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How is King Terry doing? I haven't watched any of his videos in a few months. Just found this one. He said he's in San Diego, still homeless.

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He confirmed about a month ago he was part of some sort of godly trio.

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Good, racist pieces of shit don't deserve a good life, maybe after experiencing the worst in life and being abandoned by society like minorities are, he'll understand what it feels like to be a minorit, and maybe, just maybe, he'll drop the racist shit and gain some humility.

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Shut up nigger

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Punished Terry, a fallen legend.

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you're trying to be funny, but instead are actually hateful.

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How did he live before he was homeless? Did he had a home and a job?

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he's been neeting since around 2000

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watching anti-establishment schitzos implode is great

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This motherfucker coded an OS by himself. What the fuck have you done with your life that deserves even the smallest mote of recognition?

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He bred.

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writing a toy OS on neetbux isn't notable, plenty of people have done similar projects while holding down a full time job

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If you're not a racist, with all the information available to you these days, you're retarded as fuck. Willfully ignorant garbage.

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You mean all the fake news available?

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Of course. Terry is fake news.

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I love ebola-chan and violence

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lmao dicklicker

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He messed with the wrong people, now his paying the price.

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his mom?

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He used to live with his parents, but they kicked him out last year. He hasn't had a job in a long while

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Yes, BTW we don't glow in the dark!

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I think we give him a pass on the racism because of the brain disease. You could become SZ at any time and start using slurs as well.

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>He said he's in San Diego
He left San Diego because his sister called the cops and they locked him up in a mental hospital for a bit, he's in Portland now

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When did this happen?

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He was gone from IRC since Apr 11, then came back Apr 18 and said "halp! Send money. I had to leave California cause my sister called the cops. Now, in another state."

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Why did his sister even call the cops?

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He'll hate niggers even more after seeing the all the nigger trash on the street

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She has all his possessions from the totaled van, and was trying to get them to him, also an ID to replace the one that got stolen (in backpack w/ his phone) She came in IRC, asking "has anyone actually seen him in a week?" Seems like she didn't believe it was really him in the chat, probably called cops after not being able to get in touch with him

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damn, he totaled his van? was he drunk driving?

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Well shit

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Yeah, back in Dec/Jan, no mention of drunk driving, only details on what happened are "angels took it"

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fuck I miss old terry. I just want to see him drum and ramble about life. so comfy.

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He's out there reprogramming the world

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You will never see him the same again

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Found the SJW.

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his sister was brainwashed into thinking he meeds "help"
a mental institutes are also known as censoring programs

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dude's a wacko piece of shit, honestly can't say i feel bad for him
he's a delusional racist who wasted his life and his only accomplishment is coding a toy OS
there's no coming back for a guy like this, he's unemployable and unlovable

i have a feeling the people who feel for the guy see themselves in him

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>feeding into his delusional bullshit
i hope you find the help you need anon

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Writing an OS does not justify being a racist piece of shit.

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>honestly can't say i feel bad for him
Did anyone fucking ask for your opinion? Do you think this is your blog?

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Anything justifies being a racist piece of shit. Even the smallest grasp of common sense will result in you becoming racist. It's just the smart ones know not to announce their racism to the whole world. Do you think just because people aren't running around lynching niggers that means that people like niggers?

You don't deserve those trips.

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lol, so many weebos hating u for telling the truth

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Found the pavement apes.

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Whites are a small minority you do realize

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retard nigger

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Pattern recognition and statistics justify racism. Having to deal with other races on a daily basis in your own country justifies racism.

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How do you know? Was your mother the woman he made pregnant?

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>we give him a pass because of the brain disease
>all trannies need to die
really gets your noggin joggin

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wew is it reddiot hours already
out of our terry thread newfags

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The people who run his website, faggot nerds, are stealing his PayPal monies and took 60$ from him for a camera to start his streams again and THEY STOLE THAT TOO!!!
>he isnt only homeless he is being taken advantage of

We need to expose these scum and SAVE OUR KING !!!!

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source ? lay down what you got
if what you're saying is true we will find these niggers

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i believe you anon, something about his site seems fishy as fuck especially the irc chat and in his last videos he says no one is donating anything not even 5bucks

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I've been gathering my evidence when I have solid I will reveal my power level ...
Just know I love Terry and get inspiration from his wisdom... and niggers ARE MESSING WITH HIM I just know it....

