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so what the fuck is this

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Dragon dildo?

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Is it an AR bolt?

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Some nu male car part

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Pick one and only one.

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It's a matter demodulator, retards.

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It's the bolt in an AR-15.
Good bolt, good gun.

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macro bacteriophage model

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Part of a very important device you should own. Buy one while you can. Hell, buy several.

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>males without a specific model killing weapon are le inferior female

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Soy manufacturing device.

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Have AR-15 .. don't know what the fuck this is on sight.

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rifle bolt for an ar15/m16 platform

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At 15 is the nu male rifle. Akm is far better

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>he owns an ar-15
Absolutely disgusting. It's like a guy buying a convertible pink mustang with ecoboost and a v4 and thinking they're manly

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A bolt you fucking noob

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actually not the whole bolt, it's just the front part of the bolt that holds the firing pin.

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is it a spark plug

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>faggot ass soyboy leftists
Fuck off no guns, its a bolt. The piece it goes into is a bolt carrier.

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>Live in Jewsrael
>Huge percentage of citizens have served in the military at some point
>Everyone should know what this is regardless of gender

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Learn how to clean your fucking gun holy fucking jesus christ on a stick being baptized.

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My BMW 1 series is pretty manly

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this is correct

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that's literally because you're an idiot

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Looks like the piece of a fucking machine that the dildo attaches onto

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Maybe he's an gentleman who has a trusted manservant clean his weapons.

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>tfw you actually got a Luger passed down from your grandpa
Why would I care about nu male guns?

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>Thinks a beemer is manly
Enjoy being made fun of by literally everyone else on the road, pansy.

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German things are gay by default.

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Eeey boii we'll fuck your shit up real good,hehehe
Nothing personnel

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My post actually implied that the 1 series is a faggy womans car. You probably don't understand because you are amerimutts

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I clean my gun. I don't own a shitty AR15 so It doesn't jam. Cleaning comes in various stages based on use. It is oiled up and in its case.
Correct. For breakdown cleaning, I use a trusted shop owner. For basic cleaning which doesn't involve break downs, I just clean out the barrel and oil the essentials. I haven't put enough bullets through it to warrant that and am not a gun obsessed faggot. So, it remains oiled up and stored away for the most part. I never go full retard with anything I own or a hobby... You can always tell a fag who doesn't own a gun or a nut by how bent out of shape they get by such idiotic non-issues.
> behaving like you have to clean your gun every time you shoot it.
Maybe after a couple 1000 rounds on an AR.. and maybe much sooner if you have a shitty one.

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This thread is full of so much soy.

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Or you just lack the ability to write sarcasm

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>Akm is far better
You miss-spelled mini-14.

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In my experience the mini 14 jams on brass and the akm eats tons of steel ammo and loves it

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or you are too poor to afford a BMW

Sent from my iPhone X™

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Isn't that some kind of Nintendo machine or something like that?

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the clicky thing in a ballpoint pen

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Looks like a C.V. Joint.

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That part looks too retarded and complex to be part of a reliable and simple rifle that just werks like my AK, it looks like a fedora part for a fedora's rifle.

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If you are a filthy commie perhaps

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we are all littles girls here on /g/

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>mini-14 and not glorious SCAR-17
It's like you enjoy being poor

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Looks like AR-15 type multi lug rotating bolt.
Do I win something?

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Overgassed piece of shit

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He didn't say bolt carrier you retard.

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guns are for soyboys who can't fight with their hands

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You're a fucking retard if you're not cleaning the bolt. Don't try to walk back your incompetence. You shouldn't even own a weapon.

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you're using the mutt meme the wrong way. Are you 17 or something? Lurk more.

t. Frenchfag

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anything is dildo if you're brave enough

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For those of you curious, it's an AR15 pattern bolt. Here's a diagram of it with the bolt carrier. It goes into the center part of the rifle inline with the barrel and buttstock and is responsible for pushing the cartridge into the barrel's chamber, clamping down on the cartridge so it doesn't move during firing, and extracting the spent brass after firing the rifle.

