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i keep hiding this thread but it shows up a few minutes later, what's going on?

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> When SJW neckbeards have to come up with a name for the ads they swore off

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look, I hate the shit out of nu-firefox too, but its simple as
And that's completely out of the way forever

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are you using firefox?

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... wouldn't it be crazy if another browser was already doing this?

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Brave's is opt-in
Firefox's is opt-out
that's because firefox officially tries to bank on technologically illiterate normies

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firefox shills are still this desperate to prevent brave from gaining their marketshare LOL

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bad goy

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so this is the power of open sores

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even if that was true, which it isnt because of >>65761253
>fire your CEO
>he makes a new browser from scratch pretty much
>implements some opt-in feature that you shit on because "lmao no privacy"
>implement same feature a year later, but as opt-out

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lol, that's it?
who hasn't already done that?

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File: 67 KB, 640x480, cap_(アニメ) YAT安心!宇宙旅行 第2期 第01話 「新たなる船出!」 (LD 640x480 WMV9 QB90 24fps)_00:11:34_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>personalized but private
What does that even mean?

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its like wink wink private
but also like personal to you and only you wink wink

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Normies with some basic adblocker, which is where firefox plans to make bank obviously

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>not disabling pocket
>not deleting the pocket xpi from the firefox folder
shiggy diggy

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Being opt-in does not make brave's ad policy okay you hypocrite

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you mean the ad policy that's nonexistent and literally won't affect you unless you enable it?

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And you actually trust it won't be doing anything in the background without telling you?

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check the code, its FOSS. no need for conspiracy

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Funny how this argument isn't allowed when it's used for firefox

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let me know when firefox isn't trying to serve me (((sponsored content))) by default

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But firefox's is totally fine that you have to opt out + go into config and change some shit?
I see where this is going my large nosed friend.

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>It's opt-in so it's fine and it's based off chromium so it's also fine. You're a jooooo
Fucking hypocrite

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Pozilla numale devs keep pushing their Activity Stream/Pocket botnet bullshit. Nightly doesn't have a traditional new tab page anymore, right? Next they'll probably forbid user{Chrome,Content}.css. Can't have the go.. users controlling the browser too much!

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guess which fork will have this shit disabled by default


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You can turn it off lmao

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also will have the latest security patches disabled by default :^)

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Sup water bro

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Time to start using lynx guys

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good thing firefox is dying
you'll be out of a job soon

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Because version numbers totally mean the same thing across forks :^)

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What's wrong with Chromium?

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less ram :^)

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Good thing brave signed a deal with a media company. You'll be a good source of profit soon

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wew it's not an organization that supports antifa or soros, had me worried there for a second

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>Special deals with media companies basically compromising the browser is okay if brave does it
A two faced hypocrite. Why am I not surprised.

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i'll just wait until icecat hits the next ESR so ublock and umatrix work, then i'll switch to it instead. fucking mozilla.

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>compromising the browser
So it's on par with Firefox now :^)

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I've never been defending firefox once in here but I know you'll just respond with a meme because you don't have any real convictions and are fine with brave and it's "ad blocking" policies

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>firefox shill still trying this desperately
don't you have a Mr Robot extension to uninstall?

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>Defending a browser ran now by ad companies
>Compromising with them under any circumstance
Don't you have profits to be making for mr dow jones and that javascript creating fuck brendan Eich. He needs more good loyal sheep like you.

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What browser do you use, hotshot? If you answer with Firefox or a fork then you're retarded.

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What's wrong with waterfox

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>I-I-I'm not a firefox shill
>I've just been spending all my time defending them for their shitty decisions
sure thing dude

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Keep up the good work. Mr Dow Jones would be proud.

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Means it's stored on your computer and never in their hands, nor will they ever try to sell it apparently. Half the retards in this thread haven't even read the articles.
Maintained by Google and pretty much does the same stuff. There's a reason why it was never included in Prism Break.

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You know, I'm starting to think webdev was a mistake altogether. I mean, just look at what Firefox AddOns are written in:
JavaScript (fucking cancer),
HTML and CSS (write-only cluttered formats that embody the brilliant compromise of being equally unreadable to human and computer)
On top of that, why do webbrowsers even have any rights on modern machines? Why would you even want to give them the execution power they have? How come browser's are not sandboxed by default?
How come that every web technology is just a hotfix on top of another hotfix in order not to abolish the design decisions people made over 20 goddamn years ago now?

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>How come that every web technology is just a hotfix on top of another hotfix in order not to abolish the design decisions people made over 20 goddamn years ago now?
it's not that people don't try, the trick is to get everyone to actually /use/ new things

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>believing them
Brave's "private and anonymized user advertising data" is full of shit and so is this

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I click the stories sometimes when they're interesting.
Would be nice to get more relevant ones more often.

