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Why? Two words: Font rendering.

KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, and Mate already provide a fully functioning and exceptional desktop experience. Gnome is even around for brainlets and toddlers. There's only one problem, the font rendering on all of them is abysmal.

Linux still hasn't figured out font rendering after three decades. It's arguably one of the most important features of an OS since you're required to read fucking to text to use menu options, etc.

Normies fire up a Linux machine and the font rendering looks horrible, they immediately move back to Windows or Mac OS.

Why can't Linux figure out font rendering?

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>font rendering
You're thinking of windows.

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Font rendering is fine on Linux. Windows is the one with shit font rendering, yet Windows is doing fine.

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yikes, you bought into the shitposting

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Umm, Linux can't license the same fonts. That's why they look different. There won't be a year of desktop Linux, but at least know your shit.

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keep up the good work

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>rhymes with rage

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>no thumbnails

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Normies don't give a shit about font rendering. Most of them don't even know it's a thing.
There will never be a year of the Linux desktop because no one outside of 'tismtards know or care what Linux is. They use the OS that comes with their computer and don't give it any more thought beyond that. Even if you gave them a computer with Linux installed on it, the only feedback you'd get is "Why can't I use (insert Windows program here)? Can't you just put Windows back?"

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Try naming your images properly

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Speak for yourself. My font rendering is flawless.

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Infinality does indeed improve font rendering, but Linux devs refuse to ship it by default for some reason. Additionally, it's an outdated and dead project.

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Of course it will never happen. Linux is just a kernel.

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>43,649 pictures
no thanks

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Linux devs develop the kernel, nothing else.

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Time to post some Tokyo to destroy OP's rant.

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I'm sure you will find *that pic* in a small window.

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>Why? Two words: not windows

Fixed. All these threads miss the point that even if Linux did absolutely blow all competition out of the water in what they blame for its minority status, it wouldn't matter, because it's not Windows.

If quality ever mattered Microsoft would be remembered as an obscure company that made BASIC ROM chips.

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I don't know.
After setting proper DPI in fontconfig, my fonts look stunning.

Problem is GNOME3 can't handle 210 PPI without making everything fucking giant, so I only have perfect fonts in console. Luckily, 90% of my software runs in console.

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linux generally has revolting freedumbs fonts for the GUI, not the font rendering itself.

t. fa/gd/ck

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