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what do you expect to see
what do you hope to see?

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1. Gentoo installation on a MacBook Pro
2. A new iPad

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1. rounded corners and skeumorphism
2. a suicide bombing

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2.More shit

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1. slight upgrades on current macbooks
2.fucking ipods

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iPhone Y

>4k resolution
>Removed the speakers and charging port in exchange for further thinness
>You are now forced to use earpods and wireless charging
>Pricetag starting at $2000 for 32 gb

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Sounds like something that will happen in maybe 2 years
Not so far

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notch on the ipad and macs

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>attending a scat event

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iPhone SE 2 would be the only thing worth a damn and that's only if they don't change the dimentions much.

I expect ipads

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>what do you expect to see
Probably some gay shit like apple watch 3 or whatever
>what do you hope to see?
Nothing because Apple is a dead company, I hope they go under soon so we can get rid of copycat trash

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i find it funny how all these tech companies are pushing their laptops and tablets on people implying they will help you learn when it has been shown people aren't getting smarter despite being attached to the internet 24/7.

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What's a computer?

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This, would buy one

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I think you have your numbers mixed up comrade

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new apple pencil

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As ridiculous as that sounds it might actually happen since a notch on a tablet or laptop wouldn't take up much usable space as well as establish a "trend" among their products.

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>what do you expect to see
A horde of literal cock suckers.

>what do you hope to see?
The day of the rope.

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You expecting a comeback?

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1. Gays sucking one another off.
2. Nuclear war.

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For the love of God no

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Gay men fucking each other and trannies shoving dilators up their wounds.

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>what do you expect to see
cheering and clapping, weaponized kids in the audience
>what do you hope to see?
booing and people holding up transparents that ask for userreplaceable and upgradable parts

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gomen i have not used an apple product since 2008, i thought it was still the hot new thing

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Lots of blood.

I have a dentist appointment on the 27th.

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Getting your teeth pulled or something?

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>what do you expect to see
shit devices
>what do you hope to see?
Tim Cock stepping down as CEO and seeing Apple make quality shit for the first time since the 2000s
Also this >>65252125
Alternatively, I'd also like to see applefags revolt and the death of Apple Computer, Inc.

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>what do you expect to see
shilling, shilling, and more shilling of low quality chinktrash to gullible retards
>what do you hope to see?
a mass shooting

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Why are people so angry about a computing company?

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What's computing?

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1. A fucking Macbook Pro worthy of the Pro title, same for a new Mac Pro.

2. Not that.

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>worthy of the Pro title

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Got my numbers mixed up, my bad.

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>iTunes uwp
>iPhone se 2018
>iPad 2018
>iPod death
>11.3 release
>10.13.4 release
>HomePod talk

Screencap this shit

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No one cares iToddler.

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You seem ENOJADO el tarado

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$399 iPad with Apple Pencil support.

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>t. iToddler

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This is what I want to see. If they can fit a larger screen on the SE sized body then I'll get one.

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That would change everything. Apple wins at tecvhmonlgoygy

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anon are you having a stroke?

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>oy vey goyim!
>looks like your old lagP- i mean iPad is getting slow!
>why don't you check out our latest model!

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1. More iPads
2. Macbook Pros that aren't shit

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>Macbook Pros
>that aren't shit

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That would be awesome, it would definitely make it one of the cheapest screen drawing tablet if you want to get into digital art.

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>can't even detect pen tilt properly

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Pen is still $99 but even then its still pretty impressive. but this is apple and you can be sure something is going to be gimped.

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Now if only Clip Studio Paint weren't a fucking subscription app on ios.

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Not that google hasn't done this but apple has specialized in selling people a piece and doing maximum damage control everytime people find problems like bebgate, antennagate, touchgate, aluminumgate, ect ect.

We all hate their guts for covering up so many problems with their products and then demanding 2-3X the price for essentially inferior hardware/software.

Also this is a technology board, what else did you expect?

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fucking please be true

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Are they going to finally refresh the Air? I've been waiting years to upgrade my old one.

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>i want to replace a throttling overheating piece of shit with another throttling overheating piece of shit

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Same, the Air is such a great laptop with actual ports and a proper keyboard, it just has a crappy screen.