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I suspect Typescript is Microsoft's attempt at embracing, extending and extinguishing JavaScript.
If so, all power to them.

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Complexity in general in regards to our infrastructure is a mistake I think.

I find that as technologies grow more complex the utility I get from that complexity shrinks.

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>this thread
>arguing about which privacy invading, insecure web browser is the best

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The difference between Firefox and Brave doing this is that Firefox is doing it with purely political intentions that in the end hurt free software.

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I understand you don't want to change APIs and shit, or any means of communication. But a browser has at the very least free reign regarding the backends. The most distressing thing to me is that there is probably a practical reason because people are reasonable and would have done something if it were feasible. But my inner aut- I mean, idealist hopes that it's just that it just takes a new player to come along
I am afraid that this has the danger of falling into a C++ sort of trap; trying any compatibility with a predecessor is very, very dangerous if you don't dare to break backwards compatibility
It depends, really. To me it's a GNU vs. Bell Labs sort of thing; Increasing complexity is always a sacrifice of ensured stability and reliability, but scrutiny is only possible if you dictate which use cases are worth implementing and keep that number in check (e.g. proclaiming syntax highlighting to be a distraction and not worth implementing)

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I'm not even sure these are real people. I think this is some AI generated conversation to leave you with two choices, both concluding in privacy invasion. All of these web browsers are dead to me.

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Way to read your own fucking link.

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>there are people dumb enough to still be using firefox after they started side loading ads disguised as add ons

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>trying any compatibility with a predecessor is very, very dangerous if you don't dare to break backwards compatibility
Well I find this to be majorly the case with legacy systems computing business logic--not so for web-based front-ends.
You've surely noticed the trend of websites updating from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Websites composed of <tables> are almost nonexistent, only existing in the most ancient university webpages. I don't think those pages even use JavaScript.

Everyone else paid cash money to web devs to update their websites to be "hip and trendy"
I think you'll find the desire to please hipsters to be more powerful than the desire to have a working product.

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>letting firefox update

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$2.00 in profit has been given to mr dow jones

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Right after I switched back to Firefox after not using it for a long time. I've been getting spam emails. They're hilarious, but I didn't give this addr out to anyone other than the Mozilla sync service.

The fucking
as the message body

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I must admit that I to an extent can understand why people use JS. I mean, (basic) HTML from a design perspective is an absolute abortion when your goal is to make interactive and responsive web interfaces. I do not know how far this has been fixed in HTML's most recent versions but I can understand where they are coming from.

It's just that I don't get why you would make something like JS for this. It pleases noone, and in essence just serves as a buggy, fundamentally insecure "web-assembly" other, better languages or graphically cobbled together graphs are compiled to.

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why do you want it hidden? afraid to see the truth?

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>this level of fake news
Some newfag is going to believe you.

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Have you ever been attracted to an Anon? >>65762430

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Those comments, supporting targeted ads with high upvotes. FUCKING KEK!

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>interactive and responsive web interface
Well the problem is that REST APIs are inherently diametrically opposed to creating something interactive and responsive.
The notion of using stateless communications as the basic building block for the most stateful applications conceivable is clearly the most deceitful hack in known software history

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To be fair, I'm on the nightly channel and I haven't seen anything like this.

>> No.65762490

no, i've seen it already

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It's true but I'm sure it's coincidental.
>Some newfag is going to believe you.
I hope not.

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Yes I have. He's a dear friend of mine despite the fact that we eventually broke up. Good guy, wouldn't miss out on him for the world.

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What university did you get your BS in Shitposting from?

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I was more pointing than asking, but that's interesting.

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I know what you mean, we would not have these nigh-infinte seeming layers of "histories" and "databases" on our fucking machines without that fuckery.

>> No.65762581

Honestly not a bad thing, last time I checked all of the articles were tech-bro/bougie trash.

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New Delhi poo in looversity

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despite still needing some polish, i was surprised of how much this thing has progressed (and that it's not dead) since i tried it like 2 or 3 years ago and it feels like like a proper web browsing utitly now instead of Web 3.Sōy ..thing designed for normie mouthbraethers & for sneaking in as much (((personalised content))) as possible

the autistic beawer (or whatevr the fuck that brown animal is) browser is the future.

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this, but unironically.

terminal based browsers are the last bastions of a not shit web experience. smaller attack vector, light weight, doesn't even load ads and js most of the time. Otter browser might come closest to not being dogshit out of modern browsers.

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>Pozilla can't stop infecting itself

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What the FUCK browser do I use on Linux /g/ros? Waterfox? IceCat? Brave? Full autism and go Basilisk?

