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enjoy your shit being shared to others pcs

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microcucks BTFO'd once again, when will they learn /g/? Why are they still browsing this board /g/? Why is our shilling so ineffective /g/?

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>it's off
Golly gee willikers, anon, that sure was difficult.
I just don't know how anyone can muster up the advanced technical wizardry required to manage a Windows system.

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It is a little advanced for Linux users, who have nothing to do but sit and stare at their desktops all day.

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cause games.

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>the average windows user
you have to literally update yourself every month on what new privacy invading feature you have to turn off again. No wonder you guys don't have a job.

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>the average Linux user
>uses OS for sysadmins
>too lazy to actually administrate a system beyond ricing his desktop

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> Edge on Android
Does anyone, ever, unironically use this?

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>>it's off

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unlike you, I run my own company. I'm in no need to rise my desktop, the defaults look good enough. I haven't even configured it that much since my last distro hop, just been to busy. I haven't even changed the default background.

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>durr hurr software switches
>being this paranoid about something so innocuous

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Even LTSB got exposed being almost full fledged botnet no matter what you did with the settings.
>something so innocuous

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>people unironically PAY to use this shit

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It's harmless fucking data collection, who gives a shit? Call me when they start uploading the full contents of my user directory to the NSA while I'm asleep.

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Sure you do.

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Nah, Timeline wasn't on by default for me when I installed the update. I had to specifically search how to enable it just for curiosity's sake. But I gave up when I saw that it's conditional on uploading all your activities in the cloud. I don't want to have anything to do with that shit.

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it was on by default for me.

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mine is on but the syncing is off, as soon as I restart this PC its gone.

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>it's another thread bitching about micro$oft compromising everyone's """privacy"""
I'm sure all you freetards out there personally audit every single line of code before compiling it on your system... Right?

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>harmless fucking data collection
Is this bait
Or is it just fantasy?

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When I was young, my mother used to say I had a big mouth.

Around 2003, I had a root canal operation in a molar at the back of my jaw. The dentist had trouble gaining access and said that my mouth was unusually small.

After it was done, I asked him to type up and sign a testimonial to this effect. After making copies, I gave the original to my mother to show her she was wrong about me.

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Brrring brrring.

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>look at lewd images of anime loli
>it gets ass blasted all over my timeline
>bunch of normie friends in my contacts see it
>call police on me
>have to spend 10 years in prison because of an update from microsoft

haha, i love windows 10!

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Not bait at all, prove me wrong.
Show me what it collects with all MUH SOFTWARE SWITCHES turned off and why I should give two shits.

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>shills for windows on 4chan
>hasn't killed himself
how does he do it?

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>I run my own company
>rise my desktop
Arise Sir Desktop!

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>not using wangblows for games, and linux for everything else

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I'm not shilling, right now I'm saying you people need to to pull the collective stick out of your asses, because it's really not as bad as you think it is. You bitch about having a few switches for things you don't like on by default in Windows that take maybe ten minutes to go through and shuffle some settings around while spending hours/days/months polishing your fucking desktop rices and Xorg and all manner of unnecessary crap and screeching about the evil boogeymen at Microsoft and their spooky proprietary software sucking the dicks of glow-in-the-dark CIA niggers and everyone is out to steal your loli waifus and horse porn and sell it all to Satanic advertising cults before spiriting you off to some secret NSA gulag in the Utah desert.
It's kind of ridiculous.
Oh noOOoo, they know my hardware specs and screen resolution, how will privacy ever recover?

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