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What's the best GNU/Linux desktop environment /g/?

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dunno about best, but I've been using xfce, does the job just fine.

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Cinnamon, lxqt, Xfce and Openbox are all my favorites. If I had to pick just one...probably Openbox.

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Obviously KDE!

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Only Cinnamon is a DE from that list.

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>not a DE

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GNOME because its the only one thar supports Wayland

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Why are there no good linux distros

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KDE is sexy.
Xfce and ldxe are both light and great for those who liked gnome 2 - actually they seem pretty identical to me and I don't know why both need to exist instead of just one.
Gnome 3 is shit.
I personally find i3 counterintuitive but I see the appeal.

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the god of DEs is budgie, other ones can't even begin to compete

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>No GTK rubbish
>Easy for normies
100-150 mb in idle (including Linux kernel and other stuff)

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i3wm you dumbasses

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Honestly they all suck.
gnome = slow, unintuitive, limiting by design, churning out halfbaked "new and better apps", attempting to deprecate existing functionality with their own bullshit, etc etc. attempts to create the one "correct" solution and that's what you get whether it's right or not.
kde = buggy (yes it's still buggy), weird, various incompatibilities with gtk that simply can not be resolved, crowded, piles of options but none of them quite do what you wanted. Attempts to offer many solutions but none of them are right.
xfce = old, underpowered, unable to keep up with the evolving linux desktop ecosystem. releases once every 5? years. had a good run, time to let it go.

lxde = deprecated in favor of lxqt

lxqt = show me one person who actually uses lxqt

unity = began as a cobbled together gnome/compiz-session, vocally hated on for years, eventually got pretty good just in time for ubuntu to drop it (huh huh you can still use it tho, don't worry if it's dead((see xfce)))
mate = ugly green everywhere, may or may not work with laptop volume and brightness, nothing get excited about (see xfce)

cinnamon = offshoot of gnome 3, will eventually get trapped unable to keep up with tracking a moving target that couldn't care less about it

budgie = I don't know what Budgie is or does, sorry

elementary = see budgie

pantheon, lumina, etc, etc..

Unfortunately windows and macos both also blow, for other and for some of the same reasons.

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Whatever makes you the most productive. And ricing said desktop does not equate to productivity. Making money in a job does.

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>kde = buggy (yes it's still buggy), weird, various incompatibilities with gtk that simply can not be resolved, crowded, piles of options but none of them quite do what you wanted. Attempts to offer many solutions but none of them are right.

Pic related. It's KDE. All the options. Still fucking useless except for opening a can of beans in an emergency.

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In which case it's alright because beans are great, especially with hot sauce

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I interpreted OP's question to mean "general GUI," as limiting yourself to DEs is pointless. Also this; >>65310299

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OP here, I'm just using KDE, as it came with Debian when I installed it. Was wondering if there was a legit better option.

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The one I use, of course.

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Tmux in tty

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nice bait

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What about MATE? Is funny that no one ever mentions it. Ubuntu MATE even has a panel layout destined for ex Unity users.
elementary is a distro, pantheon is its DE. It's basically what GNOME devs are trying to do (a pretty and easy to use DE with little customization).

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I used it a ton a up until a few years ago when I switched to LXDE and Xfce. Don't get me wrong, I like MATE a lot, but I've found myself using it a lot less. Still have it installed though.

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That pic looks 2010 af

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openbox with nothing else but openbox.

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Plasma, duh.

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Bash I guess.

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Cinnamon. It has a sane desktop structure (unlike GNOME), clean consistent UI (unlike KDE, MATE, Budgie), and has plenty of developers (unlike XFCE, LXQT). Pantheon is a close second but has a UI consistency problem with third party applications.

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kde 4

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Does Mate require systemD

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Ubuntu = baby's first Linux.
MATE is just shit.

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Mate is xfce but better. Been that way for years now. Its the objective truth

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It's obviously CDE, the comfiest eyesore on the planet. This is your daily reminder that CDE is open source now and you can easily compile and run it yourself on nearly an UNIX-like OS, including NetBSD and others.

Debian users can just add the Sparky Linux testing repo and get access to a pre-compiled package that'll set it all up automatically. It even comes with dtlogin, a login manager. Easiest way to set up dtlogin on Debian based Linux is to add "/usr/dt/bin/dtlogin" on a new line in /etc/rc.local and then uninstall the old login manager.