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Now I get it, looking back at it I am surprised it didn't register that way initially. Cheers!

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I've been turning normies on to Brave and they seem to like it. I use Chrome with umatrix and like 10 other things.

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>pic related.
There you go nigger.

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>using brave when they're the browser most full of shit

>> No.65762731

shoo shoo pozilla shill

>> No.65762756

>reinstalls on update

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I do think that the whole Brave Payments shit is a better way of monetization which is necessary for them to survive - but I'm OK with a mostly functional web browser written by neckbeards that is FOSS and doesn't have any jewery.

Is otter the answer? Can I use ublock with it?

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So what browser is uncucked? Pale Moon? Better yet should I just fuck off from the internet and exclusively use the library?

>> No.65762803

>Pale Moon
>deciding what addons you're allowed to use

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>By default, Firefox will track which recommended sites you visit, and how often each recommendation is shown. This is part of the browser's broader tracking of technical and interaction data.
>Firefox users that don't like these recommendations can disable them entirely. It's also possible to retain the recommendations in general but disable specifically those stories that are sponsored

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That's it, library it is, I will report back with a paper.jpg

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Doesn't Pocket already do this? Before I figured out how to disable it, I noticed most of the articles were coming from left leaning sites, specifically the NYT and Vox. I just assumed they were willing to pay to advance their narrative, it's not like they care about journalism.

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hoooolllleeeee shiiitt

I thought pocket was some dumb fucking 'new and improved' bookmarks for retards thing

I didn't know it was responsible for shoveling rejected-cnn articles at me

>> No.65763574

Anyone not using Chrome is an autist or SJW. Prove me wrong.

>> No.65763657

Things would be different around here if netrunner was still alive...

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This is sadly true. Take the Chrome blackpill.

>> No.65764162

chrome is just a shit browser, though

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just close your eyes, dumb sjw

>> No.65764248

Every browser is shit. Might as well go with the one that's the most secure sandbox-wise and compatible with the web.

>> No.65764265

>Every browser is shit
funny, i think browsers are amazing
maybe you should try not being a cynical cunt

>> No.65764280

Except chrome right :^)

>> No.65764312

nope, pretty much all browsers
they are fast as shit and they allow for user customization through addons
what else can you expect of them? they are pretty much perfect

>> No.65764325

Which one is your favorite?

>> No.65764441

how difficult is it to fully remove this and all telemetry from the mozilla-central source code?

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There's only one option left for us

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>Firefox are communists
>Firefox out their ceo for his personal politics
>Firefox change .man files because sexist
>preach for years on /g/ against Firefox
>faggots still think it’s the l33t browser because even if it’s run by sjw communist authoritarians, they apparently respect privacy more
>keep warning them that supporting a nigger Jew loving browser is gonna backfire and it is time to push for a browser run by people who conduct their business more ethically
>it starts to backfire like I said it all would

>> No.65764501

They should be just honest and admit they wants to buy new sportcars as the yahoo contract ruined them. Baker (funnily this woman still begging for donuts) have the highest salary in the FOSS world and all she done in the recent years is to ruin their own goodwill and lost fights against google literally everywhere.

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except that it doesn’t, and it is explicitly stated at the top of the release notes that it has security patches from the latest version of Firefox

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Guess who call the usage of compiling options and a shitty logo a fork.

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"They're personalized media experiences"

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chad code writer vs virgin code artisan

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>t. bravefag

>> No.65764907

Did you remember to delete firefox/browser/features botnet xpi's after the last update, /g/oyim?

>> No.65764924

>>he makes a new browser from scratch pretty much
brave is a chromium fork

>> No.65764933

Fuck all of you faggots

Should I just use internet explorer?

>> No.65764944

Ignore the shills, there's nothing wrong with Brave if you just want a usable browser without Google's botnet or Mozilla's bullshit.

>> No.65764959

I'll be severely honest, if there is a browser I can use umatrix on and safely import my exhentai cookie to then I will use it.

>> No.65765113

Man up and use Netscape

>> No.65765134

Edge has uBlock Origin and you can just log in from e-hentai

>> No.65765160


Fuck Mozilla forever. What a waste of a once great web browser.

>> No.65765164

you can always patch the source if nothing else

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I ran like hell as soon as they added that screenshot feature.
The last time I used firefox I was buying something off Amazon (didn't feel like tuning NoScript) and FF tried to save my fucking address.
It's only going to keep getting worse.

>> No.65765188

>Means it's stored on your computer and never in their hands, nor will they ever try to sell it apparently.
How do I know this is true? Will I get to do a pinky swear with some bearded female wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt who works for Mozilla?