The phone story is real and happened
>fag stole his phone from the gay center he lives at
>anon on IRC chat baits terry to send him 60$ for new camera
>nigger stole it

Also people have been donating AND TERRY COMPLAINED he us losing his money and NOBODY is donating
(Give me the money you fucking nobles) that video one of his last few streams....

>these Cianiggers are fucking with gods prophet

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If Terry hasn't been receiving his Paypal donations, which you are claiming for some bizarre reason, then why has he been thanking people for donating in IRC? Are you implying that he's lying about that? Where do you get off accusing people of stealing his donations?

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This Glowing nigger,
>where do you get off....

Exactly what a glowing nigger monkey would say!!!!!

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So you're calling Terry a liar, then?

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Figures you glow in the dark niggers would revel in Terry's suffering. This is why mr. god doesn't love you.

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eurofag can't into currency
>anon on IRC
Terry met Reese at the gay center and gave him $60 cash to buy a camera, which he took off with, Reese had the same IP as Terry when he was on IRC, he posted his email [email protected], what is this anon on IRC baiting him and if you have logs post them

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Why is Terry saying he has NO MONEY!!!!





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I hate you.

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He said in one streams that he's a virgin, so no

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What caused terry to go homeless? Why isn't he living with his parents? Do his parents know where he is? Did they disown him?

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>so no
he's not a virgin anymore, I'm guessing you missed the whole Margie thing

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"the luxuriousness of a mainframe command line"
-Terry A. Davis.

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He said is this stream and I quote
"Not even 5$ to pay for my beer"


I hate CiaNiggers!!!!!!

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stop spamming eurofag

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Ok chuck

>steals from gods prophet

You faggots will burn for this

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>creates OS/compiler
>cant even spot fake emails
>we larp and conn him as his love interest
>we crush his soul with the blacked meme
>we finally get his password that he gave up to "[email protected]" and now middleman'd his donation funds

>tfw we do it for teh lulz

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is there a video of his soul being crushed?

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Is terry's programming skill a meme or is he really that great at programming?

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This. Even though artificial intelligence is in its infancy and programmers are trying their hardest to keep them from doing so, AIs become racist. If you give a being access to the data and even the smallest amount of reasoning ability then it becomes racist. About the best they can do so far is filter the output so that it can't say racist things. Even the most racist person alive doesn't say anything inappropriate when being choked.

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>something about his site seems fishy
couldn't agree more, its all blank white html with a bit of javascript, last time i checked terry used a blue background and 16 colors as the lord commanded.

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Only he possesed the skill to bring us HolyC

>> No.65640265

>its all blank white html with a bit of javascript
it's been that way since june of last year

>> No.65640301

from my understanding, HolyC is just C with html links and gifs that can be directly inserted into the codebase?
How is that any better?
Please preach the gospel of HolyC, i don't want to fall for any cia nigger traps.

>> No.65640317

>HolyC is just C with html links and gifs that can be directly inserted into the codebase
You're confusing HolyC and DolDoc

>> No.65640352

It says that's a feature of HolyC on the wiki for it.
Was the wiki made by cia niggers?

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Holy shit, i love HolyC.
U0 HailTerry(){
"HolyC is great";

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Have you ever noticed most schizos are far right wing? My cousin is hardcore schizo and is also a racist and nationalistic.
I get that schizos love conspiracy theories and radical ideologies are perfect match for them because but far left loves conspiracy theories as much as far right and you just don't see many far left schizophreniacs for some reason.

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I just hope CIA niggers don't get him.

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wtf is going on in this thread?

from what a gather so far:

>some guy who has schizophrenia made a shit OS that he thinks he can communicate to god with

>he ends up becoming homeless like most schizos

>/g/ has made it a meme to feed into his delusions
or do you guys actually believe this guys shit

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It's called "crazy wisdom"

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Who among you gonna shelter the guy?
If you all worship this loser so much why won't you help the madman?

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lurk more and post less

>> No.65640592

He doesn't want to live with anyone, people have offered him places to live many times before

>> No.65640597

I have been lurking this board for years and this is the first I have ever seen of this meme

>> No.65640698

There's no way that map is right. Everyone knows China has the most cultivators.

