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The Terms of Service are clear. That Facebook users are dumbshit subhumans who are too illiterate or mentally lazy (like subhuman animals) to read terms of services they agree to, is not Zuckerberg's problem. As he said before, Facebook users are all dumb fucks. It's getting more and more true by the day.
Who deserves to be treated like shit more than the very people who are the definition of stupid shit, who even stamp a Terms of Service agreement which is saying they are stupid shit? No sympathy for Facebook users, no empathy for Facebook users, no empathy for people so low IQ and dumbshit as a collective that they not only don't know how to read ToS, they also believe a free service exists without something as a product (mainly them).
Such stupid subhuman filth needs not be accommodated by governments, for it exists to be exploited like pigs, for the intellect of the Facebook collective is that of pigs to be herded and exploited for their meat and fat.
It's a simple truth.

From day 1 on 4chan, although forgotten or not known by newfaggots and redditcucks, Facebook and anyone associated with it who uses it in any capacity, regardless of excuse, are regarded as dumbshit retards who deserve to be milked from the tits they voluntarily connected to a machine designed to milk them.
We must not defend Facebook users, we must not be outraged by them getting their just deserts, we must applaud Zuckerberg for showcasing the stupidity of Humanity at work, the most dumbshit collective on the planet, those who are worth nothing more than being flung to work at the farms.

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Autism post
Don't forget to s a g e

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Shouldn't you be getting ready for the hearing, Mark?

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i agree unfortunately people are using facebook rather than the university network for anything related to courses and tests in my cunt, so youre literally forced to use it or miss out on infos if you dont attend classes

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Welcome to how the internet commerce has been working since late 1990s.

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he's right you know

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Why the fuck should I care about my data again? I am not an autistic child like you are, I don't have anything illegal or to be ashamed of. Change my mind I dare you.

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suck shit android users lmao

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I'll tell your boss that you browse 4chan which is known for child porn and the alt-right and get you fired for great justice.

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Where can I watch US court lampoon that kike?

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>OP points out that ToS outlines what rights you are surrendering
I mean just admit you're a fuck up. It's okay.

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Damn those corn teeth are really bothering me

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Goys exist to serve their Jewish masters.

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Denying that marketing and manipulation of the sort is detrimental to people in general is autism.

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The only good thing about Facebook is Zucc memes. Never used it and never will.

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Yesterday's threads gave us a few great images.

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>Senator, we run retards, and the retards eat it up

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>check 'em

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Facebook normies probably heard of facebook collecting their data. If you are unaware of what facebook does, you must be pretty dumb. The only reason this is a thing is because data was used that could have maybe helped Trump win. If it had nothing to do with Trump, none of this recent facebook stuff would be happening. Before this most people just didn't give a shit about it. Not that I'm supporting faceberg, fuck it, but people are sheep. I also don't want government to take over private industry.

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nigga, obama was caught spying on americans en masse, normies didn't give a shit

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That's what I was saying, they only care because it was Trump.

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I can taste the salt in this post

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fair enough

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There's no "we" and "they", it's all of us. I'm not going to pretend you people don't have social media accounts. A lot of us sign shit we don't agree with, a lot of us don't get out and vote, a lot of us don't make informed decisions.

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terms of service don't mean jack shit when you have 2 billion users

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>I'm not going to pretend you people don't have social media accounts.

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>calls fagbook users dumb as shit
>proceeds to shitpost all his ideas and blogpost on 4chan
wow, you're cool!

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don't forget to inform the FBI about his association with "the hacker 4chan"

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>Welcome to how the internet commerce has been working since late 1990s.

Great, you're normalizing shitty business practices. Not too far from "wow stop complaining we all knows Facebook spies on us big deal".

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most of them are fagbook shareholders
plus he isn't under oath
even the parts where he gets roasted are fucking nothing

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Well it's good to know you don't care about data security or can't see how massive data mining that includes you could possibly be an issue.

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This is a big one. Would you openly associate with 4chan on Facebook? Some of you share memes, post 4chan screenshots, some mention it, but would you let everyone you know that you go here? What if they had this amazing context of moderators having to constantly remove child porn, or loli being posted on /b/, or people announcing school shootings here before committing to it, or people here convincing someone to kill themselves, or people posting their suicides here, or constant drug threads on /b/?

It really depends on who you know but I'd bet a lot of you people really wanna keep 4chan separate.

A lot of people have their own 4chans. Some have gun hobbies and friends who won't understand them, for example.

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What's funny about it? A lot of you guys are redditors, Facebook users, some of you have twitter accounts (I'd wager your twitters are a lot less personal than your Facebooks, though) and a lot of you have snapchat.

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I have to add that a lot of you guys will lie about it, too, especially the reddit part. But enough of you use these platforms enough for the whole "/g/ is full of autists" meme to be full of shit. There are definitely neckbeards, but they are the minority, and even the ones that seem really neckbeardy somehow has an active social life.

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More Bush and onward, that stuff was put in place ever since 911, but Obama of course like every later president should have contained it.

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My problem with Facebook, just like with Google is that just because you use something that makes use of Facebook they could say that are you are giving your Okay to their TOS even if you are not an user, thus I am worried about the eventual data they have on non-users as well.

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t. Zuckerberg

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What I'd really like to know is why are they targeting FB in particular and not say Google or Microshaft who are just as bad ofenders.

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>just deserts

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Usually id agree with you but you are posting in /g/ the most tech literate board on the website. People here unironically go through the trouble of installing linux to avoid "muh botnet" and just thr fact that "install gentoo" is a meme should let you know that there are people in this board who dont actually have facebook reddit or any social media in an attempt to conserve "muh privacy"
T. One of those neckbeards

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What about tracking based on metadata?

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you close the door when you use the toilet, close the curtains when you fuck, right ?

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agreed. personally though i'd prefer sterilization of facebook users, that would significantly improve living costs around here

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