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Why did you hack the NASA poll you racist nerds?

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4chan is just being made a scapegoat. There was no effort made to sabotage the poll.

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send the screencap please

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>blaming 4chan because some chimps lost a rocket science competition

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he cute

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They don't want the retarded niggresses to win either, so they're taking it down because LE MUH TROLL HACKER NAMED 4CHAN.

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Isn't it interesting how when something bad happens linked to 4chan all of 4chan gets blamed, but when it's linked to reddit they blame just the particular boards?

I pretty much have two problems with this whole thing.
1) the twitter/instagram post was basically "vote for them because they're black girls". It was not encouraging involvement with science either so they really should cut a lot of the votes that stem from that post (but they won't).
2) their project was not all that technically impressive next to some of the others in the group. Their design looked like it wouldn't accomplish what they wanted and what they did want could already be accomplished by a simple filter.

They're going to go by the results before the abuse began.

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What kind of competition? Most convincing weave? Bitches just saw that dumb movie and thought they could build spaceships and shit. I guarantee that cunt on the left has a record.

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>They're going to go by the results before the abuse began.
Ah, I see, it's basically even more bullshit, they saw that the actually good teams started getting close to the nigresses and they shut it down, fucking libtards stalling the advancement of the human race.

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So was there a thread about this?

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I didn't see one on /g/ but I saw one in /sci/ and from the article it looks like most of the shit was traced back to /pol/.

As usual, /pol/.

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women’s team had -26 votes by the end of it kek

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>Some random incel shitlord is hacking your shit and basically NASA is fucking stupid
>Twitter, Github and Youtube cannot go 2 days without disclosing your passwords
Sasuga diversity hires

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seems justified to me. balancing the scales of their bias.

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Was there really any sabotage or just people voting "wrong"?

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I'd like to see some proof of that

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Was this the one where the Chinese team were winning then twitter en masse voted for the niggers?

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I think so.

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Their number of votes went negative after the SQL injection, what do you think.

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>niggers lost the competition because they are dumb niggers
>boo hoo they racist
Typical niggers

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Proof or it didn't happen.

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>not sanitizing your SQL inputs
It's 20fucking18 people.

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why is 4chan so afraid of black people

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I actually saw a thread, but it died because hiroshimoot froze the servers iirc, seems like someone got bored while waiting for the servers to come back up.

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People are still retarded in 2018

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Some follow up

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who is this 4chan?

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/pol/ is fucking cancer

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what is this nupepe crap

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they are frequently armed and are incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions

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мы тpaхaeм их, и oни дaжe нe ocoзнaют

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black people

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>Implying anyone here has the skills to do something like that.

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Any link to the different projects those kids have done ? Just to see if the project of those girls is bullshit or not.

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Fucking racist faggot, would you ask to see their projects if they were white?

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Their project was bad enough that I'm not suspicious of it.
Some of the other teams were kinda suspicious though.

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>SQL injection
>on a NASA website
wew lad

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>thinking it's difficult to rig an online poll
how new

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>мы тpaхaeм их, и oни дaжe нe ocoзнaют
Why come here and tell us then, if we do not know, Sergey?

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>SQL injection
Is that fucking serious? Even a script kiddy can prevent that shit.

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HAHAHAA You must be new here.

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You pederasts should learn to write English in English boards

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Nobody here have the skill for hacking for real.
But if you can get your ass SQL Injected, you deserve it.

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This. Being susceptible to SQL injection in this day and age is straight up embarrassing.

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They were being voted on/promoted because they were black and female.

And they were taken down because they were black and female.

What's the problem? Seems like a perfect balance to me.

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Imagine being so retarded that your shitter tier bot got spotted.

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The fuck?

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yes ? cause I'm genuinly interested on the quality of those projects. From what I have read on those papers it's just some crap filter for chlorine, that I think already exists ? but those "journalists" prefer talking of this mysterious 4chin hackurs

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Are you retarded

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But they are the ones who manipulated the vote by bringing up their race.

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but but muh human computers were girls you dumb bois. look at this high iq physics.

