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Guys, how do i become a tech expert like you? I have pretty much average knowledge. So I'd like If anybodu would help me get started at least

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What's your current level of knowledge?

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Watch techquickie, that will surely get you hired and laid.

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Id say pretty average on every field i.e. some hardware, programming, software, etc

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like a 150 or 250 when supressed

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Unironically techquickie is a good resource for borderline beginners. From that you branch out to reading anandtech posts, then texts, and then white papers. University also helps.

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that's not very detailed
how much hardware do you know? can you write vhdl or verilog? could you design a basic unpipelined processor given a simple ISA?

what programming languages do you know? OOP concepts? version control systems? common data structures and algorithms?

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For reference i understood pretty much 0 of what you said. So if i had to make it more specific i can say i know the basics of tge basic shit, like i know what programming is and i know a bit of python though i didnt get anything you said

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How old are you?

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19 just got into this though

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You still got time. Decide what you wanna do a bit more specifically, look into it. Do simple projects, start with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi - if you fuck up, it's okay. Worst case you're out $40. Enroll in college.

Computer engineering > computer science if you're into the lower level shit, go for CS if you want to do meme programming

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No worries, I just wanted to know where you stand currently. Python is a good first language, you should stick with it and learn the language well. Then you will be able to make cool applications and scripts and learn about basic data structures and algorithms.

I don't have any specific book recommendations, but look for 4.5+ star python books on amazon.

And stay away from youtube tutorials. The content dries up really fast with advanced topics. Reading a textbook or an online article is a VITAL skill for self teaching programming.

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I'm going to say something to you and I'm not fucking with you.

When it comes to learning shit, remembering and keeping it in your mind certain tricks can be used. I know of several but I will give you the easy one.

When a human, particularly a man, is aroused the senses and experiences are recorded more deeply in your mind. What does this mean?

Stroke your cock if you have no one to help you, keep an erection while you read your books and watch your videos. If your lucky you can find a decent female that will go over C# or Assembly whatever it is your after... a female helps but the real deal is just rubbing your dick a bit while you learn. This low state arousal helps you embed memories.

Think about it. It's like forever noticing the perfume of your first 12 year old girl friend that she wore before you used the soles of her feet to achieve release. Same principle.

Good luck!

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Make some shit with arduinos, or better yet get loose chips and do the same thing as you would with a prebuilt. Get visual studio and crap out some hello worlds + something onto windows, linux and android.

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>Retarded posturing answer to serious, curious question

Why don't you just not post?

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Will definitely take this into account, thanks

Uh okay, i may check this out someday

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>Python is a good first language,
indeed, you can use it to automate tweets with a raspberry pi and some sensors, thats always a fun newb task

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Adding on to this, make an app! Follow some tutorials to get started, then try making something yourself. Doesn't matter if it's some fully retarded shit like a sound board or whatever, it's the experience of building something you're after. The challenges of the little things you cr across will teach you really good

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Ok guys i'm off to bed will read the rest tomorrow when i wake up, thank you for your support

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If you're at literally never programmed before level, check out codeacademy for basics

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didn't mean to be rude, average can mean different things to different people and it's hard to give decent advice without specifics

that's a good goal

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Screw around with stuff til you understand it, then go even deeper, get stuck, find help online, go through the process of solving the problem, repeat. Im by no means an expert. but the amount of knowledge i have gained in the past months doing this is crazy. Youtube is your friend. Also, even though /g/ mocks it, the Raspberry pi is great for this sort of thing.

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>tech expert
pick one

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Not OP, but I recently started learning programming for data science (biochem PhD student) and I didn't like Codeacademy. I felt like I was just typing in what they told me without ever really comprehending it. I started using some O'Reilly books for R, and they teach me the fundamentals and allow me to think further ahead of what they've explicitly taught be because of how well it enforces basic understanding of programming. I don't know if they're all like that, but if they are I'll use them when I branch into other languages.

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just install gentoo and fiddle around with it

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nice apu pic

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I really wish I was man enough to get down on her, lick her pussy, butthole, & feet, & have anal sex with her all night long, grabbing her ass her her pretty legs wrapped around my body. Yeaaaaahhh damn I wish I wasn’t so depressed & full of lust

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pick one subject you ENJOY and then do it every day

Enjoyment is the key, if you're forcing yourself to slug through shit while learning and having the freedom to pick and choose you sure as shit won't last when you're forced to do things you might not like, that are also difficult at the same time AND on a deadline.

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It is one of my favorites with pic related

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That's a good point. I guess I used codeacademy to jump start a new language, having already known the basic logic behind general languages

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