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Has anyone noticed Google search results have become less accurate? Whenever I search something now the first couple of pages of results seem like the most popular relevant results, but they're not what I'm looking for.

Also often the results are the opposite of what I'm searching for. E.g. "how do I not delete X" becomes "how do I delete X", or vice verse of whichever form that is the most popular version of what I'm actually searching for.

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No, but it might be Google's filter-bubble messing with the results. Consider an alternative search engine.

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Yeah that's the case. Google is for brainlets, try looking for stuff from 2000's it won't be on google anymore even if there is nothing else that'd match the search.

Now try to search for something at university level of education. It'll be really difficult

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It mostly happens when I look up tech related questions. The results for me are pretty bad. They mostly include normie tech blogs that give you an obvious answer you've already tried or blogs with misleading titles in general.

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china hacked them

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They're aliasing your searches to canned ones

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Try using Google images to get source on something.

At least tineye is still around.

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learn to use search operators. text in "" is forced to be included and words after - ignored.
in your example:
how do i "not" delete x
or just
"not" "delete" "x"
also works in reverse if you were looking for delete x
"delete" -not "x"

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>words after - ignored
You mean excluded

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Yes i have noticed that too. Then I use bing and find what I want straight away.

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bing pays you to use it dipshit
at least its a fairshake

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>bingjamal pays you to suck his dick
>at least its a fairshake

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