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>it's the jews
>poo in the loo
>it's the communists
>developed by a fucking women
why is /g/ so shit
why does nobody fight the camcer?

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The current state of OP
>hurr durr i don't like shitposting on a redditified imageboard
>i came to a shitty board but am surprised to find it shitty
>i come to nu-4chan to have coherent discussion
>i don't want to go to an alternative or smaller -chan because i prefer complaining
>oh noes why does nobody stop teh cancers?

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Because we're stage IV, OP

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This guy gets it.

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in terms of content half of this board now is vain, instagrameusqe /guts/,/bst/,/tidusscreenfetchautism/ & /consumerism/ generals and you're complaining about some racism and misogony?

also, mintorities and homofags should be turned into fertilizer

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cant type, its late

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>why is /g/ so shit
/g/ was always shit, newfag.
>Core2 vs. Phenom II shitflinging
>1.7% yield
>it's over nvidia is finished
>Apple vs. Windows vs. GNU/Linux shitflinging
>7fags constantly telling XPfags to upgrade
>XPfags constantly telling 7fags to fuck off
>you fags sure got told
>The same fucking meme tidus screenshot in every desktop thread
>Music on the /g/ the whole day of the GTX480's release making fun of it overheating
Where the fuck have you been, retard?

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And while I'm on the subject and actively thinking about it, who could forget such instant classics as
>autistic screeching about whether or not flipbitch.jpg should be in the OP of the /dpt/
>autistic screeching over which of many variations of girl and book held should be in the flipbitch.jpg of choice in the OP of the /dpt/
>It's over AMD is finished
>Technology Hei and his band of merry retards who wrote scripts to create avatars with post counts and copy-pasted signatures to the end of posts like /g/ was a fucking bulletin board
>Stickies for every single Apple event on the planet
>The board being flooded with anti-Apple threads every time there was an Apple event sticky
>Firefox is shit I'm moving to Chrome
>Chrome is shit I'm moving to Firefox
>Chrome and Firefox are shit I'm moving to Opera
>moot killing the text boards, and by extension /prog/
/g/ hasn't been good since it was Guro, and even then that might be reaching.

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It's what happens when half of the new user base leaks from the /pol/shitbox.

Report and sage my friend, repirt and sage.

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Go charge your iShit device sweetie.

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God bless you, Sir

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lol a true oldfag rage :o
i will post it on /r/greentext :3

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We had a reddit thread up for hours and mods did nothing. /g/ is dead and so is 4chan as a whole.

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These memes were fun and creative at least, and people didn't derailed every thread about X brand all the time, dumping the very same pics. It was more a friendly banter than rampart shitposting.

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>These memes were fun and creative at least
>and people didn't derailed every thread about X brand all the time, dumping the very same pics.
Good joke. Remember every nvidia thread with inElite fighting everyone else on /g/? Good times.

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