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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Software Recommendations

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits


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Why don't I get alerts from my calender
>schedule something weeks in advance with alerts a few days before
>no alert
>schedule something for the next hours or next day with alert shortly before the event

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Does anyone else with a Note 8 have a strange issue on Oreo where when any media is played your phone vibrates/treats it as a notification

It's starting to annoy me, it fixes when I restart but only temporarily. every time i start a new song i get vibration feedback as if I'm getting a notification

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I have a question /g/uys
Why would anyone need 6-8Go of ram on a phone?

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Gayming and social media shit.
A non retarded individual will only use a couple apps so 3~4GBs should be more than enough.

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It's good for future proofing if you're not someone who upgrades ever year or two. Also 6gb+ is incredibly useful if you emulate games.

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I'm skeptic, why would social media use that much. My good ole S7 has 4 gigs and I don't think I ever went above 3 gigs used, even with heavy multitasking. Dolphin and PS2 emulators don't really work well on android (yet), and when it comes to smartphones, futureproofing is a lie since most people change it once every 2-3 years tops.
Isn't RAM for phones a marketing thing?

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Dolphin runs flawlessly on my Note 8. It should run fine on an S7 as well if you have the snapdragon variant. Exynos chips are shit for gaming. Most current flagships aside from Iphones are rolling out with 6gb+ ram now so you'll be hard pressed to find a flagship with less in 2018 regardless. More ram is never a bad thing.

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octa core
android 7
decent ram
good front camera
eu warehouse
is that possible under 170€?

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Samsung is a FINISHED
China rule supreme

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yeeeah, right

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Is selling my HTC 10 for 250 and getting a X Compact for 190 a good idea? I like Sony screens. Is there much difference in day to day use, only game i play is Snes emulators and sometimes angry birds or mario run

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8500mAh ? What ? Isn't that gonna explode? It should be the size of a power bank

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the charging rate will probably fuck it up faster than the size

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>incel display

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Why? It's a downgrade in pretty much every single way.

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I want to upgrade from my s4. I like my aux port and 64GB sd card. I'm on Verizon and want to stay.
Is there anything worth buying yet?

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File: 676 KB, 960x1042, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the final veredict?

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The HTC has shit battery life since oreo.

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it's the android that kills those chink phones

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S9 is mental

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It does look good on paper.
But what's the price and does 4g work in Europe too?

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best dumb phone with a qwerty kb please

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they will release the Note 5 in Europe

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Blumpf banned ZTE from using Qualcomm and Android.


The era of the chink phone is coming to a close. $999 smartphones are going to be the new norm thanks Bloof.

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Teflon Don is making Cellphones great again (MCGA)

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are all amerilards this retarded
if you only see "$999" smartphones or chinkphones, you're missing out on the vast majority of actual phones
>inb4 some sperg goes on about how all phones are chinkphones
we get it rajesh, you love xiaomi, kys

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Use another calendar app

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How's a guy supposed to upgrade from a Nexus6?

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old Blackberry or Nokia E-series

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It's the stock google calendar, it SHOULD work ffs.

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I'm still on LG G3, is there any reason to upgrade?

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Will this get Lineage OS?

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I asked myself the same thing about the Nexus 5, then I broke the screen which never happens to me so I was devastated. Bought some cheap phone that I actually liked a lot for only $70. Used it for a few months then Motorola had a sale over Valentine's Day so I bought a Moto Z2 Play and the Polaroid mod and the Hasselblad mod. I'm actually really happy on a spur of the moment purchase since it was so cheap at $350 (but the mods drove that up quite a bit). Anyway I miss the days of the old Nexus devices. Cheap high end phones easily unlockable with one line of code with no stupid hackey shit. Then after the Nexus 5 Google decided to make their Nexus line a part of the cellphone fights selling for a fuck load trying to sell to the common users and not the power users and developers that always used to buy the Nexus phones.

But yeah I dunno what to tell you man.

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Im new here

I'm trying to decide between the Moto G5s plus and the Xiaomi Mi A1 currently for a good all rounder budget phone. I want to buy the mi A1 since I can get one for $80 less than the Moto, but I am a burger and Chinese phones are troublesome. Should I just buy it and try finding a good carrier? Or should I getting a comparable flagship of yesteryear? I hear the s7/edge is comparable, but I'm not sure if Samsung is that reliable.

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>but I am a burger and Chinese phones are troublesome. Should I just buy it and try finding a good carrier?
Incompatible chinkphones are least of your problems if in the USA. It's not worth living there unless you are rich.

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I really wish I knew. I've been using an iPhone SE since mine died and have been waiting for an android phone that doesn't have some huge glaring compromise to me in the meantime

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hard to decide which one to get

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Isn't this because of the stock contacts app?

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>8500 mAh
my sides.

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If I want a phone for my mom under $100 (she's barely going to use it, but she's embarrassed to still be using a flip phone) should I order a xiaomi from china, or is there something good from a non-chink brand at that price?

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Gonna have to agree with anon here. S9, S9+, hell any Samsung phone above the S8 will do just fine for you. They all have headphone jacks I believe

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ishit SE
rumours are a new one is coming out soon so give it a week though

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I have the blackberry keyone,

No one wants to steal it cause it looks old af. Can keep my keyboard autism for one more generation. Has really good battery life. Everything else is medium.

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now get an ibm tagged thiccpad

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Can't go wrong with an iPhone 5c...
Moto e's are great for the money too

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The Essential Phone seems really tempting since it's on sale for $400 but the camera sort of worries me since I'm coming from a Droid Turbo which has a halfway decent camera.
To any anons who've had experience with it, is it still worth it? How's the display, especially in daytime conditions? I don't really mind the notch either.