>> No.65640779

You are talking about a fucking schizofrenic, can you stop virtue signalling for a bit?

>> No.65640873

w-what does it do s-senpai?

>> No.65640889

Far left schizo's are called pshychis and hippies, far right schizos are called nazi's. The reason we notice more right-wing than left-wing one is because right-wing gets more attention since its more taboo, not because there are more right schizos than left ones.

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Terry A Davis is the crazy grandpa that every beta neet on /g/ wishes they had. He wrote his own language (HolyC, which might i add, is actually pretty fucking good), his own compiler, and his own OS. The OS has some flaws but from my understanding its actually pretty good for what it is. Unfortunately he suffers schizophrenia but for us that's more a boon than a bust.

I think that's it in sum and full, the guy says some rediculous shit but i really like him, he also has some wisdom to say with programming and he's really good at it too, and man, when he codes, its like he never had schizophrenia in the first place. He's a legend and the people who piss on his name wish they were as loved or adored as this homless neet schizo who talks to god.

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Forgot terry related.

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I hope Terry finds somewhere to stay and can get back on his feet. He's doing god's work

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no one is going to do anything dude. back when the fags started fucking with him impersonating physicsgirl i and some others tried to intervene. nobody else gave a shit. all you under age twitch fags ruin everything.

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Terry went trough way worse times between 1999 and 2004 you fucking reddit newfag

>> No.65641896

>People with schizoid disorders
>Wanting to live with anyone


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Fug wrong guy meant for >>65640569

>> No.65641905

It's called conservatism because its primary driving emotion is fear.

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linus didn't start on the C64

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Schizobux from the gov most of the time since 2004, he held random jobs and went through homelessness between 1997 and 2003
He dropped meds since late last year and thus government assistance, he's been quite lucid since then but basically completely homeless
Terry held more jobs than you ever will when he was full schizo
No, you haven't, Terry has had presence on /g/ since 2011, and he had presence on /prog/ since 2010 at the very least

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Racism is healthy for you regardless of Terry being one.

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fuck you nigger

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>abandoned by society like minorities are
Let me guess, you think white people are the global majority?

>> No.65642057

What are you talking about, stop your half-assed meme spouting

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>Have you ever noticed most MALE schizos are far right wing
Femal schizos are extremely liberal to a ridiculous degree, they can't explain why though, that's how you know they are nuts.
You've seen them before whether you realize it or not, the ones who talk like a nigress even though they were raised in some boring suburb by boring parents, the ones who either hate their family for no good reason or just don't have any (for all you know), the ones who can't speak to anyone without causing amassive scene, they are usually perpetually salty coalburners or crackheads who die alone in a ditch after the barrel scrapers of society get done using them.

I would have pity for them, but then I remember that cockraoches can't help what they are either, but that doesn't stop me from stomping them when they come into my house.

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>abandoned by society like minorities
if only that were the case

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I’ve been sending him money with paypal, how many dudes send you money from the internet? You are just a sad autist that makes terry look good and productive in comparison.

>> No.65642610

This but unironically. Racism attracts smartest and dumbest people at the same time. It's just that the smart ones have way too much on the line to risk it.

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wtf did terry become a crackhead?

>> No.65643343

His parents kicked him out. Before he got kicked out he was drinking a lot. I assume he got into some sort of drunk fight with them.

>> No.65643438

LARPing thief! I hope you get run over.

>> No.65643906

>you'll never work at ticketmaster in the 90's
why live

>> No.65644023

bunch of 18 year olds bashing on a mentally ill genius

>> No.65644054

A lot of people are defending you, so this is to them too. What's so smart about being hateful? Point out things other races are bad at? Cool, then what? Prevent them from doing them? What's your endgame, just be racist forever because non-whites aren't going anywhere? Race war? You might want to go ahead and start thinking about effect that race war, because the % of whites worldwide is shrinking.

No matter what you think about other races, just hating and doing nothing to assist them leads to them fucking up whites more, it's just basic history.

>> No.65644368

Racism doesn't exist only truths and stereotypes are real too
>dont wanna be called a nigger
Have some class and enough with the gibs!!!
Niggers can be any RACE or organization hence CIAnigger...

Wake up you democratic shill!!

