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When is Kotlin going to take off and supersede Java as the primary language for writing restful services?

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Never, Java has enough reasons to die, but none of them is kotlin

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Kotlin looks fun and performant, the complete opposite of Gotenks.

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>Gotenks not fun

what a cuck

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Java 10 is the best

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C# is without any doubt far superior to Java.
Kotlin is the new contender, but it's way to soon to call anything.

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REST is trash, use graphQL.

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even nodejs shits all over java
unless you're a dumb pajeet, of course. then you'll still think java is better

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t. dumb web dev

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shut your filthy shit mouth, pajeet

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Gotenks, Kid Trunks and Goten are annoying as hell, definitely not amusing and 100% cancer. They together with the whole majin boo arc, db gt, dbs, lolis and probably half of all other animes/mangas are prime examples for why two nukes weren't enough.

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When it beats Node.js, so never.

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lmao nodejs is shit

Vert.x makes it looks like the absolute toddler toy it is. I imagine any company pouring money into nodeJS will regret it in 3-5 years if they don't already.

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Trunks (at least future Trunks) is one of the best characters in the whole franchise. He is the third strongest saiyan, he has a nice waifu and he is a seasoned veteran warrior.

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lol.. Kotlin is Scala for brainlets.

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You can list the differences using your fingers.
It tries to copy C# features except with a shitty syntax and restrictions of the jvm.

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Both are pretty shit and had to be reimplemented for the open source community when devs realized that walled gardens and proprietary security suck. If more brainlet programmers were responsible enough for C++, those languages would have died out long ago.

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Majin Buu arc was amazing why do cucks insist it was bad?

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I strongly disagree but

>They together with the whole majin boo arc, db gt, dbs, lolis and probably half of all other animes/mangas are prime examples for why two nukes weren't enough.

Holy shit, I laughed. I'll definitely going to drop that one to irritate weaboos if necessary.

Based nuke anon

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I bet his distaste comes from power level porn inserted into Majin Boo arc and so on. DBS took that to a whole other level -- to me even making Majin Boo arc acceptable.

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C# hasn't been reimplemented in the open source community. Microsoft decided to let the C# and dotnet teams out of their cage and the result is roslyn, dotnet core, and vs code.

C++ is dangerous for all developers and should be reserved for performance critical code. Even extremely good developers let the occasional use after free or other boneheaded bug past them. In higher languages, bugs usually cause exceptions. In lower languages bugs usually cause security vulnerabilities.
And contrary to the circle jerk, using a language with no memory safety does not make you a more "real" developer. Knowing your shit, being a polyglot, and using the right tool for the job is what makes you a real developer.

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Even though Kotlin is a better and has more modern features. The reason that Java (and its clone C#) will maintain dominance in enterprise programming is because forced classic OO is so easy to reason about when you are dealing with huge code bases being worked on by thousands of programmers. Kotlin (or Swift, or Go) would make large code bases unmanageable as it introduces more personalized imperative and functional code styles that wont mesh with other peoples code.

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Java cannot be beaten it is in use by too many vital systems

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>use a generic graph query language to replace an arbitrary resource specification schema based on HTTP

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>static typing
>everything is auto
What the fuck is this?

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>pleb doesn't understand type inference
Wait until you use F#, your puny mind will be blown away

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Oh no I understand type inference you CIA nigger, I'm telling you that in a statically typed language forcing people to use it is fucking retarded.

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>pleb claims to understand type inference
>actually doesn't
nothing new under the sun
enjoy overloading the same function for every type you can imagine

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Oh buddy you sure are a fuckin stupid one aren't you. What I'm saying is that not allowing me to say "This is an unsigned char" or "This is a 64-bit int" means that, if certain functionality relies on the implementation details of a type, you essentially have to revert to fucking hungarian notation so that people will know what type a variable is supposed to be. All this auto meme shit is fine and good when you're working on a small codebase but in a corporate setting you're totally fucked. Try explaining to pajeet why he can't just re-use your Add function on his new class. It's a fucking exercise in frustration.

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If you want to work in the nitty gritty of types and live in the world of bitmasks and shifts then go use C, you nigger. People who have deadlines and need to get shit done will live without worrying if their int is unsigned or 32/64 bits

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Any feature worth using in C#, Kotlin can do better.