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Thoughts on the Nokia 7+?
Considering upgrading to that from a 6p.
(In UK)

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>The Essential Phone seems really tempting since it's on sale for $400 but the camera sort of worries me since I'm coming from a Droid Turbo which has a halfway decent camera.
>To any anons who've had experience with it, is it still worth it? How's the display, especially in daytime conditions? I don't really mind the notch either.
The only real downside to it is that the software isn't quite as smooth as say a Pixel 2 or OP5T and the camera is mediocre (I have all three because I'm a whore) but otherwise it's pretty cool. Good screen, great battery life

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Best looking phone of 2018.

Pissed I already bought an iPhone X otherwise I'd give this a crack.

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quick google search, in case anyone is wondering:
>MTK 6750T, worse than sd625
>slow ram
>no headphone jack
idk if there's more, didnt look very hard

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A few google searches didn't help, so I'm asking here.

My Nexus 5's screen stopped working. The phone is coming on because I can hold the power button for a second and the flashlight comes on. It also vibrates.

Is there a way I can boot into Recovery without knowing what's on the screen? It is TRWP and I'm running LineageOS is any of that helps.

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How long have you owned the 5T and how's your experience with it so far? I'm thinking of getting one soon. I really like the Lava Red edition but I think it only comes on 8/128 and my budget is only for 6/64.

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Ordered a twilight P20 Pro to replace my P8max (which is still going strong despite me dropping and trying to bend it multiple times) because I really, really like the color theme.

>> No.65597557

Would a microusb to usb adapter help at all?

>> No.65597575

i can get the essential phone for $260
worth it? currently on a galaxy s5

i've been reading issues with jittering, camera and grill though

>> No.65597634

>unlocked for t mobile
>headphone jack
>good battery
>good camera
>5.5" or smaller
>around $350

what's there that I could get for that except one plus 3?

>> No.65597656

I had that, but it went away when I switched to Nova Launcher

>> No.65597700

I would say "longevity". I upgraded from my note 2 to a note 7 (note 8 after that whole fiasco) and gave my note 2 to my daughter running 4.4.4 it still runs everything currently and it came out in 2012. But that's it. Upgrading/swapping phones is a literal bitch.

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What phone should I get? I have a 5 year old Samsung galaxy s4 that is dying and I want a phone that will last me a while but isn't too expensive. I don't have many friends so I usually just use the phone for a mobile Web browser or GPS and the occasional camera shot but I have an enthusiast grade camera already. Should I buy an S8 for ~$430 an iPhone 7 for ~300 or something else like an iPhone 8 or X

>> No.65597724

moto g5s plus 3gb for $220 or moto x4 3gb for $300? is x4 worth the difference?

>> No.65597748

Absolutely not, the X4 is a piece of crap that fails at almost everything it's predecessors tried to do.

>> No.65597751

S7 is pretty good still, you can probably get it for under $200

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File: 986 KB, 1600x1200, droid-turbo-2-vs-droid-turbo-08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are either of these phones worth the $100 I'm about to spend on them? If not, what's a better alternative?

>> No.65597792

can you elaborate? what's disappointing about it in your opinion? thanks.

>> No.65597896

Where is the upgrade from the G5S that justifies the 80 dollar gap?

>> No.65597933

hmm interesting, guess that's on me for using stock Samsung shit


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Which is /g/'s mindhive best burget smartphone I can get? I currently own a first generation Moto G and like it.

>> No.65598035

Moto X4

>> No.65598036

I was wondering if I could get some suggestions
Budget $500-700
Bands: ATT (Burgerland)
No samsung please

>> No.65598528

what's the verdict on sony xa2?

>> No.65598760

>type in xiaomi in amazon
>get only huawei results

>> No.65598802

Which emulators use that much ram? Do they load the entire rom on ram?

Is there a review that compares the cameras on original model with sony sensors with the chinese model that uses samsung sensors for its main camera.

>> No.65598987

Oneplus 5T. Or wait for the 6 if you don't mind the Notch™.

>> No.65599054

I just am skeptical to buy from ebay cause the site doesnt carry it anymore. and I heard the oneplus 6 is going to be 700+

>> No.65599133

>no curved screens
>no iPhones
>no LG
What's the best phone I can buy with these parameters?

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does this thread ever recommend iphone

>> No.65599236

the SE is decent

>> No.65599564

Iphone X is a top tier flagship
and i'd say most Iphone is decent but i'm just more inclined to Android
i own an Iphone 6 Plus btw

>> No.65599584

performance,display,software,decent camera

>> No.65599717

7 or 8 are not bad, the Plus are oversized garbage. The SE is a great small phone and the X looks kinda of nice but the notch, no fingerprint reader and in some cases shitty screens and other tiny problems are not worth the price tag.
Of course they run iOs wich is a huge problem on it's own and even more faggots are in deniel it's worse than Android in almost every way

>> No.65599861

yeah, Ive been wondering about this too.

The moto G5S hit 220, and the moto x4 looks pretty good spec wise. The moto g6 is coming out next month, and realistically, all 3 phones will be under or around 300 bux.
I have a moto x pure, and even though I love the damn thing with its 2k screen and sony camera, the battery life is starting to suck (also, the thing heats up pretty fast). I need a good comparison of the snapdragon 808 vs whatever is being released now for these moto phones to see if the performance is equal f not better.