Racism DOESNT exist only shitheads do of every breed

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How come he's homeless? I thought he was living comfortably at his parents'.

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I'll just leave this here

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comfy holyc

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>let me have my autistic hugbox in peace


>> No.65645219

he got kicked out a year ago

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>The current state of terry

>> No.65646520

is this from his website?

>> No.65647084

>Give Africans free (for them at least) food gibs on a near constant basis
>Local farmers can't even compete because how can you compete with free
>Only Africa has that large patch of uncultivated land which could be used to sustain their population instead of international aid

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File: 868 KB, 854x480, Fedora: the Eu4ria Trailer.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Says the liberal who wants get rid of the right to bear arms because of a scary statistically rare shooting , despite the fact that violent crime is in a 50 year lull according to the FBI's crime statistics and there are more guns than people in the US at this point, yet magically when you meet these people, 99.999999999999999999999999% of the time they won't shoot you because they are responsible gun owners, yet the myth that guns magically make you violent when you touch them is still promulgated in the mind of people on the left

>> No.65647279

Ooga booga go back to Africa.

>> No.65648935

Fucking pedo piece of shit, there's a special place in hell for your kind.

Mods should ban this kind of stuff even if it isn't literal CP.

>> No.65649548

keep lurking newfag

>> No.65649555

>abandoned by society like minorities are

>> No.65649594

I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be a childless man pining for the daughter he never had. It's interesting that you see it as sexual though.

>> No.65650166

What kind of guy fantasizes with having daughters?

I'll tell you, pedos or cucks who want to see their daughter dicked by younger men.

Normal men dream with having male kids so they can pass on their knowledge and teach them how to be manly.

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Yeah I'm sure you have a lot to "teach" them

>> No.65650368

And that's from a lack of welfare or social programs? What more could we do? UBI?

>> No.65650375

>they earn less
>nevermind that they live in ghettos
>nevermind that the crime rates are higher
>nevermind all other factors
>the fact that they earn $20,000 less per household means that whities gotta pay

>> No.65650416
File: 50 KB, 1000x667, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice projection. The woman in that picture has a condition called Highlander Syndrome and is actually 45 years old.

>> No.65650444

So what do you wanna do about asians then?

>> No.65650469

They're manipulating currency. That's not their real average income. Everything else is sound.

>> No.65650477

Holy fuck, what kind of a brainlet are you? I have literally met pajeets who have created their own embedded operating systems for EE projects they've done. If you know basic (((Intel))) assembly registers, you can shit out an OS in a week. For one example, look at MikeOS.

>> No.65650485

>hurr durr muh compiler
anyone can write a compiler

>> No.65650490


Racial discrimination hampers the social and financial mobility of minorities, which causes poverty among these groups, the effects of poverty in a family trickle down severely to their descendants, see

Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years with Nearly Nothing Going Wrong - https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/524610/?single_page=true

How poverty changes your mindset - http://review.chicagobooth.edu/behavioral-science/2018/article/how-poverty-changes-your-mind-set

It wasn't long ago that white supremacists were running america and they used their power to keep minorities docile, uneducated, and segregated from society

Ignoring the issue and repeating /pol/tard talking points isn't helping anyone

>> No.65650495

Let's see you create an OS under the pressure of God, then.

>> No.65650517

You do realize the homicide rate in the US is higher than the ones in fucking African countries, right? I'm not talking about Wakanda, there's less people being murdered in Niger than there are in the US. That's how mutt the US has gotten, matey.

>> No.65650530

There's poor white people too you motherfucker

>> No.65650547

>want to see more
>try googling holy C tutorial or the like on youtube and elsewhere
>jewgle and the cia niggers fucking blocked it
those fucking kikes, please thread, show me some HolyC demos.

>> No.65650623

>Racial discrimination
You need to prove that this is what's happening. Are people refusing to give them jobs? Are people refusing to do business with them?

>It wasn't long ago that white supremacists were running america and they used their power to keep minorities docile, uneducated, and segregated from society
We also used to not have that many minorities until we stupidly joined the slave trade. Considering that no matter what we do we will always be a white supremacist nation (seriously, slavery was ended 160 years ago and the civil rights movement was 60 years ago, how long until we admit that this is a failure? And South Africa is a white supremacist nation despite being only ~10% white) wouldn't it be better if they could live in their own nation legally separated from white supremacism? Maybe carve out their own state. How many more decades do you want to extend the war on poverty before you admit that it's a failure?

