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>very basic gnu/linux feature just implemented in an insider build
>wsl still shilled on /g/ by wintoddlers as a killer feature against linux
At least they try real linux first, for legit criticism.

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*should try

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>having to awkwardly press two keys with one finger/position your hand so your ring finger is vertically above your pinkie

Why would anyone want this?

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Not an argument, faggot.

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>your ring finger is vertically above your pinkie
Take a pic as i can't imagine people being this retard.

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Re-read my post you utter brainlet

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Why the fuck would two finger cross? Enjoy your cancer tornado.

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>linuxtards are eslshitters
y i k e s

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you bought into the shitposting

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Fuck off, retard.

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>not pressing ctrl and shift in the same time
It's like you hate yourself.

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You also showed why you are not right.

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That's uncomfortable due to the height distance between the two keys, I addressed that in my original post you retard.
How so?

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>your ring finger is vertically above your pinkie
>ISO layout
found your problem, my left-shiftlet friend

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Whatever you say, enterlet ANSIcuck

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i really think this place is full of retards

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