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Will the Red Devil gaming phone be better than the Black Shark

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File: 254 KB, 328x647, __souryuu_asuka_langley_neon_genesis_evangelion_drawn_by_io_sinking_carousel__06b86a186482a12cd1ccd446267b1e5b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right now I have a flip phone and i'm graduating college so I'm planning on getting a smartphone now since I'll actually need one (where I didn't need one since I just had a tablet I could take with me to college/work). I'm thinking of getting something that is android but don't know what I should get, preferably not something super old, but not the newest, unless changes in the newest one are superior to the previous models that make it a must have. What would you all suggest for my first smartphone? Thank you all.

>> No.65600232

post budget and location

>> No.65600243

US, about $1000 and I'm currently with Sprint.

>> No.65600277

You have enough budget for the latest flagships. A S9 or a Pixel 2 is what's considered as the best, so choose any of them.
If you don't want to have flagships, a S7 can be good, the other iterations don't change that much

>> No.65600285

>The virgin bluboo
>The chad S9

>> No.65600622

>tfw oneplus x was literally my dream phone but it's too outdated at this point.
>oneplus said that making anything other than a flagship was a mistake so no X2
Feels fucking bad. It had everything, dualsim, expandable storage, headphone jack, aesthetics.

>> No.65600802

Already removed it with ADB

>> No.65600814

Fastboot then Connect it to pc, then in ADB, type 'fastboot reboot recovery'

>> No.65600824

They're very good for 100, very fast and great Amoled screens

>> No.65600828

What are some good phones with a non meme aspect ratio and a headphone jack

>> No.65600845

Updated SE when

>> No.65601042

vernee x1
huawei honor 9 lite

>> No.65601184

Can't wait for the Huawei P30 to have 4 fucking cameras

>> No.65601389

xperia xz premium

>> No.65601419

Absolutely worth it at that price, they've done a good job with fixing many of the issues they had at launch.

>> No.65601427

motorola moto z2 play

>> No.65601484

>he doesn't know

>> No.65601491

spider vision baby

>> No.65601715

I'm afraid of the Chinese and unlocking the phone via fingerprint. Is it normal for me to feel this way?

It's a nice phone, but I'm not enabling "HiVoice" for sure

>> No.65602037

I'm no conspiracist but...

>> No.65602103

Fucking p20 could be decent if they didnt fuck up the software and had better stabilization
Low light and bokeh photo is amazing on that

>> No.65602252

He better not do this to Xiaomi

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File: 646 KB, 1800x2400, sparth-the-center-small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey laddies, anyone willing to help an oldie who haven't followed phone specs for the last 12 years? My last phone I cared about was Nokia n73, so yeah a long time out of the loop.
So recently I realized that Xiamei's have a pretty good price/quality ratio, and decided to get one. The only things I care about in a phone are: ability to sketch on it, high quality screen, and a decent music chip, longer battery life and sturdiness is also nice but not super important. Any suggestions what I should be looking for? I can't really decide if I should go for a 100 or 300 buck one.
This Redmi Note 5 looks allright, should I get it maybe?

>> No.65602824

But that's drones not a smartphone, are they collecting data to give me the perfect Asian gf?

>> No.65602900

>mix 2s first week of release reseller price: $610
>yesterday: $615
>today: $650
what the fuck
hope the HK release fixes this or I need to find a new phone to buy

>> No.65602955

imo, the 300$ range is way better, going for too cheap won't get you a good phone.
Do you live in the US? Careful of the chinkphones, you have to check the frequency that your phone supports

>> No.65603077

I'm getting Honor 10 tbqh.

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File: 99 KB, 566x484, 32243e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw only 30 dollaros difference in price between mate and honor view 10 here
miss me with 2nd rate flagship

>> No.65603177

I got one, it's the real deal. 8.1 update with April sec. patch from day 1 and all that stuff. Only stinker is the inability to unlock bootloader, but taking into account it's an Android One device (2 years guaranteed OS updates and monthly patches, an extra year of security patches) it's not that bad since that's usually what you want to "fix" when unlocking and flashing some pajeet rom.

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File: 894 KB, 1500x2000, sparth-sparth-star-small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah I live in eastern Europe, we even get free shipping and warranty and stuff.
Drawing stuff on the phone is really important to me though, but finding good reviews from the artists standpoint is pretty hard since most of them are wacom/apple cucks. Maybe I'm trying to reach for something that's not even there, maybe I'm better off with getting a galaxy tab for that kinda shit.

>> No.65603382

First time switching from android to iOS with my iPhone X I was provided with.
Does this get any better? So far everything just feels so complicated, actions that took a swipe and a click are now hidden behind multiple gestures and long presses, so im pretty disappointed so far.
On an unrelated note, anyone know of any good iOS 4chin apps?

>> No.65603518

Shit, I didn't even think about that one. Thanks anon. How will I know I'm in fastboot though?

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>go to aliexpress
>still no global ROM for the mix 2s
>repeat every day

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>> No.65603634

Just hold power button + volume up for a few seconds

>> No.65603728

what is the difference between redmi note 4 and redmi note 4 global version, is the global version just redmi note 4x sold as redmi note 4?
is rn4x worse than rn4? how does lineageOS fit in all that?

>> No.65604550

There's multiple versions for different regions

Redmi Note 4 (with Mediatek X20 SoC)
Redmi Note 4X (Snapdragon 625)
Redmi Note 4X Pro/Prime (Mediatek X20)

Redmi Note 4 (Snapdragon 625)

Rest of the world/Global:
Redmi Note 4 AKA Redmi Note 4 Global (Snapdragon 625)

All three Snapdragon versions have pretty much identical hardware and have the same device name 'mido', so the same LineageOS build works on all of them.