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>"It was brought to NASA’s attention ... that some members of the public used social media, not to encourage students and support STEM, but to attack a particular student team based on their race and encouraged others to disrupt the contest and manipulate the vote, and the attempt to manipulate the vote occurred shortly after those posts," NASA said in a statement.
How does this count as hacking?

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see >>65794100
mother fucking SQLi in 2018

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Few points to make
Twitter echo chamber skyrocketed their vote up
The black groups idea was literally "water filter" that was spelled wrong. The other groups were using interesting tech like cyclone filtration and algae to clean the water

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There was one on /g/ but with few replies.

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But sinde dey black dat be rocket science for them.

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>that was spelled wrong
No fucking way. Someone would say something right.

>> No.65794579

to three black girls?

>> No.65794594

>liberals too scared of committing racism by correcting a black female on her spelling
Fuck someone print a new dictionary quickly.

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So why was NASA silent when niggerbitches and sjws went to to twitter and raked up votes just because muh niggers are getting oppressed by other much fucking better contestants. How was that not worse/as bad as what a bunch of idiots from here did? What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

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>4chan spelling nazis want to oppress the nigger queens

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Because that's the point of these contests. It's social marketing. If you aren't part of the demographic they want then of course they'd want you to fuck off.

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why are NASA recruits being decided by public votes?

and just searching twitter it looks like SJWs were organizing and getting everyone to vote for the black girls.

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They were losing and not even close to the people who were winning before this went down. It was ultimately fucking retarded because they would have silently lost but now they get to play the victim game for a few weeks.

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I bet they are the ones who started the op on /pol/

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They were losing at the start of the comptetion. But the niggers went to twitter and cried so sjws got people to vote for them

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It's not NASA recruiting, the winners just get money and a tour of a NASA facility.

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SQL injection didn't worked (i did some quick checks), it was an Opinionstage employee all along and this is all a falseflag

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what "checks" did you perform, and how do you know it was an inside job?

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>What kind of competition?
Youth invention of the year.

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Didn't the abuse begin when black twitter raided it?

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Here's their full project webpage.

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They were actually way ahead when I voted. ~95% went to their their half assed two cups glued to a straw thing while the actual inventions were all 1-2%. The asian team's shreaded plastic fabrics were pretty clever. Good marketing potential too.

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holy shit
>we scientists an sheeeit

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>nigs producing anything technically impressive

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it's a part of the s᠍oychan culture

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Why not just install carbon filters or reverse osmosis systems in water fountains instead of this bullshit?

>> No.65795962

Again, they misspelled hose. Also chlorine is generally added to water.

>> No.65796033

Do you think all of 4chan coordinates together for one political agenda? Are you stupid?

>> No.65796042

>interesting tech

>> No.65796060

You dont think the use of algae for water filtration (iirc) is interesting? Because i sure think it is, especially considering its implications with terraformation

>> No.65796064

>self sustaining biofiltration
>not interesting

>> No.65796096

>t. marine biologist

>> No.65796187

About as interesting as watching algae bloom.

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/pol/ack here. You guys did well. We'd like to offer you a position as our permanent armed tech forces.

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Still a less stupid way to filter water.

>> No.65796239

certainly master we will hack any black people on the internet for you when they are in danger of being rewarded in any way

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Have you seen their actual submission>>65795620?

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>fan can filtrate impurities

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>The actual state of american education
>The actual state of NASA
From the moon to race/gender quotas pandering, what a beautiful flight.

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Is there a pic?

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>> No.65796330

How old are they?
I assumed they were 7 from their drawing.

>> No.65796354

Year 9-11 cant remember exactly

>> No.65796378

year 11

says on the nasa site

>> No.65796385

Pitot tube?

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>Have lived in Missouri all my life
>Have never once heard lighting bugs/fireflies be called Devil's bug
I would say this chart is just bad but then I see Night jew as a choice and now can tell this is probably fake.

>> No.65796481

Turning 70k votes to -11 is lulzy on its own

>> No.65796530

>From GaKg to KaNg
This can't be real.

