715548014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66061153
File: 9 KB, 204x247, 1502008499330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>BTFO, Apple!
What did he mean by this?

>> No.66061399

Yeah but he's a retarded and should stop from making grand analogies.
>watching that video about young boys being discouraged from doing supposedly literally anything that boys fo
>points to the fact that most primary teachers are women as evidence of this
>says that he used to get in trouble at school for being a disruptive kid
>somehow equates to opening a third party apple servicing store as a disruptive action that would have been frowned down upon cause opening businesses is somehow a male trait in life (which it arguably is, but the nigger made too goddamn big of a deal about it)
>says he's successful cause he pursued the things that got him in trouble when he was a kid
>ties it all back to muh soggy knees and men's rights, somehow
>didn't cross his mind that maybe he got in trouble all the fucking time cause he acted like a goddamn faggot and that his teachers were fed up with his shit
This guy has no self awareness.

>> No.66062678
File: 2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 1516274175062.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He is a meme

>> No.66063094
File: 16 KB, 427x250, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66063256
File: 191 KB, 390x3281, ya know he has to do it to apple.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66063340

His eyes are like assholes.

>> No.66063668

He literally called one of his videos "idiots repair Macbooks". He constantly calls himself an idiot who just wings shit. He can point to an achievement and say "I did this!" and he's completely right to do so.

>> No.66064195

rly maed me thnk

>> No.66064228

>Is he competent?
In Mac repairs? Hell yeah b-bruther.
>Is he competent?
In bed? I hear he is.
>Is he competent?
As a road bike racer? Hell no!

>> No.66064428

didn't Louis mess up his legs and refuses surgery?

>> No.66064451

He's competent, but his philosophy is wack. The right to repair is bullshit and harmful to the economy, weakening large corporations that provide work for more people than are hypothetically lost if every little shit could open a repair shop.

>> No.66064562

I get the feeling fa/g/s have been going to Louis' videos and he picked up BTFO but doesn't quite understand what it means.

>> No.66064565
File: 152 KB, 768x768, 1503196227376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>weakening large corporations
Kill yourself you fucking cuck.

>> No.66064567


This is coming from the same company that admitted they slow performance on older phones after major iOS updates to "save battery life" a.k.a - push people to buy new devices by driving them insane

>> No.66064595

Well, he shares my filosofy for anal cleansing so I guess he has that going for him.

I don't approve of his foam mouthed rambling style tho.

Atleast he is trying to do good for the consumer.

>> No.66064646

nice bait

>> No.66064664

Hi, Louis.

>> No.66064794

Do you even believe yourself. There are keyboards for even eee PC at Aliexpress.

>> No.66065415


>> No.66065446

lol then you fix the touch ic chip, or a blown fuse next time your iToddler product breaks mister intellectual

>> No.66065623

I'm kind of with this anon. He seems like a person who goes "I'm a very rational person and can change my opinion if my worldview conflicts with facts" and turns really annoying and pushy if differences in opinion arise.

Other than that he probably is an alright guy. He has made me see a few things in a new light so I guess he does have some valuable life experience.

>> No.66066484

> You're opinion is invalid because no college.

You do realize that you become competent by knowing things not by going to some building and getting a piece of paper from administration?

>> No.66066777

>the vast majority of billionaires are incompetent

>> No.66067846

Blown the fuck out, Apple!

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