The main difference between the Snapdragon versions is the network bands they have, with the Global version having the best band support. Basically if you need B4 or B20, get the Global version. Otherwise you're just as fine with the Note 4X. Indian version isn't sold outside India so you don't need to care about that one. Mediatek version sucks and is not recommended.

>> No.65604557

>12 mm thick brick

>> No.65604703

This is fucking smart phone general. Wrong thread kiddo.

>> No.65604765

Not him, but I want to move to a moto z platform phone (z/z play/ z2force etc) now that the prices have come down. Is this still a feasible option software wise? My last phone ( a flip tracphone) and my current phone ( a moto g gen 1) have both lasted 3.5+ years and I want to keep that standard moving forward.

I was looking at the original z play, because I am probably going to get it unlocked to work with my current carrier, republic wireless. Should I be focusing on the z2's instead because of the age? I heard the z3 might be coming out this summer, which would drive their prices down further.

>> No.65604775

Is the Galaxy s9 Exynos variant slower or faster than the Snapdragon variant in gaming and is the difference major.

>> No.65604789
File: 1.26 MB, 4505x2534, AndroidPIT-BEST-SMARTPHONES-2017-2717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need a phone with a decent front and back camera and snapdragon chip under 150$.

>> No.65604805

Think I need to finally update from my Note 2. Is the Note 8 going to explode on me or are we past that now?

>> No.65604825

Huawei P9 lite vanilla rom or Lineage?
I am lost because this works fine.

>> No.65604895

I would only ever get an iphone with a home button. Gesture based systems take a while to get used to, I remember when I first got BB10, took me quite a long time to get over not having buttons to press to take me places.

>> No.65605139

Yeah I'd say they're worth it, especially since I got this one on sale for $350. It's supposedly their middle of the line (or second from best, the Z2 Force being their flagship), but I haven't really encountered any bottlenecks or anything yet. I haven't done a huge stress test on it yet though. From what I read, the Snapdagon 626 SoC is pretty good and seems to be able to do everything I want, the Z2 Force has a Snapdragon 835, which is better in every area than the 626, but it doesn't seem like all that much. Imo it wasn't worth the extra $200 to get the Z2 Force over the Z2 Play when I got it on sale. Right now the difference is only $100 and that might be worth it if you're sold on one of those phones. The Force is $500 right now for some reason.

But to answer your question concerning lasting, I wouldn't doubt this phone will last the time frame you outlined software wise. These can be unlocked too. I have an unlocked bootloader on this thing right now. Side note: I was kind of disappointed in the development scene of this phone. I shouldn't expect a Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 tier development scene, but I'm still kinda disappointed that there aren't more than only on or two custom ROMs for this. You'd think it would be a prime target for development since the manufacturer actually is A-okay with you unlocking the bootloader, though I dunno if the Moto mods would work with a custom ROM. Anyway, software should be good for the foreseeable future. Moto's stock rom is pretty lightweight with only the Moto mods manager and a small Moto options menu in the settings that I never use.

>> No.65605167

I love you negative nigs
tell me whats wrong with Xperia XZ2 because I'm looking to get the XZ2 premium

>> No.65605183

Redmi Note 4 with Gcam

>> No.65605204

Snapdragon is much better

Z2 Force was on sale for $399 just a few weeks ago

>> No.65605249
File: 97 KB, 640x640, 1434346255991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

help please

>> No.65605262

don't buy that, it's ancient

>> No.65605526


>> No.65605939

That was my choice. Wanted to know if there was anything with a better front camera.

>> No.65605968

Moto Z2 Play vs HTC 10?

>> No.65606002

Isn't this that phone for India or am I wrong
Sorry their naming scheme is confusing

>> No.65606017

What's the latest meme launcher everybody's using?

>> No.65606061
File: 2 KB, 527x253, 1510643479831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>phone difficult to turn on because my power button is unresponsive
>a custom kernel promises double tap to wake
>scared of fucking up the installation and bricking my phone

>> No.65606096

Never happened to me on Nougat when i used stock launcher.
I switched to nova when Oreo came out. Nothing.

>> No.65606158

>gaming phone
>no physical buttons

fuck this shit, at least the xiaomi one have some dpad accessory

>> No.65606430


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File: 19 KB, 726x283, Captxxure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vince: Snapdragon 625, single rear camera whyred: Snapdragon 636, dual rear camera

>> No.65606503

Z2 Play

>> No.65606991

I'm in Canada and need a new phone. I'm thinking of either one plus 6 or xiaomi MI mix 2s. Thoughts?
Moreover, where can I find the xiaomi MI mix 2s, It released last month but I don't see it sold in Canada computers or Newegg.

>> No.65607151

Looking at getting a Note 8. Am an Amerifag, interested in the doodling functionality and looking to dabble in some VR (riftcat, etc). Also the USB-C and presence of a 3.5mm audio jack are attractive. But spending the extra cash to get an S/Note 9 doesn't seem worth it because functionally they don't differ that much. I don't give a damn about the camera. Tiny sensors are noisy.

Should I?

>> No.65607163

Samefagging here. Forgot to mention, I'm on AT&T, but that doesn't matter because you can get unlocked Galaxies easily.

>> No.65607265

Currently have an iPhone 6, looking to upgrade to something android based and new. Price isn’t too much of a factor. I’m in the US and use ATT

Screen quality is probably most important. I’d also like something with a nice dac for playing music through my receiver. Also preferably something that has a color scheme that isn’t black

>> No.65607273

Too big, am handlet

>> No.65607284

I can't fucking wait any longer for the OP6. My Nexus 6 is about to shit itself any moment and I'd rather go for the 6 than the 5T.