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GNOME unironically has the greatest DE window management of all time

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>top and bottom bar
You get put to the front of the euthanization line

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I use MATE, but with i3wm in the place of Marco. It works quite well.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt2nxyEIf74 (not my vid).

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>what is window dodge

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I don't like tilt managers desu

Xfce and Cinnamon are great

GNOME is weird tho, but not that bad tbqh

KDE WILL be good, at the moment is literally BLOAT

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DE are for cucks. Just use Arch + i3.

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Arch are for cucks. Just use LFS

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>KDE WILL be good, at the moment is literally BLOAT
It's been that way since kde 4, and also the buggiest one by far, followed by cinnamon

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XFCE works fine and does it's job just fine. It's a desktop. It doesn't need to change just for the sake of changing.

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The one (You) like the most.

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Go back there.

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My nigga

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KDE, because MUH file picker.

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Wait elementary made it's own gnome3 ripoff wtf

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Is GNOME stable enough?
I want to know if I can recommend it to my friends as a normie-friendly windows-like DE.

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I actually prefer Pantheon over GNOME. It's UI is more consistent and the app menu takes a small space in the corner instead of the full window like in GNOME and macOS. The downside is that Pantheon has little to no customization, and that could be a turn off for users who like to customize every bit of their OS.
Try Linux Mint. It's designed to be easy to use for new Linux users. It includes codecs and a lot of software pre-installed so people doesn't have to bother installing it.
elementaryOS is another good alternative. It looks really good by default and its easier for new users to get used to. elementary OS doesn't as much programs installed as Linux Mint, but you can install them from the app center.
Both elementary OS and Linux Mint are based on Ubuntu LTS.
tl; dr: Try both OS and see which one your friend prefers the most.

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In the past, I used Gnome2 + compiz, after Gnome3 hit moved to MATE + compiz, when that went downhill I finally checked out KDE and realized it has most of the features I liked about compiz so that's where I landed.

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Isn't Mint an outright shit distro with bad packaging practices?
And I don't want another distro, I just want a 'just works' DE with sane and good looking defaults suitable for Windows converts.

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>Isn't Mint an outright shit distro with bad packaging practices?
I don't know if LM devs fixed that problem with the packages names, but that shouldn't be a problem for your normalfag friend.
>I just want a 'just works' DE with sane and good looking defaults suitable for Windows converts
Then pick Debian, Arch or another big distro and install Cinnamon. I recommended LM because it has preinstalled programs that are enough for 95% of the people (a browser, an office suite and media codecs).

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Kliksphilip shouldn't you be making videos?

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I love faggots that give advice while posting an image from Google. Either screenshot it or admit you're talking out of your ass.

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they all suck in different ways

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Ubuntu is a fine distro you contrarian faggot.

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Xfce, of course.

But does it matter? Everyone is trying to do similar looks on their different DEs. At that point they're literally the same thing.

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I installed LM in my parents' old HP laptop after a Win8.1 update fucked the whole OS and made everything unusable because even opening minesweeper caused the CPU to overheat and the fans to run at max speed. After installing LM the overheating problem disappeared.
They only needed a machine with a browser and an office suite, so I replaced LibreOffice with MS Office through WINE so they wouldn't have problems opening .docx and similar documents.
Can't post a screenshot because right now I don't have access to their laptop.

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I prefer KDE, but LXDE will do in a pinch.

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Windows 10 with subsystem for linux

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which of bspwm/xmonad/dwm is the best?

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Xfce for stability.
KDE for features.
Budgie as the 3rd best.

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>ctrl+f "emacs"
>0 results
emacs is clearly the best window manager out there

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which does not want to be an android launcher

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i3wm is all I need in life. Fuck desktop environments

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i dont undestand this meme
i installed numerous DE on arch and gentoo and none had calculator

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awesome wm

the only con is the condif in in fucking lua but it's pretty readable ane you are able to customize it or even create own widgets without even the smallest knowledge of lua

just search some configs like https://github.com/lcpz/awesome-copycats

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I like XFCE.

I also liked KDE Plasma, I believe it was called

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"condif" -> conf

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>le windows is shit xd
Says the regular fa/g/, however IET the same fa/g/ continues:
>to wait for WIN(dows)E(mulator) updates to play degenerate gaymes
>using DEs that makes linux more windows-like
>unironically uses ubuntu/amazon/ddg botnet.
Truly GNU/Lincucks

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Gnome 3. Anything that is still relying on the desktop metaphor is garbage.

