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Yes, YOU.

Show me your speccy report.

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sweet baby jesus...
what do you store on these hdds?

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This abreviation is already in use by the smartphone general thread. Pick another one faggot.

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anime and vns.

most of them are empty cause i havent gotten around to shuffling where the drives are connected to and making a raid array and my own cloud server.

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I suggest "/spc/"

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Speccy general is the last thing we need.

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Can we ban windows threads?

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That's running a bit hot.


Hope that 4TB seagate isn't on suicide watch

Try to overclock your ram to 2933 mhz

>3 Monitors on a 3.5gb gpu

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2 of the monitors run on the igpu

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>That's running a bit hot.
-27c cause speccy cant read the right temperature

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Kinda regret buying Intel but it was a good deal at the time. Ryzen was still a year away.

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I would personally have bought a used i5-3550 rig, I got my CPU for 35 €. It is 10 % slower than this one.

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nice storage

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One monitor is all you need

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>/g/ tells everyone Windows 10 is a botnet
>their elaborate plan was to jew other users out of obtaining a free copy of Windows 10 so they alone can enjoy the eternel botnet

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You guys look chilly, let me warm you.

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>/g/ is a one person
stupid frog shitposter

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>TFW this 1080 Ti is just decoration until they accept my RMA and replace it

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Here is mine.

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Come on man... cold storage is much more useful for that.
Unless you re-watch anime 24/7 like a basement dweller.

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Weird, crystaldiskinfo and speccy are reading the SMART of my external differently. Speccy says 36C, Crystaldiskinfo says 46C.

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>1080ti and ryzen
>only 16GB RAM
disgusting. Upgrade to 32GB

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hello lads

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Why? I thought about 32 GB but it doesn't make sense I better buy me a new chair
Priority was fast RAM, 16 GB 3600 is better than 32 GB 3000

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memory speed doesn't matter in 99% of situations.
Unless you use iGPU.

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Whats the point of this thread other than to compare dick size? How about a thread showing everything you use your rig for instead?

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same shit

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It does, just look a Youtube video with PUBG high vs low speed memory
Scales directly

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Then get 32GB 3600MT/s. Lmao.

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If you give me another 280 €. I won't pay 500+ for uselessness. Already ordered me a new chair for 300 €, worthy investion. The only reason to have 4 DIMMs is to make a RGB N7 stripe but I hope the prices drop until the next Mass Effect season so I can get 32 GB then.

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/spg/ is taken you fucking nigger.

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SSD to the OS is really a good upgrade?

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Yes. It's a gigantic upgrade to your system.

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You're running a little hot there. You're not supposed to sit your laptop directly on the fire.

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why use sandy bridge cpu?
Assuming this is t420/t520 you can easily upgrade it to ivy bridge. Just flash bios with modified one that has new microcode

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watching twitch stream on the background. but yes I need to repaste it.

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So are the mods killing your proxies, or are you going for a range ban?

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My motherboard is buggy and doesn't properly work with dual/triple/quad channel RAM. Any RAM besides two specific slots and the PC doesn't turn on.

What do?

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>22EA53 ([email protected])

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Pretty much the only reason I use windows desu.

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Speccy derps out on newer hardware, running i7 8550u and dual channel memory.

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ddr4 is fucking expensive...

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It's a sign of a defect motherboard, most likely one of the pins responsible for dual channel are broken in some way, skylake can only run up to dual channel anyway, you're never getting anymore than that.

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how do you have a ivy bridge cpu with a 1050 on a laptop?

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Nigga you dumb

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delid and bios patch for vulnerabilities pls

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>/g/ is more than one faggot who uses gentoo
dumb froghater

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Oh dear

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are you me ? >>65814245

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do you have passive cooling or what?

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Not him
Speccy can’t read new Ryzen temps

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Nice to see AMD still can't into temperature monitoring

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Bad bait

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my external hdd frequently freezes and wont let me interact with it for a few seconds (after which point it quickly does everything i had instructed it to) if i go 5+ minutes without using it, does anyone know why this might be the case? it used to not do it

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definitely, but you might as well get an m2 ssd (32gb/s)

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>twitch stream on the background

dude, that's practically idle

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i don't know if it affects external drives but try disabling the time before a hard drive turns off under your power plan.

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windows is telling it to spin down, go to "manage this PC" and turn off spin down

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It's true, no way my shit was dipping below ambient with CoolNquiet on, it's glitched

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ah, ok.
Worried me for a second

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It’s a software issue, you retard.

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meant to reply to myself

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Especially with an i7QM, that should be illegal.

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guess im postan too

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ay thanks a lot dude

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Dodgy X79 build reporting.

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Not even a big Asus guy but they made some damn fine FX motherboards when it came to VRM design

Is that one of those chinky X79 motherboards from eBay? Neat.