>> No.65607307


>> No.65607324

Same, 5t prices on Canadian amazon is around 800 cad whilst website stated 650 cad.

>> No.65607638

White HTC 10 or U11

>> No.65607653

Nova. Always nova

>> No.65607656

Do newer xiaomi phones work in the US?

>> No.65607695


>> No.65607771

Didn't know whether to start a new thread but I'll ask here first. The jack socket in my phone got a bit loose. When plugging in headphones there's crackling and often the phone just disconnects the output. I've checked for some build up lint but there were none. Is there a way to fix this or the only option is to replace the socket?

>> No.65607843

Mi Mix 2 / 2S does

>> No.65607998

Why no recommended non chink phone pastebin? Are you all chinese? Is this actually /cpg/?

>> No.65608001

Honor 10 looks like a great phone, should I go for it, my 1st gen MotoG is getting a bit old now

>> No.65608187

Is there a chance of a Mi Mix 2 price drop soon?

>> No.65608247

The chinese invaded /g/ and now everything must be chink botnet or you are a google fanboy.

>> No.65608579

>be iOS faggot since iPhone 1
>after 5 decided to see what is all of the hype for Android
>bought Galaxy S6
>laggy slow as shit
>redundant menu
>even with the redundancy hard to fucking find certain features to turn fucking off
So now I am rocking an X, but the camera is kinda shit and ever since I went on vacation I want to take more pictures. I heard Android tend to have better cameras than Appleshit, so I am considering going back to Androidshit. Questions:

-is it still laggy as shit?
-did they fucking improve the interface from before? I don't need a fucking large calendar app that takes up 1/3 of the screen.
-does it have anything similar to face ID?

Okay help me /g/ recommend me one with an excellent camera. Nothing too expensive, like I don't want a fucking Tag Heuer one for like $2400. Anything around $1200-$1400 will do.

>> No.65608661

Get a Pixel 2.

>> No.65608664

majority of /g/'s userbase are poor therefore chinkshit gets recommended way more

>> No.65608689

>I heard Android tend to have better cameras than Appleshit
This has never been true. Pixel 2(XL) is the sole exception.

>> No.65608710

Don't get me wrong, the X has a decent camera which takes great pictures. But nighttime photos still look like shit. Right now I am looking at the Huawei P20 Pro, which seems to have a Leica camera which seems to have a lot of praise from Androidfags.

>> No.65608716

Pixel 2.

>> No.65608821

Or maybe they are all poos.

>> No.65608827

Good to know, I had bought the z2 force for my wife a month ago when TMobile was getting rid of them for $375.

Are the 1st gen moto zs too old to bother with for my longevity requirements? I have been seeing then go for $2-300 these days, so they're tempting if they will fit the bill.

>> No.65608835

You're not upgrading by going from an X to a Pixel 2 or even a P20. The P20 is slightly better, but unfortunately you have to deal with Huawei's trash which isn't anywhere near the level of Apple's sadly.
I'm sure you can deal with holding off for another 5 months or so when actual upgrades start popping up.

>> No.65608920

This is just what I heard on xda concerning the z vs Z2 lines. I hear the Z Play has a slightly less powerful SoC than the Z2 play, but the Z Play has a longer battery life and better camera and is cheaper. Some people were disappointed in the Z2 Play and actually liked their Z Play more and bought the v1 instead. When it comes to the top of the line flagships (Z and Z2 Force) the differences might be bigger.

Again I can't really help you out, I'm just taking hearsay from another forum and regurgitating it right now. I haven't gotten a chance to play with all the Moto Z family and compare them myself.

>> No.65608932

XZ2 premium claim to have the best nighttime shots

>> No.65608976

I bought an iPhone X because the front camera on my Galaxy S9+ is defective and goes out of focus a lot. I figured it'd save time than trying to repair it

Will I regret it? I mean, I'm paying $300-400 more for a subjectively worse phone

>> No.65608990
File: 112 KB, 625x773, 1519409705264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Will I regret it? I mean, I'm paying $300-400 more for a subjectively worse phone

>> No.65609010

>Will I regret it? I mean, I'm paying $300-400 more for a subjectively worse phone
literally /g/ in every decision

>> No.65609265

You guys didn't answer my question

>> No.65609421
File: 696 KB, 1280x720, BakumanEp19-01deadline.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey guys, i need some help!

i was considering getting either the Xiaomi Mi6 or the A1 but there are two main issues i have with them.
the A1 is too big for my taste. i like smaller phones.
The mi6 is the right size and is just better hardware, but has no 3.5 jack.

what i want to know is if there is a middle ground between these two, because i can't decide on one of them.


>> No.65609428
File: 34 KB, 360x178, 1509776423774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got a Moto G5plus, anons.

What am I in for and are Moto Mods a meme?

>> No.65609456

I have a G5+

It's a fine phone. Does what it needs to. Of the few Moto modifications, they're all at least either useful or out of the way

>> No.65609535

>the A1 is too big for my taste. i like smaller phones.
>The mi6 is the right size and is just better hardware, but has no 3.5 jack.
Well forget about the A1, its 3.5 jack has a feature that makes it great for high impedance headsets, but leaves you with a hissing sound on regular ones.

>> No.65609697

To my fellow Burgers, I am a poorfag, that ended up on a Verizon plan that we can't realistically afford anymore due to a death in the family, and no life insurance money(as of now). Is Sprint the best alternative to keep the phones, or are there any quality MVNO's that would carry this in the mid-atlantic(Work takes me from NYC down to Atlanta and everywhere in between)

>> No.65609711

>durrr android is slow
>can't even figure out menus
>face id
Oh, so you're a fucking retard.