Side note, AR-15s are pansy rifles and if the only rifle bolt your boyfriend can identify is an AR-15 bolt, then you have a soyfriend.

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>1 series is a faggy womans car
Except the first gen 135 is a fucking go cart...

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>doesnt even know how a bolt functions
>calls others soy

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>forward assist serrations

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This only applies to people who don't live in civilised first world countries

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Yeah, it plugs into Morrison-Vaughn drives in old VX6 series

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Its like you enjoy being inaccurate.

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lol my post got deleted

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You should take your gun apart once a year and clean it properly.

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I didn't know before this thread, so does that make me transgender? Like, I don't even need to buy expensive ass hormones?

More importantly, I can put this on my resume?

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Something gun-related, but those things are illegal in our shithole.

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I apologize for posting a simplified version of the bolt's function instead of a ten page essay on how each individual part interfaces with each other for positive function of the rifle. Do you want me to get you an armorer's manual to read and some aloe wipes for your ass?

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Sure thing euro faggot.

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If you think thats how the bolt works and what it does then a book would likely do you more good than it would due me as I know how to machine those parts from raw steel.

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Does your dad work at Armalite?

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No, I just build custom rifles for my job. The description of how the bolt works and what it does is piss poor.

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It's a piece of shit is what it is.

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lool .. gay

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> I just build custom rifles for my job
Show us one
t. not that bolt anon

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that image screams /r/gatekeeping

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Oh, how special! You can read numbers and punch them in on a CNC mill. Do you want to be a doll for everyone and provide a super-accurate armorer-approved description of bolt function in an AR-15 in 270 characters or less? I'm sure you have an advanced level of linguistical ability that allows you to explain to people who have zero mechanical ability how it functions to an extent that they will then understand it fairly well without boring them to death, right?

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>not cleaning your gun after shooting
But it's therapeutically to pull apart your gun after shooting with it and cleaning it thoroughly.

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Go away Wizmoe.

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Theres more to it being F U N than there is anything being manly.

Worse argument than bitching about MUH R3DDIT SPACING

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>AR-15s are pansy rifles
>An entire platform is for pansies
Faggots like you are the worst.

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yeah.. bullshit.

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I've been to the military. But no, I'm not actually interested in guns or the army.
I know what that is, yet I don't judge others who don't. They are sissies by default if they haven't been in the military, but not because they don't know a thing.

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no .. i have too many hobbies to do uneeded maintenance. I don't buy cheap shit that needs to be babied either. If its oiled properly, it's oiled properly, it can have a shelf life of years. Unless you've put 1000s of rounds through it, it doesn't need to be cleaned because there's no buildup. Do you fucks know anything about guns?

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Yes, the entire platform is a weenie platform. Are you frustrated?

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You could buy a better gun

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>It's bad because it's popular! WAH!
Go back to playing with your soviet chink knockoffs

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So many faggots claiming it's an AR-15 bolt.
It's the M4/M16/AR-15 bolt - same for all of them, probably more models

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Ah, I miss the days when Morrison-Vaughn drives were the standard. Trinity dual-drives ruined the simplicity and quite frankly, the speed you could get by being careful with your overall throughput.

Thank god VX6 still has huge independent support. I cringe every time I am forced to use a Trin for something critical.

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AR15's are for babies. Real men carry M1 Rifles.

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The ArmaLite AR-15 produced the weapons platform that the M16 was based off and the M16 was the platform that the M4 was based off. It is not incorrect to call an M16 bolt an AR-15 bolt.

Who said I was a fan of either Russian or Chinese firearms? The SKS and AK platforms are also weenie platforms.

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Das ist aber nicht nett von dir :(

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M1's are for babies. Real men carry PzB's

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> The SKS and AK platforms are also weenie platforms.
Contrarianism at its finest.

>> No.65519835

>intermediate cartridge automatic rifles are weenie rifles
>"oh you're just a contrarian if you don't like them!"

>> No.65519845

What about the AR-10 bolt then ?

>> No.65519852

>If it's not impractical to fire or borderline outlawed, it's for weenies!
You're right, the only thing a REAL man carries is a suicide vest.

