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Yesterday I was beating my dick to some really good porn. Suddenly an ad (pic related) came up, and I thought: "What the fuck? That's straight up the fucking debian logo."

Coincidence? I Think not.

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This is some fucked up shit

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nice dubs send the debian team an email

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that's actually the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD logo

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yup, there’s also a freebsd deli. I’m pretty sure they know about this though, but send them an email just in case. By the way, that’s the kfreebsd/debian logo.

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my bad. i'll send them an email

it was a really good video though

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The Debian devs will be seething.
If it was wickedteens then they'd be ok, but milfs? That can't pass with the average Debian user with their high class and high taste Linuxpedo standard.

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yup, that's what I thought.
It's a disgrace to the community that their logo is used on a porn company involving milfs


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Milfs can not be tolerated according to the Linux OpenPEDO licence. This must be stopped, now!

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Unironically inform debian devs and enjoy those based GNU nerds skullfuck the shit out of those greedy porn kikes.

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Fucking kek.
It'd be fun to watch, I will as soon as I get home.

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Isn't the logo under a free license?

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Not when it is used to blaspheme Debian and the Linux ecosystem with shriveled dusty roasties instead of fresh and tender smooth-skinned teen girls. This is a fucking outrage.

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Agreed. An absolute disgrace to the Debian community.

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Free as in free to get fucked.

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Just like middle-aged women.

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I laughed too much at this

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>Debian invented the spiral and is the only entity to use a spiral as a logo
Shut the fuck up and stop advertising your filthy porn site on /g/

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>literally copy pasted with horns added
>this blind cuck starts talking about generic spirals

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You should take a long look at yourself. Milfs? How in the actual fuck can you allow the Debian logo being used on milf porn? You should be ashamed of promoting such cuckoldry.

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>implying debian wasn't named for a shriveled dusty roastie + a dumb faggot that killed himself

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They didn't add horns. This is the Debian/kFreeBSD's port logo.

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MILF porn is better then scrawny inexperienced teen porn you utter pleb

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How can you prefer a disgusting 40 y/o+ pussy that's probably been fucked by thousands of men, rather than a perfect, smooth, butterly teen's. Fucking cuck

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>not nutting to tight white teens being completely surprised and stretched out by big black cock
Take your MAGA hat, shove it up your ass, and then prance back to >>>/pol/

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Says right here its an open use logo so MILFs can do whatever the fuck they want.

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You've never fucked your best friends mom have you you insufferable trap porn fapping borderline queer?

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>It's a mommy teaches you about sex porn site

>Get off the phone, I wanna play!
>This is what a penis looks like
>Dont be scared honey!
>Mom squirts on daughters face
>Slutty moms take advantage of young stud
>Mom was right. Dick does taste good!
>Wow ur dick is so thick Bobby!
>Quiet! Dad might hear us!
>Talk about a family affair
>Fucking a hot ginger milf and her daughter
>Mom and daughter sucking cock

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>discussing porn
>mentions the word prance
Freudian slipping furfag detected.

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Reminder that you can recreate the Debian """logo""" in 30 seconds in Illustrator because it just uses two default filters.
They just happened to do the same.

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You can't recreate the copy pasted dots and crevices and all the random shit around and on the border of the spirals, without copy pasting it completely, and it is a perfect match.

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post some clips niggre

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Why would anyone recreate it anyway when it can be downloaded and freely used?

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How do you know they're not in a partnership?

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>>65906544 (checked)

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You are right

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Go fuck yourself, bum.

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What if free bsd stole the logo from the porn site?

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* thinking intensifies *

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I start to think, everything BSD related induces copyright infringement.

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what were u fapping to? need a quickie and have nothing to fap

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