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> What is Postmarket OS?
Postmarket OS is a 200 day old linux distribution meant to guarantee a ~10 year life cycle on phones and tablets.
> But linux on phones is a commercial failure.
Indeed but this distro does not aim to please the masses it aims to please advanced computer users. it by default provides no UI and no default mobile applications.(a.k.a. Arch/Gentoo on phone)
This makes device porting incredibly easy and no one is forced to use one specific UI or software suite (looking at you ubuntu touch).
> What about software?
Any linux desktop software with an ARM port should work (with the exception of desktop environments for the time being)
>There is no way it is supported by my device.
There are a lot of old phones that are supported (N900,nexus4,5,6P and older galaxy phones are recommended)
With a few tablets like the nexus 7 2012 , 2013
It supports the LG G watch and G watch R.
And apparently it even has support for Google Glass(why tho idk)
Full list: https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Devices
older apple iphones that are supported by openiboot can get support for postmarket OS. Although testing is minimal since most people porting linux dont use iphones.
> I am an Autist who knows a thing or two about porting a device. What do I do?
> Can it even Doom
Yes (tested on an Xperia Z2 and a G watch)
> How is this useful for my old phone if i am locked to new UIs
One can make an interface for older devices(say one liked the android 2 UI and wanted to recreate it)and you can use it on your old phone. So now you no longer need to get rid of your favourite device.

These UI's work on real hardware:
Hildon(recommended working UI)
Weston(for testing)
Plasma Mobile(no hardware acceleration - laggy)
Lune OS UI(one device tested)
UI's that work on emulators for now :

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so, like android but somehow more retarded. stop posting, sage, shill, gtfo.

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The project desperately needs more developers.

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Not for daily driver. Sorry anon.

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umm... no.

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Will try it on my old phone, but it most certainly will not be my daily driver.

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>There are a lot of old phones that are supported
Not fully supported, lacks over half of basic features for a mobile device and is not stable enough.

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unless pajeets are on this it not gonna become pop, go shill into their poooter forums

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So this will make my phone harder to use?

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Looks halfway neat. I'd be willing to try it on my N7.
Some questions first
>What is FDE?
>What do " - " slots and blank slots mean, what's the difference? Do they both mean no support whatsoever? Am I to believe if I install this on my N7 it has to be plugged in to work, or does that just mean the battery capacity sensor won't function?

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You did not update it at all.
first of all it is an about 1 year project.
new working phones are added on a per weed basis

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Fde is full disk encryption
Also pic related

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FDE = Full Disk Encryption (You won't be able to fully encrypt your device).
Blank slots mean that support hasn't been added/tested yet, " - " means your device doesn't have that feature.

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You tell me ;)

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Add I3wm
The difference with this and some shady lineage os port on xda is that this is organised and opensource.

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I can make calls after do it ???

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This is going to run into the same problems as any Android ROMs and that's locked bootloaders and no driver support so it only works in the sense that it boots. What a fucking waste.

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>No mobile data
>Can't make calls or send messages
Sounds like in those two hundred days their priorities were fucking wrong.

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Is it fully free (as in freedom)?

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No, almost every mobile device needs blobs. Try Replicant.

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i hope someone hacks the lumia 640 so i can put linux or even android on it

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Im gonna start on porting this thing to my redmeme note 3 in a few months. Would you guys like me to bundle in fvwm in it and make a pseudo app launcher/ui using fvwm's widget creator.

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>linuxtards or so obsessed with their shitty OS that they have to have it on their phone just to keep their autism in check when not near their thinkpads.
the fucking state of this board.

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Nope, only before do it.

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How good is it on Moto x 2013

I still use stock and I'm fine, wanna change if it's stable.

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>almost every mobile device needs blobs
Why is that?

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>working: you tell me ;) - the os

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its quite sad really

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Normally, I wouldn't give a shit about this project as every single phone will be poorly supported due to proprietary firmware and other bullshit but what are the chances something amazing will happen when you pair it with this phone?

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Disregarding the lack of support, apps and other usability shit.

Not many phones or tablets have batteries that last 10 years, or have batteries still produced for them.

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Can't Calls , Can't Messages
So WHY I would do this Shit !!!

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My secondary phone, a Google Pixel, is always on Airplane mode. I only ever use it on WiFi.

That's why. I would LOVE to use this if my device was supported.

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look at this snowflake. cute.

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don't (You) me or my son ever again

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who even makes phone calls anymore, lol.

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>10 year life span
>calling and sms isn't even a feature on any device yet
>camera only works on one shitty model
>audio only works on like 3 devices

LMAO, gtfo out of here with this garbage and stop shilling it everyday hoping some dev will come and do the project for you.

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I don't feel like calculating this shit up nigger


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I repost this like once a month, pajeet

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