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/g/ shilled me SumatraPDF and Cryptomator and I love both programs.
SumatraPDF is a superfast and minimalistic PDF reader, Cryptomator is perfect for protecting your files stored in the cloud.

Name other programs you love and everyone should know about.

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ShareX, my own pdf viewer using iTextSharp, vlc, FastPush, VS and sublime text.

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xnview (classic mininal), frhed, mpv, teracopy, quicksfv, hashtab, icaros shell ext

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Windows is malware, you should uninstall it ASAP'

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Sumatra is pretty trash, it's just a wasted megabyte that ninite baits people into installing. If you open a lot of PDFs it's trash because it doesn't implement many features. If you don't open a lot of PDFs your browser's shitty renderer is just fine.

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Tabula for converting PDF to CSV.

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Which cloud storage sites are you using with Cryptomator and have you had any issues?

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It has the only feature you need.
You want more you actually install a PDF Editor.

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OneDrive. no problems

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Total commander

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oh yes, how could I forget everything and paint.net.
great little tools

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Irfanview is great.

Something I don't see mentioned much is mousegestures for browsers.

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>PDF is just set of raster scans bonded together
>PDF is protected so you cannot select text
>PDF let's you select text but it appears to be a bunh of random chars due to some font mixing sorcery
In all of those cases you can't search through document or copy text.
And here where a feature comes handy. This feature is built-in ocr. So, PDF Xviewer.

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qBittorrent, you'll never go back.

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>PDF Xviewer
where do I get that?

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I really would love to use GNU/Linux again, but the thing is my shitty hardware is shitty for it, ehh..

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thanks senpai

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hardware is like airconditioning

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7+ Taskbar tweaker.

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it just performs better when used on windows

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PotPlayer. If you're not using it there is something wrong with you.
Don't fall for the MPV meme

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(You) having an iq greater than ur age.
This. pdfviewer != pdfeditor. Why mouthbreathing mongoloids get buttblasted when app no work like want. Move along crog, the bloatware ur seeking is thataway-->

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>SumatraPDF is a superfast and minimalistic PDF reader
...You got my attention but dopes it have a nighttime (black) option?
I'm finding that's a paramount feature, plus continuous flow with next page following from the bottom (as opposed to coming in from the right *ugh*.

right now using standard Adobe Reader for my tablet, which is a godsend to study on the fly away from home.

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>google ClickyGone
This thing sounds really unintuitive needing hot keys and all that extra shit. I'm using RBTray.exe, weighs 544K and all you have to do is right click on the minimize button to send it to the system tray.

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>nighttime option
Settings file in the root dir. Any color u want. Poof. Same for view style.

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oh, I see you enjoy buttfruit.

Will d/l and try then thx

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Some of these have already been mentioned, but I've always been a fan of Sublime Text
Sysinternals suite
various applications from Nirsoft
Steam mover

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(before iso mounting was inbuilt into Windows) WinCDEmu

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7zip plus windows 10 theme makes it way better than win rar or whatever the fuck neckbeards use in their basement

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Adobe's PDF reader sucks because it doesn't have an option to ignore the extremely annoying behavior of some PDFs where clicking on a bookmark will reset your zoom level, if Sumatra can't do this then that's a strike against it

So far the best PDF reader I've seen overall is Okular but the Windows build is too far out of date

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I have a now one:
KDE Mover-Sizer

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If you're on 7 or 8.1, VirtuaWin is the best program for virtual desktops I've come across.

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Paint.net is the best image editor for my needs, which consist of hastily putting together stupid shit to post here. It has layers and good selection/resizing options, but it's not a mammoth like gimp.

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can't open more windows.. just tabs

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And here's your (You):
SumatraPDF is really fast at viewing (actually "looking at") PDFs. Sadly it fails miserably at searching trough documents, printing them or extracting any content (passively so drop your "muh not an editor" argument).
Like said before every web browser renders PDF as good as Sumatra.

Tl;Dr sumatrapdf it's good for viewing pizza menus.

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[pic related]

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Filezilla is pretty cool.

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>really unintuitive needing hot keys and all that extra shit.
It's supposed to hide running programs, not minimize it to a tray. It's not supposed to be intuitive so the persons you're trying to hide shit from cannot easily check it out.

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Little tiny and portable program that let's you set attributes for any opened windows.
>set to "always on top" for application that doesn't offer this feature
>turn off "always on top" for application that is on top by default.
>set transparency for any window
It can be a great productivity boost.

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Rufus or UUI, they help you ditch wangblows and get a real OS.

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Bait aside, Rufus is a welcome improvement over the unetbootin, et al.

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Says up to Vista. Works fine for 7?

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Similar to this?

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Works on 7. Sadly not on 10.
Looking for alternatives.

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I thought Steam supports installing to other drives?

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Works on 7 and 10, but...
Sadly only on 32bit applications.
Time to look for an alternative

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It probably does, but I already had a decently sized steam library installed and wanted to move just a few of the more drive speed dependent games to an SSD, which steam mover made quite easy.

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MPC-HC is dead, stop shilling it.