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>He didn't know that /a/ and /b/ pioneered the two nukes joke in a raid, and thus can't be irritated by it.
It's still a good classic though.
>Either Mono didn't historically reimplement C# or the MIT license isn't open source.
>Fire is dangerous and should only be used in engines, not cooking.
There is a reason why I specifically criticized about responsibility anon. Also the abuse of unsafe pointers and precompiler directives have been in decline for some time, due to the standard finally adapting features from other languages. Two such examples are the standard containers implementing functions to execute lambdas on each element, as well as monads. C++ is clawing it's way back from it's exile to vidya and microcontrollers, and the time to reeducate devs about not drinking and programming is running short.

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Baka. Mono is an implementation of a C# compiler and the CLR. It was mostly developed by Xamarin which is now a subsidiary of Microsoft. It's the equivalent of openjdk and was only made because Microsoft took like 15 years to understand that maybe this Linux thing is going to take off.

Cooking on a grill or stove is fine. Lighting a fire on your kitchen floor is not. Analogies suck. You will make errors. C++ makes it trivial to accidentally fuck yourself over. Bolting more bullshit onto a language that was originally "C, but with a bunch of bullshit bolted on" won't make it better, it just makes it even more of a clusterfuck and makes long term maintenance of a C++ codebase that much more of a minefield. Want C++ but safer? Unironically use Rust. It has all the safety with none of the room for accidently invoking nasal demons. Want comfy development where the language gets out of your way but gives you 80% of what you need for a typical job? Use C#, Java, fucking golang, whatever. Not C++. You might as well be writing COBOL for how utterly deprecated it is.

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C# and Java have proofable safety and that is the future.

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i'm a java dev i hope it never dies

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Even if Java dies, there's going to be a ton of old Java software that needs to be maintained. Java would probably be like the new Cobol.

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Fuck off to /a/. This is technology board.

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>even nodejs shits all over...

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This is an anime website, faggot.

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oh btw netflix is migrating 1/2 of the infrastructure to node.js, but yeah what do they know

sorry, got to go back to earn my $8k/month remotely writing JS fulltime

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This is an alt-right website. Anime is for losers.

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Fuck off Piccolo

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alt-right is full of pedos so they LOVE anime

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also haskelljava

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Never, it literally can't exist without Java

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Prove it. Anything in C# kotlin does much worse
Example: nullable types in C# are followed by one ! whereas in kotlin they put two !!.
The naming is inconsistent and type erasure is not going anywhere. pjeets know nothing about designing a language. Stick to lagdroid

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Oops I mean ? for C# and lots of different garbage for kotlin including the !! operator.
The JVM sepples going functional-ish

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but Kotlin was designed by russians

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>Example: nullable types in C# are followed by one ! whereas in kotlin they put two !!.
Non-nullable reference types (e.g. the types you're actually going to be using 90% of the time) do not exist in C#

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Can't you do like val stuff : type = ... ?

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>This is an incel website
No, sorry, that's just /pol/

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It is supposed to be added in C# 8
I am against it because it is exactly the same bullshit as checked exceptions.
It is supposed to give warning though in C# and not errors unless you decide to enforce it in some setting.
Also, the syntax for non nullable is ! and for nullable ?
! for NOT nullable
? for maybe null?

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Imagine being this gay lmao

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Checked exceptions are a good thing, you lazy slob.
>Also, the syntax for non nullable is ! and for nullable ?
>! for NOT nullable
>? for maybe null?
And people say C# isn't a C++-tier mess.

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As opposed to what? Java? Where Integer can be null by default and cucks you out of simple types like unsigned because 'not kosher'? Or kotlin where you have to write !!!!!!!
Enjoy your memes. C# design team always picks the sane way to enable the dev to write code that expresses his intent.

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>Foo is a nullable class
>Foo! is a non-nullable class
>Bar? is a nullable struct
>Bar is a non-nullable struct
If you can't see the problem here there's no saving you.

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Also, checked exception are shit just like your PL

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>Foo is always nullable le Null(((Pointer)))Exception
>There is no Bar struct
If you don't see the problem, there is no saving you.

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An API which doesn't document the exceptions it may throw is a shitty API. The only difference with checked exceptions is that it enforces the correctness of that documentation.

Being simple and gimped is better than being complicated and inconsistent.

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It ensures absolutely nothing useful at all.
It is just handcuffs.
>simple and gimped
Java is neither. Kotlin is a just suitable java for android needs.
Java is the epitome of inconsistent standard library and half baked features.
All this non nullable and nullable mess doesn't even matter most of the times.
Its use is only where makes sense.
Java Boolean can either be true, false or null which makes no sense at all!
bool is either true or false. A nullable bool is a tristate which should be only used when needed like opening a dialog box and getting a bool? result indicating what happened (true, false, undefined).
But you are out of luck because you got your baby duck syndrome on java. Poor anon.