>> No.65519858

Then get out, soymaster

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Significantly different in size to the extent that it can not be considered a compatible part.

Remember, any rifle cartridge that is effective past 300 yards is impractical. And all those .30 caliber cartridges? Horrible, awful things, I'm glad they're borderline outlawed.

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You're fucking trolling, right?
This is a goddamn joke, right?

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M16/AR bolt.

Christ this thread is soyboys.

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make it /g/ related

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>red screen
># symbol in statusbar
>H+ in 2018

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inb4 programming socks or dragon dildos (or thinkpads)

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Im not op, im an adult, i have a scorpion...wait... shit

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>not aug
Into the trash it goes

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It's a boomer, what do you expect?
/pol/ is leaking.

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couldn't have made a less funny one if I tried

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>your boyfriend

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Are you retarded? Taking off and cleaning the bolt is part of a normal field strip. You're an idiot civilian that knows fuck all about weapons.

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>Luger passed down from your grandpa
Uh anon, I may have some bad news, or i may have some good news. Depends on how you feel about nazis.

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i have no idea what that is or does, sorry

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I'm pretty sure if they know what the thing in the OP's picture they're the true girlfriends. Real men know what picture related is because it belongs to something that isn't for faggy soy-boys.

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Car transmission?

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AR bolt

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That's a lightsaber.

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>/g/ doesn’t know what this is
>and they browse a technology board

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>Soyboys don't even know a samoflange when they see one

>> No.65520961 [DELETED] 

It's a bolt carrier group, pleb.

>> No.65520993

>Needing a gun to feel safe

>> No.65520997

why is this on g today?
there are actually many threads that are off topic

>> No.65521004

Lol, literally girl brand of cars

>> No.65521010

>deludes himself into believing that all he needs to be safe is his law enforcement

>> No.65521075

t. literal dumb dumb

>> No.65521078

I've interacted with law enforcement twice in my life, anon; I just don't live in a civil warzone

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Law enforcement has no obligation to protect you, nor will they be there fast enough to do so. If someone breaks into your home while you or your family are home or threatens/attacks you elsewhere, you are the only person who will always protect you and your family, and the best way to do that is with a firearm.

>> No.65521135


Well before that the idea was that you would take your finger and push against that hot bolt carrier in an emergency.

>> No.65521172

No need to feel triggered. He's obviously a retard who doesn't even password protect his wifi because you don't need to take security measures in the off chance that you may or may not need them in the future.

>> No.65521213

Well, that's because law enforcement isn't privatized. Same reason there are potholes in the roads. You know?

>> No.65521240

Nah, unless we start putting police officers in everyone's home or on every street corner none of that's going to change. You are the best defender of yourself and your family.

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Not joking. Not a boomer. Don't even have 1k rounds through my AR so never cleaned it. Is oiled down as it should be for storage.
Never have done it on my AR
wtvr helps you sleep at night. Never had a jam.

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Cool, I wanna use your crystal ball, when does WWIII start?

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Hi Elliot

>> No.65521360

Reverse osmosis system, used to lower the conductivity of water, typically measured in millisiemens/m^2
This allows a grower to use more fertilizer, increasing the yield.

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If we could buy the MK 20 SSR, we would.
Both the CSR and SSR are rated as sub-moa. They were supposed to hit along the civilian market in Fall 2015.

Unfortunately all the SSR/CSR receivers being produced in the South Carolina plant slated for civilians were redirected to the military. Firearm blog had a tour of the plant with carts full of the receivers being prepped for anodizing.

The question really should be what is keeping the 17S from meeting the sub-moa of the CSR/SSR. Lower receivers are swappable. The upper receiver only has a couple of extra torx to secure the barrel assembly, but because the barrel is free floating the extra receiver length shouldn't matter. The CSR also had a similar barrel length of 16" to the 17S.

So... aside from some weird harmonics issue or the extra torx it seems like all it would take is a heavier barrel to settle that issue... if FN would actually get off their ass to making one for the civs.

