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Recently got hired to be an IT at a small law firm.

I have HTML in my resume and they mentioned that they want me to help redesign their website.

I'm shit at designing websites but I am sure I can fake it and muster up something half decent.

My question is: what should I get out of this? They said they will compensate me for the redesign but I'm not sure what web dev make per website.

Anyone else got any "fake it til you make it" tech stories?

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> fake it till you make it

There’s really no other way to work in the tech industry; everything moves so fast you’re pretty much constantly learning new things

The way to survive is to pretend you know stuff long enough to learn it

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> be me
> low level IT
> "anon we have some server connectivity issues, go fix it"
> lolwut.jpg
> ok
> lock myself in server room
> take an 2 hour nap
> google the issue
> still no idea how to fix it
> ask /g/
> "try restarting it"
> try
> works
> be there for 4 more hours to "add value to my IT skills"
> come out of server room sweating
> I fixed it, works fine now
> "anon u are the man"

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>be team lead
>server starts shitting the bed
>send new guy in to troubleshoot
>2 hours pass, no ticket updates of any kind
>notice uptime on the problem server has changed
>automated email comes in saying the server is offline
>check the server status, it is back online and the issue seems to have been resolved
>look for the new guy, was curious what the issue was
>nowhere to be found
>4 hours later he leaves the server room sweating and panting
>this is despite the fact that it's colder than the Antarctic in there
>"Hey anon just wanted to say you're the man for tackling that issue. What was causing the problems?"
Still have no idea what happened that day

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The computers were frozen so i had to remove all the heatsinks!

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