>> No.65765234

>Means it's stored on your computer and never in their hands, nor will they ever try to sell it apparently. Half the retards in this thread haven't even read the articles.
It says they report aggregate click through to the advertisers.
So your browser is sending it back to Mozilla and you're trusting them to not store it.

>> No.65765255

Tuck this Winfag attitude. I shouldn't have to disable shit to get non botnet software.

>> No.65765293

That's nice, but why switch to a browser that wants to control what addons you install?

>> No.65765324

>or a fork then you're retarded
But that's where you're wrong, kiddo. Waterfox is based.

>> No.65765333

What kind of cuck still use Firefox anyway?
Here, we all use Waterfox or PaleMeme if we like Firefox-based browsers.

Everybody knows Mozilla are a bunch of communist SJW.

>> No.65765341

Use a fucking Firefox fork faggot.

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Nah mate, everything is opt-in in Brave.
By _default_ it's perfect.

For Firefox, you better tweak stuff.
And yet, you might still miss some. This is why Waterfox exists.

>> No.65765364

No, it is totally okay.
As long as it's opt-in and not in my face, I would agree with anything.

All we want is a browser that respects our liberty and freedom (by default), and if we have more options on top of that, it's even better.

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>tfw 10 minutes from Mozilla
Gonna go picket and yell at them in the parking lot in the morning.

>> No.65765383

Brave is a pyramid scheme with a bricked ad"blocker".

>> No.65765397

>So what browser is uncucked? Pale Moon?

You mean Pale -Your Browser Our Way- Moon?
Look up the AdNauseam fiasco.

Basically, they don't like some addons, so they flag them as "security threat" and prevent you from installing them.
PaleMoon is a lost cause.

Use Waterfox if you like Firefox-based and Brave if you like Chrome-based.

>> No.65765411

Thought so.

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>> No.65765426

In two days we will have a new article on the Mozilla blog about how straight cis white males are so angry at their inclusive and diverse group that they come to harass and threaten them in their workplace.
Please donate more money so we can keep founding an email service for antifa terrorists.

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I'm a fag, I'll take a sign and pride flag if they yell at me I'll just call them bigots.

>> No.65765504

no other option also why the fuck do you want LIBRE software if you aren't going to change it??

>> No.65765606

Are Firefox forks more secure, less secure, or equally secure as Firefox?

I don't have the skillset to audit FOSS. But I like the idea of FOSS and I want to use a browser that is open source. I have been told that security, especially in a web browser, is hard. And it is something you have to continually work at. If there is a FOSS web browser out there that is doing security the right way then I'll try it out. But I have never read that firefox forks are more secure than FF. I have heard they are better because of default settings (never having to disable pocket).

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>using anything later than v56
How's the wife's son?

>> No.65765663

diversity hire?

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>tfw chrome
i dont have this problem

>> No.65765756

then stop clicking on "sponsored" links and turn them off

>> No.65765763

I don't get it.

>> No.65765772

best answer

>> No.65765810

>it doesn't matter if they spy on you and give your information to unknown groups in order to create a profile and send you unsolicited ads, you can simply not look at them :^)

>> No.65765818

Use Waterfox instead, you might miss some security updates if you keep an old Firefox option.

>> No.65765819
File: 206 KB, 500x500, the ride never ends.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>browsers leak memory and codebases are almost larger than operating systems
>the solution is to add more bloat

>> No.65765827

whats wrong with iridium?

>> No.65765935

where exactly

>> No.65765956

With Pocket.
Thankfully, Waterfox deactivated it.

>> No.65766037

When something gets put up in front of 1000000 people, some of them are going to click it. Every moment someone spends in front of screen is an opportunity to distract them by putting something 'interesting' in front of them. This is disgusting because people have things they should be doing. Insidious design like this is becoming more and more common, mozilla succumbing to it is a bad sign.

>just block it
They do it because they know there will be handful of idiots who don't block it. Nobody in their right mind would opt-in for this. It's fucking disgusting, it's set up to abuse groups like elderly and less tech-savvy people.

>> No.65766049

Take your cancerous headline thread back to >>>/pol/.

>> No.65766083

Browsers are technology.
If you're a faggot that doesn't mind being spied on and used for monetary gain without your consent, that's your issue, not ours.

>> No.65766290

I've been meaning to check it out again. Otter and qutebrowser are the most promising browsers for me at the moment. Meanwhile Vivaldi is in a usable state though it's also chromium based.

>> No.65766304

IceCat 60ESR can't come soon enough

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> And that's completely out of the way forever

Yeah, that sounds like it will totally end in-browser ads and the incentives of Mozillla to monetise you.

Just like how setting 'Do Not Track' stops me being tracked by advertisements!!