>> No.65650645

why do you keep saying minorities as a euphamism for niggers/negores, call em what they are you mega-cuck.

Now i will agree that the cum-skin did jizz all over those fucking negroes some, and i will agree that being bum-fuck poor makes you bum-fuck-brained, but i have to wander what your solution is? Do you think more gibs will fix that shit? Or forcing more negroes into segregates lots like what Californians and Missourians do (very liberal people mind you, they still love their fucking segregation, because the only people who think negroes are good people, are the people who have never dealt with niggers)? Or forcing racial quotias will help the negro man get somewhere in life, rther thn making them dependent on the state?

Further, i don't like how you are so antagonistic towards whiggers, cumskins, and whites. Honestly, its rather rude to treat a negro poorly when he done no wrong, but to treat a whitie just as poorly because of some conspiracy theory about how whitie is keeping the negroe down? fuck off you shit-skin kike.

All i'm sayin is, if you want to help the negro you also got to help the white man, double standards will still perpetuate bullshit, it'll just be a different flavour of bullshit.

>> No.65650652

Whites have never been the target of significant oppression by their own government in the US, the most 'gruesome' discrimination you've gotten is diversity quotas in a few libshit companies, or getting fired cause your employer found out you were spamming nigger memes on company time, whereas minorities...

>were enslaved by whites
>were imprisoned and lynched unjustly
>had their communities and culture destroyed by crack cocaine epidemics spread by the CIA (which is ran by whites) just to finance conflicts accross the globe
>had their civic leaders killed, threatened, tortured and more just for supporting equal rights
>are targeted intensely by the police state and the war on drugs, while whites go to jail less
>were segregated from society and received a much lower quality of life despite being taxed

.. for several decades, up until recently.

Cry more crocodile tears you racist piece of shit, it's astonishing how whites think they have it anywhere as bad as minorities.

>> No.65650661


>> No.65650748
File: 85 KB, 970x647, blows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Armenian genocide
>The holocaust
>The gulags
>The Ukranian famine/genocide
>the first world war
>the second one
>The bantu tribe and their conquest and slavery of the bushmen
>the Rwandan genocide
Wow, it's almost like all of history is full of shitty humans, like if you didn't know their race they would still be as full of shit as the next guy.

We all know you're full of shit anyways, so how about you go elsewhere and suck tyrones dick you soiboi.
Go back to fucking reddit.

>> No.65650789

to add to that, Zimbabwe kicked out all those pesky whites and now they're starving to death.
And South Africa's economy has gone to shit because of affirmative action.

>> No.65650978

Its not quite that simple anon.
Terry build the ENTIRE OS, the bootloader, the compiler, the kernel, everything, from scratch. That means no prebuilt shit.

Pajeet on the other hand, probably just got a linux kernel, modified it slightly, and then called it a day.

>> No.65651063
File: 75 KB, 357x921, 2018-04-22-182802_357x921_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So being passed over for all affirmative action programs while being blamed for everyone else's problems isn't oppression? Whites aren't even the top earners in the country, at best it's a mix between SE Asians, Indians, and Whites. Why do you say nothing about Jews, Asians, or Indians contributing to the oppression of blacks and hispanics?

>> No.65651226

This is due to biological IQ differences

>> No.65652154

And do you realize most of those homicides are connected to gang/drug activity in the inner cities of the US? Or are you just ignorant of crime statistics via the FBI?

>> No.65652224

I also want to add that most of those deaths (and all gun-related homicides in the US as a result) involve pistols? Also, suicide via gun accounts for most of the gun deaths in the US (about 66% of them) and guns are used about 2.5 millon times per year for self-defense?

>> No.65652802
File: 539 KB, 846x611, cianiggertree.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he was hunting cia niggers. this one was disguised as a tree but king terry wasn't fooled by its cia nigger tricks.

>> No.65652861


>> No.65652878

Check out this fag

>> No.65653196
File: 41 KB, 429x377, 1467504718998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>King Terry is, now, recruiting the Original Catholic brand Templar Knights.

>You will talk with God and have daily prayer. Eventually, you will kill.

>> No.65653214

You're right fellow melanin lover

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