>> No.65609877

need a new phone but ill probably break it in 6 months like i always do so no $500 brand new flagship phones for me. instead im looking at the htc 10 evo (aka the bolt, but not sprint exclusive) for gayt&t. found a seller on ebay who has bnib stock for only $170.
yea or nay?

>> No.65609932

What's everyone's thoughts on the Libre 5?

>> No.65609953

bazinga! you sure showed him!
stay there Rajesh

>> No.65609968

does anyone here use a xperia xz premium? i've been having problems with the headphone jack as its been randomly disconnecting but when i restart the phone the issue stops. i dont know if its a software issue or if my earbuds are busted

>> No.65609989

Should I buy an essential phone for $280? Or is the camera and signal shitty? I need a new phone bad but idk if the premium phones are worth it

>> No.65610122

right, so thats another strike for the A1.
but i still need a phone that is not any one of those two.
i need something between them, or maybe even better.

>> No.65610136

>but i still need a phone that is not any one of those two.
Budget, location and any feature that isn't 3.5 jack and smaller screen than the A1?
I'm gonna sleep but I hope another anon will answer your question

>> No.65610207

my budget is pretty high. i can manage over 500$. i take good care of my phones, so i don't worry about the price that much.
i just want a phone with decent hardware, like the mi6 or a1.
something that isn't too big, just cos i don't like it (the mi6 is an excellent size).
and just need to avoid memes, like notched screen, curve screen or no audio jack.
location won't matter, trust me.

>> No.65610237


>> No.65610305

How much will the mi a2 be?

>> No.65610333

One plus 5t
Or wait for the 6

>> No.65610357

its as big as the A1 though.

>> No.65610358

More I read about it the more I agree with the decision. They were sanctioned and they agreed to it but decided they wouldn't comply later on. They fucked themselves over hard.

>> No.65610378

Does bigger phones really bother you that much
One plus 5t and view 10 bang for the bufk is so good that its hard not to recommend

>> No.65610435

i am already nearing the point where i will yield to the larger phones, but i'd rather not if i can help it.
it matters to me enough that i'd try to avoid it as much as possible.

>> No.65610520

Bought a 7x how did i do boys

>> No.65610646

I'm curious about Kirin chipset. Does it works with same principle as Exynos ones?

>> No.65610715

Is the battery life as good as purported? Do you know if it supports Vulkan? I'm really itching to buy it

>> No.65610732

I'm looking for a phone under $450 with a decent camera/camera software, runs Android 8.1 with no shitty skin either, 3500+ mAh battery, 1080p 5.5" screen and has either a Snapdragon 820/821 or 835. I'm also on Verizon so my options might be limited since I live in the US.
Thanks in advance.

>> No.65610892

Verizon just knocked 300 off the price of the note 8. I'd wait to see what at&t does about their prices. If they do lower it soon I'll pay off this shitty s7 edge an get one too

>> No.65611025

>shitty s7
What's bad about it?

>> No.65611086
File: 42 KB, 770x433, google-pixel-xl-9171-018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still buying a Pixel XL

Am I making a huge mistake?

>> No.65611133

mi mix 2s kernel source released already
what's the new reason to hate xiaomi

>> No.65611176

Got an unlocked one used in good condition for about 540. did I dun goof?

I'm coming off of a Blackview BV6000... which I love, because it really is Nokia-tier in terms of durability. I've used it as a door wedge before, and nothing happened to it... and it cost half of the Note 8. I'm hoping the Note 8 really is twice the phone. if I can get a good VR experience out of it, I'll be happy.

>> No.65611300

Why are people so desperate to defend Xiaomi?
Grow up Ramesh.

>> No.65611316

>Or wait for the 6
>face unlock
no thanks

>> No.65611325

I stepped on it and the screen is cracked to hell

>> No.65611361

I would buy used but I'm always worried about charge cycles and how long the battery will last

>> No.65611377

>essential phone
>so many issues
>cheap now and some people like it
i've never heard of a phone having so many issues, seems risky tbqh

what's the best phone that's under $500?

>> No.65611412

Thoughts on switching from the Galaxy S9+ to the iPhone X? Am I just wasting my money

>> No.65611424

Assuming the owner didn't abuse the shit out of the battery and assuming Samsung didn't have Down's Syndrome when designing the batteries, it should be okay... both of which I concede are far from given. I'm actually a lot more concerned about the OLED display since those apparently suffer from longevity problems.

>> No.65611438

A minor thing in a grand scheme of things if they give a good enough product to compensate

>> No.65611439

Shit, I'm sorry, this was for

>> No.65611478

>phone goes below 15% and switches to "power saving mode"
>it's suddenly much faster
What the fuck

>> No.65611509

because it killed a load of background processes that it "needs" when the battery is over 15%.

>> No.65611546

Telus' best phone? Ignoring price.


>> No.65611599

Galaxy S9+ or iPhone X

>> No.65611680

Phone with the best OEM update support for >$500?

>> No.65611947
File: 98 KB, 640x480, 1513042232614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RIP in piece to my Samsung note 4. Best beast phone got dropped on concrete from 10 feet and spen sensor doesn't work right. Time for the 8. Fellow 4 bros say a prayer and remember to say "I love you" to your phone every night. You never know when it's your last.

>> No.65612043

Isn't it awkward to carry around a bigass phone?

>> No.65612173

holy shit sprint is SO BAD
I got that lg v30 on the really crazy deal they're having right now and their coverage is so bad it's unreal how they can continue to be in business at all
I live in a very large suburb in california and my voice is completely muted to the other person about 20% of the time even to someone in the same fucking room as I am. signal strength is 3-4 bars in my upstairs apartment with zero trees within 100 feet of it.