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Right now I think it's crap but when 2.0 comes out it may actually be good

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I will go with Unity. It's not lightweight, but it's super handy and productive and not ugly as fuck

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Xfce with Compton

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RIP in peace Unity, you were too good for this world.

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y not i3?

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they're all shit honestly, so not like it matters

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nice family photo

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what's that theme? I fucking hate xfce's window list on the panel because it doesn't have visible separation unlike the one on your pic

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My god I want to tear that dragon's ass apart

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The one with a functional file picker

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KDE - customizable but buggy

gnome - counter-intuitive but comfy when you figure it out and customise it

XFCE - kde but smol

Pantheon - shittier version of deepin

Deepin - buggy but nice looking, not customisable very much

i3 - difficult to learn, easy to use, customisable

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gnome 3. everyone hates it but i got no problems with it.

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Found the noobs.
Once you become power users you will quickly see how much is lacking from gnome 3

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You guys are alright.

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>gnome - counter-intuitive but comfy when you figure it out and customise it
Linux is worth it if your time is worthless.

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gnome with extensions

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There is no best DE. Use what works best for you. /t

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Whatever floats your boat, my dude!
KDE, Budgie, Cinnamon, XFCE, MATE, Deepin, Pantheon, i3, Enlightment, Awesome... plenty to choose.

Just don't sodomize yourself using GNOME. No decent file picker in 2018, no desktop icons, arrogant developers, memory leaks, etc.

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>can easily compile and run it yourself
no if you're on 64bit

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I like xfce on my desktop, and lxde on my laptop because it is lighter.

I was trying cinnamon on my desktop, it seemed pretty buggy to me. I had a lot of issues with it.

Gnome3 is garbage. I haven't used KDE too much.

>> No.65318561

MATE with properly configured keyboard shortcuts for tiling and opening windows and alt+d mapped to dmenu_run.
All the pros of a meme tilingwm while still looking normal and is properly configured ootb

>> No.65318828

>Implying power users need a desktop environment
You are the noob here

>> No.65319387

ok, "intermediate power users"
That being said, DEs are quite nice if you do stuff in the background like plying music, or if you like to look at pretty background images.

>> No.65320586

I dont know if it's the "best" or not but I got really fond of i3, switched from xfce into it and never went back.

>> No.65320608

Fucking this
mate or xfeces with dmenu and properly set up tiling with hotkeys and shit is fucking head and shoulders above gnome.
KDE doesn't even need dmenu, since the native menu thing is so fucking powerful

>> No.65320664

I will never understand why it was hated so much. It was pretty much the only stable, coherent DE I have ever used, as well as being the only one that tried to be somewhat unique, rather than being a Windows XP ripoff of some sort. The QT rewrite would have been so wonderful, but, alas. Now we're stuck with foot.

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>tfw the good filepicker only works with native qt applications
Why hath thou forsaken us, LXQt?...

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I've given GNOME so many fucking chances since 2013.
And ever since 2015 it's been getting worse every year

>> No.65320966

QupZilla is old
You want Falkon

>> No.65321030

Isn't that just QupZilla but with a different name?

Furthermore, does it have any add-on support yet? That's my primary reason for not using it.

>> No.65321031

enlightenment is aptly named, because thats what using it leads to.

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>> No.65321074

truthpill me on enlightenment
that lower panel looks horrible, can it be changed to something not so huge

>> No.65321237

Sadly, mate. I say 'sadly' because it's literally a life-support version of gnome2, and has no choice but to eventually go gtk3 permanently (at which point it will also become completely unusable since gtk3 is a buggy piece of absolute garbage where tabs are known to randomly stop being clickable on most but not all hardware).
Xfce would be a contender if it didn't randomly commit suicide after a while on a fresh install with no changes whatsoever to any config at any time in such a way that it can never be started up without a full reinstall.

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underrated post

>> No.65321332

It's literally unusable. Not even in enough of a working state to be said to be pre-alpha stage. And how many years have they been working on it already? It's literally weekend 1-man project tier.

>> No.65321373

Looks like arc.

