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Hi /g/ long story short I was dedusting the cpu cores in my desktop and I had to poop in the middle of it, when I came out I forgot I had the cores on the ground and I accudently vacuumed it up. I got it out but now there's some hairline cracks in it.
Can I superglue them? I'm afraid when I put it back in it will break

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I've seen some retarded shit on here but this about takes the cake

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You are dumb

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good post anon

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Get them celino and barnes ass niggaz out of my g. I hate Rochester.

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>I had to poop in the middle of it
why? are you indian?

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>be human, Indian model
>pooping clears brain cache
>vacuum up something about cpus, idk guy can't speak English very wrll
>call him gay because his thread is shit

Good work, guys.

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Are only Indians allowed to poop?

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>I was dedusting the cpu cores in my desktop and I had to poop in the middle of it
this is indian behaviour

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where my buffalo niggas at? how many wnyers are on /g/

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Central NY here, buffalo a shit

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A thread died for this shit.

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This is the worst thread on all of 4chan

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Can one of you assholes help me and stop making fun of me?

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I work in Williamsville. It's nice, but Buffalo is indeed a shit

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>I had to poop in the middle of it
Why poop in the desktop? Or anywhere that's not a toilet for that matter?

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Why do you think that bitch bastard?

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>. . .Injury attorneys, 800 888 8 8 8 8

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Please tell me you sort of vacuumed the cores doing some wizardry like pic related, and not actually think it was a good idea to fucking vacuum your floor after you took a shit.

This is hilarious. Thanks OP.
Oh yeah, BTW, your shit is fucked.

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