>> No.65796598

I was on the orginal thread when this happened and people voted for the white and asian group.

>> No.65796642

Buzzfeed awaits you fag

>> No.65796681

>no CIA nigger option

gay chart

>> No.65796793

I was 100% sure this was edited for shits and giggles.
This was actually entered into a competition?

>> No.65796866

Seems like a model of an air intake ramp optimized for supersonic speeds to me.

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>/pol/ triggered by black girls comparing themselves to hidden figures
>/g/ catches wind of online poll and uses SQL injection to btfo black team
>news articles all blame /pol/
>/pol/ now loves /g/ and thinks everyone here is a retarded alt right r*dditor

Not sure how to feel about thus. Its good that the entire thing was blamed on /pol/ since that won't attract any newcomers here, but now everyone on /pol/ is going to start pouring in here even more.

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There's politically correct filtering on anonymous so fact-based opinions reign supreme.

>> No.65796910

So let me recap what happened here:
>Some asians are winning.
>Blacks decide to organize and raid the poll to vote a black team to the top.
>4chan decides to organize and raid the poll to vote the original top team back to the top.
>Poll is shut down and the blacks are playing the race victim card.
Is this correct?

>> No.65796919

>4chan is just being made a scapegoat. There was no effort made to sabotage the poll.
this. and even if there was, how do we know it wasn't SJWs doing it to false flag?

>> No.65796929

In a nutshell yup.

>> No.65796932

>some niggers lose something
Every single time.

>> No.65796935

Have any of you /pol/ incel or alt-right 17 year olds concidered growing up? Your just as bad as the Marxists. How could you expect anyone to support your cause when all you do is waste your time with such pointless edgy shit. Vote rigging, either way, is the most pointless waste of time and energy. Get a hobby.

>> No.65797002

>I'm totally not a SJW, but don't you just think that anti-SJWs are just as bad?
You're not fooling anyone.

>> No.65797020

t. basedboy

>> No.65797103

I was there for that thread on /pol/. They did try to sabotoge it, though there wasn't a lot of posts. Unless it picked up later, some reporter who lurks there decided to blog about it.

>> No.65797162

Amazing. A dogshit solution to a solved problem.

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>not a single article or comment mentions /g/
Did we escape unharmed?

>> No.65797361

To the outsiders, 4chan is only /pol/, /r9k/ and /b/. Of course we are safe. Until they decide to take down the whole website, that is.

>> No.65797460

on that they hiroshimoot should offer a concession to close those three boards

then we watch as they destroy the internet in a wave of autism

>> No.65797478

kill you'reselves

>> No.65797561

>Blacks decide to organize and raid the poll to vote a black team to the top.
lets be honest, it wasn't blacks, it was white progressives

>> No.65797630

tf calls it a lightning bug, its just a firefly

>> No.65797650

large amount of violent crime

>> No.65797763

Arent the ph levels of food and drinks being adverse to health a myth? I mean its not like itll have a lower ph than your gastric acids or high enough to change the ph levels of the digestion process

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>race mixer
>society (without whites)

>> No.65797842

pretty sure it was twitter retards that sabotaged it first to make them win

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File: 850 KB, 850x1530, 616a17d058bf038775d6ace53bc4d691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course we did anon, we can't be harmed. Our skins are thicker than the Earth's crust.

>> No.65797895

Here we go...racist losers hiding behind screens on 4chan...what in the no culture, no seasoning are you whiteys bitching about now?

>> No.65797896

>NASA website
>SQL Injection
other than that the thing pissing me off is people suggesting this is a racial thing, telling people to vote for the blacks is racist realistically fucking the voting system was evening the field for the whites, just because you're born black doesn't mean you should have the privilege of getting votes on a shitty project

>> No.65797903

What do you mean hiding? We also beat up you niggers here in the east. Only westcucks have laws against being racist against you subhuman orcs.

>> No.65797946

They reached the finals.

