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Name a more intuitive, useful and great design of a home computer. I'll wait.

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the first tablet, produced by microsoft in early 00's?

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Not nearly as cool. This thing has had a cool factor even by today's standards.

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This was beautiful, I loved it as a child

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a noose to hang your faggot self.

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But how am I suppose to shitpost, anon?

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Could someone put current gen (or close to) parts in one of these to modernize it? This was my favorite computer.

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>first tablet
>early 2000s
>believing microshit invented anything
this is what underage minecraft players actually believe

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Still want one. Unfortunately in my country everything with apple badge will be priced like it's made of pure gold, even if it's like 16-17 y.o.

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Osborne 1, motherfucker

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>discrete system unit; still looked and felt like a computer and not just an unweildy thick-ass monitor with more ports in the back
>adjustable monitor arm that actually did something, just needed portrait swivel to be perfect
>easily carried with one hand
>iconic design that turns heads even today whether you actually like it or not
>hipster RISC processor and Unix-like operating system with an actual software base
I absolutely can't, the G4 was peak all-in-one and I'm posting from one right now.
I wish I could send you one, I'm hoarding them because they're cheap as shit but shipping electronics is such a bitch.

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Wrong board.

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this but curved 21:9 34"

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If they had actually used a stand with the flexibility of a proper monitor arm it would have been amazing.

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Surface studio does it better.

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16 years later maybe. Just shows how cool this thing was.

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>Osborne 1
Well it's definitely aged poorly but It was quite an impressive piece of 80s industrial design.

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Homosexuality is a mental disorder.

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Also would be nice if they were using a r200 of nv25 line GPU instead of nv1x.
Still better than rage graphics tho.

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>r200 or nv25 line GPU
quick fix

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Name a single mac that isn't a overheating throttling steaming pile of shit. I'll wait.

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I'm even benchmarking it and it's still cold as fuck in here, the C3000 isn't doing its job

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>Homosexuality is a mental disorder.
So that's what's wrong with you.

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Every single one of them.
On this planet, anyway.
What color sky do you guys have? It's blue here.

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yes but it takes effort to do it right

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>Name a more intuitive, useful and great design of a home computer. I'll wait.

The toilet plunger iMac? I cannot think of a fucking worse steaming pile of shit. The very day they were announced, I told them, they will not stack well in garbage cans.

Best Mac? Mac Pro. 2nd PowerMac 9600. Third Quadra 950.

Oh right, the is a worse pile of shit. The Hindenbook PowerBook 5300.

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Every single mac is an overheating throttling steaming pile of shit.

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Could I just run Linux and save myself a bunch of hassle? Mint would probably work okay on these things right?

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t. retard who hasn't used an expansion slot for anything but a GPU in 15 years

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You could just save yourself a bunch of hassle and run linux on a computer instead of trying to hackjob it onto a fruity toy.

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My grandmother used to have one of these

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But muh aesthetic

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see >>65313658

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sure, it's worth a try, but it depends on what hassle you're having I guess

this 800 MHz 1st gen works fine for me with 10.2, but I'm fine with older utilities and only browse websites like 4chan and Wikipedia that pretty much any browser can handle

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aspergers is a mental disorder

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Yeah it would just be a shitposting machine and be used to get a little better acquainted with Linux.

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personally I prefer sticking with OS 9/X because of commercial software and it's just nice, 10.4 should still have a hobbyist-mainted homebrew repo too last I remember

but you could do it with either, both have perfectly usable Unix environments, and GNU/Linux offers a more universally straightforward approach at the cost of being... kind of boring, if you ask me

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>muh commercial software
>on a 2 decade old crash prone unstable overheating piece of shit
You aren't doing anything on your fruit toy besides jerking it to your wallpaper of your Syrian cult leader.

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your posts are pretty boring

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Your fruit cult is pretty boring and vapid.

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Nothing linux-land runs ok on these things, even debian command line is slow as shit.

MorphOS is ok. Haiku may run on it one day.

Get tenfourfox and stop using safari, order a 60GB pata SSD from china and clone onto it, get a high end G5 tower, upgrade it, add an SSD, and compile the entire tigerports tree, probably want to get a gen 1 xserve to keep it all on for ease of use with binary management, since your G5 will be running compiles non-stop for the next eternity or two, hunt around for a motorolla aftermarket 1.5ghz upgrade kit and pay to have it swapped out by a rework company, then throw yourself in the dumpster because you're hoarding garbage

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>namefag calls something garbage
the ironing

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They are shit and ugly and look really uncomfy

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Still waiting on Apple to steal this one.
It looks great but I don't want to use W10.

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I unironically like the design of those old iMacs.

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see >>65313658

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Please stop projecting.

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>Being this butthurt over someone liking the design of an Apple product

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>Being this butthurt over someone not liking the design of an Apple product

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I don't believe there's a necessary, unifying ideology behind playing Minecraft

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that really is a pretty cool computer design.
i always wish i had had one

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