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>Still using firefox

>> No.65766334

they aren't doing that, rtfa

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oh well who cares

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I wanna sniff Brat ass

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Only her wife gets to do that.

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File: 188 KB, 307x403, shutup fag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.65766402

I fucking love you right now Anon, godspeed.

>> No.65766407

what are you, gay?

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>> No.65766439

Stop it hon, you'll get wrinkles.

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>> No.65766504

Good thing I hopped on the Vivaldi train a while ago.

>> No.65766513

Since it uses Pocket, does that mean disabling Pocket will disable the ads?

In any case, this raises some eyebrows. How can Firefox offer peronalized ads unless it is collecting data about the sites you visit?

>> No.65766577


>> No.65766620

Brave doesn’t support ublock origin and comes with ABP with its acceptable ads bullshit so it’s still a piece of shit. Seamonkey, waterfox, pale moon, and basilisk are significantly better

>> No.65766655

For what?
The adblocker they use isn't uBlock Origin, it's adblock plus which is sluggish garbage which doesn't block even half the shit uBlock does.
The browser devs are paying you in cryptocurrency to watch ads, getting money themselves. They even said they'll monetize the browser when they reach 1M downloads. It's clearly a pyramid scheme since you'd get 1$ on ads per week while they're getting hundreds of thousands.

>> No.65766691

Not him but can you please provide a citation when they said they would monetize brave the moment it reaches 1 million downloads?

>> No.65766692

haven't seen a mention of opera on this thread, is there something wrong with it that I'm missing?

>> No.65766702

Yeah, you've been asleep since version 12.10

>> No.65766711

Stop replying to shitposters.

>> No.65766712


>> No.65766721

anyone have that clip of the girl in the car stopping at some roadworks or whatever?

>> No.65766727

Are you this new? It said that in the play store description back when they had less than a million users. They introduced BAT shortly after that.

>> No.65766728

but do you realize chrome and firefox do blacklist addons as well?

>> No.65766744

Opera, if you don't have autism.

>> No.65766749

They changed engines and owners. Everything that made it good (independently developed based on in-house engine Presto, completely customizable context menu/interface/buttons/etc, built in mail client and content blocker) has been removed. It's now a Chinese owned chromium skin that has literally nothing in common with the former Opera besides its name. Why would you use it over any of the other chromium skins?

There are a few projects that aim to target the audience of the old Opera, namely:
-Vivaldi; Chrome based and proprietary, but at least they attempt to implement features that made Opera good; made by the original Opera founder
-Otter Browser; qtwebengine based, open source, surprisingly consistent development progress since October 2013
and a few others I don't remember.

I'm honestly baffled how you could not remember the threads here.

>> No.65766760

Come on /g/ you don't use Firefox or it's variants ...right?

>> No.65766768

Why does /g/ defend brave when its a known fact that the adblocker it uses allows ads to pass through if they pay enough

>> No.65766770

because I haven't seen them at all
>inb4 newfag
I only use opera because it supports chrome extensions, do those two support them as well?

>> No.65766787

seamonkey is ridiculously outdated, there's no 64 bit version for windows and you can't even have the tabs on top - therefore the ui takes up a lot of screen real estate
pale moon is alright but it has its own issues, and i'm saying this as a long time pale moon user (more than 2 years)
it lags behind in terms of web standards support etc

the only viable solutions in the long term would be waterfox and basilisk, we shall see which one wins
waterfox is just firefox with most of the botnet removed and compiled with some different flags, also the author has previously stated he wants to keep xul extensions compatibility but we'll see about that when he's forced to rebase waterfox on the next lts release of firefox where xul support is purged

basilisk on the other hand is more of a fork, think pale moon 2.0 only with a more recent firefox codebase
i have it installed alongside pale moon and use it for some websites which display poorly or straight out don't work inside pale moon; i wouldn't use it as my main browser because it still lacks a lot of polish and it's supposed to be testing grounds for the next-gen pale moon

>> No.65766788

Take your cancerous headline thread back to >>>/pol/.

>> No.65766792

Good thing I have Falkon now

>> No.65766796

What’s wrong with seamonkey or waterfox

>> No.65766799

>I only use opera because it supports chrome extensions
So do all the other chrome-like browsers.
Vivaldi is chromium based as well, so of course it does. Otter browser doesn't, but apparently support for the API is planned at some point. I doubt that'll happen soon though.

>> No.65766836

From this thread I got new appreciation for the Brave browser.

Maybe I'll use it as fallback, when vimb/luakit are not enough.

Fuck new Mozilla.