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The Crosshair VII has really good VRMs, the only better is the ASrock, but I think these are overkill
Runs pretty cool

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Those are overkill, but the Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 was perfect for the money, even the gigabyte 990FX Revision 4 with the upgraded VRM is still slightly weaker than the sabertooth.

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Oops, posted the wrong one.

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Crosshair has 12, Taichi 16 phases
>pic related
Would probably suit perfect for Skylake-X

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>up to 2000w vrm delivery
What were they thinking ?

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Based UP7, I was still reeling from the X58-OC and the UD9, yet they did it on a mainstream Z77 platform.

Gotta get those records pham.

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Shieet, I need moar ram now!

>> No.65815472

I wonder that too, ASUS had a 40 phase design
I would understand for LN2 on a X79 board, but Z77 will never draw that much
Ryzen and FX peaks into the 200W range

>> No.65815628

i've done a hundred builds easily with this board and it's solid, especially for being el cheapo.

>> No.65815644

oh i'm the guy with the m5a97 not the x79 guy

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That board has really nice cooling for a 970, even gigabytes older 990FX boards for the 8 core had terrible cooling until they made the later ones, by then FX was old.

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You can add used xeons to that list of jew busting as well.

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SLI master race reporting for duty

>> No.65819025

>master race
>Only let's you have two
Why did they even go and do that? that's less cards being bought for extreme users.

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Part of me wants to feel bad about my choice in CPU (bought is 2016), but it does everything I need it to do for gaymen and emulation so I really don't care.

>> No.65819598

>Paid MSRP for a 1070
It's literally impossible to make a bad GPU choice if you bought any of the high end pascals in 2016.

>> No.65819722

Talking about my 6600k senpai.

>> No.65819759

Oh that thing's fucking golden, it's neck and neck with an FX8350 at it's stock speed, uses little power with 4 cores, and has an upgrade path.

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Worried me for a second when I first installed this thing too

>> No.65820326

>Memory timings
Holy balls

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What should I upgrade first

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CPU. GPU's should be dropping hard next month.
Get the 8700k.

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how about 3 on 1.0GB

Its not a meme PC.

>> No.65820387

I'd get a 2600k/3770k and 16GB of 2133mhz ram (We're literally now finding out how much of a difference in performance it makes), and whatever GPU you can afford to go with it.

>> No.65820397

I feel like 3 and 4 way SLI was a good idea back when Crysis came out, but with how insane the current gen of cards is and the fact that we aren't exactly advancing too much graphically, (realtime rendering and raycasting aside), a 1080ti will play just about anything at 4k.

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Don't know why it cut my message off right there, but anyways..

I can only imagine that it's a headache supporting 3 and 4 way when they've become the niche of the niche market. It was hard enough justifying buying 2 gtx 1080's.

>> No.65820435

Time for the latest round of winfag pissing contest.

>> No.65820443

peasant pls go

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3 and 4 way SLI works with pascal, all you have to do is get obviously 4 cards, 4 way sli bridge, install nvidia inspector and force use 3dmark sli profile, and there you go enjoy your extra performance. I had 4 way sli with gtx 1080, and basically every game that supported 2 way sli, worked and scaled just fine with 4 cards.

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ram don't go over 2133mhz cuz shitty motherboard

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good onions!

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Mine is basically yours but more hacked together from garbage

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what overclock are you getting out of that 4670k?

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why the fuck would you have that much storage connected natively on a Windows box?

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>A motherboard can stop you from running even the highest non O.C speed for that standard of ram
DDR4 was a mistake.

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Here we go, time for some overkill

>> No.65826707

what is the point of this threads? is anybody chatting?

>> No.65826731

>All those threads and a GT 630 Fermi GPU
Now that's a motherfucking workstation right there.

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its alright. used to have the cpu overclocked to 4.2ghz but my motherboard died and i had to replace it with a cheaper one

>> No.65826851

Phenom II x4 955
32GB ram
Geforce GT 740
Xonar DGX Audio
Seagate 500GB hdd
Liteon DVD burner

1TB - OS & Client Backups
9TB - Raid 5 Data Volume
2TB - Raid 1 Data Volume

Server Data Backup:
Full - 12TB Raid 5 Zyzel Nas (offline when not used)
Core 2nd copy - 4TB Zyzel Nas & 3TB USB External (also keeps server sys image). Both are offline when not used.

Future: HP Micoserver w/nas4free os and 12 or 16TB Raid-Z2 volume for "fail safe" 3rd copy long term offline backup of all data.

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File: 3.25 MB, 6648x2972, theolddygoldy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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I had twin Quadro 500s in it, but I didn't need them for VM work, and they took up too much space.
The little GT is perfect for the job.

>> No.65826970

>what overclock are you getting out of that 4670k?
none cause its just a media center pc. dont need that much power 2bh

>> No.65827028

why get the K variant then?

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Haven't upgraded in years. I honestly don't know why I still come here.