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>It is just handcuffs.
You might as well claim that returning a value which isn't Object is "just handcuffs" because it limits the evolution of your API. Knowing what your method throws is exactly as reasonable an expectation as knowing what your method returns.

Have some discipline you fucking code monkey.

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Isn't kotlin kill, arent they ditching it for flutter

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Kotlin wont replace c#, but I can wish it to replace Java, its a step in the right direction for it.
But with the amount of legacy Java code around, its here for good. It will be the new COBOL.

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ITT: No one has a clue what they're talking about. At least be informed about upcoming features before starting arguments about them


string firstName; // Not null
string? middleName; // May be null

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You clearly haven't used anything other than guava and apache.
The real world java is not your perfect useful readable documentation you pretentious faggot.
Stick to you inconsistent libraries, useless over makeup and kosher that you don't get to decide.
Most of SO java questions are literally NPE because your 'simple design' is all shitty objects. Nothing is what it means. List is an interface, interface is not a contract, Integer can point to null, strings operators are magically overloaded, == compares references for strings, Boolean is not only true or false, and generics but with type erasure! Nice meme.

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Nice cherry picking. Those are discussions about the future of it and are not implemented or finally decided yet.

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I seriously doubt they'd go to all the effort of implementing and releasing official previews of it without things being pretty much decided already.


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Then you have no idea what you are talking about.
Proposals of many F# features reached high in the design list and they had it almost working with prototypes but knocked it off because it was inconsistent.

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>take off
pick one

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always funny to see science degree cucks afraid of stuff like php or node.

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>List is an interface
Which makes perfect sense. List is an ADT, not any particular kind of list. Why it this a problem?
>Integer can point to null
>Boolean is not only true or false
All reference types have the same behaviour. Making exceptions is the stupid thing to do.
>strings operators are magically overloaded
This is actually bullshit.
> == compares references for strings
Once again, consistency is the goal here. What does == do for two objects in C#? You can't know unless you check their definition of the type. Operator overloading is questionable but it's especially bad with reference types and no referential transparency.
> generics but with type erasure
This is bullshit.

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Hmm this actually might be a better idea than using !
It still isn't decided though.

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>being this mad
>unironically defending misfeatures
Stop being a tubro lang babby. Your PL is objectively shit and you have to swallow it.

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>unironically defending misfeatures
That's the domain of Csharts with inconsistent operator overloads, inconsistent reference/value semantics and inconsistent nullability though.

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What ever makes you sleep at night when looking at those sour grapes

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I use Racket, I don't care what you OOPeasants have to deal with. I'm simply stating the truth that Java is consistent and readable where C# is bloated and intractable.

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I use your mom. She is even more bloated and inconsistent that sepples.

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>animeme website
>butthurt when people talk about anime

woah, what a fag!

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contrarians and nostalgia fags

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>claims she uses FPL
>says java is more readable and consistent
No further proof needed. You don't have a programming job. You have never touched racket. You have never used java in production for job. You never used or read about C#.
You are just a silly underage who asked dpt/sqt for easiest PL to learn and book resources who thinks effective java is a good read.

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Once android 8 and 9 are on majority of devices. So, 3 years from now.

>> No.65881208

>Android 9
Fuchsia and dart.

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fuck off weebs

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How is it nostalgia when it came out immediately after the cell games? It was just shit, buu was an okay villain but they didn't do any good by having all the other new support hero characters that were God awful

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GraphQL obsoleted REST

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>Historically was used as a clear modifier for the point.
>Point out that Microsoft panicked and bought up an upstart company in order to not eventually have to compete with them on their own platform in the future.
>Still doesn't negate the fact that mono is MIT licensed.
Have you no shame in sucking a company's anticompetitive cock? High quality compilers for feverishly protected enterprise languages don't just come from nowhere, they require someone footing the bill to hire dedicated, competent, and experienced developers. The fact that a company was bought out in order to control it and to protect microbucks is an indictment of C#.
>He thinks lethal house fires don't happen from stove mishaps already.
Saying that most people should prefer (by default) using their microwave does a disservice to the microwave itself just as much as it does for chefs and cooks. People need to learn that danger inherently comes with power, and be acclimated to it in order to use the lion's share of libraries in the broader ecosystem. The fact that a massive amount of websites were crippled by a popular library not meshing well with a bug fix is an indication of the danger faced by centralizing toolchains. Running away from the upper foundation of software development is impossible if you actually care about your comfy languages.
>Well known and respected features from other languages that incentivise safer development by being more approachable or adaptable is somehow not inherently good.
So this is the power of enterprise programming.
>Unironically engaging with /pol/
>A population that is a subset of two other populations implys that the majority of the other two populations are subsets of each other
>Insulting both in an ambiguous defense of one of them.
wew. It's no wonder why /g/ has a bad reputation.

