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sorry anon, i'm sure you're a nice person.. but i've had so many bad experiences with Linux boys in the past..
d-do you think you can try Windows 10 for me?

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this thread is gay

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What is this fucking gay shit?

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The botnet wants me to be alone.

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no thanks.

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Trips of gayness.

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If you can take it up the ass on the regular, I can try Windows. We can share the common feeling of pain and violation.

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Saika is cute.

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where you can find a qt bf to hold and love? not necessarily a guy going through hrt heh

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Who's this girl? She's cute.

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>girl, cute
anon... i

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Sorry bro, not gonna happen.

Tennis is the patrician's sport.

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What the fuck?

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of course
>opens w10 on VM

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it's okay, anon
saika is as cute as anastasia

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I'm sorry, you're gay now anon, we have pamphlets for this now. It gets easier when you just accept that sometimes you'll want to fap to 2D traps because they're hotter than 2D girls sometimes.

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What if you want to BE the trap and fuck the girl?

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traps usually wants to be fuck by guy
sometimes there are aggressive traps who want to fuck guy

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Girl with strap on silicon or rubber phallus pegging trap in the anus. Is not gay?

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Y-Yorokonde, Kouhai.

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Back to >>>/a/ weebs.

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and you back do plebbit

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trap x girl is patrician as fuck
>get to be cute and wear girls' clothing
>still get to fuck girl, nothing gay about it
I definitely want to dress up in a cute outfit and fuck a girl someday

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ah yes, that's another option too
not sure if gay because a boy wearing a girl dress
no way. it's comfy af here

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name in filename

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it's not really gay if it's 2D

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Of course honey, I'm setting up my Windows Home Server right now!

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Where do you think you are? How cute.

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A Windows Home Server? What for?

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>For the longest time I've fought the botnet.
>I said no, and that I would stand strong.
>Gave GNU Linux and it's distros multiple go's and tried really hard to achieve productive technological nirvana.

All the ricing in the world won't be able to pass off Loonix as an acceptable productive OS for the common man. It's simply got too many autistic programers for it, and it's so fucking forked.

>Installed Windows 10 LTSB

Not bad. Runs decent. No cortana, no adds and yeah it's actually okay.
>It still spies on me
>...rationalize what the botnet can gain from me.
>It's not a real issue. I don't have anything of worth to steal.

>Installed Windows 10 Pro
>Updated to the latest release

It's actually fucking great, and I still get to registry disable what I don't want to run.
No more trying to get something to work only to realize there is another thing I need to work on.

>NOT Running teh botnet.

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bennis ? :DD :DDD

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But I love you anon

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Install Vista

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>press on the screen hard enough so that it blurs

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>I wont date you unless you change for me

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Sorry, but I only date boys.

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Shitty old TNs, you just literally had to touch them.

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