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>> No.65829065

I can run 3200MHz just fine on my B350 PC Mate and I've been able to for well over a year using Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x 4GB.

>> No.65829631
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LAN Hypervisor, runs three seats and also use it for game development.

>> No.65829868

>LAN Hypervisor
What does it mean? Is it running 3 VMs with PCI-e passthrough with GT1030 GPUs?
I don't understand anon.

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muh 3.5gigamemes

>> No.65829971

why are you using windows 7 senpai?
You do realize how fucking slow it is now at rendering fonts because of meltdown/spectre patch?

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File: 2.07 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still want one of those fuckers to this day because it does perform decently, and it would be the perfect pair, a "4GB GPU" with my "Eight Core" CPU" for maximum controversy.

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>> No.65830058

I have noticed no noticable performance loss since the patch.
I mainly use it for vidya, shitposting and some 3d modelling stuff in blender.

I have a small partition with 10 on it in case i ever need to use it.

>> No.65830188

Yes, the GT 1030s are running in passthrough to Hyper-V instances.

>> No.65830233

its from my old desktop. for some reason the g3258 i originally wanted to use wouldnt boot on the z87, even after bios updates.

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I still have 1 m2 sata slot left

>> No.65830307

probably because of microcode applied by winshit.
>wouldnt boot on the z87
at which step it was failing?

>> No.65830420


why does Speccy identifies my r5 2600 as r5 14nm

>> No.65830443

r8 anon

>> No.65830454

Speecy is just fucking stupid sometimwes, DDR4 has been around for 50 years and it still says unknown 2133mhz and shit like that.

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Return that computer back to the future, Marty.

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/g/ BTFO

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>18 C
you keep that in the fridge or something? lol

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fuck speccy then till they make the shit works fine

>> No.65830550
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>> No.65830835

k variants are always clocked higher and they're a better bin

>> No.65830892
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okay, calm down

>> No.65830949
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>the i9 8950HK mobile CPU's performance is nearly identical to my laptop's 8700K

Was worried I'd get BTFO for a moment there.

>> No.65831063

I like how intelfags won't bat an eye that it's got a 165w tdp at stock, blows my fuckin mind.

>> No.65831065

ah right fair enough

>> No.65831076

the Threadripper has a 180W TDP, what's your point?

>> No.65831092

does anyone really pledge allegiance to a CPU manufacturer? They've both done some fucking awful things to the consumer in the past.

>> No.65831283
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>> No.65832599
File: 54 KB, 1109x699, specc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.65832870
File: 253 KB, 894x621, Speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.65833199
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tfw faster ram but almost double the temps

>> No.65833720
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One of my sticks of ram died.
No crossfire b/c I used to run Aster, but they didn't update it.

>> No.65833760
File: 23 KB, 625x494, 2018-05-06_20-12-43.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3000 mhz at 15 17 17 35 (original ram speed)
3200 mhz at 16 17 17 35 or
3300 mhz at 17 18 18 36 ?
These 3 speeds seem to be stable, and I'm not sure which is the fastest. I can get all of these speeds while locked at the original 1.35v

>> No.65833766
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>> No.65833776

it's a little 25 watt apu

>> No.65834568
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running 4.5ghz @ 1.348v

>> No.65834629

it's like you're actively seeking down syndrome in your kids. what kind of fetish is this

>> No.65834655
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>> No.65834929
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>> No.65835809

Grind, Pantera!!!!!!!!!:!:!:!!!

>> No.65836795
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Cthulhu fhtagn

>> No.65836875

Hey /spg/, so my phone just died and I was wondering what you guys think I should get next: the Galaxy S9+ or the iPhone X?

>> No.65836995
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i need a new computer

>> No.65837012

how's the new moto g6 compare to the moto g5+?

>> No.65837045

your motherboard just seems to not exist but still have a temperature?

>> No.65837055
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Higher CPU clock + lower Ram bus or Lower CPU clock + higher Ram bus?

>> No.65837059

yea, thats odd?
its an asus z-97a

>> No.65837092

So I got my mom a used LG G4 to replace her dying iPhone and she's having a really tough time adapting to that Android life. Any ideas on how to make the transition easier for her?

>> No.65838406

What do you do that would benefit from a new computer?

>> No.65838552
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Rate, no hate bros.

>> No.65838920
File: 80 KB, 792x474, newest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no Pokemon motherboard

>> No.65839036
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I'm probably the guy with the fastest Ryzen RAM and timings tight as my boipucci

>> No.65839122
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>> No.65839203
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My Windows 98 gaming PC, though I dual boot with Windows XP to run some GOG games.

>> No.65839338

Why the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx? Did your onboard audio die? Creative's modern low end sound cards just use Realtek chips anyways.

>> No.65839460
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>> No.65839601

I bought it years ago when the motherboard I was using audio shat itself and I've kept it with every new build since. I find it gets much louder than any onboard audio I've used.

>> No.65840418
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hwinfo is better

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