>> No.65766850

>No 64 bit version for windows
Proper operating systems have the 64 bit release

>you can't even have the tabs on top - therefore the ui takes up a lot of screen real estate
It’s supposed to be netscape like but most extensions save for special cases work with seamonkey so you can use that

>> No.65766855

this doesn't actually do anything

I still get personalized bullcrap shoved down my throat

I need a new browser

>> No.65766932

But Mozilla's personalization is different: it happens entirely on the client side. The browser will download a list of recommended links each day. Each link will also have a list of related websites, with similar kinds of content to that in the sponsored links. The browser will then compare these related sites to your browsing history; if there are lots of matches, Firefox will assume that you're interested in the recommended content and show it to you.

>> No.65766957

So it wastes my resources so pre-load advertisements?

>> No.65767012

But the way the personalized bullshit exists is through pocket anon...
You just have to disable it

>> No.65767153
File: 28 KB, 482x482, 1522231960554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone even use pocket?

>> No.65767179
File: 194 KB, 640x900, 65fdb3226b302c6e22da10fc9a2cb43c[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy crap, YAT Anshin--what're you doing here?

>> No.65767203

then turn it off. the point is there is no transmission or remote profiling

>> No.65767218

it's pretty handy for bypassing most paywalls and I use it to aggregate articles for my ereader. Mozilla has stated they will open source it too, hopefully it's not bullshit

>> No.65767226

>then turn it off.
For each and every update. Wonderful.

And once again, even if I disabled pocket every time, how would it stop Mozilla from downloading ads to my device anyway?

>> No.65767241

>tsfw (that smug feel when) i switched to chrome despite all the shit from /g/ about it being botnet

Let's see...
• No issues with kde file picker randomly crashing and refusing to start unless the browser is restarted
• Netflix worked natively on Linux YEARS before Firefox despite promise after promise that it would be in "the next version" according to Firefox devs and when it finally arrives it's slow and choppy
• chrome had "app mode" first, where I could open a copy of chrome that's just the content window which is excellent for all web based clients
• never had chrome freeze or crash because each tab gets its own process so the individual tab can be killed off without closing the whole browser if there's an issue
• multi-device sync way before any other browser

I could go on all day. Firefox is shit and has been pretty much ever since they changed the name to Firefox.

>> No.65767244

Brave literally has a feature to insert ads into webpages

>> No.65767319

>Brave literally has a feature to insert ads into webpages
At least it's "opt in" unlike Firefox.
I have no problems when given a choice with sane defaults.
Brave tells me my options and allows me to chose the one I prefer.
Firefox basically makes me use it, saying "not a problem, brah. Very secure, much confidential!".

At least that's how I perceive it.
If I'm wrong, please correct me.

Right now I'm using chromium after many years on Firefox (I think I joined somewhen around early years of version 3)

>> No.65767355

>For each and every update.
learn to user.js

>> No.65767368

>learn to user.js
How about I switch to a browser where I don't need to do that? Preferably where developers are less bent on shoving it down my throat?

Brave looks like a good alternative.

>> No.65767373

needs umatrix

>> No.65767381

do what you want idc lol

>> No.65767417

Then why do you throw a hissy fit whenever Brave gets more attention than cuckfox?

>> No.65767445
File: 256 KB, 1280x720, aoba wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Midori era is coming?

>> No.65767449


>> No.65767480

dont bully her

>> No.65767483

are you using Windows or something? just uncheck pocket option s on the new tab page

>> No.65767501
File: 668 KB, 1000x750, 1507551932084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>personalised by private

>> No.65768940

Sounds right to me.

At this point I'm using the Chromium build from https://chromium.woolyss.com/

>> No.65768986

We're using Windows arguments for Firefox now? kek

>> No.65769220

they're trying to make their development sustainable without taking money from search engines like Google, a direct competitor for browser share

>> No.65769350

You adnasuam faggots aren't doing anything but starting an arms race you can't win. Stop being so stupid and making the internet shitty for everyone else. I still want to be able to block ads in 2 years.

>> No.65769683


>> No.65769707

Isn't Midori officially dead now? It wasn't updated in 3 years.

>> No.65769709

>tfw don't use adblockers ever
>but still have pocket disabled

>> No.65769842


>> No.65769849
File: 59 KB, 500x456, 1521736485475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Firefox are communists

>> No.65769933

Switched to Falkon for the QT filepicker. I know there's an OpenSUSE fork for Firefox but the AUR version is garbage. Fuck GTK.

>> No.65769971

IceCat is still fine right?

>> No.65770539
File: 133 KB, 354x363, feels good man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw being on ESR

>> No.65770660
File: 54 KB, 480x451, stallman_absolutly.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65770666

No idea what i will use after ESR though.