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Jesus christ take your pills

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no u

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The nukes don't prevent anime
Because the nukes CAUSED anime.

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>> generics but with type erasure
>This is bullshit.
Did they change how generics work in java? Last time I've checked, you couldn't do something like
class Factory<T> {
T create() {
return new T();

because of type erasure.

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>i'm a java dev i hope it never dies
I hope Pajeets programmers die painfully

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Flutter is a toolkit
The language is Dart
Kotlin can be natively compiled and might actually be Flutter-compatible
It's up to JetBrains to figure that out though

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No, I'm agreeing with you. What you described doesn't work, and that's one of the few criticisms I think actually holds.

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>>65882972 >>65883035
>He doesn't know programming is a woman's job and not a man's.
Anon should not be wrong in assuming we're all little girls here.

>> No.65883473

>>He doesn't know data entry is a woman's job and not a man's.
which is why all the "for Girls!" groups are for things like RoR, Python and webshit.

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+ for strings might be compile time operation or calls string builder.

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>He thinks both fields weren't women's jobs in the very beginning, as well as post-war.
/pol/ is so easy to bait. All it takes is one letter to attract their attention, and one meme they're ignorant about to hook them. RIP thread.

>> No.65883832

>>65882972 here
>RIP thread.
you bet
who's from pol tho?

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>Open source languaje tied to a closed source commercial IDE

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>Making exceptions is the stupid thing to do.
Java has primitive types but they are useless most of the times. Java is too literal about things like List and ArrayList but when it comes to the meaning of 'Integer' and 'Boolean' suddenly it doesn't matter if they have undefined value of null which is absolutely shit because you have to work with bool and int 99% of the times.

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Is Kotlin actually innovative in any way?
I read the Wikipedia page and see no reason to use it instead of Clojure or Scala. It just seems like a less shitty Java.

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>Once again, consistency is the goal here. What does == do for two objects in C#? You can't know unless you check their definition of the type. Operator overloading is questionable but it's especially bad with reference types and no referential transparency.
First of all, == defaults to Rerference equality unless defined.
Second, moot argument is moot. Operator overloading is provided for convenience and readability and there are guidelines for operator overloading and not following them is your own demise.
Also, it is not like you can't implement equals() however you like which is also your own demise.
This really does make java look simple doesn't it? Not having anything but basic shit and even so it lacks unsigned types and new features are just new makeup.
But ask yourself if that will result in simple code.
What do you do for DateTime when you want to subtract? In C# this is just - operator where as in Java you probably have to call the subtract method.
Oh and char is an unsigned short. So much for consistency.

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only watched dbz (kai) for the first time recently but it was probably the arc I liked the least, it started off strong and definitely had some great characters/moments/sub arcs but it also had some retarded characters and moments and just dragged on for far too long, it's something like 68 episodes long on kai (longer on the original) but they could have told the story better in like 40-50 episodes

plus the ending was absolutely atrocious

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I hope you're not talking shit about Super Buu and Gotenks.

>> No.65884424

See >>65883473 . If he were a /g/ native, he would know why webshit attracts everyone, be somewhat familiar with leaking /a/ memes, and know enough about computer science history to not engage in the "women in STEM" counter circlejerk for CS.

>> No.65884494

>See >>65883473(You)
>a /g/ native
>know why webshit attracts everyone
>be familiar with /a/ memes,
> know enough about computer science history to know about its "actually women!" urban legends
you mean literally me?
no need to be this booty blasted, fren
bantz is bantz

>> No.65884651

excellent bait!

>> No.65884972

>stop forcing this meme and go back to /r/The_Donald

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>i can't respond to these arguments so it must be bait!!!!
Thanks for taking the bait?

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>He doesn't recognize /g/ as culturally /a/
>"Urban legends" that were part of the origins of compilers and higher ordered languages.
>unironically using "Booty Blasted"
w e w, inviting /pol/ to the board is some serious thirst. Do you normally enjoy putting baits on another guy's bait, or are you just covering for the fact you got caught shitting up a mildly promising thread like it's on /v/?