>> No.65612343

Pixel, why even ask?

>> No.65612352

depends how you carry around your phone normally
i dont live around ghettos so i dont have a problem with walking around with my phone in my hand

>> No.65612356

Blackberry Keyone. It's the best phone at any price range.

>> No.65612368

not with that shitty software navbar
literally throwing away the best thing about blackberries, the belt!

>> No.65612374

The best thing is the keyboard. The belt is a meme.

>> No.65612403

Nah man, the belt was king and always was.

>> No.65612717

type a or c?

>> No.65612759

microUSB for some fucking reason

>> No.65613208

6P battery dying but pixel and it's sequel shit looks bad. Time to jump ship to Samgshit?

>> No.65613244

How come P20 Pro has 109 DxOMark score
How much did Huawei pay them

>> No.65613387

Does anyone have any opinion on this?

>> No.65613415

I'm in the same boat. My 6P is starting to shit the bed after about 2 years. Looking into Samsung since they're about the only non-chink, decent phone in the U.S. that still has a headphone jack

>> No.65613499

>want to do phone lease because my credit is very high
>verizon and att charge you $20 a month for """"""""""""line access"""""""""""""
>t-mobile forces you to get the $70/mo unlimited data plan
>sprint is just dog shit service quality in general
>metro and boost have a laughable phone selection
kill me pete

>> No.65613621

Just buy a phone and go with Cricket.
AT&T's network, and dropping $600 on a phone now vs spreading it out over 2 years is seriously insignificant.

>> No.65613755

the problem is that I'm looking at some crazy good deals like with t mobile the moto z2 force is only $15 a month for 2 years and then you own it
sprint has the lg v30 for $12 a month for 18 months and then the buyout after that is only $200

>> No.65613863

Pixel XL

>> No.65613877

Anyone have experience with Xperia XA2?

>> No.65613905

Nokia 6 2018, Nokia 8
Sony XZ1, XZ1 Compact, XA2
Honor 9
Moto X4

>> No.65614077

I have a Galaxy S7, and I feel like it's starting to die on me (got it in October '16).

Hypothetically speaking, if I wanted to upgrade to a S9/9+, how do I get over the fact that the screen is curved, and that there's no home button? Those are my biggest hangups.

>> No.65614150

Just got almost two whole days of battery life with 7:30h total SOT, and I haven't been micromanaging the battery life disabling all the resource-heavy stuff or keeping a barely readable brightness. If you don't use some of the biggest offenders like Instagram (I do use it) and tweak settings out a little bit you can probably get 8h or 9h

>> No.65614191

Anyone know what's the greatest screen to body ratio phones out there ?

>> No.65614259

Essential phone

>> No.65615449

Why in the fuck does my headphone dongle on the Pixel 2 sometimes stop working and start blaring my music out over the speakers. Isn't there usually a fail safe that if the headphones are unplugged the media playback is paused?

This fucking phone is giving me anxiety in public.

I'm considering taking this hunk of shit in on Monday and buying a chink shit phone and an iPod classic off ebay.

>> No.65615475

So I was playing around my phone and I noticed in the storage settings that the 'other files' is taking up like 4gb of my internal storage. I was downloading a large zip file at that time.
Are zip files considered as 'other files'?

>> No.65615524

is amoled just a meme?

>> No.65615648
File: 250 KB, 1080x1920, 20180420_123002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this? Is this nefarious software?

>> No.65615721

I have the pixel 2 dongle for my pixel 1 lol. It's a horrible fragile piece of shit. I literally have it sit in my car 24/7 and most of the time it just doesn't work at all.

>> No.65615976
File: 47 KB, 700x415, DV-meUMXcAEBwqK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fast charger
>Big battery
>IP 68
>Don`t care about cameras
>Stock android or LineageOS support
>Double tap tap wake
>No capacitive buttons

This phone even exist?

>> No.65616136

Try the OP5T. It looks decent.

>> No.65616145

OP5T has everything except the IP68. You can get it for around $450 on Gearbest and chink sites.

>> No.65616284

Redmi 4X vs Redmi Note 5A.

>> No.65616295

get the 4x, no doubt

>> No.65616555
File: 1.43 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have I done well?

>> No.65616638

Pixel 2 XL?

>> No.65616668

So, the Moto G5 plus is higher end than the vanilla G6? I was waiting for the G6 Plus but it's going to be twice as expensive as the G5 plus right now

>> No.65616712

Refurbished or new for unlocked Android phones?

>> No.65616743

Someone might have cumed on it. Or picked their nose and then slid to unlock. Or use it on the toilet before washing their hands.

>> No.65616744

I'm still on a Moto G4, should I upgrade?

>> No.65616772

They probably gave one with a better software version
Fucking retards,they had nice hardware but skimped out like the chinks they are

>> No.65616909

>So, the Moto G5 plus is higher end than the vanilla G6?
Depends. The SD450 is pretty much a underclocked SD625, but the difference is 0.2Ghz so barely anything. Really doubt you'd notice a difference. And the G6 gains USB-C, dual camera, bezeless display and Treble support.

>> No.65617010

I didn't know the difference in processor was so minimal. I'm kinda fucked though, I can't get any G6 soon enough

>> No.65617221

Should I root my OnePlus 5T?

>> No.65617230

Why wouldn't you?

>> No.65617341

Which phone?