The only real diffe

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the guy on the right is bill gates

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hmm, looks like some extra bit hiding in the quick reply form that didn't get trimmed. oh well.

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For the most part, you're right.

Only caveat is that I believe it's beneficial to clean the barrel/bolt after shooting if you're putting it into storage to prevent corrosion.

>> No.65521481

Sorry, my boyfriend only owns rifles chambered in 7.62x51

>> No.65521499

AK bolt? Dont have one at hand currently.

>> No.65521529

girlfriends have dignity too

>> No.65521591

Looks like the Lego piece for the cube but it's probably some gay car part

>> No.65521602

>No spring
If you don't own a piston driven AR you are a fucking idiot.

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Well, now that we have /k/ visitors, can you guys tell some nice tech related military documentaries? Some of that stuff is breddy cool, like SR-71 related or some 50s-60s era space tech or something like that?

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.308 a CUTE!

>> No.65521737

>Not even 1k rounds through it
>"It never jams"
I bet you've not put much more than a box of the most expensive ammo you could find through it. What you're a fucking idiot over, is that carbon and oil turn into sticky gel over time, and fowling will get stuck harder and harder to every surface. Combine that with the fact that an AR shits where it eats and you're a retard for not cleaning it. If I know I'll be using a gun within a week I probably won't clean it unless I put a shitload of rounds through it, but going months without cleaning it after a range session of any magnitude is asking for problems.

>> No.65521759

Someone post the /k/ nugget one that's just a screw with thr metal marking on the bolt

>> No.65521776


>> No.65521789

>Never have done it on my AR
Holy shit son, strip your gun and learn a goddamn thing about it before talking like you know everything about everything about firearms.

I fucking hope this is bait. Actually, it's what I choose to believe over having to come to terms with an anon being this fucking ignorant.

>> No.65521790

I didn't know this existed. Now I really want one.

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>faggot ass soyboy leftists
What h*ll did you say to me?

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>> No.65522797

go to bed kid

>> No.65523136

I had never heard of this... ty friend

>> No.65523145

guns are pointless for 99% of people.

>> No.65523272

I own a shitty pistol for intruders which stays under my bed in the rare event I'm home when someone breaks in

>> No.65523293

never come back

>> No.65523306

Well that's what men do anyway

>> No.65523321

So you don't maintain your guns? People like you are a danger to the hobby.

>> No.65523337

Their job is to PROTECT and serve. It's literally half of their description

>> No.65523350

some kind of movement transmisor, piston or some shit.

>> No.65523413

Doesn't say they protect you.

>> No.65523437

>anon I'm afraid you have failed the exam on car mechanics 101

>> No.65523445

That's what they're there for.

Basically 0% of losers who buy a gun to "protect their family" use it for that.

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File: 134 KB, 500x518, FACEBOOK FAGGOT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65523636

You could be less of a retard.

>> No.65523707
File: 53 KB, 600x584, __chiba_saori_and_takatsuki_yoshino_hourou_musuko_drawn_by_namu_nurui_cha__880dd34939e98b7b3ffec5172211c56e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I like it when my boyfriend turns out to be a girl.

>> No.65523741

My bf called just called me gay ;-;

>> No.65523988

It's a turbo encabulator

>> No.65524037

Turning bolt? I dont know this word in English

>> No.65524062

Don't know, don't care.

>> No.65524078

rockets are for fags

>> No.65524099

don't click this, it's a virus

>> No.65524122

>so what the fuck is this

Obsolete; one of the things that aging Boomers had to know, but is unneeded by anyone who isn't spending days putting the crappy car they had as a teenager up on a pedestal as the model of perfection.

>> No.65524136

As a non boomer who fixes his car. This tool is like nothing I've seen.

So, you're telling me it's a tool the dinosaurs used, and then somehow one of them found their way to /g/ and posted about it? Wow they must be lost. He should probably go back to facebook where he belongs.

>> No.65524177

Bolt for an ar15

>> No.65524197

you mean the G3

>> No.65524248

against my better common sense in 2018, I clicked before realizing what it was

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>1 series
3 series is literally civic tier, 1 is a yaris

>> No.65524295

Here is /g/, not /k/, go ask there.
You should've guessed it could never be /g/-related, since it's got the words 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend', a concept unknown to /g/.

