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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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>random average ass laptop that nobody cares about

yeah buddy okay whatever you say

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>ass laptop
Get out, nigaboo.

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screen is too tall, same for the base
it should be wider than it is tall
this is of course personal preference which overall makes little difference in functionality
enjoy the things you like and have a nice day

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That better be LibreBooted...

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Either go full hipster and use some obscure shit nobody's heard about or buy a normal computer like everyone else.

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This was @ the OP.

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You mis-clicked, x220 is peak performance. You accidentally posted a t60.

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get a camera

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>not an x60

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like a sparc, dec alpha, or a lisp machine

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the laptop in the op is boring

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16:9 sucks

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>this is what peak performance looks like.
Peak performance of what, autism?

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In 1992. Yup.

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CloverOS is fast as fuck.

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>windows sticker

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wtf i love peak performance

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>this is what peak performance looks like.

thats not debian on a 256gb 2011 macbook air

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Sitting unused in the cupboard I have a librebooted T60 with a UXGA screen.

I don't really know what to do with it.

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flash the tetris payload

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thinkpad master race

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That's a weird looking T61.

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Install CloverOS and shit up *fetch threads

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>tfw almost a week and my t60 still hasn't shipped

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waiting on my T61 to show up. Shit should already be here.

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install CloverOS

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hope u get your thinkpads

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I love everything about the x61 but is it honestly usable at this point?

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T7400 or above is good. The 4MB cache helps at least.

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Fuck off faggot

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>screen is too tall, same for the base
You've been totally brainwashed by the 16:9 "laptops are for pirated hollywood propaganda" meme

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Thanks, I'll check out the T7400 then.

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It's really good that you can buy them for $5 each and upgrade some 32bit Core1 thinkpads

You could get a T7800 (2.6GHz instead of 2.16GHz) for around $25

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can someone link me to the booru site with all the big titty cloverOS wallpapers

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thanks dude

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please china make another laptop with a decent aspect ratio

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I love how you can post the exact culmination of everything /g/ deems good in one setup and still get shit on

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/g/ isn't one person, but it really goes to show how many normalfags browse /g/

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outdated laptop

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my t60 just got to my town literally this morning and I still don't have it

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Whenever I see this e-peen stinkpads I know they're not being used for anything useful because they're shitty TN screens with 300x100 resolution you can do fuckall with

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Better than IPS.

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Fuck you. I have my fagbooks 16:10 screen, and hate even more 16:9 garbage.
My eyes don't see even whole screen, but they see fucking keyboard and bezel and shit.
And my old trusty NEC 4:3 1024x768 is surprisingly more usable, I can see whole screen, and no bezel. And I can really multitask on it, however on 16:9 I just can't it is pain.

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Indeed. TN screens are just the best. Best colors, best everything, but viewing angles.

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>mfw nobody uses my wallpapers

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If you want to consume media plug it into a real tv. But they are made for business.

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it's impossible to do real development work with anything less than 1080p. with 1080p you get just enough space to do split screen with a single monitor, anything less and you have to continually change tabs

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Split horizontally then, also there is a reason most IDE's have a margin line to avoid long lines of code.

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how did people dev before 1080p??

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How to change the default colours in FVWM(CloverOS)? I want it to be as dark as my soul, I remember editing the twm dotfile was pretty straightforward but I'm lost with fvwm, the right click menu and the green borders are the ones I wanna change.

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change #056839 to change the green

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