>> No.65617413

redmi note 5 looks like best budget smartphone
nokia 7 plus is nice but the price
I was also looking at moto g6+ but it has only sd630
there's also zenfone 5 but I never saw anyone recommending an asus phone, are they that bad or something

>> No.65617657

they are that bad
essentially expensive burner phones

>> No.65617672

Anyone here /DeGoogled/

>> No.65617765

Me on Oneplus 2 with Lineage using Amazon and f droid

>> No.65617767

good phone, uses downclocked 660cpu, on downside is weak display

>> No.65617796
File: 61 KB, 760x507, DtuXpkT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that XZ2 design
I'll never get over it.

>> No.65617830

alright thanks, I will probably get the rn5 when global version is out

>> No.65617849 [DELETED] 

Enjoy being spied by the chinese government

>> No.65617881

Enjoy being spied on by the Chinese government

>> No.65618006

It shouldn't. There haven't been any widespread reports of it exploding.

Just bought one myself. Stoked for it.

>> No.65618063
File: 135 KB, 840x473, a e s t h e t i c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'll never get over it.
word best looking phone out there tbqh

>> No.65618076

What plastic iPhone toy is this?

>> No.65618087

cringe bants in 2018

>> No.65618116

i need to see these in person

>> No.65618169

It honest to god is. I don't understand why most tech consumers don't understand that it's not about how specced out a device is, but rather it's functionality, use and optimization. More powerful hardware usually equates to more power draw.
>phoneposting from an iPhone 5 with 1GB of RAM
>absolutely no slowdowns whatsoever

>> No.65618210


>> No.65618285

You entitled little fuck. You should not be switching expensive phones at this frequency. No wonder yall are knee deep in debt

>> No.65618339

fuck this
i got the xz premium a few weeks ago, hoping i'd switch to the xz2 premium and give mine to my dad. i guess i'll have to keep the xz premium

>> No.65618526

Help I've been using a Samsung galaxy s4 for 5 or more years now. What should I upgrade to for longevity? I'm scared of android because of lack of updates compared to apple, but I don't know if the premium is worth it

>> No.65618558

If it has B20, B3, and B7 support it should work fine on most European carriers.

>> No.65618573

S7. You got lineage OS support so you'll always be getting updates

>> No.65618577
File: 70 KB, 800x800, x240AR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can i root this thing?

>> No.65618589
File: 565 KB, 1096x616, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>done well

>> No.65618595

Xiaomi Mi Note 2? Ahh no wait, it's not IP 68 rated. Nevermind.

>> No.65618610

Redmi Note 5 Pro is the pajeet version so it doesn't have all the bands needed in Europe, gotta wait for the Global Redmi Note 5.

>> No.65618619
File: 2.99 MB, 600x338, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65618620

>>No capacitive buttons

this is supposed to be something positive? Do you like software buttons to waste a chunk of your screen?

>> No.65618638

>Global Redmi Note 5
Yeah that will take what 1 or 2 months, no?

>> No.65618685

Late April to mid May is what I've seen people saying

>> No.65618710

The Kirin chipset eats a lot more battery than the exynos, that's why de p20 pro has a 4000mah battery

>> No.65618741

mid may is when presale on goybest ends

>> No.65618788

Looks like a P20 Pro

>> No.65618831

WTF is it?

>> No.65618908

congratulations on your useless post

every galaxy 8 and 9
upcoming nokia 9

>> No.65619028


>> No.65619095


>> No.65619223

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the notch as long as its short and you have an option to hide it.

>> No.65619393

what are some of the best 5inch phone options right now? my rn3p is starting to bend and I'm looking for options atm.

I'm perfectly content with the compute power/ram available, but i just want it in a slightly smaller package.

>> No.65619540

Is the Mi6 the cheapest and best Xiaomi phone with NFC?

>> No.65619657

Xperia compact. They are really the only company making small phones anymore.

>> No.65619821

How does all of them compare to qualcomm. I know somehow benchmark test shows apple chipset beat all of them. But in terms of efficiency, which android chipset you'd choose?

>> No.65619875

i can tell you my xz premium with a snapdragon 835 (last year's top qualcomm chip) kicks the living shit out of the s9 and note 8 in browsing. also, it somehow got a higher memory speed than the note 8

>> No.65619915

Finally got some spending money and I wanna upgrade my phone from a Samsung Galaxy S5 (I'm poorfag). Debating between the Google Pixel original, possibly the XL, or the Note 5. Which phone is better, if you had to pick one? The Note 5 appeals to me because I do commissions and draw stuff in my spare time, but I hear the Pixel line is some of the best stuff on the market right now.

Anybody use either/both before?

>> No.65619933
File: 153 KB, 1280x720, trvenews.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone here use DEX on the s8 or s9? I have an S7 and I kind of want to upgrade so I can use DEX

>> No.65620133

samsungs are slowed down by samsung's shitware. i wouldn't buy a shity samsung

>> No.65620382

What's the best budget phone you guys recommend? Like under $300 CAD just for browsing the web and basic stuff. I had a Zenfone 2 which was good enough but that just broke. I'd like a fingerprint scanner too if possible.
Carrier and size doesn't matter but I'm in Canada.

>> No.65620491

The Huawei mate series has it too but you don't need a dex station which is cool

>> No.65620656

where do you buy your refurbished phones at? Where should I avoid?

>> No.65620667

I'm considering buying the Note 8 somewhere in June, is it legitimately good?

>> No.65620706

>haha look I have no money but im still part of the club

>> No.65621007

>Bragging about being rich with a riced out phone on a Jesuit canoe carving imageboard

>> No.65621022


>> No.65621170

Ehh, I've had it since November and i honestly would have encouraged it then but battery life has degraded significantly. Everything else is absolutely amazing but I'm lucky to get past 5pm without having to charge it. Get the S9 or wait for the note 9

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