>> No.65770681
File: 1.08 MB, 320x240, thumbs-up.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I can opt out of this with one click just like all the other Firefox features I don't like

>> No.65770766
File: 19 KB, 1076x206, Screenshot from 2018-05-02 10-10-51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Easier than that, it's a checkbox in the settings.

>> No.65771052

About finally time they have that setting, already not using firecuck though.

>> No.65771128

That's kind of clever, calling shills when brave gets marketed here every day.

>> No.65771171

What's with waterfox's video player, though? It stutters like crazy whenever I try to play any video. I would have switched if it weren't for that.

>> No.65771223

>click opt out button
>ads are hidden
>firefox still mines data in background
>edit several poorly documented about:config keys
>firefox accidentally ignores your config due to a bug :^)
>next update adds even more malicious features

>> No.65771236

That makes it not-as-bad but it doesn't suddenly make it good.
I want honest software that I can trust and that trusts me. I don't want to fight against the developers to get what I want.

>> No.65771375

You know what? I don't even care about the SJW identity politics bullshit. If they want to do that they can, it doesn't affect the browser. But now they just had to go and start pulling all this shit, violating the principles of privacy that they based their browser on. Where did it all go wrong, /g/?

>> No.65771377

>or whatevr the fuck that brown animal is
Shot in the dark here but that might be an Otter.

>> No.65771393

>Where did it all go wrong, /g/?
It went wrong when the SJW identity politics bullshit started.

>> No.65771401

Blue hair dye is expensive, yo.

>> No.65771656

So, what browser to switch to when support for 52 ESR ends?

>> No.65771787

60 ESR :^)

>> No.65771953


>> No.65772116

qt's own native file dialog or kde's file picker?

>> No.65772186

Disabling pocket is the first thing I do. Pocket has always been bad.

>> No.65772198

check on your settings mate or wait for an extension that takes the dick out of your ass and throat

>> No.65772205

it's okay when trannies do it

>> No.65772312

go and "fork" more shit after changing some boolean values you piece of shit

>> No.65772373

This is the problem with american education, some faggots can't understand what the fuck they read. It's a sad world

>> No.65772677

works on my machine

>> No.65772693

Go get a real job, marketer.

>> No.65772729

Right, just like you shouldn't get out of the basement to get a gf right?
Newsflash you moron, developers don't exist to cater to your needs, if you don't like what they're doing, stop using their software

>> No.65772872

Nah, Firefox has lost me. It's broken beyond hope.
I keep hearing about Pale Moon and Waterfox, but haven't built an own opinion on them, yet.

Opera is out of question. It is essentially Chrome, and has lost everything that made it great into the early 10s. (Used it alongside Firefox back then.)
The built-in RSS reader was a killer feature.

>> No.65772887


>> No.65772915
File: 1.30 MB, 304x429, 1524172349238.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything werks fine for me with palemoon.
You all should embrace the wolf futa cock.
It's the true path for enlightenment as it's the only browser free of impurities.

>> No.65773350

>using a browser developed by an autistic furry that wants to restrict your extension choice

>> No.65773592

Chromium or bust

>> No.65773756

>personalized but private

>> No.65774144

Why did he even block adnaus?

>> No.65774418

This will only affect Americans so I'm content with FF. All this shit is only affecting Americans.

>> No.65774437

as for me i use chrom*. *inserts google deep into anus*

>> No.65775448

That's the most obvious case of circular logic I've seen today

>> No.65775599
File: 70 KB, 508x779, 1519025530833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65775618
File: 152 KB, 312x252, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a browser I can use daily that won't give my data to the NSA?

>> No.65775623

Is there a version of vimperator that works okay with waterfox? The one's I've tried are all broken as fuck.

>> No.65775661

Funny how (you)s are basically just reddit downvoting, except you get to be more smug about it by showing everyone how you're sticking it to the man

>> No.65775672

When browsers figured out that they could get away with murder and more because websites would be forced to cater to their whims anyway

>> No.65775687

Webdev was a fucking mistake, it needs to start from scratch.
I'll go work on the logo.

>> No.65775693

Being an literate compared to the rest of this board I just never update my firefox and hope that the past was better. I really wish there was a square one guide for us brainlets.

>> No.65775782

>I want to freeload off the internet for years to come at the continuous expense of the security of the computers of the elderly and tech-unsavvy

Why are open source chromium based browsers so hard to find?

>> No.65775844

>Use Safari
>glorious Craig spends a great deal of his team's time defeating advanced tracking technologies
>Apple doesn't do advertising of any kind on its own platforms or applications

God it's fucking sweet watching teenagers bicker on an anime forum over which fucking internet browser is more 'free' than the other. The arguments thrown around by you mostly tech illiterate handicaps are astounding. Browse via a fucking terminal or get Safari. The last non-Safari browser I used was Chrome on Windows. What kind of dumb fuck uses Firefox in 2018? It's a bloated shitty mess. Decent maybe 5 years ago but now just horrible.

