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Any idea why 60fps VR porn vids look like they are playing a lot slower than 60fps when I put on my Vive? I'm on Win7, if this is some shit I gotta upgrade to Win10 to fix I'll do it. When I lift off my Vive, the double of the vid playing on my monitor does look 60fps still. Just playback on Vive is slow. I use VR video app called Whirlgig

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One frame for each eye, stupid. You're getting 30 fps on a 60 fps video in vr.

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Hey nigga don't call me stupid, I ain't got knowledge of VR technologies embedded in my brain fool. Thanks for the explanation though.

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its common sense you fucking idiot.

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>technical detail of a niche technology is """common sense"""

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>vids look like they are playing a lot slower than 60fps when I plug in my two monitors
>maybe you only get 30fps on each monitor
>how was i supposed to know?

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It's not common sense. You're an idiot for thinking its common sense.

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except 60fps video would normally play fine on dual monitor setups, or at worst, have slightly lower performance if the gpu can't handle it, at which point it would still not result in an even 30-30 fps split between the two monitors regardless.

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Oculus and Vive have something that will limit your framerate to 45 FPS and display the same frame twice if your PC can't keep a stable 90. It sucks and I always turn it off. On Oculus it's called ASW but I think it's called something else on the Vive. Check the SteamVR settings.

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Pic related. Turn all the reprojection settings off. They're under the developer tab in the SteamVR options.

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Thanks bro, I'll give these a try.

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you example makes no sense
there is no reason for videos to not play with 60fps on separate monitors [if your hardware can keep up, else will lag ofc]

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Thinking that common sense is to think that's common sense isn't common sense though.

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Red high heels with that outfit? Seriously?!

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Kids can't into clothes matching.

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There you go.

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Who is her? I'm in love now

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>Not fapping in public while covering your dick with baggy pants

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