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Upgrade from Windows

Microsoft uses draconian law to put Windows, the world's most-used operating system, completely outside the control of its users. Neither Windows users nor independent experts can view the system's source code, make modifications or fixes, or copy the system. This puts Microsoft in a dominant position over its customers, which it takes advantage of to treat them as a product.

By contrast, free software like the GNU/Linux operating system is developed by professional and volunteer communities working transparently, freely sharing their work with each other and the world. Users have meaningful influence over the software development process and complete choice over what code they run. This means the software usually treats them with respect. Even if a free software developer took a page from Microsoft's book and began abusing its users, it would have no way to keep them locked in -- when this happens, independent experts copy the source code, remove the offending bits and help people switch to the user-respecting version.

Examples of Windows' abuses:
Windows' 10's privacy policy asserts the privilege to sell almost any information it wants about users, even creating a unique advertising ID for each user to sweeten the deal.
Microsoft announced that, starting with Windows 10, it will begin forcing lower-paying users to test less-secure new updates before giving higher-paying users the option of whether or not to adopt them.
Microsoft is reported to give the NSA special security tip-offs that it could use to crack into Windows computers.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. To read more about Microsoft's mistreatment of its users, see the list on gnu.org.

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Nobody gives a shit about your furry porn folder.

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Microsoft treats your computer and it's data like it belongs to them. Why would you spend all that money on a computer just to load it up with malware that takes away control of your property? I don't get it.

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majority are too retarded to update their systems and then whine when their data is stolen by hackers because they didn't update.

Most of retards on /g/ including

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Most people use Windows because:
>It works (unless you're using incompatible hardware from the ass-end of Tibet or some shit, which the average user is not)
>They don't have to think about how it works
>They don't really care that much about privacy (How many years did it take for people to think, "huh, facebook is taking a LOT of my information. So... maybe it's bad?" and people are STILL using it.)
>Using an operating system they're not familiar with is a nightmare

The average user just does not give ANY shits about ANYTHING Linux offers.

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this infographic is fucking cringe

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I unironically upgraded to gentoo

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this plus they don't want to re-learn anything. they've been told since they were children to go to the bottom left for the start menu and to type the name of a program if they can't find it and to click update whenever prompted. they don't want control over their system they just want to use it
also this >>65371447

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hey anon,

so since privacy doesnt matter, mind posting screeenshots of all your text messages and contact list? thanks

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Get them by yourself just like Microsoft/Google/whatever botnet meme does, and feel free to do whatever you want with them. I dont have any cp or illegal stuff to hide anyway, unlike some paranoid manchild that live in their basement because they're too afraid to be "spied"

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Imagine being in this much denial about heavy data harvesting at an operating system level being a bad thing

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