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I use a cheap cloud server

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I don't need porn I have your mom

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On my NAS which is my used laptop.

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Backed up to NAS, then also available on desktop

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>storing porn

Shit OP, I haven't stored porn since 2003

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>Go to website of choice in browser private mode
>Open up about 40 tabs of whatever new porn videos are available
>Close all tabs and go on with day

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>find that one porn video you really really really like
>think it's all yours
>one day it's gone from the internet

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>downloading porn.

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>one day its back


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You don't need that many tabs Anon, you're fucking your brain up

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Sorted with Hydrus Network and stored on a drive that isn't assigned a drive letter, which I mount with Veracrypt.

Hydrus is just convenient and takes no time once you set it up. The rest of the setup sounds more paranoid than it is, it's really just the easiest way to hide things, and keep things from accidentally accessing it(CCleaner cleaning it, start bar search returning results from it, Steams audio player shuffling it into the mix, etc). I had a spare drive I had no use for, I just launch Veracrypt, select volume, click drive, type password, and it works like any other folder.

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I don't store porn. What's the reason for it? Whenever I need to I go to website pick video fap 3 minutes and turn it off. why to store?

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The few porn videos I really like I have stored in a folder called 'Porn' on my NAS. About 7 other people have access to it, including my gf and several mates. never saw the reason why people got so paranoid about it, unless they fap to hentai or shitting fetish stuff.

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I only save shit that I really really like and if I know I'll want to see it again

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in one of these bad boys.
it's full of 12TB drives.

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On a usb drive in /things/don't click

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ok satan

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just go to e621.net and look up "parasite order:score" that is where i store my porn

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>watching porn

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What kind is your favorite?

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I just keep it on a spare HDD. I don't have much though, just vids of my favorite pornstars which aren't very many.

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I used to use Hydrus, but it got annoying once I had 2000 untagged images sitting in the inbox. I couldn't be fucked and went back to just having a directory in my home folder.

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Sometimes I just look for something new or random on pornhub, if it's something I might want again / for a while I use jdownloader to grab it, sometimes I go looking for 1080p 60fps torrents of something, I don't usually keep downloaded stuff for very long, I probably have around 5-10gb at any given time but eventually I delete it all or delete stuff I'm sick of, I'm a bit of a data hoarder with some things but porn is not one of them, video in general is not worth hoarding to me because it's always getting higher quality, smaller sizes, you can stream it anywhere and it's mostly garbage anyway.

Thanks for reading my blog btw

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In a virtual machine

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Got a cheapo NAS with a 2TB drive, I always leave animu I am watching on it along with my hentai, JAVs, cosplay and other porn.

Put it in the YuYu folder, since I am 100% sure I will never be touching that shittyy anime again anyway.

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>Or something

Fucking check out this cunt in his ivory tower

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I have a few choice hentai pics in a folder titled 'Hentai' on my desktop. Fuck it, people know what I'm about. Not like anyone goes into my room anyway.

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This, anyone unironically watching porn after the age of 16 is a total degenerate.

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I stream. I delete my material after I've used it and redownloading the good stuff has gotten more tedious than it's worth.

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>teens jerking their dicks to porn is wholesome

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What do you want? A fucking medal?

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>Thanks for reading my blog btw
Nah I was just staring at the digits.

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>not having a gf at the age of 12 or earlier
you fucking social outcasts should off been sorted out after your parents found out that you'll never be a normie

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In an external harddrive but sometimes I just don't care and store it on my laptop.

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Just have it saved on one of my HDDs

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>storing porn on cloud
It's already on 3rd party servers, why duplicate it especially when you're paying for the cloud server? Either watch it on the websites or download it.

>and only because someone stored it offline as a backup
You've checkmated yourself.

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>Open up about 40 tabs of whatever new porn videos are available
Why don't you choose only one porn video?

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This desu, though I don't get why it always happens.

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This is why we always have dumbasses claims "X" browser sucks up "X" amount of memory and calls other ramlet.

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>watching porn

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I put it in a folder called "porn"

FYI your cloud server is sending every detail to the NBA

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>Storing _any_ of your data offsite or relying on it to stay on X website

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Good, hope those niggers like watching black chicks getting bleached by BWC.

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Oh shit! Not the national basketball association!

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heehee... the NBA has had my number for a while now. Fuck em

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then it's just a small stash of hentai folder sorted by the genders involved

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I realized it was a mistake after I already send it.

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Inefficient in case it sucks.

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Only plebs who have boring generic pleb tastes and jerk off to bangbros don't save porn.
Do you know how hard it is to find amateur porn where the girl spits in the guys mouth then kicks him in the nuts? Of course I'm going to save that shit when I see it.

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>Not just using sadpanda

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No need

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A shitty netbook that has an encrypted hard drive.

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It's on my local file server, where else should it be?

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VHDX with bitlocker

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An encrypted veracrypt file container. Goes back as far as 2011.

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>12TB drives
hope you like having more disks fail during resilvering fuckboy

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my porn is on my desktop, with some of it backed up on my NAS. Some of it only exists on my NAS. I am unorganized.

I've been thinking about setting up S3 or something and pushing encrypted backups there too.