>> No.65321415

Enlightenment is 100% rice, 0% usability. Its customization amounts to what color gaudy gradients you want to burn your eyes, and you never get the option to turn off said gradient, despite how much of a nuisance it is when trying to read text and your background is a top-bottom uneven FUCKING GRADIENT WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING.
Everything is super-animooted, with no way to turn it off, which makes operations slow as is, and even worse with an underpowered system.
All-the-while it doesn't actually provide the basic features or programs you'd expect it to have. It's basically like a gaudy gold-coated, diamond-encrusted 20 year old rustbucket shitmobile: doesn't go anywhere, looks like crap, even the seats are rotting, but hey, it shines!

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>> No.65321438

Mate already went to gtk3 in version 1.18. Then in 1.20 they added hi-dpi mode for 4k and larger displays. It is not stagnant or "on life support".

t. satisfied Mate user

>> No.65321533

With your penis?

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>no if you're on 64bit
I'm using AMD64 NetBSD right now, so you're wrong.

>> No.65321575

>No desktop icons

The fuck you’re talking about

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>> No.65321717

gtk3 is still optional at this point which is the only reason it's even remotely usable. Go be a cuck somewhere else.

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>> No.65321912


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My swap is 4800MB but my RAM is 8GB, do i have to reinstall to change this?

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>Obviously KDE!
Fucking this, meu preto!

>> No.65322108

KCalc is the calculator from KDE project.

>> No.65322135

Do they have their own calculator or do they use KCalc?

>> No.65322629

Remember to set the GTK style to Breeze-Dark too

>> No.65322663

install gentoo

>> No.65322716


>> No.65322754

>muh screen tearing
Fixed in literally a single config line you literal subhuman ape.

>> No.65322793

Definitely not Plasma 5 and KDE. I love KDE, but it's terrible. Bugs, freezes, tearing... In my case it is freezes that make me force reboot. If an OS do that to you, I don't think it's worthy to be called a OS. It's more like an experimental toy. I have not much experience with Gnome or the other DE. I would definitly think Gnome has better stabillity, reliable and so on. But then again, GNU is GNU.

>> No.65322806

I loved how the title bar would integrate into the menu bar when fullscreen

>> No.65322830

Gnome is not GNU and neither is KDE.

>> No.65323123

My favorites

>> No.65323381

Xfce and MATE are almost the same shit, LXDE just looks the same.

>> No.65323395

post it then

>> No.65323441

decreases performance you monkey
use compton

>> No.65323489

Broken piece of unmaintained shit.

>> No.65323581

Kde is a pain on Nvidia cards. The lag and tearing were brutal. Are you not having any problems? I switched to an amd card.

>> No.65323841

>complains about performance drop
>suggest compton
r u retarded

>> No.65323910

I fell for the tilling WM meme (i3wm). Now I cannot use anything else but other tiling WM. Thanks /g/ I cannot use Windows anymore

>> No.65324105

There's a gnome shell extension for that, if you hate yourself enough to use gnome.

>> No.65324126

>his computer is so slow he worries about the performance of his window manager

>> No.65324144

That's a window manager, not a desktop environment you numbnut

>> No.65324210

The last few versions of Plasma have been pretty solid for me lately.

>> No.65324278

the next step is xmonad my friend

>> No.65324426

I tried searching for it. Can you share a link please?

>> No.65324490

If you think setting
>Option "TearFree" "true"
is more resource intensive than an entire compositor you don't know what you're talking about, I don't even use compositing at all with my xfce setup.

>> No.65324811

glorifying the worst piece of shit DE ever made.
>gtk2/3/compiz/metacity mess
>basically unusable buggy mess until 14.04
>after 14.04 still ridden with shitty shortcuts and old/buggy configuration tools
>having to rely on 4 tools to tweak your DE panels
unity-tweak-tool (most feature not working or breaking unity) , gnome-tweak-tool (hanged unity until 16.04 when you tried changing the font), compizconfig-settings-manager (touching it was plain suicide before 14.04), and the ubuntu system settings.

I can agree that the layout was good, but thats it, not even the ambiance/radiance thems are good because they hinder subpixel rendering contrast, causing the reds to stand out, especially the magenta background in the terminal.

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>tfw you enjoy MATE

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For people that just joined the thread, here's the TL;DR - based on word frequency:

GNOME >> KDE > XFCE > MATE >> i3

>> means there's a bigger difference in frequency close to double.