>> No.65775923

>>Apple doesn't do advertising of any kind on its own platforms or applications
Apple gets money for having google as the default search engine, which is full of ads.
Apple has exchange, google, tencent weibo, sina weibo, youku, tudou, twitter, facebook, linkedin, yahoo, aol., vimeo and flickr plugins built into the OS, they cannot be removed, that is advertising these services instead of letting the free market advertise. these companies paid apple to be shipped into macOS (as you showing stuff from other companies for money is the definition of advertising, those are ads).
the default homepage in safari is apple.com, which advertises new hardware constantly. it's not about tips and tricks, it's about showing off the latest tech and trying to sell it.
the macappstore, the program that is needed for updating the os, is full of ads for software that isn't freeware but expensive.

So objectively speaking your statement sadly is very wrong.

>> No.65775933

instead of letting the free market decide*

>> No.65776000

Can someone make a good Firefox fork that doesn't break every plugin and isn't shit?

>> No.65776036

He was even more of an sjw / google shill than mozilla could've ever hoped to be

Waterfox seems to be the consensus

>> No.65776084

Pocket is open sauce

>> No.65776096

Waterfox breaks websites if the security has an error last time I checked

>> No.65776154

>complaining while not creating a browser,dealing with politics
>Firefox is communists

If the where communist they would not change Firefox and would circlejerk politics,much of how you are doing.

Communist do not know anything but circlejerking political agenda.

>> No.65776188

Websites break all the time with HSTS errors regardless of me using firefox or chrome. It's infuriating since it's basically unfixable with zero working solutions on the internet, it completely breaks common websites if they ever so happen to fuck up even a tiny bit, and the reason this is the case is entirely political, like every decision firefox and chrome has made during their lifespans.
I've never had any other kind of security error that isn't immediately fixable though

>> No.65776196

capitalists are the same. the real boss is soziale marktwirtschaft.

>> No.65776204

Firefox let's you ignore the warning
Waterfox doesn't

>> No.65776214

atleast do chromium, dumbass.

>> No.65776250

It does? How? I'm using ESR and HSTS warnings are fucking annoying

>> No.65776276
File: 71 KB, 642x231, the_land_that_time_forgot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just never update my firefox and hope that the past was better.
Hello, friendo.

>> No.65776321
File: 15 KB, 385x196, 1443314806510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gotta say, I started using Vivaldi a few weeks back and I'm ashamed I never tried it earlier. It just werks

>> No.65776365

Use it a month and observe it start lagging.

>> No.65776382
File: 3 KB, 130x74, 1522290887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>upgrading past version 44

>> No.65776493

is brave actually good yet?

It was garbage last time I tried. Its inbuilt ad blocking was pathetic as well.

>> No.65776802

Wait until 1.0

>> No.65776825
File: 23 KB, 242x208, 1512698936308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's some bits for those of you that didn't bother to read the article:

> Mozilla says all the analytics will happen on the client side, keeping users’ data private.
> If that’s still too much for some users, it is possible to opt out of Firefox’s data collection altogether.

Yeah it'd obviously be better if there was nothing at all, but this is really not that big of a deal, and surely nothing to write FF off with.

Some of you guys a just way too autist reeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.65776849
File: 559 KB, 668x698, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>personalized but private

>> No.65776850

It's because of people trying their hardest to stay relevant and have job security. It's the same reason why Android's GUI changes for the sake of change, rather than for usability.

>> No.65776869
File: 336 KB, 673x680, 1405049605059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not updating your browser


Enjoy missing out on support for the latest CSS and JS features. You'll feel like your using IE sooner or later. Have fun!

>> No.65776877

Use plain chromium.

>> No.65776935
File: 20 KB, 300x250, 1508860564173.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what is the boiling frogs experiment

>> No.65776953
File: 980 KB, 227x221, spacily.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw I've been a pale moon fag for years

>> No.65777155

>But Mozilla's personalization is different: it happens entirely on the client side. The browser will download a list of recommended links each day. Each link will also have a list of related websites, with similar kinds of content to that in the sponsored links. The browser will then compare these related sites to your browsing history; if there are lots of matches, Firefox will assume that you're interested in the recommended content and show it to you.
So what do they get out of this?
>By default, Firefox will track which recommended sites you visit, and how often each recommendation is shown
So they still get sent data about how closely each of their recommendation options match your browser history and profile you that way, and if they have a decently developed list they could actually gather a large amount of information about your browser history.

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