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What caused vape technology to take off so quickly? Surely they aren't that hard to make that they couldn't have been popular 10 years ago?

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The "cigarettes are bad" meme got really, really out of control.

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but they are?

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Fuck off shill.

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ok I guess you're retarded

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homosexuality is more accepted these days

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which is good, since most vape users are also homosexual. Maybe has something to do with paying hundreds of dollars for a portable dispenser of addictive chemicals, from you have to suck up white liquid to use it.

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based frogposter strikes again

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Smoking looks cool, and kids wanted to look cool without actually smoking.

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1. Smoking is as unpopular is ever. It's common for people to be outright hostile towards them at this point.
2. Initial products were finicky and hard to use. And it was a small hobbyist niche, so no incentive to develop products. That's why it was all hobbyists moving things forward at first.
3. Now that the demand is there, tons of chink companies moved in seeing profit to be made.

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>2nd world shitholer here
>Smoking extremely popular here and you sometimes almost get bullied for not smoking
you 1st worlders have no idea about the rest of the world

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>you 1st worlders have no idea about the rest of the world
You're right, we don't even think about you and your shitty countries. Enjoy your miserable life!

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>Is secretly a 3rd worlder pajeet
nice bait tard

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Initial popularity was because they actually worked (if you put in any effort that is). I'm living proof of this because I quit smoking with vapes and then quit vapes as well.
And then, second wave was mostly numales/cool bros blowing clouds and kids who wanted to be cool.
I actually enjoyed vaping so fucking much it's insane, but I'm glad I quit it just because I wouldn't want to be associated with this crowd.

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>smoking anything
>for any reason

Turn around and get on your knees, hands on top of your head.

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sure is summer in here

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I stopped smoking hookah and switched to vapers because it's so much cleaner, easier, cheaper and the smoke doesn't taste like charcoal.
When I started smoking hookahs like 5 years ago I didn't even knew these things existed.

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It's like fidget spinners except you have to suck a robot's dick.

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They are less harmful than people make them out to be, the high danger factor is entirely dependent on luck
You can smoke for a couple years and get cancer or you can smoke 3 packs for your entire life and be completely fine

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You have never learned statistics in school, have you.

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What do you have against drugs, prude anon?

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>addictive portable dispenser, from you have to suck up white liquid to use it
while this sounds alluring, if it can't give you the herp, it just ain't gonna be the same

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You're a condescending idiot, aren't you.
You're pretty dumb to think that everyone is the same and just because they smoke a lot means that they have to get cancer. It increases risk for sure, I don't know why other people deny that. But some people just have weaker immune systems and get cancer easier.


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don't associate us with vapers you stupid faggot

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>They are less harmful than people make them out to be, the high danger factor is entirely dependent on luck

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>your immune system protects you from cancer

Cancer is not a bacteria or virus anon

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Having quit and getting back on the wagon several times over again. You definitely notice significant health improvements when you quit smoking. Everything from skin color, easier breathing (obvious), more energy, etc. You are breathing in fucking tar that coats your lungs, it's harmful for you whether you get cancer or not.

>inb4 my Grandpa smoked for 96 years and died in his sleep of old age

Your <1% scenario does not prove anything.

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For the average person, those problems arent too bad and don't interfere with life.Also the oldest living person smoked cigarettes for most of her life, google her. I just hate cigarettes because of the smell, and the overall bad rep they tend to get(low income/social status)

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>No roll cage padding

This makes me cringe more than anything as a firefighter. Seen so many of these boi racers die with meme roll cages in their cars from head injuries.

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Not to mention it yellows your teeth, makes your car smell disgusting as well as you and your house

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Constant shilling and the fact that most of the consumer base has a sub100 IQ, leading to them shilling this shit like it's a religion or something.

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They're fun and cool. Smoke plumes are fun to blow, you can put weed in them and flavour the weed.

All in all an excellent product.

>t. A non autistic person.

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>you can put weed in them
Wait what?

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It's considered "cool", sort of how smoking was in the past.

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That doesn't make it any less of a meme.
meme (noun) - an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

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You have to make an emulsion. I tried it once and failed.

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That's all my roommate did with his vape was smoke weed out of it, would even do it in class

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Those are different. E-Juice is a completely different product than the counterpart "vape oil" found in dispensaries...

E-Juice vapes use different chambers entirely for Tobacco/Nicotine vs. Cannabis products... At least in places where it is legal to have the Cannabis oil, there are different technologies involves.

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Bans on indoor smoking that, initially, didn't impact vapers.

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show me your fedora collection, lads. for vaping i mostly wear a classical design

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No one cares about any place in the world but America

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>does not prove anything
Literally not true.

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I like the aesthetic. I reminds me we live in a cyberpunk dystopia, ya know without the neo lights and shit.

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Basically this
>smoke cigars from time to time
>sit in the park near the Faculty of Arts, or "Libtard HQ"
>people around me don't care
>one person asks what I'm smoking

Life's good.

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>What caused vape technology to take off so quickly?
a new opportunity for normies to be "cool"
also monies for companies

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For me it looks more like "I want to be hardcore but mom won't let me"

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