>> No.65885126

>unironically believing the Ada myths
Let me guess, you also see absolutely no problem with CoCs, right?
Talk about falling for the indoctrination.
>Do you normally enjoy putting baits on another guy's bait
>or are you just covering for the fact you got caught shitting up a mildly promising thread
You seem to be laboring under the impression that this is anything but a *painfully* obvious low effort shitpost using the usual /g/ WamanInTech shitpost cliches
Seriously, how new to this are you?
>everyone who disagrees with me is /pol/
lurk /consumerism/ more, pleb

>> No.65885327

>Microsoft panicked over Mono so they bought Xamarin.
You're so wrong it's blinding. MS bought Xamarin in 2016 so they could relicense Mono as MIT and also relicense the entire Xamarin SDK library as MIT. This fits into ther new (as of 2014) strategy to embrace the open source community by releasing a shitload of dev tools and specs as open source.
Also Roslyn was open source under MIT before they bought Xamarin.

Microsoft no longer wants to sell software as their main business plan. They want to sell computation services like Amazon and they want to sell support like Red Hat. To encourage adoption of their platform they're creating an ecosystem of open tools that just so happen to plug into Azure with essentially no effort (installing a nuget package), and make total financial sense to use.

>More food prep analogies.
They're retarded. Stop it.

>Danger comes with power.
And that's why if you want to do unsafe direct memory operations in C# you have to declare a region unsafe, and enable unsafe operations with a compiler flag. I've only ever had to do this once to interface with some janky ass hardware.
C++ is always unsafe. You cannot mark regions safe without external proofing tools.

>Centralization is bad
To an extent. The js community is just crap, so it's not surprising the pm and dep management is trash. Pm and dep management on C#, Java, Python are all great. The community is way more professional about curation than js shits, so you don't get packages with 38 dependencies that may or may not be around next week, or might release a "minor" api breaking change. It's less npm and more apt.

>Bolting more shit onto C++ will definitely work this time guys.
I've been personally hearing this since C++11 and it just isn't true. A language should be very careful about adding features. C++ has been accumulating them like a katamari ball. It makes working with others painful because everyone has a different cross section of the language in their head.

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very well worded on most points, fren
also all MS management gets the gas

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>Not recognizing when someone is referencing Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.
The absolute state of /g/'s /his/tory knowledge.
>Reading comprehension so shit he didn't realize the post assumed you weren't /pol/.
Thanks for the laughs anon, don't let the feminist boogeyman keep you down.

>> No.65886295

>crap I got completely BTFOd
>let's hail mary this shit
>"haha you didn't read my mind when I wrote all that vague shit"
>"hee hee ur dum"
you sad sad thing

>> No.65886425

>the post assumed you weren't /pol/
>/pol/ is so easy to bait.
>If he were a /g/ native

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What female person could have been seriously referenced when compilers were mentioned? Who else could the criticism of "Inviting /pol/" be aimed at if not a person who isn't from /pol/? You probably struggle programming in production because you can't check documentation or understand comments that explain the purpose of functions.
>Literally needs things pointed out
>w e w, inviting /pol/ to the board is some serious thirst.

>> No.65886562

>haha I didn't blame /pol/, because I didn't do it in every single one of my posts
what kind of drugs are you on, you lunatic?

>> No.65886619

>nuh uh I totally wasn't vague
Nah nig, you started with the vague "waman computer science history" shit and I called you out on one example of the myths pushed in that area
you trying to twist words and move goal posts won't work that easily

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>Criticism of your actions is blaming /pol/
>Pointing out what was already said is twisting words and moving goal posts.
Maybe Mindless Consumerism really would be a better title for the board considering how easily people get hooked into a debate by pretty obvious trolls, and then try to save themselves by using buzzwords. If you didn't try to guess what a person was saying rather than interpreting their words, you would have a far more enjoyable experience.

Glad to see this shitshack hasn't changed. Stay easy /g/entoomen.

>> No.65887133

>literally blaming /pol/ in multiple (but not all) posts is TOTALLY not blaming /pol/
gotta love when you run out of arguments so badly that you have to resort to blatant lies

>> No.65887147

>Maybe Mindless Consumerism really would be a better title for the board considering how easily people get hooked into a debate by pretty obvious trolls, and then try to save themselves by using buzzwords. If you didn't try to guess what a person was saying rather than interpreting their words, you would have a far more enjoyable experience.
t. word salad tosser

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>this is my argument

>> No.65889024

node.js already did that

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