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It still plays everything great, you donut. Start your smear campaign when you actually find a video it can't run.

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So your benchmark for being worth shilling is "it plays video files"?
I still have MPC-HC installed but it doesnt support scaling properly, and its falling further out of date. If someone doesnt already use it there is no point in starting now when alternatives being maintained exist. (mpv, vlc, MPC-BE are all decent choices and living)

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Does VLC still randomly turn chinese cartoons into broken mosaics?

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>So your benchmark for being worth shilling is "it plays video files"?
Not this guy but mine pretty much is. I don't sperg over porn player.
MPC has the buttons to play previous/next file in directory. MPV and VLC don't, PotPlayer has this function but randomly fails to load files in some directories.
I may check this out but your arguments are stupid an your scaling problem is completely non relevant to me.

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AltDrag because it's nicer than relying on developers being sane about users dragging their windows
7+ taskbar tweaker to make taskbar icons bigger and make double click on taskbar open virtual desktops for comfy single hand mousexperience
chocolatey for superior software updating
link shell extension for easy symlinking
classic shell - change start orb, add sorting columns header to thumbnail view in explorer

have mixed feelings about quicklook, it's not really comfy and feels not quick enough but i use it sometimes

also syncthing, calibre and digikam

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Classic Shell

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Three of those have an extreme case of "has been"

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along with dupeguru and incaros

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>Fast stone
What makes it better than irfanview?
Interesting. Will check this out. I used little program called "awesome photo finder" for duplicates.
WTF is that?

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I use image eye as my image viewer. Nice minimal interface and easy to learn keyboard shortcuts.

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Microsoft office
Halo 2 for windows Vista
Daemon tools lite
Microsoft edge

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I suggest that you give a try for google docs. I did my entire graduation using google docs (was mad with both open office and libre office) and it's pretty good. By far the ability of share a document with your pals and edit at the same time is a pro, and being able to access it from everywhere is nice too (i did more things in my work than in my home)

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Here is my list
- Groupy: tabs on programs
- Fences: desktop manager
- AquaSnap: window Snapping
- Wox: search on Windows
- Ditto: clipboard Manager
- TC4Shell: archive/upack in explorer

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LightBulb works like shit. I stay with f.lux.

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DontSleep - Blocks windows from dropping into screensaver, shutting off the monitor, or restarting. Handy when you're watching the progress of a print from the couch while watching TV.

Process Hacker - Edgy-sounding name, but it's basically ProcessExplorer on steroids. Open source.

Duplicati - Duplicity-based backup system for windows. Still in beta.

ConEmu - Tabbed console emulator for Windows.

Chocolatey - Package manager for windows, has most free programs.

DisplayFusion - Not free, but recommended for multiple monitor setups. Extends statusbar and adds hotkeys, fixes some awkwardness.

Rapid Environment Editor - Great for editing PATH and other env vars.

WinDirStat - See what's sucking up HDD space.

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What's a good application for viewing RSS feeds?

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>TurboTop - makng any window Always On Top
>Launch On Top - launch any program with Always On Top attribute

Also I remembered there's plugin for total commander called wfx_procfs_2.0 that allows to fiddle with those attributes and set transparency as well.

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>7+ Taskbar tweaker
mfw when I moved to Mint and found out all the tweaks I used 7+tt for were there by default in Cinnamon

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>AltDrag is pretty cool, hopefully it's not glitchy like so many windows shell extensions/hooks.

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>xnview (classic mininal)
I like Xnview since it's very similar to the old Windows XP/7 photo viewer (which was *dramatically* superior to the shit-awful one built into Windows 10) but there are quite a few things that are just stupid or don't work.

>don't save settings
>doesn't save window location
>doesn't save "Don't ask again" when closing a pasted image

That said, the "Display Color Information" tool (ctrl+shift+i) is super useful, I use it all the time.

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Also Adobe's standard allows pdfs to phone home or to include arbitrary javascript code (and they wonder why pdf is such a huge malware attack vector!), while sumatrapdf does not include these antifeatures.

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Hamana is the least known image viewer on windows but is amazing and completely configurable to your taste.

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I use RSSOwl for this.

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As said before I used this for pictures:

Now, I tested both on same folder
Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder wins. It's faster and found more duplicates.

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LighBulb is GOAT, open source, no bloat, no botnet and it just works.

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>using anything that isn't Windows 8.1 or 10
lmaoing at your life d e s u

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Sumatra is one of the few programs that allows you to read manga in continuous page mode and also tabs.

is so good.

"everything search engine" is the panacea

id like to mention
- joy2key
- ps3mediaserver/universalmedia server
- scanner (and hdd scanner)

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OP here again.
I forgot to mention HandBrake to convert DVD movies to mp4 files. It just works, used it a few days ago for the first time.

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Little shitter that adds a bar above standard Open/Save dialog of any program.
It allows to quickly choose destination folder to
>one of previously used from history
>currently opened in windows explorer
>currently opened in total commander (left or right panel)
a bit hard to find but this version werks in win7 and win10 64bit:

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“Etcher“ to install GNU/Linux on your machine.

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