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Alright faggots, I just rapasted my 15 inch retina with GC Extreme, pretty great results so far.

Temps (Before):
> min: 35ºC
> max: 100ºC (Throttled down to 2.9GHz) - 5 minute 100% CPU stress

Temps (After):
> min: 31ºC
> max: 96ºC (didn't Throttle, 5 minute 100% CPU stress)

> Room temperature: 26ºC on both tests

Why haven't you repasted you're laptop already /g/?

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Reminder: don't fall for the liquid metal meme, it will ruin your heatsink at very low benefit, just get a top tier thermal paste and you're fine.

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Why they don't solder heat sinks to CPU on mobile CPUs? Anyway, CPU is soldered, so what is the deal?

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it's probably much cheaper to make the mobo and heatsink separated, and just glue them together with generic thermal paste.

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No need for heatspreaders when you have those precision screws and only small heatsinks

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> small heatsinks
this. those old retinas have such a small heatsink for a quad-core 47W CPU. The new ones have a much bigger one tho (that's why they don't throttle as badly)

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>posting a bait picture
>thinking I was only talking about the ridiculously under-dimensioned mac heatsinks

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new one (pic related), it's thicker.

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>Temps (Before):
>> max: 100ºC

>Temps (After):
>> max: 96ºC


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at this rate americans won't have to boil water in microwaves anymore

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>pretty great results so far
>down from 100 to 96C

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>> max: 96ºC

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Then show us your laptop's 100% cpu usage temps instead of shitposting

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>t. assblasted mactoddler

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where's the screenshot?

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>it's a mactoddler refuses to accept his fruity chinktoy can be bad in any way episode

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> quad-core laptop CPU
> reaching only 62ºC under full load
the absolute state of /g/

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When you post a 7700k running at lower than 96°C with no throttling while running Intel burn test then you win. Should be easy.

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>running at half the temperature of fagbooks is a bad thing
The ABSOLUTE state of mactoddlers.

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lying on the internet

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Found your problem.

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>Why haven't you repasted you're laptop already /g/?
Because my laptop doesn't overheat and thermal throttle.

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which laptop model do you have?

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>having a Cuckbook in the first place

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wel... at least it's not a throttlebook anymore r-right?

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My ZBook Studio G3 tops out at 64 Celsius. I haven't repasted it. No throttling.

My T440s hits 70 Celsius, no throttling.

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I swapped my 4300 for a 4810MQ, put on some Arctic Silver and replaced the cooler with the one from the dGPU model. It now sits at 3.2ghz all day at about 85-90c. First time I've ever seen a wattage limited laptop, it's stuck at 47w package power.

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>the absolute state of macshit

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>all these people lying with on screenshots

Guys just rendered the entire matrix trilogy in 15 seconds on my imac pro's CPU, temp is only 2ºC. no screenshot but believe me

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>the state of mactoddler damage control

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>anon looks in "cpu proof" folder for screens
>0 files
>starts sweating, crying
>openes "meme reaction images" folder in a rage


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>running stress test
>CPU hits 100C
>doesn't stop the test
You're aware that temps at or around 100C will damage your CPU, right?

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Wtf??? I have a jewnovo Y50 which is known for heating and after repasting and cleaning and using some script I get a stable 62-65c during 100% load after two hours.
If I only clean and use the script it's 70c stable.
What a joke of a Mac shit

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>>mactoddler looks at his lap
>>3rd degree burns
>>starts sweating, crying
>>screams "JUST WERX"


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Mactoddlers have actually defended this.

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Nice blog post, retard.

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>t. mactoddler

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Mine has glued keyboard because waterproof and it's mbo out job to repaste. Fuck my life. Runs super hot too.

Got used x230 for my mom and that thing runs cool as fuck.

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