>> No.65524296

desu, my civic gets 35mpg.

Wait, is it manly to not care about throwing away money on a 15mpg loud piece of shit?

>> No.65524308

The bolt is literally one of the only parts that actually gets dirty and which needs to be clean.

>> No.65524880

That is one hectic snow blower.

>> No.65525055

part of a gun?

>> No.65525061

Air canister in an office chair

>> No.65525098

best joke on the board rn

>> No.65525122

Hand to hand combat is for soyboys who can't mentally joust.

>> No.65525204

>ecoboost and a v4

The ecoboost is an i4... It's also a hell of an engine. The 3.5 v6 is a great engine too. The gayest thing is the Murican's complaining that the latest raptor doesn't have a V8 because they like the noise. Reminds me of them retarded kids who blow bubbles in their milkshake and think its hilarious because of the noise.

"There's no replacement for displacement" is such a queer quip too. Turbos and superchargers shit all over displacement. Americans made some of the biggest engines the world has ever seen and the power and torque outputs were shit. That's why European and Asian countries shit all over them for decades.

When a 6.2 litre V8 gets absolutely spanked by a 2.6 or 3 litre inline 6 turbo, you know you have a problem. Holy shit, even Buick decimated muscle cars in the 80s with a V6 turbo and Murican's where all "hurrr no V8 rumble". Bunch of faggot.

>> No.65525226

This shit get so filthy.

>> No.65525227

>The gayest thing is the Murican's complaining that the latest raptor doesn't have a V8 because they like the noise.

And the V6 ecoboost in the Raptor produces more HP and torque than the old V8. But "muhh rumble". Gotta let everyone know you got a V8.

>> No.65525251


12th Gen Raptor. 6.2 V8. 411hp & 434lbft.
13th Gen Raptor. 3.5 V6. 450hp & 510lbft.

"But muh torques for towing!"

Yeah. The V6 beats the V8 for that too. There's a reason pretty much all drag cars (including top fuel) run some sort of forced induction. Because there fucking is a replacement for displacement. It's forced induction.

>> No.65525253

>For breakdown cleaning, I use a trusted shop owner.
Cancer. There shouldn't be a part of your firearm that you'd trust someone else to clean. Cleaning is based on use, you know how you used it, some lacky in the back of a shop at $10/hr doesn't know dick and is going to drag a cleaning rod across the crown of your barrel.

But honestly, there is no backtracking on not knowing the bolt in an AR and owning an AR. You should understand how your tools work otherwise you can never troubleshoot them.

>> No.65525283

my dick

>> No.65525286

You're the reason why the AR-15 got a bad reputation in vietnam

>> No.65525340

what is tha shi amigo

>> No.65525349

Show us torque curves.

>> No.65525380


How so? It shits where it eats.

>> No.65525393

Not a mutt or sandnigger so I don't know.

>> No.65525544

>and a v4 and thinking they're manly

Porsche 919 has a V4 producing 720hp. The electric motor adds another 440 horse.


>> No.65525558

>has a V4 producing 720hp.

TURBO v4. But muh displacement.

>> No.65525569

That's a 3 series

>> No.65525574

damn what gen playstation is this

>> No.65525998
File: 3.00 MB, 480x270, kid in a mid-west high school.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you don't know about rifles you're not a man
typical murrican education
portraying fire guns as "manly" is the ultimate soy

>> No.65527324

Stop falling for memes from the fucking 70's, anon
modern ar's are just as reliable as ak's

>> No.65528936

In fact modern ARs>modern AKs
>hurr I once read a Wikipedia article and watched a few youtube videos of 15 years talking about said Wikipedia articles

>> No.65529029

>portraying fire guns as "manly" is the ultimate soy
>using a soy definition of manly

>> No.65529431

all those implications are 2deep4me

>> No.65529505

Nice vape mang

>> No.65529750
File: 947 B, 416x454, 1489768509515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65529942
File: 299 KB, 447x447, asdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.65530022


Na, you can get in the can for killing someone if they break in. If they don't have a deadly weapon and you just got spooked you're up for manslaughter at minimum. Truth is, is someone wants you dead, they get you when sleeping/out of the blue, no chance to react.