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In a folder on the desktop called "Totally not Porn"

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only keeping some casting videos and camwhore cosplay in an external drive. Got randomly paranoid a few weeks ago and started moving everything out the main machine.

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Bunch of encrypted external hdds.

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>Got randomly paranoid
Did you see your mother use your computer?

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In '/etc/not-porn'

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in here

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more like
>open up 40 tabs of whatever new porn videos are available
>fap to one or two videos
>close all tabs and go on with day

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On my own cloud server.

Also for people like me who keep 30 tabs open of random shit i was working on a week ago, and probably not gonna touch again, BUT GOD DAMN IT WHAT IF I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I HAD OPEN!

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>sit at my desktop, scrolling through my usual streaming sites, mostly motherless and heavyr
>search for about an hour while edging and saving anything that looks good
>uploading my finds to the NAS
>move to the bathtub since it can get pretty messy
>bring up a couple good videos on the bathroom-tv
>choose my toys
>cum after about 30-40 minutes
>clean up
All in all the process takes around two hours. Once or twice every day.

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On my repo. I only store open source and non-proprietary porn, though. I'd never fap to something that doesn't respect my freedoms.

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/s/, /gif/ and /b/

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I mostly just browse stuff online, I have no idea why I store some

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E:\Music\░▒▓【ALL CAPS AND αւτ kεÿ CΘᕸEᔕ™】░▒▓\New folder\config\ayy\lmao\vidyo\New folder\hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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>watching a specific porn video, more than once

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This. Manchildren BTFO.

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If you have very specific interests, you gotta find a collection and keep nutting.

E.g., I really like Azeri girls but porn is nearly non-existent and good porn is even rarer.


Local copies on large internal raid. Archived on an unlimited space Google drive account that is encrypted using rclone. Additionally, when my porn reaches more than a couple of TBs, all the mediocre shit gets purged and archived on Google drive.


>not saving myself for marriage
White people am I right


Because shit goes away. Any copy is better than no copy.


Why do you even care?

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I don’t have porn because I’m not a degenerate fuckface with a pathetic life like yourself. You are literally cucking yourself and numbing your pleasure receptors in the brain. Have fun with ED.

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>open /gif/
>open like 6 threads
>fap to the first or second and alt f4

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google photos,
literally unlimited storage for pics at an ok resolution

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I like my Bailey Jay, what can I say?

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.porn on my NAS share.

Rename when I wanna fap, pop it on my 4K TV and then rename it back. done.

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External drive. I need to dedupicate but it's still a hefty collection plus the gf likes it so we can both organize it plus her OC.

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He'll just put them in RAIDZ3 and laugh at you

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you're the type to use one of those in a RAID 0 just so you can set a world record for how fast you can finish

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>sorting 2 folders

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I thought I was the only one kek

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How do you organize?

/pr0n/milf/interracial and /pr0n/milf/solo
/pr0n/interracial/milf and /pr0n/solo/milf

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I don't have interracial

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/pron/name of girl/video.mkv
for some JAV I do it as /pron/name of studio/video.mkv. If a video can go in more than one category, the "name of girl" directory wins. I don't organize by "category" (milf, solo, interracial, etc) at all.

as you might expect I hate with a passion when videos have four scenes with four different girls. Those I either don't bother with in the first place, or I split the scenes and only keep the ones with the girls I'm interested in.

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Just use Honey Select. You won't need anything else

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Live alone, own apartment, not a kid and never actually had any problems with having to hide porn, maybe except one ex girlfriend that out of nowhere started to talk on how disgusting porn was but I ended the relationship like a month after because she was also starting to show her true self and it was a shitty self. Great tits, but annoying bitch in the end.

I honestly don't know, just started cleaning old docs, making backups and had like 100gbs of camwhores on a drive and thought "welp might as well move this shit to an external drive to free up some space and also not worry if I download more". But when I started moving shit around for a second I thought I was being paranoid.

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by age

// jk. plz no partyvan

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3.5' floppies. No clown.

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>not self
Don't these two by definition include all other categories?

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Not self is for people I know

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Hold the fuck up
"Self" means porn of yourself? Why do you fap to your own pics instead of just staring at your dick?

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Its for sharing, not my own fapping.

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i store the girls names and the scenes with a link to watch online on a doc.

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Femanon or mentally ill?

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In a folder on my home server
Nothing special

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>He thinks there are actual real life born as females on /g/ - Technology

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you're gay

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when i have more than 6 tabs open, over time, something fucks up eventually
i hate this
it always either just crashes, half-crahses/freezes, or does some weird buggy shit where I have to f5 a tab
and im not even running on a toaster... is it possible that it is hardware wear-and-tear? ive got this thing for around 5+ years, changed cpu paste and clean every shit every few months or so, taking perfect care

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Thanks for continuing my rhyme

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Network attached sex

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Pfff what are you like, 16?

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I use a virtual machine with enhanced session via Hyper-V.

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>organizing your porn
Seriously, it's all just in a giant folder sorted by created date so I know what's new and what's old.

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enjoy your viruses

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Either bookmark it, or download it in a folder called notporn. On the very unlikely scenario someone asks to use my laptop, I have a very basic script which hides the folder from the file system(fucking snoopers).
// And BAM, the porn folder doesn't exist now
mv notporn .notporn

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