>> No.65325355

I tried Gnome. Worst shit I ever used.

>> No.65325418

That's the most retarded methodology you could have possibly used. At the minimum you should have done sentence-wise sentiment analysis. Retard. People are bitching on gnome at basically every single mention. Sentiments on KDE are mixed, leaning positive. Sentiments on XFCE and MATE are very positive, so are i3.

>> No.65325451

I am austistic but not that autistic

>> No.65325498

once you get past the initial learning curve and get your config the way you like it, it is extremely productive.

>> No.65325708

It's lacking a couple critical features to make it actually productive rather than memeproductive, but it's by far the best of the tiling wm's:
- minimizing programs (this allows efficient movement between programs as they become more or less relevant based on activity, in particular direct selection to bring back a task into focus as part of a tiling layout, and the ability to focus on a single or a couple windows without losing the entire layout).
- non-shit tooltip/dialog handling and detection (otherwise you too often have to manually float them)
- non-shit floating mode (for aforementioned tooltips/dialogs, otherwise they appear in last-spawned-on-top order regardless of intent)

In the end it's significantly less efficient for some specific but very common usage patterns, while being more efficient for most slightly common to slightly uncommon tasks. I find that overall it's not worth it because of that.

>> No.65326443

He doesn't understand how package management works so he can only use the software included in a base install. Unfortunately he is highly autistic and posts in every thread about it.

>> No.65326723

Vertex Dark

>> No.65326839

agree, pantheon default is one of the best out there. doesnt suit all my needs though so i used xfce instead. i liked pantheon so much i modelled my rice to look like pantheon but work like xfce

>> No.65326952

best DE: kde 3
best WM: i3-gaps

>> No.65326972

>People are bitching on gnome at basically
KTards don't count, the silent majority likes GNOME

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File: 2.96 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2018-03-31_00-20-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.65327147
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180331_064227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This will probably not be too hard

>> No.65327237

KDE is NOT buggy
haven't crashed since i start using it.
have used it for 1 year

>> No.65327242

Gnome is not all bad, but if you compare it to other desktops, there is no reason to use gnome.
And how do you count the silent users who like it?

>> No.65327259

The bugs usually lie in places that are easily avoided.
There are no problems running it every day.

>> No.65327354

>there is no reason to use gnome.
it is the best Linux DE, the standard Linux DE, of course there are reasons to use it

>> No.65327375


>> No.65327747

>using linux
enjoy your botnet

>> No.65327794

There is no such thing as a standard linux DE, you absolute brainlet

>> No.65327811
File: 532 KB, 1597x1600, gudb8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.65327829


>> No.65327841

>being made out of meat
enjoy your literal viruses

>> No.65327849

There it is a standard, it is GNOME

>> No.65327888

It's simple faggotry
It's only standard for autistic distros like ubuntu

>> No.65327896

>he thinks i'm made of meat
i hate nu-/g/

>> No.65327908

Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, SUSE entreprise and all the relevant distros, it is the standard Linux DE

>> No.65327909
File: 2.14 MB, 1152x648, 1510000059467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Openbox. The winning move is not to play.

>> No.65327987

In debian you're the one to choose a DE, so it's not standard
Don't know about SUSE or Fedora
Ubuntu is the only one to not ask you what DE it should use

>> No.65328015

In Debian GNOME is the first in the list, it is the default in the rest, it is the standard Linux DE

>> No.65329050
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>> No.65329056

i second this

>> No.65329074

Cinnamon is the only one that wasn't absolutely repulsive to me. It still is far from perfect.

>> No.65329236

Anon please share wallpaper

>> No.65330238

>literally all DEs are shit
This is what keeps me going back to windows

>> No.65330262

Who would have thought that by 2018 so many linux nerds just wanted to imitate the Mac OS all along? Disgusting and pathetic, but that's just how it goes.

>> No.65330280

hands down.
I use XFCE, but KDE is objectively best DE.

>> No.65330340

XFCE or Mate.

>> No.65330672

It's the least botnet usable OS sadly.

>> No.65330690

All browsers are shit
All Linux DEs are shit

>> No.65330846

Just expand the SWAP partition

>> No.65331881

use gparted

>> No.65332283

It works 90% of the time without problems.

>> No.65332299

XFCE is the best

Then there's a power gap.

And then, Gnome.

Everything else sucks.

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