If you're worried about muh govt turning on you, then you're doubly fucked, because that means either the govt has loyal hound who just wanna shoot and won't question orders, or you're being framed so you're fucked anyway.

So unless you're going to walk around the city with your assault tier weapons trained as you walk around there's no point. Just hope that you're not the first target when someone starts something.

Argument can probably cycle back to bladed weapons, why doesn't everyone on the planet go through training to defend against someone with a knife? Can conceal them and kill just as quick.

>> No.65530041


>> No.65530064

pls stop mocking my fetish

>> No.65530069

>He thinks the AR-15 platform is only .223 friendly
Jesus christ get a load of this tryhard faggot

>> No.65530371
File: 91 KB, 724x499, 28cxs4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we can play the same game, OP

>> No.65530451

>multi lug rotating bolt
Faggot shit. AK or nothing

>> No.65530495

that is an image

>> No.65530496

>implying a pushrod LS3 and a boosted DOHC 2JZ are at all comparable in real life
>implying making lots of grunt down low is the same as making all the power once boost comes on and the go fast timing kicks in near redline
>implying n/a and boosted engines give the same driving experience
>implying boost replaces displacement

Boost is more like a modification to displacement. Boosting the car changes its driving mechanics. If you want to preserve them supercharge it, but then a supercharger is never as efficient as a turbo. But then turbos lag. If you simply add more cylinders you get more power without lag

I don't want to deal with continuous turbo lag and expensive parts just to have a meme 2JZ and to appeal to the "BUT MUH DOHC IS NEWER THAN PUSHROD HURR ITS BETTER" crowd. The dream remains an LS3 swap, maybe with a cam upgrade. LS platform is reliable (as are most things if you treat them reasonably), powerful, and parts are everywhere. It delivers torque promptly and it sounds like thunder. There's more to the driving experience than rattling off numbers and graphs to strangers on a mongolian horse insemination forum

He doesn't want to show it because everyone knows cheeseburger v8s make tons of torque down near the bottom of the rpm range whereas boosted cars need to get into boost before they are worth a damn. Once you are in boost you are sucking fuel like no one's business. Turbos have their place, and it's not for towing: its for racing and measuring your e-peen against others' e-peens

>> No.65530509

different wrenches, couple of tees, valve, teflon...

>> No.65530520

Turbos are exactly for pulling. Anything made for towing anything is a turbo diesel

>> No.65530543

Nobody complained about the GNX like that. Wtf are you talking about?

>> No.65530560

Turbo lag? What century are you in?

>> No.65530562

dumb frogposter

>> No.65530605

turbodiesels don't count. diesels are undriveable without a turbo. they would suck immense donkey balls n/a. we're talking about gasoline engines here, obviously
it literally takes time for the engine to come up to speed to make enough exhaust gasses to bring the turbo up to speed to provide boost. there will always be lag, even with a good, small turbo

>> No.65530635

I can name every part of a gun, it doesn't mean I know how to use it.

Do you know how to use those, anon?

>> No.65531212
File: 81 KB, 1024x721, CIMG7523-1024x721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bolt? Looks like the bolt in my SAR 21

>> No.65531765

>Killing weapon
What in the fuck

>> No.65532085

>can't recognise an anti-mass spectrometer

>> No.65532199

The guy on the left looks like my grandpa.

>> No.65532316

>aoi shirasaki
Every time I see this pic my dick gets diamonds

>> No.65534110

Cars make exhaust at idle. Sequential turbos kill the lag.

There are tons of diesels without turbos.

You need to find a new hobby. Cars aren't for you.

>> No.65534118


>> No.65534149
File: 138 KB, 350x350, carlos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you

>> No.65534588
File: 76 KB, 640x640, guns for show.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Learn how to use a knife.