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The MacBook Air is the ultimate shitty laptop from Apple because it introduced soldered CPUs, RAM and SSDs.

>These people have to throw away perfectly fine ivy bridge laptops because they are being stuck on 2GB of RAM

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1 Just updated apple shit
2. Return of zip diskettes

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Wow, an actual good point. Take notes >>65259301.

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wow that video didn't seem biased at all!
I'll take two Microsoft® Sufrace Pro™ Tablets, please!

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>unable to take banter that has been along forever here
Off to the oven in reddit you go, faggot.

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>i play video games on my ultra-portable laptop!
>look at me, i'm an adult, mommy!!

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I wonder what changes they'll make to safari

Do you tards always have to see everything with your ideology

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People who weren't funny were also told to fuck off.

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>s-stop it's a-antisemitic
>crying about it here of all places
Again, I think reddit may fit your tastes better. There's no reason to go seething about harmless banter. Jesus Christ, you are a faggot.

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There was no attempt at humor you fag. Maybe reddit might be better for you. They hate wit there.

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>no attempt at humor
>what is a meme
>writes what I just wrote
Faggots like you really should be hanged. When people make fun of my race, I don't go around crying and screaming about the /pol/ boogeyman but laugh along. Please kindly fuck off now.

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You definitely belong on reddit if you're getting mad for being told to fuck off because your humor lacks wit or originality.

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>can't even read what I am saying
Jesus Christ, you are fucking retarded. I don't care if it isn't funny to your sensitive feelings, but I said if you keep screaming /pol/ and racist at harmless banter, then you should fuck off. Learn how to fucking read.

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Funny how I never brought up /pol/ or racism or anything like that but you insist that I did. 2016 election faggots like yourself are the worst.

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>constantly screaming reddit when called out
I think I found the redditor here

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You said it here fucktard:>>65259311
Was that not you?
Also, nice assumption there. Totally logical and reasonable. Maybe you were just projecting though.

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Do you tards always have to see everything with your ideology?

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Me and him are two different anons. There are 38 different IPs in this very thread.

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>get called out
>claim there are different anons
>says look! 38 IPs
Sure, whatever you say

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You're saying there could not possibly more than one person who would tell you to fuck off. The guy who told you to go back to /pol/ wasn't me.

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Then why reply in such a seething and hostile manner to my post that criticized the anon who screamed le /pol/ boogeyman?

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First of all fuck off. And second of all I told you to fuck off if you were just going to regurgitate the same crap that's been posted before under the guise of "banter". One sodomite above me is posting that cancerous soy meme that's polluted this website.

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Just proving my point further. Maybe reddit really is better for you. They think if you repeat the same joke over and over the exact same way it's still funny and gets funnier every single time.

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That wasn't even me though... But you are getting really mad and constantly screaming reddit like a triggered autistic child.

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Fuck off

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Jesus Christ, how mad are you right now?

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Fuck off

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>what do you expect to see

>what do you hope to see?
nuclear holocaust

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This, I want comfy iPods back.

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Nice argument, kiddo

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Bankrupt, because all chink shit will be taxed to death.

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>computing company
found the soyboy

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Wireless charging will be for the iPhone Y S for the iPhone Y once the battery is flat you simply throw it away and buy a new one chargers are old technology and should be obsolete

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They replace the entire keyboard on the macbook pro with a TouchBoard.

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Except Toshiba already did that and it was a major flop.
>implying apple could do it any better

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As far I know, they won't livestream it. That's really boring of them.

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Hmm, when was Apple taken something that a different company did and failed with and reimplemented it only to have it become a major success...?

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I wanna see them do a hybrid smartwatch so everyone else can rip it off and make it standard

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>wanting to see a scat event

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1. dongles
2. new mini

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do you expect they'll have the ryzen 2000g series chips?

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Stealing other peoples and making them better is Apple’s bread and butter.

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ITT: Nobody realizes it's an education event

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iPhone Й when?
I want to get 3 iPhones, so I can make word ХУЙ with them.

>> No.65268218

What does that mean, Vlad?

>> No.65268258

Hy eпт, этa, iPhone ХУЙ йoбa.
(iPhone DICK for those, who can't into slavic kanjis)

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This would actually make me get one.

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