>> No.65797969

They will probably win now

>> No.65797978


Lmao good one. Fucking loser. Cry some more about “affirmative action” lolololol i can smell your fear from hear, keyboard warrior

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>i can smell your fear from hear

>> No.65798004

So let me guess...another case of some racist white people feeling threatened by black women? Wow Hahahaha fucking COWARDS!!! Colonizer tears

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Keep being mad Abd, and go back to hurling rocks and sucking your master's cock with those puffy nigger lips made for sucking.
No wonder you niggers have a far larger homosexuality rate than whites even with their emasculation, you have mouths and skulls biologically set to suck cock.

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File: 844 KB, 2987x1750, john-boyega.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I now understand why Boyega tries so hard to act masculine. He's hiding the dick sucking urges with those lips of his. Look at them, literal dick pillow.

>> No.65798031

>web design is my passion

>> No.65798033

Well that made no sense. Caveman talk? Seems like you already beat me to Stone Age cracker jack

>> No.65798048

You still talking Abd? Go back to sucking. We don't tolerate lazy nigger slaves in these regions by Allah's will.

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File: 1.15 MB, 2664x2008, 1524981978869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based /g/ thank you guys

t. /pol/

>> No.65798104


>> No.65798114

>Rigging in favor of browns is okay but voting for better ideas from non whites is not
Where the fuck do these people exist

>> No.65798123

it was posted on pol and here
why are you pretending otherwise

>> No.65798126

>not may the gnu be with you

>> No.65798128

When it's whites it's vandalism but when it's blacks it's racism.

>> No.65798149

>under a min
DAMN, that black girl wrote the entire fucking scoop in under a minute

>> No.65798160

thanks for the manipulation proof LOL

>> No.65798162

>jar for water
Holy fuck, did they get ben garrison to do the artwork for them?

>> No.65798163

Although it was a NASA website the poll was done by a 3rd party as are most polls.

>> No.65798170

ahh, still kinda disappointing

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I think the nogs getting -20% votes made it pretty obvious

>> No.65798218

Wtf, I've been calling them fireflies my entire life.

>> No.65798260

/g/ is a shitskin pajeet infested shithole board and it has nothing to do with the /pol/ where even Ukrainians are afraid to show their real flags.

>> No.65798267

Its about the making of a project. They are supposed to learn to work as a team. Its not about the chemistry. Of course 7th graders aren tgoing to come up w/ something revolutionary. The public voting competition was dumb from the start tho

>> No.65798276


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File: 439 KB, 680x798, 171108AD-E4DE-4FFD-95DC-FA3ECA73FE4C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

95% of the whiteys in here

>> No.65798333

95% of the whiteys in here have never even seen a black person in real life

>> No.65798364

What show is this from?

>> No.65798368

you must be gnu here
/g/ is the home of inane comments where everything must be said and done ironically

>> No.65798388
File: 71 KB, 1068x827, 2018-01-27_141534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speak for yourself cabron, this is Latino-land and we hate niggers more than whites do.

>> No.65798403

this, but unironically

>> No.65798405

>not a nigger
Pick one.

>> No.65798407

hey nice

>> No.65798448

>ask people to vote for black contestants because they're black on twitter
>people do that, and no one would probably do anything about it
>/sci/ votes for asian contestants because they didn't want black contestants to win that way, also their project wasn't that bad
>op post

>> No.65798459

I'd say the most racist people are the ones who have actually lived around niggers.
t. someone who lived a very sad 4 years in the Bronx

>> No.65798474

>anecdotal evidence
>sample: 1

>> No.65798479

You mean those that survived living around niggers.
The hood is filled with more random gun shootings and stray bullets flying everywhere than any redneck shooting range.

>> No.65798512

I'm a white guy that's lived in the Bronx my whole life. The most racist people here are black people and non-dominican latinos from the ghetto cause the dominicans are the fucking worst and they are the cancer that infects all the worst neighborhoods in the city.

>> No.65798539

Racist? Who the fuck is racist here? It seems to me that selecting a group of people solely on the color of their skin is pretty fucking racist. That racist goddamn NASA. Fuck those assholes.

>> No.65798541
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>giving gnu a bad name

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