>> No.65534615


>> No.65534616

>a gun part
guns are for manchildren

>> No.65534640
File: 2.38 MB, 480x360, soldering SMD like a pro.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know how to use those (other than to grab shit with them), but I can de and re solder SMD chips. Does that make me a boyfriend?

>> No.65534646

RWD Yaris would be pretty awesome though.

>> No.65534697

>Soldiers are manchildren

>> No.65534706

underrated post

>> No.65534729
File: 20 KB, 450x450, 0001313_giant-workbench_450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's a difference between a soldier and a guy with a gun
same as with picrel and a craftsman

>> No.65534895

>army replaces parent's with handholding, food and shelter
Implying they ain't

>> No.65535007

You forgot to add this applies to america only.

>> No.65535024

Not sure I follow your 'argument' there, how about you explain it for me.

>> No.65535049

No, it applies worldwide.
No one said you had to own or even like guns.

But if you don't understand how they work, well, you're not really a Man are you?

>> No.65535069

guns for those people are just toys

>> No.65535117

That's actually quite wrong., you're forgetting about vermin control, protection against animals (human or otherwise), hunting and construction.
Many shoot for fun off hours though.

>> No.65535160

I already clarified I'm not talking about genuine uses for guns.
I just see a strong resemblance between gun owners and rpi owners. Same flavor of soy, if not stronger.

>> No.65535324

I don't know, can you build a house with that?

>> No.65535410

Based if true

>> No.65535411

>build a house
if you are in a first world country being able to buy things (houses included) is way more important than being able to be efficient with manual labours
and way more "manly", no matter how you look at that
inb4 some angsty teen drop out reply

>> No.65535415

if he makes money to build the house with it then sure

>> No.65535460

Why haven't janitors cleaned this up?
this is a /k/ shitpost on /g/
>inb4 "guns are technology"

>> No.65535480

Thanks anon
I don't have the slightest idea about guns
I have fired though once or twice during my mandatory military service
But they didn't teach anything about guns
I feel ashamed
But on the other hand it's not completely my fault because I live in leftist european shithole where all the teachers and politicians are communist pro peace and immigration faglords
And during our formative years they teached us that being manly and aggressive is bad
Still I have no excuse, but I pay, by having a miserable life, without being completely at fault
Fuck my teachers

>> No.65535481


>> No.65535497

>Not having a 7.62x39mm folded stock AKM
>Living in the US.

>> No.65535805

>and construction
What manner of construction can you do with a gun ?

>> No.65536445
File: 39 KB, 800x507, kpc_2387_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the lugs on the right are an easy giveaway .
what gun is this from ? i only ever stripped an m16a1 and i dont remember it looking like that .

>> No.65536456

Penis extension for NRA/faggots.

>> No.65536481

Good one

>> No.65536525

>breakdown cleaning is hard
you literally pull a pin and tilt the upper and remove the BCG can be done in less than 3 seconds

>> No.65536562
File: 119 KB, 225x227, 1495238689065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1 series is a birds car mate

>> No.65537046

Fresh off the boat, from reddit, kid? heh I remember when I was just like you. Braindead. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary: never make jokes like that. You got no reputation here, you got no name, you got jackshit here. It's survival of the fittest and you ain't gonna survive long on 4chan by saying stupid jokes that your little hugbox cuntsucking reddit friends would upboat. None of that here. You don't upboat. You don't downboat. This ain't reddit, kid. This is 4chan. We have REAL intellectual discussion, something I don't think you're all that familiar with. You don't like it, you can hit the bricks on over to imgur, you daily show watching son of a bitch. I hope you don't tho. I hope you stay here and learn our ways. Things are different here, unlike any other place that the light of internet pop culture reaches. You can be anything here. Me ? heh, I'm a judge.. this place.... this place has a lot to offer... heh you'll see, kid . . . that is if you can handle it...

>> No.65537964

>you can get in the can for killing someone if they break in.
Sounds like a shithole of a state.

>> No.65539011

t. brainlet who cannot use a screwdriver

plumbers make enough money to live comfortable without debt and they CAN repair their houses.

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